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Padmini Arhant Spouse in Divine Mission. Author and Presenter PadminiArhant.com

My name is Padmini Arhant.

In my diverse role as author, creator, presenter and performer on various themes concerning global affairs in the public domain https://padminiarhant.com the goal is to lead humanity towards a purposeful life.

The world with abundant resources is claimed as the privileged society private estate depriving billions of population –  life with dignity.

The present age i.e. Kalyug or the dark age is represented by degenerative systems overwhelmed with destructive concepts and deceptive ideology exerted via authority and implemented through all available means by those having little or no respect for natural law or rights.

My commitment to humanity is not limited to realizing the importance of freedom from dominance and supremacy but also  extends into discovering peace within and  recognition of real identity.

Thought provoking analysis on different issues along with fresh ideas and resolutions to crises despite disdain and disregard from those opposed to free speech will continue on this domain.

The site also project the political dynamics and provide a platform for social awareness on matter that largely impact ordinary citizens at national and international level.

The website was launched in 2008 and still going strong with articles on different topics and events published to inform, educate and create awareness on range of issues that are relevant to humanity with focus on the past, present and future. 

The website is primary source of information in dealing with complexities of contemporary environment. 

I have dedicated my entire time in the past nine years writing more than 1600 blogs with more on the way to promote transparency and accountability in political, economic and social systems that are otherwise withholding progress for all to benefit selective few in society. 

Additionally, my work involves poetry, music composition, innovative creativity and multilingual presentations available on my website. 

I am currently engaged in writing my first book and committed towards publication to set the trend for more thereafter.

I like humor in good taste and believe laughter is the best medicine to woes in life. I enjoy cooking, singing and physical activities such as work out, yoga and riding the bike. I also like interaction with nature and beautiful surroundings in the form of hills, lakes, oceans and greenery soothing mind towards inner peace.

I love my family. I respect and admire the sacrifices of good souls who fought for freedom and justice. The special ones for me are the unsung heroes and soldiers as ordinary citizens performing extraordinary tasks in their selfless pursuits for a better world.