Russia – Caving to Western Pressure on Invasion

February 22, 2022

Russia – Caving to Western Pressure on Invasion

Padmini Arhant

The weakness in leadership demonstrated in situations to submit to foreign pressure and that too for an adversarial action like invasion is promoted and the leadership fails to prove otherwise. The will to resist and reject opponent’s expectations severely lacking and moving ahead with aggression and occupation under any pretext as peacekeepers etc. knowing the ill-consequences is vulnerability at peak. 

Russia is walking into the trap that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein did in 1990 with invasion of Kuwait. The west justified subsequent actions against Iraq and President Saddam Hussein based on then Iraqi President’s fatal error. 

The western media and politics heavily invested in baiting and betting on war ever committed in establishing their stance right predominantly at the expense of loss of innocent lives and economic carnage worldwide. 

What a way to exhibit might and dominance amid madness and proclivity to destructive course misguiding individual and collective mind? 

Russia’s further encroachment on Ukraine’s territory would only strengthen western and eastern alliance via NATO creating the reverse on security interests for Russia. The results would neither favor Russia’s security matter nor benefit western Europe on energy and economy. 

Regardless the presentation on NATO – Russia topic will be presented as stated earlier. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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