United States – Mother’s Day Recognition and Honoring Critical Parental Role

By Padmini Arhant

Mother’s Day observed on second Sunday of May every year is a tradition in recognition of critical parental role in a family.

The significance to motherhood beginning with child bearing and rearing reflected in responsibility often demand sacrifices in providing best possible life for children.

Most importantly values determine individual development besides inherent qualities and abilities to perform duties efficiently avoiding counterproductive activities for meaningful existence.

Purposeful living is entirely dependent on personal discretion and choices that are available throughout life journey.

Strong family ties and parental support enable adaptation to diverse experiences boosting courage in dealing with crises.

Genuine attention and proper care promotes love and peace in family working together for common goal.

The professional qualifications are necessary and beneficial for successful career with monetary rewards leading to comfortable and affluent lifestyle along with fame and glory.

However, selfless contributions expressing empathy and compassion towards those enduring injustice or alleviating pain and suffering indiscriminately in society defines human character far exceeding any achievements in the realm of physical world.

In this context, the request from a grieving mother, Mrs. Zubeida Tsamaev to return her deceased son Tamerlan Tsamaev body for burial in their hometown could be obliged displaying kindness – the core element of human nature rising above negativities serving none for all are destined to leave and judged according to deeds without exception.

Tamerlan Tsamaev was denied justice in Boston bombing and killed without due process having become the trend in false flag operations while his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsamaev was reportedly shot in the throat and rendered voiceless in the tragic incident.

United States declining to act against those directly responsible for massacre on 9/11 and subsequent genocide in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Myanmar, Syria and other destinations through drone strikes killing many innocent civilians with impunity is justified as abstention from retribution for redemption.

Meanwhile denying a mother access to her sons with one dead and the other alive only to be held in indefinite detention deprived of legal representation is indeed travesty of justice in serious requirement of introspection on humanitarian matter.

Life offers opportunity to rectify erroneous decisions changing course for self-improvement and greater good.

Slighting the option is indicative of deliberate choice to proceed in pursuit of illusion.

Hopefully reason and mercy would prevail allowing fairness in sending Tamerlan Tsamaev remains to legitimate relatives – Zubeida Tsamaev and Anzor Tsamaev, parents of the departed soul.

Mothers Day and Father Day or other benefactor respected every day with beneficiaries positive action would be gratifying rather than once every year occasion as a subtle reminder to appreciate fruitful relation.

Happy Mothers Day all year round!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant