Russian Affair

November 4, 2017

Russian Affair

Padmini Arhant

The former FBI director Robert Mueller headed special investigation dominates news on the alleged Russian meddling in the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The special committee targeting then Republican Presidential candidate now elected President Donald Trump’s campaign aides and members’ presumed interaction and meetings with key Russian officials has led to recent indictments on this matter.

The U.S. actions besides the ongoing inquiry includes closing consulate general in San Francisco and annexes in Washington and New York.

Russia in turn has responded by reducing diplomatic service staff at U.S. facilities in Moscow as confirmed by Washington based Russia Today (RT) television network.

Russia Today – the state funded network founded by the state owned news agency RIA-NOVOSTI in 2005 is dedicated in promoting Russian government interests to the likes of mainstream media and others in the U.S. and elsewhere safeguarding oligarchy, political and Secret Society agenda.  

Although RT claims the network is independent, any business especially communication media receiving funding that has surged from $30 million in the beginning to current $300 million from the state obviously inclined to be subjective rather than objective.

RT projecting Russian image to counteract U.S. media versions about Russia and Russian policy is a conundrum for viewers having to deal with two extremes from both sides i.e. one for and the other against amidst missing facts from the content regardless.

On propaganda, RT efforts are on par with prevalent media trend in hyperbole and falsehood in presentation of historic events and entities pertaining to the past and present time conforming to syndicate strategy.

RT transmission in three languages viz. English, Spanish and Arabic attracting 120 million viewership in the United States and other parts of the world is a buffer to syndicate’s media presence via CNN, Fox and BBC worldwide.

The syndicate’s media control and influence on entertainment industry to deny public access to truth and factual information could be anything but freedom of press and free speech.

RT like counterparts are not without collusion on not maintaining journalistic standards and ethics that are rare and remains under attack. The journalism with accurate reporting, review and analyses on issues and topics concerning lives and world problems are replaced for political and commercial success ignoring harm to society and the world at large that eventually hurts the source.

As such, the citizens fatigue in fake news and indoctrination is evident in broadcasting networks declined rating prompting desperate attempts to avert further deterioration. The spin zone is yet another means to continue mindless discussions lacking in substance in anything goes talk shows and programs to fill in time in the 24/7 media.

United States and Russia relations might have strained due to latest developments,

However, the similarities in both nations policies on critical issues such as voting against nuclear disarmament in the UN vote past month, resistance to dissolution of UNSC granted veto power to five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, Russia, China and France and strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia clarify common goals.

In terms of disagreements, United States and Russia have difference of opinion on Ukraine, Syrian conflict, NATO buildup through Eastern bloc and incursion in Baltic Sea. The U.S. occupation in Afghanistan extended into Central Asia that was previously under former Soviet Union is causing uneasiness on regional basis.

Last but not the least, U.S. sanctions on Russia is not appreciated in the wake of 2016 electoral outcome distressing those for change in game plan.

On North Korea, United States sanctions against the south east Asian nation is welcome by Russia. The reaction confirmed in UNSC decision with Russia and China’s consensus to impose embargo on North Korea.

As stated repeatedly on this website on standoff between U.S and North Korea, the de-escalation via diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the focus on both sides retracting from respective positions with United States and ally South Korea ceasing military exercise and provocative naval drills in Korean Peninsula.  North Korea on its part to suspend nuclear enhancement.

Furthermore, the major nuclear powers stance on North Korea’s nuclear status would be credible upon them in possession of enormous nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny lead other nuclear and non-nuclear states in safe disposal of nuclear weapons freeing the world from nuclear threats that are frequently exchanged in U.S. and North Korea confrontation. U.S. has also issued nuclear warnings against Iran preceding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty.

In the domestic front, Russia Today (RT) as state represented media is criticized for not providing opportunity to political opponents to Kremlin power. The same is applied towards any political dissent deprived from sharing thoughts and grievance on air to local and foreign audience. They are apparently considered detractors and accordingly excluded in participation on media channel.

The contemporary practice to debar alternative political perspectives especially with Russian elections on the horizon in March 2018 may not bode well for Russia in the post-communist era declared as democratic system premised on free and fair elections allowing contenders upon meeting eligibility criteria to run for office.

Then the incident though eleven years ago involving independent journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya tragic death from gunshot wounds in Moscow in 2006 deter Russian democratic evolution.

The free society would create and nurture environment to question authorities without fear of incarceration, character defamation or danger to their life. The country as vast as Russia with enormous potential in different fields not barring politics would benefit from eclectic representation that could permeate across the spectrum. The transformation is made possible with healthy debates and public forums on all topics relevant to citizens in the province and national level.

Russia’s membership in BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in addition to G20 and WTO serve economic prospects. On security to combat terrorism and any foreign intrusion – the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia enable neutralization.

Russian economy, political stability and national security are general expectations amongst electorate. Russia’s role in international disputes are also important whether personally that entails skirmishes at Russian border with NATO or tension related to U.S. and North Korea as well as ending Syrian warfare.

The internal challenges like corruption undermining real progress, Chechnya seeking resolution, immigration and social dilemmas are prominent woes requiring effective measures.

Russia is in the threshold of economic growth and constraints on political choices limits the scope for broader vision necessary to sustain expansion.

Finally, vox populithe voice of the people from all walks of life exercising the right to express views or concerns and journalism in particular not confined to state or external orientation would demonstrate vibrant democracy.

I convey my best wishes to citizens in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission









Afghanistan – Troop Surge Repeat Failed Strategy

August 22, 2017

Afghanistan – Troop Surge Repeat Failed Strategy

By Padmini Arhant


The latest decision to increase troops in Afghanistan is repeat failed strategy with same expectation. The proposal to defeat terrorism is exactly the same since invasion of the country in 2001. United States military leaderships and White House stating the reason for troop expansion around this time as targeting terrorism shifting focus from nation building is rephrasing strategy.

The main issues – Taliban, al Qaeda, government and Afghan security lacking strength and resources to quell terrorism and last but not the least neighbor Pakistan remaining terror haven are cited as contributing to United States and NATO setbacks thus far.

United States from the beginning had more than 100,000 boots on the ground in addition to NATO contingency until recently to contend with Taliban, al Qaeda and prepare Afghan security forces to combat terrorism and insurgency. Now in the national address, the position is referred to as dealing with terrorism in Afghanistan is the only focus for United States.

Accordingly, the stagnancy poses many questions.

What did United States and NATO exactly do in the past 16 years in Afghanistan?

How come the largest 100,000 troops presence along with NATO alliance could not contain Taliban insurgency comparatively less at that time and al Qaeda redeployed in Libya, Syria and Iraq from 2011 until today?

What is different now that was not possible despite expansive operation in Afghanistan for over decade and a half unanimously acknowledged a failure?

The current situation stated as Taliban insurgence and al Qaeda are major threats has long been identified as such and the status quo further clarifies the losing war besides economic liability having cost U.S. tax payers $6 trillion in Afghanistan pursuit.

Pentagon quoting Taliban and al Qaeda as factors for troop surge. Taliban in return asserting insurgency as resistance to United States occupation. The inverse status is a vicious circle.

Afghanistan has experienced numerous foreign occupation in Afghan history. None could prevail in their aspirations forcing foreign powers exit from the terrain country. There will be no exception in this regard due to aggression and violent means for vested interests never succeed especially in the uniquely complex Afghan nation.

The foreign incursion in Afghanistan is attributed to relentless violence and political instability. Additionally, poppy cultivation funding arms purchase for war lords, terror factions and Taliban not without foreign occupiers sharing profit exacerbates security and conditions for Afghan farmers lured into narcotic trade over agriculture.

Politically, Afghan government installed rather than elected barring assassinations of viable candidates not surprisingly in agreement to foreign agenda highlight corruption – yet another serious problem obstructing reliable and competent governance. Afghanistan election including the Pashtuns tribal assembly – loya Jirga intercepted by foreign influence as witnessed in 2011 to steer representation favoring foreign permanent existence in the country.

American security claimed in the late night bid for troop surge ignores American lives in uniforms lost in the long embroiled battle seeing no end in sight. Not to mention scores of innocent civilian lives in Afghanistan falling prey to all sides more so with cluster bombs and U.S. defense capability tested on Afghan soil during all administrations, predator drones chasing Afghan men, women and children from their humble dwellings in the so-called attempt to drain the swamp rampant with previous administration.

The trajectory clearly confirms the challenges and constant impediments brought upon by foreign occupation whether by troops, private army and contractors, intelligence agents imposing military authority and political clout denying Afghanistan – sovereignty and political freedom.

No matter how the circumstances are maneuvered to extend occupation in Afghanistan, no nation can eternally depend on foreign powers to protect them for that arrangement exposes the host nations’ vulnerability and absence of will to safeguard own citizens and territory.

In outsourcing tasks to foreign military not necessarily accepting for client state defense instead focused on economic endowments such as lithium, plentiful minerals and precious metals in Afghanistan failing that to establish strategic dominance in the region unveils the veneer behind open end policy in Afghanistan.

Evidently, neither the people in Afghanistan nor United States are beneficiaries in the protracted warfare. The population in both nations are expending lives and U.S. taxpayers footing extraordinary bill for timeless military engagement while Afghan citizens deprived of long overdue economic opportunity.

As for neighbor Pakistan, the stigma as terror haven will stick as long as Pakistan’s relevant institutions and political groups neglect responsibility to purge terror wreaking havoc across the borders and rocking every city and province making life impossible for citizens in Pakistan as well as those around in South Asia. Again, arms dealers involved in arming terror networks, defense contractors and brokers are instrumental in bolstering terror anywhere.

United States and NATO complete withdrawal of forces not excluding private entities in any capacity responsible for embattled Afghanistan and not troop buildup that would guarantee Afghanistan peace and stability.

The popular consensus in Afghanistan and United States is for U.S and NATO as well as foreign operatives to return home. United States having reached a crescendo unable to provide credible explanations in prolonging undertaking proved counterproductive and unsustainable.

Afghanistan rising to the occasion and demonstrating commitment to resolve internal conflicts would exemplify Afghanistan’s independent statehood. In eliminating or at best mitigating the two contentious issues –corruption and terrorism would charter course for effective governance and strong national security thwarting terror and insurgence from within and outside the country.

I convey my best wishes to people in Afghanistan for peace, economic progress and independence free of foreign intrusion and domestic tribulations.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission




World of Irony

July 8, 2017

World of Irony

By Padmini Arhant

The condescendence to physical attributes conforming to prejudice is accepted as elitism. The small and big comparisons often project the latter as strong though such premise is baseless. Juxtaposed the ones upholding anything big as mighty are actually submissive to tiny nations on the globe viz. Britain, Israel and Germany.

Tiny Britain became the dominant imperial power exerting clout until now.  Germany with 357,000 square kilometers nearly conquered Europe in twentieth century and at present elevated as prime authority in EU ambit besides inclusion in UNSC as P5+1.

Likewise, small state Israel holding vast United States hostage on domestic legislations and foreign policy is a glaring irony in elitist playbook.


By Padmini Arhant

What is wrong with the ruling elites?  Have they exhausted materials in the spin zone?

The contemporary practice to mislead the world on matter continues unabated much to own dissatisfaction and hard to convince the mass predicament due to duplicity in domestic and international affairs.

The grave concern echoed in threat to western civilization is inconceivable considering western policies since dawn of industrialization until now have destroyed non-western civilizations and culture on the notion they are barbaric, primitive and unsuitable for western dais.

Western invasion, occupation and colonization of continents for economic and strategic interests systematically decimated heritage of nations with little or no regard for cultural and rich ethnic values irreplaceable in modern times with materialism undermining humanism alongside erosion of intellectualism and spiritualism.

The concept of bondage and subservience emerged in imperial era persists until today with revival of feudalism evident in vassal statehood disguised as democracy.

Sovereignty and constitutional governance is substituted with secret organization comprising members pledging allegiance to agenda not conforming to democratic principles by not allowing public access to discussions on global issues and decisions pertaining to more than seven billion population in the world.

Election is a convenient process to legitimize illegitimacy with pre-selection and Super pac as well as special interests bidding on candidacy voiding ordinary citizens participation in the polls.

Corporations control over governments steering legislations to suit private goals is the norm leaving taxpayers at authorities’ mercy with imposition of mandatory laws tied to penalty in existing health care.

Additionally, the organizations like AIPAC representing foreign country such as Israel demand for compulsory aid in multi-billion dollars on one side and pressure to submit to protecting United States allies in building NATO defense on the other while depriving United States taxpayers and citizens from quality health care is unfortunately not considered a betrayal of electorate trust.

The ongoing debate about Russia meddling in U.S. election in 2016 is an interesting complaint from the nation with institutions and government legacy on interventions world over installing dictatorships and regimes displacing democratic governments and popular leaderships time and time again appears to have no end in sight.

The trend maintained by both republican and democrat administrations in the United States intercepting and lodging proxies adhering to United States foreign policy typically engineered by organizations and institutions viz. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tri Lateral Commissions and think tanks representing globalists apparently not included in the same category of interference in foreign internal event.

Obviously, what is good for hegemony not approved for others as the case on every issue related to humanity.

Creating parallel unipolar system with veto power whether UNSC within United Nations or European Union to oversee member states, the alternate body exerting influence is enormous. The pattern once again subjugating nations independent status implemented as global requirement.

UNSC authorized economic sanctions and military aggressions on nations targeted for not in agreement with western goals are forced into starvation and perpetual violence.

European Union and euro zone functioning under bureaucrats in Brussels and financial institutions – ECB, IMF and Germany’s Central bank economic policies largely premised on bankers’ profitability enforcing sovereign debt via austerity in the absence of growth and opportunity exacerbate economic problems in respective member domains.

EU economic and foreign policy has been successful in producing refugees generating the need for liberal immigration strategy without borders in Western Europe.

EU lifting ban on arms supply and funding to terror outfits in Syria opened the floodgates for terror victims to flee their country. The economic refugees from austerity and population affected from terror sponsorship in Syria and Iraq are the results of erroneous determinations with no review and modifications to EU plan of action.

Similarly, EU prominent role along with United States in destabilizing Ukraine is yet another debacle leading to Ukraine losing Crimea to Russia.

The quest for territorial annexations in South and South East Asia is a cause for regional trepidation especially when major economic powers have boundary issues and encroachment in common territory.

The relations straining over border incursions could be improved with mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity to avoid escalation of tensions between emerging economies in the region. In this context, there is confrontation of false pride hindering peaceful reconciliation.

On the nuclear front, North Korea Inter Continental Ballistic Missile capability is arousing anxiety. 

Nuclear non-proliferation arguably linked with nuclear disarmament incumbent on all nuclear and non-nuclear states without exception transcending arbitrary rule against some as nuclear threats from any against another triggered nuclear arms race to begin with evolving into latest development.

Any climate treaty with or without United States is ineffective and meaningless provided serious ramifications of nuclear status among nuclear powers regularly conducting subterranean and overland testing is factored into environment degradation.

Unless the war strategy deploying uranium, plutonium and other chemical weapons contaminating rivers and polluting air cease allowing nations under attack to overcome treacherous conditions inflicted upon them for strategic dominance, the climate accord would be cosmetic rather than constructive.

Planet survival is challenged in many frontiers with nuclear arsenals, drones and diverse technological means engaged in combat situations excluded from elimination in climate pact weakening the issue of addressing climate change.

In the world of irony embarked on fault finding ignoring flaws and failures within is an incredible irony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


















Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

May 8, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

The organization that prides on elitism appropriately narcissism with an eye on global resources and wealth amassment from nations that are referred to as third world countries to maintain self-asserted first world category,

Bilderbergers philosophy is finance control that in return rein authority over politics, military, economy, media, entertainment and the rest fall in place.

Bilderberg members’ hypocrisy on all matter confirms the convenient rule – what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

The presentation of facts on their adverse actions affecting billions of lives are characterized as rant, whining and hate speech while unabated subversion, perversion and distortion on their part in diverse format crossing the line on civility and decorum non-existent in hegemony culture deemed free speech.

Obsessed with spying, prying and snooping, Bilderbergers activities are conducted discreetly with clandestine meeting among chosen members plotting on world dominance and excavation of earth’s endowments besides exploiting global population for personal enrichment.

Classifying themselves as the ruling class, Bilderbergers parasitic existence predominantly premised on feudalism with nations worldwide targeted for subjugation and vassal statehood. The massive wealth possession largely seized by unscrupulous means and tactics lasting several generations never enough for them with quest to gain access to treasures regarded their exclusive right.

War is considered a profitable venture and accordingly direct countries investments in defense hardware and nuclear proliferation with little or no concern for other living beings on earth.

Bilderberg approval of political candidates to the highest office is necessary for them to continue with business as usual. The vetting process seek candidates’ with shady background and accepted favorable against clean record as that would pose conflict of interest in executing masonic orders.

There is also initiation ritual involved to test the mettle of their chosen candidate on mass killings authorizing cluster bombs, predator drones and missiles not excluding nuclear threats against nations earmarked for invasion and occupation.

Bilderberg policy is anti-sovereignty branding patriotism as nationalism with constitution considered a barrier in implementing goals to benefit them and long desired aspirations in altering geopolitical landscape.

They promote treason, corruption and carte blanche authority in the misuse of power in public office and private sector with guaranteed immunity for those in violations regardless of crimes against electorate and humanity at large.

The incentives are greater upon delivery exceeding expectations in mass murder and genocide. The accolades vary from Nobel Peace Prize to courage awards and lifetime protection against litigation.

Bilderberg strategy is military intervention that has now evolved from conventional warfare to sponsoring terrorism introduced in 2011 onwards denying nations under attack respite from violence and carnage. The developing nations are also used as testing grounds for defense stockpiles and bombs detonated ignoring sovereignty of those nations and impact on native population.

Yet another policy to curb economic freedom and development is sanctions against non-western nations crippling economy and forcing starvation, malnutrition and premature deaths from preventable disease due to lack of essential medicines and lifesaving items.

Bilderberg doctrine encompasses all political factions from conservative to liberal, centrist, left of center, right of center, independent, moderates and progressive with all of them sharing common objective to prolong status quo.

Election is a formality with voters voluntarily renouncing the right to dissent in the event of electoral outcome and social reform.  The zero tolerance to peaceful assembly and constructive criticism of the government and affiliates is demonstrated in handling of protesters in main street and derision via communication media.

At the same time, there are no reservations in authority containing meaningful analysis and exposure of problems within government that are invariably labeled security threat obviously to the forces behind the system.

The rare leaderships and government committed to alleviating people plight are removed from office by coup instigating political unrest to obstruct governance.

Alternatively, media, entertainment and educational institutions inundate audience and students respectively with material lacking in substance and loaded in fabrication.

The members of political establishment in lock step and barrel with globalists are honored and complimented for their compliance in undermining democracy and safeguarding decadence.

Bilderberg dominant with financiers viz. international bankers grip on national treasury tightened with private ownership under the guise of Federal institution.

The corporations’ objection to government regulations on environment, labor laws, consumer rights and fair trade practices are recognized as legitimate with removal or amendments to accommodate corporate demand.

Simultaneously, governance by corporations and super wealthy through campaign financing and lobbying to fix legislations to their advantage is never an issue for political members supposedly representing constituents and the nation.

International Affairs – In the previous century, the World War II with the rise of Germany and aftermath reminisced as tumultuous testing humanity endurance on aggression.  In the present time, the parallel government EU with Germany exerting authority and inclusion of Germany in the P5 +1 at UNSC suggests mutual appreciations with any past grievances disingenuous.

Irony being the hallmark in all their engagements, the current emphasis on European Union and euro remaining intact not necessarily applied to other parts of the world.

EU and allies’ role in fragmentation of the Middle East, meddling in Ukraine and NATO build up in central and eastern Europe, bifurcation of Sudan in 2012,

United States declining unification of Korea in the Korean Peninsula, Latin America suppressed from regional cooperation with western influence, South Asia pitted against each other with arms supply and terror manufacture to name a few amongst many wanton endeavors to disrupt peace and progress worldwide.

Again, the disposition contrast conduct whether it be Islamophobia, xenophobia, misogyny and hierarchy in society. They claim to be against discrimination.

However, the bombing and shelling of Islamic countries and recruiting terror operatives to continue the war on terror confining youths in Muslim countries and in the west to terrorism in addition to creating refugee crisis apparently viewed as noble deeds.

Similarly, the women representing them as world leaders adhere to policies exacerbating human suffering in imposing austerity, issuing nuclear warnings and spreading fear and prejudice within and outside their territory.  The paradoxical contribution from a woman not in their league is subject to ridicule and indignation conforming to misogyny.

Social inequality with people of color, different race and religion refused equal opportunity with superficial modifications and token appointments barely meeting the minimum requirement in addressing poverty and unemployment among minority and disenfranchised in society.

The ideology to dictate and dominate the world using brute force, terror, deception and propaganda evidently a failed and dysfunctional stratagem. Anything in disguise never last long with imminent conclusion as the show cannot go on forever.

Feudalism is primitive with greed sowing the seed for self-destruction and irreversible ramification.

Humanity deserves governance barring influence from secretive and delusional domain insensitive to reality.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission




June 27, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The referendum in the United Kingdom favoring BREXIT has sparked reaction and sentiments followed by political resignations in Britain.

Understanding the concept, ideology and strategy in addition to trajectory of any organization, union and institution with or without transformation facilitates fair evaluation.

Accordingly, EU role and functionality since inception and relevantly in recent memory is presented for clarity and focus on reality.

European Union with 27 states as members including Britain until now is essentially a parallel government headed by President, Foreign Secretary and key stakeholders appointed to run the alternate body not limited to regional affairs.

EU emergence with bureaucrats and political leaderships in various designations assume power that typically undermines sovereign status of member nation.

EU embarked on consolidating prospects with respect to trade and commerce within Europe not excluding human resources through immigration and multilateral treaty binding members to reciprocate on economic activities for European progress.

Such framework attracts interest and boost position besides diverse aspirations to optimize gains and mitigate losses from the venture.

The model in practice provided temporary results with nations vying for EU membership subject to approval upon satisfying EU requirement.

However, with benefits not commonly distributed the economic downturn produced high unemployment and trade imbalance not to mention exploitation of human capital.

EU as the central authority located in Brussels, Belgium exert control over economic and monetary policy.

Notwithstanding extensive involvement in political governance of weak economies like Greece and alike imposing austerity in the name of fiscal responsibility that continues to exacerbate economic woes creating generational indebtedness.

EU formation and subsequent introduction of euro as the preferred currency unit set the trend for struggling nations in the territory to peg the economy on fledgling euro in the hope of economic recovery.

The outcome thus far evidenced in selective dominance in the union enable financial and economic advantage to them at vast majority expense comprising ordinary citizens, labor force and educated youths in particular.

The transition cost vulnerable states like Cyprus, Greece and similar euro members to succumb to harsh financial terms and conditions not barring unethical means on compliance.

The prominent financial institutions viz. European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and international banks influence on the matter with heads of the government as powerful EU representatives obliging bankers demands in debt management is not a populist doctrine.

Furthermore, EU membership is based on meeting criteria that are not necessarily confined to economy but extends beyond pledging allegiance to EU policy.

The global recession in late 2007 with sub-prime mortgage crisis originating from the United States and lack of transparency and accountability in the financial dealings had contagion effect.

Europe economic stagnancy under EU in the absence of necessary growth is yet to demonstrate measures to ease persisting uncertainty and volatility in the market performance. The significant impact on the desperate job situation cannot be ignored either.

EU stance on immigration clarified in member states like France, Germany, Italy and Spain…immigrants plight forced to contend with lower wages and social inequality.

EU ideology and strategy premised on geopolitical expansion in partnership with the United States as NATO ally confirmed in Ukraine leaving the once stable nation in chaos and turmoil.

In the middle east, EU decision to lift arms embargo rather than reinforcing weapons ban to terror networks now proliferated as ISIS and ISIL contributed to refugee problems in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Syrian refugees seeking political asylum are denied entry by EU with greater efforts and plan mobilized to curb citizens’ influx from war torn Syria and Iraq. 

As for Islamophobia, the cartoon depiction and denigration of Islam’s Prophet from EU member state was entertained as freedom of expression as it goes with other religion or spiritual representation.

On the contrary, there is zero tolerance to constructive critique on issues affecting people’s lives and the world at large. 

The celebrity worship with proxies granted immunity on serious violations and crimes define the detrimental tradition.

In the context of BREXIT vote, the discussion on facts over hype spreading clamor and hysteria would exemplify propriety.  The subversion and spin are distractions at best and deception at worst when forming conclusions on public opinion.

Britain having retained the original currency – pound sterling and never subscribed to euro during membership perhaps explain the reservations on euro. 

The decline of Britain’s pound against dollar on BREXIT projected as the strength of EU is a perspective without justification.

Change is an evolutionary process in the experimental and natural event.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






World – Irony and Idiocy

February 20, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The topic will focus on different issues to understand world affairs.

In this segment the highlight is on politics.

United Nations (UN) – United against peace, independence and progress.

UNSC – More appropriately United Western Diktat (UWD). The western powers united against non-western sovereign countries and their most favorite actions are economic sanctions, sponsoring terrorism and authorizing direct invasion of vulnerable nations under the guise of maintaining political stability that has successfully led to irreversible instability thus far.

UNSC – United Nations Security Council – the unipolar Council with veto power deriding unilateralism despite unilateral decisions in decimation of nations and starvation of population via violent interventions and trade embargo.

UNSC resolve in preventing resolution on Palestinian statehood ending Israeli occupation and persecution forged as irreconcilable difference amongst stakeholders in the so-called international pulpit is travesty of human intellect.

UN Peace Keeping Force is UN Disturbance Spreading Corps with track record in abandoning pleading women, children and elderly at the mercy of government pledged to ethnic cleansing viz. Sri Lanka under former President and military commander Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Meanwhile in Africa – women subject to rape and children left to fend for themselves as rebel factions’ recruits in the UNSC authorized perpetual war zone.

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization is aptly North Atlantic Turbulence Origin established in balkanization of regions and states in the quest for global conquest.

EU – European Union. Unified in promoting war, terrorism, refugee status and the hall mark is unemployment, hunger and poverty in the signature act on austerity.

UN and EU – One World government models to implement order under New World Order phasing out the purported law of the jungle.

United States – Declared the beacon of democracy champion the cause of human rights violation exemplified in Guantanamo Bay, police brutality and racial profiling in the highest order.

US Presidential Race – Horse race (Derby) with pre-selected winner in agreement with prolonging status quo.

United States Supreme Court Appointments – Safeguard administration policies rather than constitutional law defending civil rights and social justice.

United States Government (Congress and Administration) – Unanimous in dysfunctional governance.

United Kingdom – Proudly claimed as western democracy with the country stated as Kingdom under archaic monarchy rule.

France – Yet another western democracy with Presidential contest designed to dupe electorate delivering Socialist President devoted to capitalist socialism disappointing nation on anticipated populism.

Germany – Positioned as pro-democracy – western style with policies engineered towards weakening nations experiencing critical economic and western generated terror crisis.

India – Hailed as the world’s largest democracy ruled by plutocracy with dynasty, celebrities and industrialists patent over fame and fortune rein control over the fate of remaining 1.2 billion populace.

Lies and false statements in sworn affidavits and under oath during and post election regardless of criminal offense are rewarded with cabinet posts ranging from education (HRD) ministry to highest office in state and national level.

Corruption and criminality empowered as electoral mandate subscribing to democracy is the irony with electorate endorsement epitomizing idiocy.

The title Irony and Idiocy will continue to shed light on matter concerning humanity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




































United States – Project for New American Century (PNAC) Expose

January 29, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Project for New American CenturyPNAC related facts and events deserves attention to prevent perpetual deception and deceitful governance with behind the scenes operatives reining absolute control over ordinary lives under the guise of democracy and other convenient system to masquerade plutocracy.

The Project for New American Century designed and implemented to demolish freedom, peace and functional democracy not to mention cataclysmic impact on environment and planet sustenance with relentless bombing, shelling, killings using predator drones and nuclear proliferation.

PNAC architects, protagonists and catalysts diabolical agenda premised on launching American Century is a monumental fraud considering devastation befell on United States of America with PNAC proponents and agents directed terror attack on September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorism unleashed on global citizens until now.

The terror onslaught citing repeat of catastrophe synonymous to Pear Harbor in PNAC dossier is blatant assault on human trust and liberty.

Since then terrorism deployed as the means to achieve fanatical aspirations such as global dominance.

The benefactor – United States of America maintaining the state of Israel and Saudi Wahhabism through monetary and military aid to the former while facilitating petro dollar afloat turning a blind eye to Saudi dynasty atrocities and footprints on carnage throughout Middle East and other Islamic nations worldwide evidently promotes treason amongst insiders and the rest complicit in betrayal en masse.

PNAC doctrine presumably to establish American empire contributed to the contrary with United States economy crumbling with 9/11 onset having ramifications at global level.

The 9/11 event catapulted PNAC mission persisting till today despite colossal failure and massive loss of lives, millions rendered refugees, children orphaned, women widowed and families torn apart in every target nation.

United States and allies involved in PNAC execution care less about citizens’ woes not only in economic terms but also militarily the young men and women sent harms way under false pretext of waging war on terror beguiled with war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq war returning home to a life of homelessness and dependency on charity.

PNAC enabled construction of prison camp – Guantanamo Bay off Cuba in conjunction with renditions to several secret prisons in Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

PNAC authorized gross human rights violations viz. torture, water boarding, electric shocks treatment, sleep deprivation and seeking confessions from prisoners under duress and coercion became the standard practice.

Notwithstanding embarrassment related to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Bagram in Afghanistan and analogous operation tarnishing United States image.

United States regarded beacon of democracy, the home of the brave and land of the free instantaneously reversed with PNAC’s institutionalized racial profiling, prejudice, intrusive dragnet surveillance and fear mongering in the name of homeland security.

Freedom no longer the inalienable right with criminality upheld as the just and preferred method to curb public dissent. The intolerance was displayed against peaceful assembly representing Occupy Wall Street, anti-NATO summit and alike.

Police brutality towards unarmed civilians the black youths in particular is affirmed with series of acquittals revealing the travesty of justice in the nation once perceived as the bastion of justice.

In financial aspect, the privately run Federal Reserve defy accountability on money mismanagement whether on missing US $20 Trillion then in 2009 or more unaccounted incidents continued thereafter.

Similarly repeat offense from major players in the financial sector witnessed in subprime mortgage debacle at average citizens expense.

Wars known to be a racket is a lucrative affair.  None other than profiteers viz. Haliburton, Kellogg Corporation, the private army then identified as Black Water and others benefitted from innocent lives turned into mass graves without legal or moral consequences for heinous crime against humanity.

Henceforth the paradigm shift from conventional warfare with troops that require congressional approval translated into public protests to contemporary strategy sponsoring terrorism viewed expedient in bypassing political barriers and citizens opposition to detrimental policy.

Not content with phenomenal damages compromising independence, constitution and civil rights besides economic disaster and dysfunctional governance,

PNAC masterminds and colluding members in academia, economic, political and military establishment together with hegemony controlled press, communication media and entertainment industry remain committed towards prolonging status quo.

The organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral commission in coordination with think tanks and self-proclaimed royal class in Europe and elsewhere favor chaos and crises ridden world as the situation suppress the vast majority from fair economic and political opportunity leaving the existing disparity between rich and poor intact.

Religion is the pawn and prominent religious figures participation is a convenient set up conforming to quid pro quo in the ominous activity.

The electoral process generally rigged and financed with unlimited donations from within and foreign sources claiming priority on individual and vested interests in direct violation of voters’ expectations on campaign promise.

The so-called free and fair election is a myth and nothing more than a nice catch phrase to convince electorate in legitimizing illegitimate rule and unsavory elements emergence to power.

In a nutshell, PNAC is a double edge sword aimed at destroying human values and democratic principles paramount for nation and humanity to deal with challenges and overcome predictable or unforeseen adversity.

Should the world remain silent and allow victimization in the ruthless game for supremacy?

I am Padmini Arhant, author and representative divine mission will be back on related topics for further awareness and necessary action.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
















United States – 9/11 Anniversary 2015

September 11, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The terror attack in the United States on September 11, 2001 is an unforgettable event that claimed many lives and subsequently used as the premise to invade and occupy nations until now.

The premeditated plan Project for New American Century (PNAC) implemented with assault on United States to move forward on agenda targeting nations for economic and strategic interests besides global dominance is a heinous crime notwithstanding treason in collusion.

United States citizens and foreign nationals were victims of calibrated strikes on that fateful day and since then U.S. taxpayers are funding never ending wars until today.

The catastrophe on 9/11/2001 inflicted tremendous damage with heavy death toll on innocent population in the United States and nations that were earmarked for prolonged occupation.

Afghanistan and Iraq are still paying the price and transformed into terror havens to justify U.S. and NATO permanent military base.

Libya and Syria were pursued in 2011 with no end in sight on the conflict.  United States and western allies together with Middle East coalition continue aggression in Syria.

The western air raids in 2011 facilitated weapons warehouse in Libya. The prevalent strategy prevents Libya from containing violence for unfettered access to oil and other resources in North African nation.

Similarly, in Syria – United States, Britain and France terror sponsorship with Mideast partners Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait created al Qaeda splinter groups – al Nusra Front, ISIl and now ISIS enlarged into global terror operation.

ISIL evolved into ISIS is funded, trained and strengthened with United States and allies direct support including arms supply to them.

Yet another war in North Africa with United States and Israel providing required ammunitions to aggressor Saudi Arabia against Yemen. 

United States distribution of cluster munitions with explosives substitutes banned land mines and as a result many children, women and elderly citizens have been killed considering Saudi shelling in densely populated areas and public premise.

In the past few years i.e. from 2009 until now – United States predator drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and West Africa has consumed thousands of lives predominantly children, youth and women.

In terms of personal cost – United States and NATO suffered many casualties among defense personnel deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 and until now.

The young men and women in the army having served in Afghanistan and Iraq war zones experience physical, mental, emotional and economic hardships with many become homeless in the United States.

The human tragedy originating from 9/11 terrorism spreading across the world is substantial alongside economic liabilities leading to severe recession far from recovery.

Above all, the real perpetrators of 9/11 established as internal complicity with PNAC protagonists, catalysts and beneficiaries including then administration headed by former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush in the United States and counterpart Britain’s ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair together share responsibility for war crimes against humanity.

These entities evade justice due to impunity.  However, the final judgment with consequences is indisputable.

Terrorism having replaced conventional warfare, the repercussions in blowback ignored by those behind terror operation. 

Global dissent on terrorism and terror incidents is critical although sponsors are instrumental in terror manufacture, recruitment, training and funding.

United States ending Syrian conflict and ceasing arms delivery to Saudi Arabia terminating destruction of Yemen would prove sincere commitment to peaceful resolution.

Citizens affected from terrorism in thoughts and prayers,

May 9/11 anniversary be a reminder to free the world from terror.

The world deserves peace only possible upon collective response against terrorism and the source.  Always addressing the cause would resolve the matter in entirety.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






Pakistan – Independence Day Celebration 2015

August 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

As much as I would like to wish citizens in Pakistan – Azadi Mubarak with August 14 observed as Independence Day, the situation reflect otherwise.

Pakistan may have sought independent status following British Raj partition of India in 1947.

However, Pakistan is yet to experience real freedom with fledgling democracy and foreign controlled intelligence and military restraining democratic evolution.

Pakistan is also under siege with terrorism within and across the borders in every frontier.

Saudi Arabia funding and influence in Pakistan is one of the reasons for terror manifestation considering Saudi kingdom involvement in terrorism since 9/11 in 2001 up until now in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Central Asia.

Saudi Arabia has also been heavily engaged in running madrassas – the religious schools in Pakistan and Central Asia inculcating extremism despite contradiction with religion of Islam.

Saudi Arabia and Israel policy in the Middle East fostering terror against Iraq, Syria and Lebanon also directed in Pakistan.

The external forces designed U.S. foreign policy is aimed at maintaining Pakistan and Afghanistan as failed states to justify arms sales to the former while prolonging U.S. and NATO presence in Afghanistan.

There is also vested interest in fomenting border tensions between Pakistan and neighbors India and Afghanistan with weapons delivery to various sides in addition to necessitating increase in national defense budget.

Pakistan’s major problem is terrorism wreaking havoc inside the country and across the boundaries and those behind incessant violence are operatives within Pakistan representing sources that are behind secessionism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen.

The internal radicalism exploiting economically deprived youth recruited by terror factions viz. Lakshar è Taiba (LeT) and Jaish è Mohammad (JeM) besides other factions receiving support from Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) remain existential threat to all – Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Pakistan border skirmishes with Iran pose security issue as well.

Amid terror and relentless violence, Pakistan is affected by natural disasters like severe floods leaving significant majority in adverse conditions with obstacles for humanitarian relief.

Pakistan is also targeted for provincial separatism in Sindh and Baluchistan.

Kashmir is a distraction restricting Pakistan from forging normal ties with India and avail opportunity in economic, cultural and infrastructure development.

Pakistan’s political system reliance on Saudi Arabia that is strongly opposed to democracy due to insecurity emanating from inevitable ending of dynasty rule should be a cause for concern and accordingly transform relations to economic trade excluding direct intervention in governance and society.

Saudi Arabia connection to sectarian killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan in semblance with Iraq exacerbates Pakistan’s political and economic growth.

The absence of peaceful environment with terrorism and continuous bloodshed is a major hindrance for Pakistan in attracting foreign investment.

In conjunction to these constraints, Pakistan like most nations worldwide has to contend with corruption and black money in Swiss banks and offshore accounts again denying mainstream population basic means for survival.

The positive sign could perhaps be enabling democratic process to function with departure from military and intelligence agency backed coup disrupting political and economic progress.

Combatting terror is a collective responsibility and critical apparatus such as intelligence and military along with local law enforcement agency cooperation with people representatives in government rather than terror groups could lead to national freedom.

Pakistan’s focus and sincere commitment in this regard would guarantee better relations with neighbors and economic prospects in the competitive global economy.

Best Wishes to citizens in Pakistan on Independence Day celebration for a new chapter with peace and harmony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United States – The Unbridled Power

May 4, 2015


By Padmini Arhant

The incidents involving the law enforcement agency i.e. the police force and civilians deserve attention and appropriate actions for citizens’ protection.

In any civil society, the police are expected to provide safety and prevent intentional harm to members in community.

Unfortunately, the latest events are marred with police aggression towards unarmed citizens – the African American youths in particular continue to die during arrests and while in police custody.

The policy targeting specific demography and individuals of different ethnic background constitutes prejudice and such isolation is a serious setback for any nation poised as democracy. 

Mankind achievements in various fields are significant.

However, in human relations there is reverse trend with prevalent discriminatory practices based on race, religion, gender, social and economic status reflecting civilization decline. 

The civil rights are inalienable for all human beings regardless of perceptions and precedence in the country. 

Human character is defined by values demonstrated through respect, understanding and love promoting peaceful co-existence.

Social and economic disparity emanating from dysfunctional and unscrupulous political system leads to inequality and injustice.

Those in position of authority care less about the burgeoning issues concerning certain groups and ignore national ramifications from inaction.

The taxpayers funded public services including the police department misuse of power confirms political immunity to crimes against humanity.

Although unemployment resulting in poverty is a common woe, the African American families are confronted with higher joblessness and less opportunity. 

The civil rights movement generated affirmative action may have benefited many and enabled realization of the American dream.

Nonetheless the African American plight is far from over. 

There is no doubt that uplifting the marginalized segments is a collective task for the nation. National goals to extend fairness and equality to all without reservations would exemplify genuine progress.

Similarly those at the helm of successful empire in television, entertainment and sports industry besides the powerful entities in politics, judiciary and academia within African American race bear responsibility to redress African American struggles and could improve social and economic conditions for the African American people.

On the topic of unlawful detentions, frisking and racial profiling that are regular and aimed at category of people especially the African American younger generation could not be slighted in the face of deaths occurring in the encounter with police.

Notwithstanding tactics deployed to disperse non-violent protests like Occupy Wall Street or people assembly to express dissent at NATO summit is reprehensible. The hardline approach unleashing excess use of force against citizens not in possession of weapons or posing threat to the armed aggressor in uniform is authoritarianism in display.

The controversy surrounding the prison industrial complex could no longer be evaded with juvenile and adult prisoners paying the price and lives wasted away due to the strategy apprehending vulnerable individuals falling victims to predators complicit in the operation.

The concept presumed innocent until proven guilty is inversely applied on many instances in the contemporary judicial hearing contributing to incarceration of the innocent and facilitating perjury in the process. 

There is an urgent requirement for review and remedy in the judicial procedures to restore credibility.

The police brutality on the street and prison guard abuse of inmates in captivity is lawlessness dominant in the law enforcement environment. 

The irony is the lawmakers are the lawbreakers and remain undeterred in the absence of accountability.

Baltimore rallies in the wake of African American Freddie Gray death from police ill treatment and subsequent riots in the city and outskirts clarify violence begets violence and do not serve the purpose to end prerogative killing.

Likewise the unruly conduct destroying properties and business outlets of merchants at the mall and attacks on the police in the aftermath of Freddie Gray suffering and several before is regrettable and undermines the real cause.

The pursuit of justice premised on destructive means is counterproductive.

In contradiction, the privileged class granted impunity on criminality. They are never subject to investigation let alone prosecution prolonging the tradition. 

The human rights violation distinctive in the refusal to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison and indictments of citizens denied the rights to prove innocence conclusively attributed to unbridled power corrupting the gamut.

United States could be the land of justice upon transcending identity and stature.

National strength and prosperity is in harmony adopting the constructive course.

Life matters – Black, brown or white despite the commonality of the blood color being red.

All are created equal and none are exempt from final judgment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







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