Russia – Ukraine Crisis

February 23, 2022

Ukraine – Russia

Peace Treaty 2022

Padmini Arhant 

The topic will be presented with focus on Ukraine including the eastern Ukraine – Donbas region and Russia .

The comprehensive details will address concerns, grievances and relevant matter on all sides.

Padmini Arhant 


Russia – Domestic Priorities 

Padmini Arhant

Russian Government press TASS news agency reports 133,000 new COVID cases per day with many critically ill hospitalized right now. 

The western insurrection in 2014 until now having been instrumental for Ukraine’s status quo now imposing sanctions against Russia targeting the Nord stream 2 Pipeline and key economic assets would further cripple already struggling Russian economy. Moscow is responsible for the latest impulsive action in the invasion of Ukraine ignoring well meaning cautions to resist such pressure and exercise discernment from economic and security standpoint of Russians, Ukrainians including the eastern Ukraine Donbas region. The economic crisis is going to deepen affecting not just Russia, Ukraine and Europe but the entire world. 

The global pandemic having inflicted tremendous pain and suffering health and economic wise, the unnecessary warfare in Ukraine simply to exhibit military might and out-of-control delivery in air strikes, missiles and air raid in Kiev and other parts of Ukraine is extremely irresponsible and reckless action from Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin latest invitation to Kiev for talks stated via Kremlin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov could have been extended prior to Moscow’s shelling and authorization of troops mobilization into Ukraine’s territory. Alternatively, Moscow could have at least provided Kiev an opportunity when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was requesting President Vladimir Putin over phone call to resolve via peaceful talks and direct communication. 

Nonetheless, the Russian political leadership stance and words have been subject to speculations and skepticisms by own action in the last 48 hours on the burgeoning issue. Moscow repeatedly claiming to have no plans to invade Ukraine while having deployed at least 200,000 troops all around Ukraine since November 2021 and until now is a major trust factor for Russia.

The public press release from Moscow through Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) categorically denying all information in this regard and reiterating no incursions around Ukraine only proven otherwise with the military assault this morning and confirmation from Moscow to this effect. Such involvement from Moscow raise questions on seriousness to engage in peaceful discourse and settle the dispute once and for all. Furthermore, Moscow abruptly springing a surprise rather shockwaves via air strikes and missiles targeting Ukraine’s sensitive infrastructure on Thursday morning only highlights Moscow’s indecisive and untrustworthy decisions and actions so far against Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin’s leadership is challenged by self-determined counterproductive engagement against Ukraine. Moscow’s issues and bone of contention is against NATO as revealed by President Vladimir Putin time and time again. The west are equally if not more culpable for not allowing diplomacy and dialogue a chance to avert Russian military intervention against Ukraine known well ahead of time and confirmed by western intelligence in the entire year 2021. 

Any nation and political leadership in particular as the head of the state default on their word and written commitment such as Moscow’s guarantee and pledge not to invade Ukraine and proceed towards aggression destroying lives, infrastructure and economy has invited upon itself mistrust and misgivings from many near and far raising a credibility issue on accepting anything from them on formal or informal basis. Moscow has placed itself in a situation from being responsible and discerning to impulsive and reactionary force letting the worst get the best out of it that are neither beneficial nor respectable for a nation like Russia. 

President Vladimir Putin ending the military raid and invasion of Ukraine effective immediately is the preliminary step towards preventing deaths and devastation of Ukraine. Russia expressing empathy for Ukrainians as part of Russian society and simultaneously shelling the same citizens homes and environment with heavy artillery and high grade military weapons clearly reveal the negative detrimental course underway right now. 

In order to commence any direct dialogue with Kiev, it is imperative for Moscow to cease military operation in the immediate moment without caving and cowering to any pressure or influence of any kind from anywhere. Moscow’s demands and Kiev’s position could only be reconciled with Moscow terminating military and other form of invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

Kiev’s preparedness to end this conflict is also dependent on Ukraine being spared from militarization by Moscow and the west in respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The failure in this regard from Moscow or the west would testify the lack of interest and initiative to acknowledge Ukraine’s independence as a free nation. 

The details on Russia – Ukraine Peace Treaty will be elaborated shortly.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Ukraine Invasion 

Padmini Arhant

President Vladimir Putin up until yesterday categorically denied any invasion plans or troop deployment in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) publicly clarified to this effect in the 10 page document press release on February 17, 2022.

The latest development from Russian political leadership President Vladimir Putin authorizing invasion of Donbas in eastern Ukraine exemplify lack of trustworthiness in Moscow’s position. Moscow’s action is contradictory to Moscow’s open statement.

President Vladimir Putin further called the incumbent Ukrainian government in Kiev – “an american puppet.” When in fact, Moscow is obliging western predictions on Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The status quo defines Who is who?

Action speaks louder than words in all matter.

Padmini Arhant


Russia – NATO

Permanent Peace Deal 2022

Padmini Arhant


The content in the message is presented as constructive data.The substance draws global attention to real events, policies and decisions describing the state of affairs between Russia and NATO and the world.

Russia – NATO Permanent  Peace Deal 2022

The two powerful sides viz. Russia and United States led NATO continue to dispute on security in eastern Europe. Though both sides have their share of arguments and justifications in this matter, the present situation calls for a permanent security arrangement in recognition of all nations sovereignty and territorial integrity in eastern Europe. Notwithstanding the global peace and security is endangered considering the alarming nuclear status of both Russia and United States together with NATO allies posing a major threat in the present time.

To begin with, it is important for all sides to focus on current problems, recent events i.e. since the turn of the twenty first century with geopolitical and geoeconomics landscape shifting dramatically in the region and worldwide.

NATO led by United States has to leave the cold war era with former U.S.S.R behind and engage with Russia as a sovereign nation equivalent in nuclear power if not more besides being a permanent member in the UN security council with veto entitlement. As a sovereign nation, Russia has genuine security concerns regarding NATO presence and alliance near Russian territory. According to United States and NATO, the alliance is claimed as defense strategy against Russia from any potential threats in eastern and central Europe. The western position against Russia in this regard might very well be based on twentieth century school of thoughts and think tanks as well as cold war renegades perspective.

However, in the twenty first century, upon evaluating military interventions, illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land globally, United States and NATO combined forces by far rank the front runner and foremost aggressor followed by China. Again, the twenty first century first quarter in the last two decades United States and NATO footprints on foreign soil via military bases, naval and air dominance is widely known and prevalent until now.

The world war II in 1942 brought Germany and Japan’s imperial quest to an end. UNSC was formed without them. The two nations Germany and Japan diverted course from political and military status to build economic strength and have successfully become economically stable nations since then. In comparison with Germany and Japan, Russia became the UNSC permanent member with veto power and sought imperial status as USSR in the latter half of twentieth century. This route proved extremely arduous and economically challenging for USSR and consequentially led to the collapse of Soviet Union. Russia in the course of UNSC formation and membership also became the nuclear power like the rest of the UNSC permanent members viz. United States, Britain, France and China. Among the UNSC five permanent members, following former Soviet Union dissolution, Russia lags behind the other four members viz. the United States, Britain, France and China in threatening foreign sovereignty and border incursions in different parts of the world. Interestingly, the five permanent members have imperialistic past and present track record with west as NATO along with United States and China are existential threat to sovereignty and territorial integrity at the moment.

Not to mention, the United States, western Europe and China partnership in the worst health and economic disaster unleashed through global pandemic until now is a verifiable experience.

The Russian Federation since disintegration of Soviet Union is struggling economically due to multifaceted reasons and one of them being western sanctions urging Russia to conform to western style democracy which in itself is highly questionable and accordingly merit exclusive focus on this topic which will be presented in the immediate future.

The world witnessed United States and NATO endeavors on democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Thailand and Ukraine to name a few in the last two decades of modern age.

The end results were as follows:

Iraq was not democratized instead demolished by United States and NATO via invasion and occupation.

Afghanistan is Talibanized after two decades of United States and NATO shelling and occupation of the country leaving Afghan women, children and youth at the mercy of Taliban government. The disorganized withdrawal in 2021 by United States and NATO in compliance with Taliban demands produced mayhem with locals latching on to airplane wings to flee Taliban rule. The foreigners mostly United States defense personnel and family were stranded for months end and many are still  desperately trying to exit since Taliban takeover of the Islamic state.

Libya was not liberated and in turn transformed into a lawless land with free self serve on Libyan oil by foreign entities is the norm in the aftermath of NATO bombing the north African country.

Syria was decimated under the pretext of democratization leaving millions of Syrians displaced in their homeland with political asylum denied for Syrian refugees in the aggressors land.

Thailand – The democratically elected government headed by Yingluck Shinawatra in 2011 was forcefully and undemocratically removed from office by turning off electric power supply to the serving Prime Minister’s office. The direct western intrusion in Thailand replaced then democratically elected government accused of corruption with incorrigibly corrupt military junta in 2014.

Ukraine was introduced to startling real insurrection in the most violent format with democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovich forced out of office literally at gun point in world view in 2014.

Needless to say, the slew of United States led western decapitation of democracy was underway in different parts of the world in 2014.

Amid these events, Ukraine in particular held hostage since 2014 by the west – United States and EU direct meddling and installation of neo-nazi governments post western coup in that country.

The irony is the rhetoric echoed following the script warning Russia against invasion of Ukraine. When in fact, it is not if Russia invades Ukraine, the reality is Ukraine already invaded and occupied since 2014 by western political and economic stakeholders reaping personal financial gains at ordinary Ukrainians expense. The latest revelation is expecting Ukraine to become a NATO ally in the controversial NATO’s open door policy inviting members in Europe, the eastern Europe as the focal point leading to status quo.

Clearly, United States and NATO role in the twenty first century could hardly be justified as defensive anywhere in the absence of overt or covert security threats to United States and western states from nations targeted by the U.S. and NATO so far.

The economic sanctions used and exploited by the west against nations designated as indefinite adversaries constitute economic war. It is also the most inhumane and hostile action predominantly affecting innocent populations of the country as well as the rest of the world with businesses deprived of inter-economic opportunity from these nations.

Juxtaposed, no western nations or allies regardless of chaos and catastrophe inflicted by them worldwide have ever been subject to economic sanctions or trade embargo that are otherwise common practice against non-western nations in the past and present. The western trend continued till date raise questions on ethical and democratic essence ignored time and time again by the so-called western democracy.

The another bone of contention for United States against Russia is strategic arms including long and short range ballistic missiles that are now in place with the New START treaty extended in 2021. The original START treaty between United States and Russia signed in April 2010 was ratified in February 2011. The treaty set to expire in Feb 2021 was extended for another five years until February 2026 by the current administration in the United States with Russian Federation consent and cooperation. There should be really no issues in this regard barring non-compliance from either side. Although, the imminent requirement is global denuclearization and nuclear disarmament as elaborated by me in this domain since 2008 and until now.

There is no doubt nuclear threat continues to endanger life and humanity at large even though contemporarily mankind forced to deal with global pandemic let loose by withholding critical scientific information. The biowarfare via pathogens of tremendous potency in mutation and virulence consumed several millions lives and crippled health and economic survival world over.

United States and NATO citing Russia’s cold war tendency engaged in not only building NATO alliance in eastern Europe but also utilize the eastern bloc as defacto nuclear partners against Russia. This setting is very similar to United States arrangement in Korean Peninsula and Asia Pacific arguably against other nations viz. North Korea and China sharing borders with Russia.

All around, Russia is faced with United States and NATO incursions in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian sea, South China Sea and Yellow Sea – the Russian neighbors Iran on Caspian sea, China and North Korea on South China and Yellow sea. These are maritime borders where United States routinely conducts naval and military exercise. Additionally, United States is militarily engaged against Iran, North Korea and China in this part of the world. Russia as a neighbor has to contend with this dilemma as well.

United States and NATO issues against Russia is cold war calculations reminiscent of Soviet era. Henceforth, the west seek non-adversarial relations from Russia towards neighbors in eastern bloc. Russia has rejected such western claims and project NATO occupation near Russian territory as the burgeoning issue.

Russian Federation clarifications on former Soviet nations and territories in eastern and central Europe as well as Central Asia as independent sovereign states with demarcated boundaries is to be stated and incorporated in the Russia – NATO accord. Russian military activities whether on Black or Baltic sea and land drills should be on Russian land and waters to dispel any concerns on possible Russian infringement on territorial rights of states near and far from Russia. The states in this context are Ukraine and Georgia with whom Russia is yet to reconcile normal relations in all fronts i.e. mutually beneficial political, economic and cultural ties to maintain peace and security. The Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as EU members and NATO allies are weaponized including nuclear stock piles with training on the use of nuclear arsenal or component is Russia’s one of many major complaints that are detailed here.

Having examined United States and NATO apprehensions against Russia, there is no ambivalence they are associated with former Soviet Union. Any repeat developments from Russia in the present time is not apparent on the international and territorial infiltration. Crimea is a state referendum and constitutional amendment driven union with Russian Federation of Crimean citizens’ choice. Furthermore as stated earlier on this topic, the Crimea and Ukraine status quo is entirely and exclusively brought upon by United States and EU insurrection on Ukraine’s then democratically elected government. The western acknowledgment in this respect is long overdue and would further assist in alleviating misconception on Russian territorial annexation on Crimea.

Russia’s stance – The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) published 10-page document on February 17, 2022. The main content was that the US and its allies refused to even address Russia’s “red lines” and key security interests. The MFA also addressed specific issues such as Ukraine, Crimea, US troop presence and weapons build-up along Russian borders, as well as arms control.

Moscow statement per MFA public release.

1.Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine. Moscow calls the conflict in Ukraine “entirely internal in character.”

2. Crimea case closed. As explained earlier, Crimea was a voluntary union with Russian Federation enabled by western generated political unrest and Ukraine accommodating such crisis on their turf in 2014.

3. US must withdraw from Russian borders.

Russia has “no forces on the territory of Ukraine,” the MFA said in the document, adding that the deployments of troops within Russia’s own territory “do not and cannot concern the fundamental interests of the United States.” By contrast, Russia said, the US and its NATO allies have expanded their military infrastructure eastward, violating both the 1990 Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) and the 1997 Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between Russia and NATO. Moscow insists on the withdrawal “of all US armed forces and weapons deployed in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, and the Baltics.”

4. Russia maintains NATO’s open doors policy violates Russian security.

While the US remains committed to NATO’s policy of “open doors” – not ruling out admission of any country that applies to the alliance – Moscow noted that this violates the commitments NATO made in June 1991, to not endanger legitimate interests of other states or create new lines of division in Europe.

It also clashes with the principle of indivisibility of security which the US committed to under the treaties that established the Organization for European Security Cooperation (OSCE), namely to “not to enhance their security at the expense of the security of others,” in Russia’s view. “We call on the US and NATO to return to their international obligations in the sphere of supporting peace and security,” the MFA said. “We expect from the alliance specific proposals on the form and content of legal guarantees that NATO will not expand further to the east.”

5. Moscow wants indivisible security for all not just NATO.

Washington needs to demonstrate it actually believes in the principle of indivisible security, Moscow argued, accusing the US of refusing to give up its “counterproductive and destabilizing course” of seeking advantages for itself and its allies at the expense of Russian security interests, while threatening Russia’s borders. In Moscow’s view, the right of countries to “freely choose or change their security arrangements, including entering alliances,” which the US cites, is not absolute, but is only half the formula contained in existing European security treaties. The document points out that Washington keeps omitting the second half, about not enhancing one’s own security at the expense of others.

6. No nukes in Europe from NATO.

There was no answer to the Russian proposal to stop deploying nuclear weapons outside one’s own territory – something the US has repeatedly done with NATO allies, in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), the MFA said. Such weapons are currently deployed in the territory of several NATO members and are capable of targeting Russia

Moscow insists they must be withdrawn, the infrastructure for quickly redeploying them to Europe dismantled, and NATO must stop training non-nuclear members in the handling of such weapons. “Without the removal of this irritant, discussion on the topic of non-strategic nuclear weapons is impossible,” Russia said

7. Violation of red lines may lead to military-technical response.

The US and NATO are increasing their military activity on Russia’s borders while ignoring Moscow’s “red lines” and fundamental security interests, the MFA said, describing the situation as a “cause for alarm.” Russia described ultimatums and threats of sanctions as “unacceptable” and said they undermine the chances of reaching actual diplomatic agreements. Since the US is not prepared to discuss firm and legally binding guarantees of Russian security, Moscow will be forced to respond, including “through the implementation of measures of a military-technical nature,” the MFA said.

United States and NATO occupation in eastern Europe is clearly the foundation of the lingering military standoff between two nuclear powers – the United  States and Russia.

United States taxpayers are footing the bulk of NATO operation. The issue was brought to Europe’s attention by former President Donald Trump much to domestic political opponents and their European counterparts ire and criticism. The United Stared military bases around the world are close to nearly 1000 adding to phenomenal defense expenditure with American citizens burdened in sovereign debt.

In reality, the conventional warfare has shifted from ground to air, cyber and biological weapons like the global pandemic paralyzing health and economy in massive magnitude.

Furthermore, the purpose of nuclear status is increasingly proven an economic liability in maintenance and modernization. The nuclear prowess is claimed by nuclear states as defense mechanism in deterrence and not defiance. The nuclear stock piles among nuclear and non- nuclear nations’ possessions as defacto partners like with NATO exacerbate vulnerability in any region.

Overall, nuclear world endanger life, environment, global peace and security. No climate treaty is meaningful and effective alongside nuclear race and nuclear threats bringing nations to the brink of nuclear confrontation. The scenario has risen in the Cuban missile crises demanding reason and rationale to prevail at that time. The world has no option but to commit and begin nuclear disarmament without exception in clear transparency. The nuclear war would only make the world go blind. Such possibilities must be eliminated at all costs for there will be no winners and critically no survivors either to express regrets or rejoice the annihilation despite the latter bizarre response.

Russia’s security expectations as a sovereign nation is fair and reasonable. At the same time, Russia’s assurance exemplified in action providing synonymous sense of security, recognition of sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations near and far viz. Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and any former Soviet republics or for that matter the Russian naval base Tartus, Syria is imperative. Any form of occupation gaining sovereign jurisdiction such as in Tartus, Syria creates speculations on real intention with or without the occupied territories approval for their interim safety and national as well as regional security. In other words, occupation of foreign territory by any nation at any given time or prolonged period is violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Russia in the domestic front moving towards republic elected and represented democracy is pertinent in realization of Russian citizens’ political rights to elect government and head of the state in a free and fair election. The election would be democratic only upon free access to political contenders of people’s choice to contest in local and national election without being denied participation and subject to any form of hostility and extremities such as imprisonment in the absence of fair trial. These are significant milestones for Russia, a nation that has come a long way with Russian citizens yet to experience true democracy.

Western democracy on the other hand prefers and support those so-called democracies obliging western foreign and economic policy that are designed to favor them and none other. The democratic systems exercising independence in terms of trading partners and economic viability are removed from governance or punished with economic sanctions – the convenient tool to isolate nations not in agreement with west on western policy.

The case in point is Ukraine in 2014. Then incumbent President Viktor Yanukovich choosing neighbor Russia for economic deals was not tolerated by EU prompting the violent coup d’etat with United States leading the insurrection against Ukrainian government in 2014.

The western democracy intolerance came to light in the wake of former German Navy Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin deserving respect and Crimea not winnable for Ukraine. The German Navy Chief had to resign for personal opinion on international matter.

Western democracy is debatable on all these grounds for not standing by the real democratic values and people’s choice leadership and government anywhere. On the contrary, the western initiated and instigated overthrow of democratic governments are prominent thus far. The western democracy paradoxical paradigm undermine democracy in nations enabling fundamentalism and other types of authoritarianism.

The unequivocal fact is governments are run by oligarchs regardless of the political system being democratic or not in the world. The European World Economic Forum, Secret Society originating from Bavaria, Germany and Bilderberg in Netherlands, World Health Organization debacle on the global pandemic, Swiss banks sheltering illegal money from anywhere fostering and fomenting corruption – the root cause behind developing nations hindrance in pervasive economic growth and development. These are few among several examples confirming conspicuous flaws in western democracy.

United States and NATO honoring Russia’s legitimate security interests with evacuation of NATO presence in eastern Europe and abandoning political and military interference in Ukraine and other states in that region would facilitate democracy and stability.

Europe n the second quarter of twenty first century is at the crossroads to migrate from military aggression via NATO against Russia to forge economic relations with Russia crucially in the energy sector given the geographic location and proximity. After all, when the war is over at some point in time, the economic priorities would have to be met somehow for existence. The choice between military incursions via NATO against Russia and economic benefits in energy and other trades from Russia could not be hard for Europe facing aging population and volatile economic prospects in the energy dependent manufacturing sector.

The western concept of globalized economy is contradictory to isolation, alienation and segregation policy that are proved counterproductive more than ever.

The relation between United States and Russia must improve in good faith and mutual trust as two equal, sensible and militarily sensitive partners pledged to denuclearization paving way for global peace, unity and harmony protecting humanity and environment not harming any life on earth. United States and NATO pursuing democratic and diplomatic means with Russia is prudent and promising in establishing permanent peace deal.

Above all, it is incumbent upon every nation to save the planet from peril averting danger from nuclear force, bio weapons and any other treacherous strategy against anyone anywhere in the world.

May peace and tranquility triumph for humanity progress and prosperity.

God bless humanity and the world at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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