Ukraine – Russia Peace Treaty

February 18, 2022

Update: February 21, 2022.

The much anticipated thorough and comprehensive NATO – Russia permanent peace deal will be presented and published later in the day.

As promised, the Ukraine – Russia permanent peace treaty will be delivered next in the order of priority.

The patience from all sides is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 


Bulletin : The bomb blast reported in the news in Donbas region – Luhansk and Donetsk is regrettable and reprehensible. The forces behind such violence could never be anyone’s well wishers or represent peace and solidarity to defuse the volatile situation.

Such activities prompt Crimea like circumstances to leave territory. These incidents by no means are productive and contrarily fuel tension as well as unnecessary provocation. 

Ukraine authority vigilance and effective peaceful non-violent measures to maintain law and order in these two areas is essential to avert out of control unrest.

The foreign intrusions from anywhere creating chaos intercepted and denied access in Donbas region is the preliminary step towards security for citizens in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine government lapses in safety and security of citizens in Donbas would recreate 2014 Crimea event that are obviously not desirable for Ukraine.

In other developments, the United States State Department headed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meeting scheduled later this week in Europe to discuss the Ukraine crisis is positive and provides opportunity to exchange views from both sides to end the standoff.

As stated in the article below, the comprehensive resolution details for Ukraine – Russia and NATO – Russia will be presented shortly.

Padmini Arhant 


Ukraine – Russia Peace Treaty 

Padmini Arhant

The eagerness to start a war via sensationalized media reporting and political rhetoric is old and repetitive – the practice best laid to rest once and for all now and in the future. 

As stated earlier on this topic, the disagreement mainly involves Russia and NATO over security threats from one another with Ukraine used as the battleground. The strategy from either side is unreasonable and inappropriate. 

Again as explained earlier, NATO representing the United States and European Union supply of modern artillery to Ukraine in recent weeks is contradictory to public statement on peace and diplomacy required to ease tensions on the ground. 

Russian Federation on the other hand declaring no interest or intention to invade Ukraine while still procrastinating on troop withdrawal from Ukraine and Russia border all around exacerbate speculations on alleged invasion. Notwithstanding the status quo along the border provides fodder for western media and anti-Russian factions in the west to promote propaganda. 

The Russian Federation issues with NATO regarding NATO incursions in eastern Europe and NATO alliance against Russia as explained earlier merit consideration to de-escalate mutual security threats in the region. 

With respect to Ukraine and Russia – the Minsk agreement in 2015 is not agreeable to Ukraine much to Russia’s disappointment. Ukraine’s position is equally important as Russia’s in order to enforce the Minsk agreement or any new accord. The matter will be revisited and presented in detail shortly. 

Meanwhile, it is incumbent upon NATO and Russia to acknowledge Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity that are not apparent in the current development. 

NATO’s role in the ongoing situation is strange having openly stated to Ukraine to defend itself upon any Russian invasion claiming NATO or United States forces will not fight Ukraine war. At the same time flooding Ukraine with western artillery against Russia serves as provocation rather than mitigation that is critical now. 

Russia’s interpretation of western arms delivery to Ukraine is directly related to eastern Ukraine – the donbas region. The pro-Russian separatists in this part of Ukraine recent ceasefire with Ukrainian government hardly allowed to prevail by forces desperately seeking war at all costs regardless of dire consequences in such engagement. 

The latest report from western media about false flag operation in donbas region citing a kindergarten with two members injured is precisely kind of scenarios produced to instigate violence in any areas vulnerable to political and social unrest in that country. 

The western media projection is false flag events would originate from Russia to implicate Ukrainian authority having authorized violence against pro-Russian separatists faction in eastern Ukraine. 

Russia maintains the western high grade military arsenal export to Ukraine is to aid Ukrainian authority to use force against pro-Russian members in eastern Ukraine leading to full scale warfare. 

The west and Russia’s lack of trust against each other highlight misplaced focus on both sides when the major powers should expend resources and diplomatic means to end present stalemate. 

The citizens in Ukraine, Russia and the rest of the world have suffered enough and still experiencing the global pandemic caused health and economic effects.

The world spared from any more crises such as the potential war in Ukraine is the least the leaders in the west, NATO, Russia and Ukraine could do with divestment in peace and not peril as propagated in the western media as – ‘the moment of peril.’

The topic will be presented further with comprehensive resolution on Ukraine – Russia peace treaty, NATO – Russia permanent security deal in due course. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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