Entertainment – Vocabulary

By Padmini Arhant

Imitation – Desperate Act of Self-Incrimination. Monkey see, monkey do even though monkey can never be anything else other than perhaps a rhesus monkey and Petty Chimpanzee (PC).

Cheap Operative – Pavlovian response to a bait crawling on the floor for juicy bone.

Dry Ice – Hard outside and tasteless inside.

Washout – Crony in a diaper jettisoned from real entertainment arena.

Cactus – Thorny sapling shaped like a flip flop.

Wanton – Misfortune cookie.

Escort – Egregious, Scallywag, Contrived, Obtuse, Rhinoceros, Twisted.

Foul – Antonym to fragrance.

Shame – Non-existent in the hall of fame.

Doom – Choice of destiny.


Padmini Arhant.