Foreign Language Interviews

March 22, 2021

Interview with Personalities in Foreign Language with simultaneous English Translation

Padmini Arhant

The Audio presentations published in 2014, 2015 and onwards comprising interviews with world leaders, political figures and personalities in foreign language with english translation.

Interview with China’s President Xi Jinping in Mandarin (Chinese language) with simultaneous English translation.

The audio content presented and published on May 12, 2015.

Interview with Pope Francis of Vatican City in Latin with simultaneous English translation.

The audio content presented and published on December 31st, 2014.

Interview with Al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman-Al-Zawahiri in Arabic with simultaneous English translation.

The audio content presented and published on December 12, 2014.

Interview with Indian Political Establishment – Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi in Italian with simultaneous English translation.

The audio content presented and published on January 31st, 2015.

Interview with Indian Political Establishment – BJP Government led Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi in Hindi with simultaneous English translation is available in print under Audios category. 

The audio content presented and published on January 24th, 2015.

Presentation in Spanish on Venezuela Political Reform. 

The audio content presented and published on August 5th, 2017.


Interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in English.

Russian Affair in English. 

Audio and print content published on November 6th, 2017.

Author & Presenter

Padmini Arhant

Russian Affair

November 4, 2017

Russian Affair

Padmini Arhant

The former FBI director Robert Mueller headed special investigation dominates news on the alleged Russian meddling in the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The special committee targeting then Republican Presidential candidate now elected President Donald Trump’s campaign aides and members’ presumed interaction and meetings with key Russian officials has led to recent indictments on this matter.

The U.S. actions besides the ongoing inquiry includes closing consulate general in San Francisco and annexes in Washington and New York.

Russia in turn has responded by reducing diplomatic service staff at U.S. facilities in Moscow as confirmed by Washington based Russia Today (RT) television network.

Russia Today – the state funded network founded by the state owned news agency RIA-NOVOSTI in 2005 is dedicated in promoting Russian government interests to the likes of mainstream media and others in the U.S. and elsewhere safeguarding oligarchy, political and Secret Society agenda.  

Although RT claims the network is independent, any business especially communication media receiving funding that has surged from $30 million in the beginning to current $300 million from the state obviously inclined to be subjective rather than objective.

RT projecting Russian image to counteract U.S. media versions about Russia and Russian policy is a conundrum for viewers having to deal with two extremes from both sides i.e. one for and the other against amidst missing facts from the content regardless.

On propaganda, RT efforts are on par with prevalent media trend in hyperbole and falsehood in presentation of historic events and entities pertaining to the past and present time conforming to syndicate strategy.

RT transmission in three languages viz. English, Spanish and Arabic attracting 120 million viewership in the United States and other parts of the world is a buffer to syndicate’s media presence via CNN, Fox and BBC worldwide.

The syndicate’s media control and influence on entertainment industry to deny public access to truth and factual information could be anything but freedom of press and free speech.

RT like counterparts are not without collusion on not maintaining journalistic standards and ethics that are rare and remains under attack. The journalism with accurate reporting, review and analyses on issues and topics concerning lives and world problems are replaced for political and commercial success ignoring harm to society and the world at large that eventually hurts the source.

As such, the citizens fatigue in fake news and indoctrination is evident in broadcasting networks declined rating prompting desperate attempts to avert further deterioration. The spin zone is yet another means to continue mindless discussions lacking in substance in anything goes talk shows and programs to fill in time in the 24/7 media.

United States and Russia relations might have strained due to latest developments,

However, the similarities in both nations policies on critical issues such as voting against nuclear disarmament in the UN vote past month, resistance to dissolution of UNSC granted veto power to five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, Russia, China and France and strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia clarify common goals.

In terms of disagreements, United States and Russia have difference of opinion on Ukraine, Syrian conflict, NATO buildup through Eastern bloc and incursion in Baltic Sea. The U.S. occupation in Afghanistan extended into Central Asia that was previously under former Soviet Union is causing uneasiness on regional basis.

Last but not the least, U.S. sanctions on Russia is not appreciated in the wake of 2016 electoral outcome distressing those for change in game plan.

On North Korea, United States sanctions against the south east Asian nation is welcome by Russia. The reaction confirmed in UNSC decision with Russia and China’s consensus to impose embargo on North Korea.

As stated repeatedly on this website on standoff between U.S and North Korea, the de-escalation via diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the focus on both sides retracting from respective positions with United States and ally South Korea ceasing military exercise and provocative naval drills in Korean Peninsula.  North Korea on its part to suspend nuclear enhancement.

Furthermore, the major nuclear powers stance on North Korea’s nuclear status would be credible upon them in possession of enormous nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny lead other nuclear and non-nuclear states in safe disposal of nuclear weapons freeing the world from nuclear threats that are frequently exchanged in U.S. and North Korea confrontation. U.S. has also issued nuclear warnings against Iran preceding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty.

In the domestic front, Russia Today (RT) as state represented media is criticized for not providing opportunity to political opponents to Kremlin power. The same is applied towards any political dissent deprived from sharing thoughts and grievance on air to local and foreign audience. They are apparently considered detractors and accordingly excluded in participation on media channel.

The contemporary practice to debar alternative political perspectives especially with Russian elections on the horizon in March 2018 may not bode well for Russia in the post-communist era declared as democratic system premised on free and fair elections allowing contenders upon meeting eligibility criteria to run for office.

Then the incident though eleven years ago involving independent journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya tragic death from gunshot wounds in Moscow in 2006 deter Russian democratic evolution.

The free society would create and nurture environment to question authorities without fear of incarceration, character defamation or danger to their life. The country as vast as Russia with enormous potential in different fields not barring politics would benefit from eclectic representation that could permeate across the spectrum. The transformation is made possible with healthy debates and public forums on all topics relevant to citizens in the province and national level.

Russia’s membership in BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in addition to G20 and WTO serve economic prospects. On security to combat terrorism and any foreign intrusion – the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia enable neutralization.

Russian economy, political stability and national security are general expectations amongst electorate. Russia’s role in international disputes are also important whether personally that entails skirmishes at Russian border with NATO or tension related to U.S. and North Korea as well as ending Syrian warfare.

The internal challenges like corruption undermining real progress, Chechnya seeking resolution, immigration and social dilemmas are prominent woes requiring effective measures.

Russia is in the threshold of economic growth and constraints on political choices limits the scope for broader vision necessary to sustain expansion.

Finally, vox populithe voice of the people from all walks of life exercising the right to express views or concerns and journalism in particular not confined to state or external orientation would demonstrate vibrant democracy.

I convey my best wishes to citizens in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission









China – Interview with China’s President Xi Jinping  

May 12, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The audio version is available in the above link. The interview is conducted in Mandarin (Chinese language) with simultaneous English translation. Please click on the audio feature above.

President of the People’s Republic of China, The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Hello! Mr. President.

Welcome to the public domain.

Thank you for inviting me.

Let me begin with China’s Title.

1. Q. Is China the People’s Republic?

Ans. China is stated as the People’s Republic.  However, China is governed by Communist Political bureau.

2. Q. How is China positioned in the 21st Century?

Ans. China is the emerging economic power and a major creditor to the United States and EU. China is also a global exporter with trade relations in every region. As permanent member of UN Security Council, China is equal partner in the P5+1 exclusive club.

All things considered, China also represents hegemony in undermining peace and stability.

3. Q. Where does China stand on territorial disputes with neighbors, the issues remaining contentious and escalating tension in the region?

Ans. Although, China is not in direct confrontation with any specific nation, there are skirmishes on the borders and international waters – South China Sea in particular attracting world attention.

4, Q What is the reason behind disagreements in this matter?

Ans. China is an integral part of hegemony sharing similar goals in maintaining economic and strategic dominance.

5. Q. Isn’t China’s policy forcing developing nations in the region to increase defense budget and facilitating United States permanent military base?

Ans. China and United States positions are favorable to the military industrial complex. The incursions are intended to proliferate arms deals including nuclear capability.

6. Q. China’s invasion and occupation of Tibet, China declining recognition of Taiwan as independent nation, the political unrest in Hong Kong, China’s claim on Indian States of Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Aksai Chin in Kashmir, Maoists infiltration in India and Nepal clarify China’s imperial traits to control region.

What makes any nation think they can rule other states when providing for their own people is a major challenge?

Ans. Invasion and occupation of land is signature act of imperialism. Japan and China are historically imperial powers in the region. China’s territorial expansion is the continuation of trend in modern age. China’s hegemonic ambitions conform to UNSC P5+1 legacy.

7. Q. China’s relation with the United States is based on economic inter-dependency with China’s investment in U.S. Treasury Securities and United States granting MFN status to China.

However, there are other issues like currency adjustments contributing to trade imbalance, intellectual property rights violations by China and United States engagement in cyber attacks and standoff in Korean Peninsula as well as East and South China sea are few among several feuds that cannot be ignored now or later.

What is China’s proposal to the existing undercurrent in the relationship with United States and should the world believe the rivalry as a matter of concern?

Ans. China’s economic and military strength is formidable. Nonetheless both China and United States are partners and represent hegemony. The lingering mistrust is a result of two dragons vying for prominence.

8. Q. North Korea ties with China evident in China’s assistance in enabling North Korea – the nuclear state. Yet, China voted for sanctions against North Korea recently despite economic sanctions adverse impact on the people.

Similarly China’s arms supply to various factions in Africa in exchange for oil foment civil wars paving way for former colonizers to recolonize the continent. Such activities suggestive of hegemony pact for free access to African resources at the population expense.

Is China a reliable ally?

Ans. China is no different from other imperialists as we are poised to benefit ourselves in legitimizing illegitimate policy worldwide.

Whether China is a reliable ally or not – history is testimony to the fact.

9. Q. China led bank Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) conspicuously a spin off from Asian Development Bank luring United States allies confirm the concept cloning World Bank, IMF, ECB etc.

Why are the nations in North Africa and Middle East pledging support to improve Asian infrastructure rather than Africa?

Ans. Hegemony has many manifestations and China is one of them. World Bank, IMF, ECB, ADB and alike ill reputation are the reason behind AIIB emergence to prolong business as usual.

10. Q. China ‘s human rights record witnessed in Tiananmen Square and arrests of political dissidents besides crackdown on Uighurs in Xinjiang province, persecution of Tibetan monks and desecration of Tibetan heritage are common events.

As head of the state and Communist party chief, do you contemplate on reversing decadence to providence?

Ans. China’s human rights matter is in political interest. The communist doctrine is in semblance with hegemony ideology – i.e. to preserve concentration of power within core structure.

Furthermore, communism is an invention then to promote prevalent feudal system under the guise of republic.

China’s President Xi Jinping – Thank you.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






















Israel – Interview with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

January 9, 2015

PIT – Interview with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Padmini Arhant

PIT – Interview with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Dear Citizens,

This is Padmini Arhant.  Author, Presenter and Performer on

Welcome to interaction with powerful entities representing the ruling class in the PIT.

The PIT (Parody on Identity Theft) is aimed at unveiling hidden facts, dispel myths and discuss issues relevant to humanity.

Hegemony goals deny freedom, economic opportunity and social justice to the vast majority worldwide.

Hegemony agenda is to condition victims in accepting imposed status quo as destiny.   

I think otherwise considering the natural law for all creations to be free and treated with kindness, love, respect and dignity.

Politics is instrumental in implementing laws that address problems in the country and the world at large.

Ironically political leaderships representing hegemony are involved in exacerbating rather than alleviating human suffering at home and abroad.

The political figure I am about to introduce is known for defiance and opposition to peaceful resolutions on conflicts especially the decades old Mid East peace process. Palestinian Statehood.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister of Israel and leader of the Likud Party – Benjamin Netanyahu welcome to the public domain –

Thank you.

Let me begin with your political status.

Ques. 1. Controversy, cavalier approach and cart blanche authority is the hall mark of your political career. How do you justify the legacy amid your designation as the head of a democratic state?

Ans. I favor extra judicial power at the executive branch and accordingly exercise authority beyond constitutional and democratic norms with little or no regard for national and international concern.

Ques. 2. Does this mean assuming Israel a democracy is misconception with the political system premised on extremism granting excess power to representatives in office besides discrimination against women, minority and immigrants from Africa in particular?

Ans. Israel is governed by ideology. The coalition with political factions espousing radicalism adds another dimension to representation. Israel being hegemony along with other partners considers democracy inconvenient in many respects.

Ques. 3. You attracted sharp criticism from your party member recently for having minimal women members comparing the ratio in Israeli Knesset worse than Saudi Parliament consisting at least 20% in the latest configuration.

When Israel extends conscription on women to serve in the military, why is there gender gap in civil service?

Ans. Again the choices are in accordance with political doctrine and fundamental cause that does not subscribe to democratic setting.

Ques. 4. How would you define freedom?

Ans. In my view freedom is a privilege and only the selective few belonging to specific creed and class deserve to be free. Although I cherish my freedom and always perform at will even if that is in violation of others rights or law that exists anywhere, conforming to hegemony value I am vehemently opposed to the idea of liberty and justice for all.

Let us focus on Middle East affairs.

Palestinian statehood.

This would bring Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestinian children, women and men to an end.

The settlement activity in West Bank and East Jerusalem slighting global condemnation would be reversed allowing the natives i.e. the Palestinians inhabitation.

The siege on Gaza with unilateral economic blockade and closing Rafa crossing at Egypt border accompanied by routine air strikes claiming thousands of innocent lives could no longer continue contributing to revival of Gaza’s economy and life restoration.

The military raid in al Aqsa mosque, al Quds conducted at regular intervals as Israel’s prerogative would cease.

Palestine would have farmers growing crops and olive trees and enable livelihood to fishermen in Gaza. Palestinian youths would be gainfully employed from trade and economic activities instead of spending their prime time in Israeli prison without legal recourse.

On the Israeli side, the citizens in Southern Israel need not be evacuated for Gaza’s retaliation to Israel’s shelling – the ongoing trend that targets densely populated Gaza not barring the use of white phosphorus and uranium.

Palestinians normal existence would be Israel earning respect and credibility as a peaceful state.

Despite the positive outcome benefitting citizens in Palestine and Israel,

Ques. 5. Do you and those against Palestinian Statehood really believe that such conviction is in Israel’s best interest?

Ans. Our convictions are based on presumptuous notions and deception to prolong occupation as hegemony for regional and global dominance. The state and citizens do not matter. We use religion as pawn to promote our convoluted belief and actions alongside disdain for spiritualism, nature and God.

Ques. 6. Israel’s adventure in the region sharing the allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and alike aspirations for destabilization through terrorism and relentless warfare evident in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon confirm the pattern as a belligerent state.

Where does this lead Israel with the Middle East remaining volatile due to hegemonic role?

Ans. The volatility infuses tensions and the situation facilitates Israel’s demand on United States tax payers to provide blank check in the form of military and economic aid. Israel’s monetary gains at United States tax payers’ losses is the zero sum game.

Ques. 7. Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan heights, Palestine’s Jordan Valley in addition to occupied territory, control over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula and incursion in Lebanon through reconnaissance flights arguably undermines national sovereignty of respective states in the Middle East.

The illegal claim asserted under the pretext of the Promised Land by God.

Do you and others behind this invented theory expect the world to honor the neo conservative and orthodox convention as Gospel truth implying God’s will against logic and legitimacy?

Ans. Hegemony ambitions encompass expansionism by any means including fabrication and falsification with reference to God for validity.

Contradictions vs. Reality

A. Israel is a nuclear state with nuclear site in Dimona. U.S. tax payer funding is regularly expended to defend nuclear armed Israel under the guise of security.

B. Israel declared the only democratic state yet the authorities do not spare any moment to stifle democracy across the region.

C. Judaism and Islam as Abrahamic religions having emerged from the same source with many commonalities are at odds on territorial dispute. Nonetheless the architects and protagonists isolate Islam from the roots and associate with identity not even remotely related in characteristics whether similar or peculiar.

D. Israel is being classified as a Jewish state. At the same time there is objection to Palestinian refugees return to Palestine.

E. God is mentioned to authenticate concepts paradoxical to divine purpose.

Ques. 8. How do you explain Israel’s above outlined contradictory positions compared with reality?

Ans. The brief response to all of the above positions is Israel’s divergence reserved as the exclusive right in the quest for supremacy.

Ques. 9. Your reaction to 9/11 terror against United States in 2001 was – Very Good for Israel.

Is there any remorse for Israel’s involvement against the benefactor United States in events like the attack on USS Liberty that led to 34 servicemen instant deaths, September 11 terrorism and continuous espionage via selective congressional members and political aide pledged allegiance to hegemony compromising United States security and independence?

Ans. We seek apology from the victims and apologize to none. Hegemony strategy is violation of trust, treason and corruption.

Ques. 10. Finally. Do you concur with the chosen ones proclamation?

Yes. Not by God. However, by the secret society.

Prime Minister of Israel and Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahoo – Thank you for your confession.



















Religion – Focus on Vatican

December 30, 2014

Simulation Interview with Pope Francis

Audio presentation in Latin with simultaneous english translation.

Padmini Arhant

1. “Simulation Interview with Pope Francis”

Parody on Identity Theft (PIT) – Interview with Pope Francis of Catholic Church –  Please click on the audio link for the content.

Dear Global Citizens,

This is Padmini Arhant.  Author, Presenter and Performer on

Welcome to interaction with powerful entities representing the ruling class in the PIT.

The PIT (Parody on Identity Theft) focus on facts with the purpose to distinguish between illusion and reality.

Politics spares none and misuses almost everything in possession.  The religion in particular is found useful to mislead world creating mass confusion for vested interests.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I take this opportunity to introduce the familiar religious figure – Pope Francis of Catholic Church,the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Vatican State.

The interview is conducted in Latin conforming to origin with simultaneous English translation.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Pope Francis of Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome and head of the Vatican State – welcome to the public domain

Glad to be here.

Ques. 1.   Where does Vatican stand on wealth disbursement to address poverty, hunger and disease?

Ans. Vatican favors the idea although not necessarily involved in the act.

Ques. 2.  Considering enormous wealth at Vatican’s disposal arguably making the Catholic Church headed government one of the richest in the world, What is the reason behind the lack of initiative and interest to use the wealth for humanitarian cause?

Ans. Hegemony and internal political operatives control Vatican wealth and policy.

Ques 3Do you think Vatican follows Jesus Christ teachings?

Ans.  In theory but not in practice.

Ques 4What is Vatican plan on abandoning secrecy and adopting transparency in the face of scandals, corruption and negative trajectory?

Ans. It is hard to break tradition for the process requires cooperation and commitment within Vatican hierarchy.  The systemic abuse of power and misinterpretation of respective positions is regarded appropriate ignoring ethics and unconscionable act.

Ques 5.  Is Vatican leading Catholics in the right direction despite allegations and hegemony influenced decisions paradoxical to God’s will?

Ans. Hegemony authority overrides God’s will.

Ques 6.   Under Hegemony rule religion is a tool in politics to maintain status quo. There is no respect for life.  Spiritualism is persona non grata to them. Why is Vatican having ties with members of secret society?

Ans.  Vatican wealth management is on secret society oversight.  Even though cardinals at the Vatican cast their vote to elect the Pope, the secret society select the nominee similar to choosing candidates to head governments as their proxy.

Ques 7.  Does this mean Vatican is part of secret society and you are their representative?

Ans. Yes. Without a shadow of doubt Vatican follows directions from them.

Ques 8.  Where does this leave Catholics in light of Vatican’s deception as Catholicism domain?

Ans. In the same manner as systems portrayed democratic when it is otherwise in functionality.

Ques 9. The inevitable outcome on anything disingenuous and destructive is dissipation

Accordingly all linked with degenerative process face imminent dissolution.

Will Vatican submit to natural law or steer course with positive actions like assets liquidation and delineation from secret society?

Ans. The secret society with power over Vatican and various religious as well as other institutions is not amenable to change.  However, there is trepidation on fait accompli.

Ques. 10. Final note.  Do you think God exists?

Ans. God certainly exists and is the ultimate force.

Conclusion. Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Vatican State – Thank you.





Global Terrorism – Interview with Al-Qaeda Chief in the PIT

December 12, 2014

Interview with Al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri (Arabic Language with English Translation)

Padmini Arhant

Dear Global Citizens,

Please click on the audio link for interview with Hegemony Proxy al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri.

This is Padmini Arhant. Author and Performer of various acts presented in the public domain –

I welcome you all to meet yet another individual – in the PIT – Parody on Identity Theft.

By no means a stranger to the world,

On the contrary the name is well known and associated with messages often causing apprehensions, concerns and grievance.

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I present Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative – Al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri

Parody on Identity Theft –  Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative


Peace to you.


Peace be upon you.

Welcome to the public domain!  – www.

As courtesy to international audience, I will do Arabic to English translation in this interview.

Do you have any objection?

Not at all.

Let me begin with your introduction even though your name is well known.

Could you please say your name and specify any other identity?


I am Ayman Al Zawahiri. I am also hegemony proxy.

Ques. 1. Am I right in saying that you were a doctor by profession?

Ans.       Yes. I was a surgeon.

Ques. 2. What brought this transformation in your life?

Ans.       My Masters –  hegemony are the reason.

Ques.    3. Could you please elaborate on your response?

Ans.       Definitely.

Hegemony created Al-Qaeda.

They made Osama Bin Laden the leader.

They used him even after he was dead in December 2001.

When they realized they could no longer continue with the act, they made me al-Qaeda leader.

Ques. 4. How do you feel about you – a doctor in the past is a terror organization chief at present?

Ans.       When world leaders representing hegemony are terror sponsors – why would I feel any different from them?

Ques.    5. Is it not paradoxical for a doctor to turn into a terrorist?

Especially When Doctors are expected to heal not hurt others.

Similarly they are supposed to save lives and not endanger them.

How do you reconcile with this choice and paradigm shift in your life?

Ans.       In the same manner as the rest of them representing hegemony.

Remember Osama Bin Laden was an engineer.

As I mentioned those who represent hegemony are very proud of their credentials and many claim to have their education from elite institutions.

There is no problem for them to be terror sponsors and they are the ones directing al-Qaeda to different nations and kill people at will.

Terrorism is a new outfit for imperialism.  Hegemony leads me and many leaderships heading government worldwide.

You are an Arab from Egypt.  In the Arab world, the impression about al-Qaeda is you are their enemy.

Obviously this notion emanates from al-Qaeda involvement in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and throughout North Africa.

There is this belief among Arab population and perhaps across the globe that you are not an Arab due to your terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Ques. 6. What is your relation with Israeli authorities, Mossad and America’s CIA in particular?

Ans. Very close. They provide training and also give medical assistance to terror operatives deployed in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

In fact, al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, al-Nusra, etc. cannot survive without Israel and America’s CIA.  That’s why there has been no terror attacks against Israel.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey and other allies are funding al-Qaeda and other terror networks in the region.

Ques. 7. Hegemony is terror.  Global supremacy is imposed through terrorism.  Conventional warfare is now replaced by terror operation. Does this mean that ISIS and alike are hegemony army to invade nations?

Ans.  Yes. Terrorism is the means for Hegemony to maintain control and suppress democracy.

Ques. 8. What do you gain from serving hegemony when you know that their interests are to topple nations beginning with the Middle East for global dominance?

Ans. I follow orders from hegemony. Yesterday al-Qaeda is ISIS today and could be something else tomorrow for them. I serve them because I am on their payroll.  In doing so I know that I share with them the crimes against humanity.

Ques. 9.  Do you realize killing innocent people worldwide would ultimately lead to evil force destruction?

Ans.  Once you engage in evil act, nothing really matters. Knowing well such indulgence is to self-detriment.

Ques. 10. Lastly, Do you fear Almighty God’s Judgment?

Ans. . Yes. I do. I know it is fair and final.

Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative – Al-Qaeda Chief  Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri thank you.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



India – Parody on Political Establishment

November 23, 2014

Interview in Italian with India’s Congress Party President

Sonia Gandhi

Padmini Arhant

Dear Global Citizens,

Please click on the audio link for the topic presentation.

Thank you for your attention and interest. Padmini Arhant


Interview with  Cecilia Capone alias Sonia Gandhi

By Padmini Arhant



Come stai?

Belle. Grazie.

Q.   I will do interpretation for our international listeners in this interview.  Is that fine with you?

A.  That’s fine.

 Q.  Could you please introduce yourself?  

A.  My name is Cecilia Capone. But now I am Sonia Gandhi.

Q.  Why Sonia Gandhi?  What made you choose Sonia Gandhi?  

A.  The current trend is to become whoever you prefer to be.  

A.  I chose Sonia Gandhi based on origin. 

Also  because I am in antique business. Sonia Gandhi is antique supplier from India. 

Sonia Gandhi and several others are presenting and projected as someone other than them.

So I thought there is nothing wrong  in me claiming to be her. 

Even though what I am doing is being an imposter.

In any law abiding civil society, such portrayal would be criminal activity considering this is identity theft.

1.Q.    What inspired you towards Politics?   

A.     Power, Prestige and Prosperity.  

2.Q.   What is your view on many corruption scams in Indian politics with you referred to as the High Command during your term in office?    

A.   Corruption, scams and scandals make  politics exciting.  Power is meant to be utilized for individual interests and not wasted in being concerned about consequences especially when power comes with political impunity.

 3.Q. What was the reason for your personal intervention in preventing investigation and extradition of Ottavio Quattrocchi – one of the major beneficiary besides yourself and few others in Bofor Scandal?   

AYou know that the answer is in your question. Why would I stir the beehive when I continue to have honey?

4.Q. You quelled anti-corruption movement in India in 2011.  Your political coalition with members like Karunanidhi and Ooman Chandy known for criminality reflects political character. Your Congress Party is rejected in every election. What makes you think you can stay at the helm given the dismal record?       

  A.   Politics is known for strange bedfellows. I might be known as Congress Party Chief but essentially I direct any party that comes to power at hegemony behest. BJP and various political factions in India represent Congress and foreign agenda. Why do you think I have strong support from EU and imperial powers along with political parties in India regardless of my involvement in various corruption scandals?

5.Q. Do you favor political dynasty under the guise of democracy?     

A.  As member of political dynasty having usurped to power, I favor the system.  Also as hegemony representative democracy is not desirable except to use the concept to legitimize illegitimacy  i.e. global supremacy.

6.Q.   What is your ambition in life?     

A.   To see my son Rahul as Prime Minister of India and succeeded by my daughter Priyanka Vadra considering this is their prerogative as members of political dynasty.

7.Q.  Your Congress Party member conferred the title Mother India on you. Would you consider surrender of wealth held in swiss bank and other tax havens given the people’s rights on national treasury?     

A.   There is no such thing as national treasure in politics. Position of authority is meant for personal empowerment.  I have exemplified the art of accumulating wealth evidenced in explosive corruption deals throughout my political career.

8.Q. You accepted Indian citizenship only in  2006 while you assumed power back when your spouse late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was in office. What took you so long for this decision?     

A.  My decision for Indian citizenship in 2006 was political expediency. Such actions help win elections and voters trust.

9.Q. Your personal intrusion exerting authority has claimed innocent life and other times denied justice to citizens in Indian society.  example the rape victim Jyoti deprived survival and individuals of Italian origin committing crimes against Indian fishermen or any ordinary citizens are invariably granted immunity.

Despite your egregious decisions, you aim to govern India.

Do you have any regrets regarding your actions?     

A.  None whatsoever. Power comes with privilege.  As hegemony proxy and political class member  the discretionary power cannot be challenged particularly when corruption serves as means to evade accountability.

10.Q. Finally. Do you believe in Karma?       

A.  I believe in my doctrine evident in my legacy.

Conclusion. Cecilia Capone alias Sonia Gandhi.  Thank you for revealing your identity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

भारतीय राजनीतिक भ्रष्टाचार और घोटालों पर अनुकरण काव्य

November 8, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

You are welcome to listen to the parody on Indian Political Corruption and Scams.

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Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant


भारतीय राजनीतिक भ्रष्टाचार और घोटालों पर अनुकरण काव्य

लेखक,  कलाकार और प्रस्तुतकर्ता – पद्मिनी अरहंत



प्रश्न:      आपका  शुभ  नाम

उत्तर:    मेरा नाम  है  मुन्नीभाई  पटेल

प्रश्न:      आप  क्या  उद्योग क्षेत्र से है?

उत्तर:    मेरा  बहुत  बड़ा  कारोबार  है

प्रश्न:      अच्छा  तो  आप  इंडस्ट्रियलिस्ट   है

उत्तर:    आप  भी  कमाल  करती है,  जब  मैं  पूरी  इकॉनमी,  राजनीति,  सेना  और  समाज  संभालता  हूँ  तो आप  मुझे  केवळ  उद्योगपति  कहकर  मेरा  अपमान  कर  रही  हैं

प्रश्न:       हमें  स्पष्ट  रूप  से  समझायेंगे?

उत्तर:   जी,  मैं  भारत  का  प्रधान मंत्री  हूँ.  मैं  ही  नरिंदर दामोदर मोदी  हूँ.

प्रश्न:      मगर  आपने  तो  अपना  परिचय  मुन्नीभाई पटेल.  कहकर  आरम्भ  किये  थे.  अब  अचानक  प्रधान मंत्री  नरिंदर  मोदी  कैसे  हो  गए?

उत्तर:    वैसे  ही  जैसे  नरिंदर  मोदी  रातों  रात  हर  हर  महादेव  बना  दिए  गए  है.  और  तो  और  उन्हें  उनके  अस्तित्व  से  विपरीत  किसी  अन्य  पहचान  भी  दिए  जाते  हैं.              जैसेकि   किसी  और  के  नेक काम  और  विचारों  को  उनका  अपना  बना  दिया  जाता  है  जो  सरासर  अनुचित  होने  पर  भी उचित  मानते ह.

प्रश्न:      चलिए  आप  भारत  के  प्रधान  मंत्री  नरिंदर  मोदी  ही  सही  क्या  मैं  आप  से  कुछ  प्रश्न  पूछ  सकती  हूँ?

उत्तर:    अवश्य पूछिये.  आखिर  प्रधान  मंत्री  किसलिए  हूँ.  जो  भी  संदेह  और  आशंकाएं  हैं  उसे  दूर  करना  मेरा  उत्तर दायित्व  है.

प्रश्न:      मेरा  पहला  प्रश्न   है –  धर्म  को  लेकर  समुदाय   में  अंबनी  हो  यानि  कि  सांप्रदायिक  हिंसा  किस प्रकार  हल  करेंगे?

उत्तर:    देखिये   गोदरा  वाली   किस्सा  तो  भारत  ही  नहीं  पूरे   विश्व  को  ज्ञात  है,   उस  घटना  से  अनुमान लगा  सकते  हैं  कि  हम  इस  प्रकार  के  समस्या  किस  तरह

निपटाते  हैं.

प्रश्न:      गोदरा  हिंसा  मैं  तो  कई  लोग  मारे  गए  थे  और  उसके  पश्चात  निरंतर  दंग  चलता  रहा.  उसके बारे  में  आप  क्या  कहेंगे?

उत्तर:    हाँ.  राजनीति  में  सब  का  अपना अपना शैली  और  रणनीति  हो/ता  है.   है  कि  नहीं.  हम  ने  जो  सूत्र

प्रश्न:      आपका  कहना  है  फार्मूला  –

उत्तर:    जो  भी  हो, आप तो जानती हैं मैं  हिंदी  में  भाषण  और  वार्तालाप  करते  हैं  इसलिए  में यह  अंग्रेजी  वंगरेजी  कि अनुवाद  नहीं जानता  है.

गोदरा में  आग  भुजाने  के  बदले   तोडा  भड़कादिया था.   यूं  समझ  लीजिये  कि  जिनके  पास  अधिकार  हो,  वो  किसी  भी  तरह  उस  अधिकार  का  उपयोग मेरा  कहना है  दुरूपयोग  कर  सकते  है.  राजनीति  में  ये  तो  सत्ता  के  साथ  मिलता  विशेषाधिकार  है.   इसे  कौन  चीन  सकता  है?

गोदरा  को  लेकर  मैं  यह  भी  कहूँगा  कि   चिंगारी  को  उत्तेजित  करना  कोई  अपराध  नहीं  माना गया.   हाँ  कई  लोगों  कि  मृत्यु  हुई.   यह  उनकी  दुर्भाग्य  है  उन्हें  समय  से  पहले  संसार  त्यागना पड़ा.  इसमें  मेरा  या  मेरे  सरकार  का  क्या  दोष?

वैसे  भी  सरकार  कि  मुख्या  मंत्री  या  कोई  विशेष  सदस्य  कुछ  भी  कर  सकते –  हत्या,  दंगेफसी, लूटमार .   यह  तो  उनका  रिआयत  ही.   अजी  यही  तो  रहनीति  के  लक्षण  है.   भला  इसे  क्यों  मैं  भंग  करूंगा?

प्रश्न:   अब  मेरा  दूसरा  प्रश्न  है –  काल धन,  कर चोरी (टैक्स इवेशन) और  दूषण (करप्शन)  के बारे में  आप का क्या राय है   और आप कि सरकार का क्या योजना है?

उत्तर:  देखिये   मैं   पूर्ण  रूप  से   इन  विषयों   पर  यह  निर्णय  लिया  हूँ  कि,  राजनीति  में  जितने  भी  सदस्य  चाहे  वह  पक्ष  हो  या  विपक्ष  सभी  अपने  है.  और  एक  बात  बताऊँ  विपक्ष  कि  दृश्य  तो  जनता  की  प्रसन्नता  के  लिए  है.   वार्ना  राजनीति  में  आपस  कि  गठबंधन  बहुत  गहरा  और  मज़बूत  है.  हम  एक  दुसरे  कि  रक्षा  करते  हैं  मुख्या  तौर  पर  आपराधिक  गतिविधियों  के  मामले  में  चाहे  बड़ी मछली  हो या  छोटी  मछलियाँ   –  प्रधान  मंत्री  होने  के  नाते  उन  सब  कि  सुरक्षा  मेरा  परम कर्त्तव्य   है.  और  मैं  प्रतिबद्ध  हूँ.

प्रश्न:      इन  तीन  समस्याए  के  कारण   देश  को  जो  घाटा  होरा  रहा  है  और  करोड़ों जीवन  नष्ट  होने  पर –  आपको  कोई  परवाह  नहीं?

उत्तर:    यह  तो  आप  जैसी  शुभचिंतक  को  समस्या  होगी.   मैंने  कब  आप  से  कहा  कि  इसे मैं  समस्या समझता  हूँ?

देश  के  धनि  और  धनवान  हो –  घूस  देकर  या  लेकर,  काला  धन  बटोरकर,  हर  अवसर  टेड़े  मेढे रास्ते  अपनाकर   अपना  सुनेहरा  मुहूरत  बना  लेने  में  कोई   अपराध  नहीं.   मान  लिए  आम  नागरिुक  को  इस  का  भोज  सहना  होता  है –  तो  क्या  हुआ?

जब  सामान्य  आबादी  के  प्रतिशत  अधिक  है  तुलना  में  धनि  वर्ग  को  क्यों  कष्ट  उठाना  है?

प्रश्न:       आप  का  कहना है  कि –   करप्शन  देश  को  डुबाने  से  कोई  मसला  नहीं.  साथ  साथ  आर्थिक असमानता  से  देश  में  कोई  अंतर  नहीं  पड़ता.

कथन:    धनि   वर्ग    कि  सहयोग  को  आप  मुख्यत्व  देते  आये  हैं.  यह  तो  गुजरात  में  प्रत्यक्ष  है  जब  आप  उस  प्रदेश  के  मुख्य  मंत्री  थे –  सार्वजनिक  भूमि  को  निजीकरण  बनाकर  कई  इंडस्ट्रलिस्ट  को  गुजरात में  प्रधान  ओनरशिप  दिलाये.

प्रश्न:      तीसरा  और  अंतिम  प्रश्न  है –  यूनाइटेड  स्टेट्स और  हेजेमनी  (नायकत्व)  जो  विश्व  पर  झूठा प्राधान्य  अधिकार  जमाये  हुए  है अथवा  सुप्रीमसी –  उनके  साथ  आप का  घनिष्ठ  संबंध  प्रकट  है.   कुछ  ही  समय पेहेले  यूनाइटेड  स्टेट्स  ने  आप  को  विजिटर  वीसा  के  लिए  भी  अनुमति  नहीं  दिए.  अब  एकाएक  यह  परिवरतन  कहाँ  से  आगय?

उत्तर:   सब  समय  समय  कि  बात  है.   आज  हम  इसलिए  उनके  विरोधी  नहीं  क्यों  कि  हम  उनके प्रतिनिधि  है.   उनके  प्रत्येक  विषय  पर  अनुकूल  है.   सहमत  है.  उनके  पालिसी  से  लेकर  अन्यथा राज  शासन  प्रधानता  से  प्रभावित  होकर  अपना   संपूर्ण  समर्थन  देते  है.  ऐसे  ही  तो  पदवी,  यश और  कीर्ति  प्राप्त  होता  है.   पाप  करना  और  पाप  कि  सहायता  से  राज नीति  यथास्थिति   है.

निष्कर्ष:                 अच्छा  मुन्नी भाई  पटेल  उपनाम बनावटी  प्रधान  मंत्री  नरिंदर  दामोदर  मोदी –  मेरे  प्रश्नों  के  उत्तर  के लिए  धन्यवाद.


पद्मिनी अरहंत

From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

Welcome to the parody on Indian Political Corruption and Scams as well as identity theft. 

For international visitors, English translation is provided below. 

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant


By Author, Actor and Presenter – Padmini Arhant



Q.      What is your name?

A.       My name is Munnibhai Patel.

Q.      Are you from the economic sector? 

A.       I have large business.

Q.     Are you an industrialist?

A.     What are you saying? When I manage  economy, politics, security and society, you are being disrespectful by classifying my designation      as  an industrialist.

Q.     Could you please clarify?

A.     Yes. I am India’s Prime Minister. I am Narinder Damodar Modi.

Q.    But you introduced yourself as Munnibhai Patel in the beginning!   Now, suddenly how come you are Narinder Modi?

A.    I have become Narinder Modi just like Narinder Modi is presented as Almighty God Shiva overnight.  Moreover Narinder Modi is being assigned identity paradoxical to his individual trait besides attributing specific entity’s good work and ideas as his and not to mention such unethical practice regarded ethical in society. 

Q.  All right. Assuming you  as the Prime Minister of India, Narinder Modi, could I ask you  few questions. 

A.  Certainly. You may ask questions. As  Prime Minister it is my responsibility to clarify doubts and dispel fears about anything.

Q.  My first question is – How would you resolve religion related social unrest i.e. communal violence in society?

A.  You see. Godhra incident is well known not only in India but worldwide.  You can assess from that event how we deal with these issues.

Q.  There were many casualties during Godhra violence. Subsequently continuous riots happened.  What is your view in this context?

A.  In politics, everyone has their own style and strategy. My tactic…

Q.  You mean your formula?

A.  Yes. Something like that and you know  I communicate and  deliver speech only in Hindi.  I don’t know English translation.

      In Godhra, rather than dousing  fire, I instigated violence.  Try to understand that those who are in a position of authority has every right to use, I mean misuse power.  This is a prerogative that comes with power in politics.  How can anyone seize this privilege?

      Furthermore on Godhra, I would say that inflaming the ignited spark was not considered a crime. I agree that many people died in the outcome    They are the unfortunate ones who had to prematurely depart from this world.  How could anyone hold me or my administration responsible?

     In fact in government – leaderships and key political figures are absolved of crimes ranging from murder, violence and embezzlement.  This is concession to them and depicts political reality.  Why would I ever dissolve this norm?

Q.  My second question is – What is your view on black money, tax evasion and corruption and your administration plan regarding this problem?

A.  You see in after thought on all these issues – I have decided that in politics there are no rivals for they are all one of us. Let me also add that there is no such thing as opposition in politics.  Whatever is being demonstrated is to appease the public.   Otherwise unity within political establishment is quite deep and strong. 

       We defend each other and look out for one another especially in criminal activities whether they are a big or a small fish – being the Prime Minister safeguarding them is my prime duty and I am committed in that respect.

Q.  Are you not concerned about these three issues causing national revenue loss notwithstanding the destruction of billion lives as a result.

A.  This could be a problem for well-wisher like you. When did I tell you that I consider these issues are a problem?

      The rich getting richer through bribery, black money hoarding and using nefarious means as golden opportunity to accumulate wealth is not a crime.  Agreed that the average citizens are forced to bear the burden and so what if they have to do so?    

     When average citizens are the majority among the population, why should the wealthiest experience any difficulty?

Q.  Do you mean that corruption being detrimental to the nation alongside creating economic disparity makes no difference?

Remark: Your trajectory reflects your consistent support to the affluent class since you were the chief minister of Gujarat.  This is also evident in your approval of privatization of public land allowing many industrialists to acquire prime ownership in that state.

Q.  My third and final question is – United States and hegemony exerting false authority i.e. supremacy across the globe – your close relationship with them is revealed.  Not long ago United States State department declined even visitor visa to you and now what brings about this transformation?

A.  This is all a matter of time.  Today I am not their rival because I am their representative.  I am in agreement with them on every issue.  I am impressed with their policy and global dominance and extend complete cooperation to them.  This is how you achieve power, fame and fortune.  Committing sins and complicit with sinners leads to political status quo.

Conclusion:  All right Munnibhai Patel alias fake Prime Minister Narinder Damodar Modi – Thank you for  your answers to my questions.


Padmini Arhant