United States – Happy Thanks Giving!

By Padmini Arhant

United States observes thanks giving holiday originating from Native Americans tradition expressing gratitude to nature for bountiful crops following harvest shared amongst all.

The concept of harmony and benevolence emphasized in social customs are unfortunately not practiced in the fullest extent with contemporary politics contrarily prescribing violence premised on greed causing immense suffering to humanity at large.

Monopoly substitutes altruism rejecting fairness and equal distribution attributed to prevalent economic disparity and social inequality wotlwide.

Economic policies exacerbating deteriorating living conditions are implemented through austerity and globalization via neo liberalization in the establishment of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Despite FTA and FDI carcinogenic impact especially on the vast majority of work force and business community such as local retailers and small vendors, legislation passed aggressively swearing allegiance to the 1% elite polity representing hegemony.

Politics usurping power accepts no reason or pragmatism instead buttress ideology for selective gains at collective expense.

The deceptive maneuver and erroneous decisions responsible for global turmoil easily attracted to illusion and slight reality.

Creating public awareness amid pervasive control over communication media is critical to protect citizens’ interest.

Truth surface regardless of concerted efforts to subvert facts at self and mass detriment.

Solidarity in national and international domain against injustice and military aggression as well as illegal occupation of sovereign land is an effective resistance and important to curtail divisive and elusive strategy used for regional or global dominance.

Civilization progress is best identified in political leaderships honorable engagement to prote4ct life at home and around setting precedence worthy of emulation like perseverance towards peace and non-violence for universal benefit.

On Thanks Giving day acknowledgment of benefactor being the ultimate source and provider of all things positive to sustain life,

Hope for optimistic future awaits those transcending negativities to make the world a better for all.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant