Catalog of Past week Events

By Padmini Arhant

Honoring the News Media Legend – Walter Cronkite

The demise of America’s veteran newscaster/anchor and honorable Walter Cronkite created more vacuum in the news media as it did in the past year following the premature passing away of notable, honest and outspoken media host Tim Russert.

Indeed, times have changed with the world’s rapid progress in every imaginable field particularly the communications and mass media. Individuals’ performance varies according to their background and persona. Some captivate the listeners and viewers instantaneously with their unique charm and original style of presentation while others adapt to the contemporary environment.

Other characteristics like a sonorous voice as it was in the case of Mr. Cronkite, aids in the effective deliverance of important bulletins and national headlines. Nevertheless, the remarkable legacy entrenched with objectivity, clarity and conviction by the vanguard news media personalities like Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert is a national treasure for the present and the future newsmakers to cherish and follow through.

The national tribute to the contribution by Walter Cronkite is deserving and meaningful.

U.S. Surgeon General Nominee

President Barack Obama’s choice for the important Health Care portfolio and timely nomination of the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin is praiseworthy.

Dr. Benjamin’s impressive background in successfully dealing with life challenges is inspirational and commendable. The selfless dedication to community service by Dr. Benjamin is not only a highlight of this nomination but also speaks volume regarding human beings resolve to overcome tragedies and obstacles in life.

There is no ambivalence that Dr. Regina Benjamin is an excellent appointment for the pivotal administrative task amidst the revolutionary health care reform, a monumental milestone for the nation to achieve the targeted economic goals.

Jakarta Bombings – Indonesia

The terror attacks against the U.S. targets – The hotel groups, Marriott and the Ritz Carlton in Jakarta, Indonesia is a reminder for the international community to continue to remain alert and active in the mission to eradicate widespread terrorism around the world.

Terror groups and organizations relatively weakened but not deterred from the on-going plots and violence against the innocent lives. Whenever, terror strikes any domain treading on the path towards progress through peaceful and democratic means, the discomfort by the opponents of peace is forcefully visible.

It’s no coincidence that the terror attack followed the recent Indonesian Presidential election. It signifies the terror groups’ decision to disrupt the working democracy with the re-election of the popular Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono committed in the economic recovery and political stability of the largest Muslim nation in the world.

Indonesia, alas on the path to experiencing real freedom after the prolonged rule spanning over three decades by the authoritarian regime of the former President Suharto, natively known as Soeharto.

While the Suharto government hailed and remembered for the diverse Indonesian society’s economic growth and political stability, the brutal invasion and occupation of the vulnerable East Timor Island with the substantial support from the Western nations especially the United States eroded the hard-earned popularity of the President. Aside from the horrific history in East Timor, the overwhelming corruption charges leveled against the government finally led to the dismantling of the power.

Indonesia is on the right track in reclaiming the peace, progress and prosperity since the devastating natural disasters of 2004 Tsunami and the island’s perpetual exposure to the earth volatility in that part of the region.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant