American Democracy at Work

Dear Fellow Americans,

The health care legislation is being stalled in Congress by the legislators on the special interests’ payroll.

Despite being well informed on the horrendous economic liability accumulated to our national debt from the abominable health care costs and that an estimated 45,000 Americans are dying every year due to lack of health insurance, these legislators simply don’t care about these facts because they feel secure about their job.

Is American Democracy so weak that you will take a “NO” for everything that concerns your interest from the party of “NO” aka GOP, The Grand Obstructionist Party and the special interest loyalist on the democratic side?

C’mon America, show your power. Call your local representatives in the House and the Senate and demand that you want the health care legislation now.

Remember, the crying baby is the one that gets the mother’s attention.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant