Trojan Horse

May 24, 2021

Status Quo

Padmini Arhant

There is persistent alarm about the so-called A-symptomatic COVID carriers threat to others while sinister and serious global financial system sabotage under GREAT RESET underway since 2015 neither discussed openly nor presented with facts for once in adherence to transparency.

The A-symptomatic GREAT RESET catalysts endanger average ordinary lives with their secrecy and sycophancy to architects behind financial system maneuver and manipulation.

The digital currency and much more in operation merit scrutiny and open public discourse to save ordinary lives across the globe from being robbed and ruined as witnessed in nation like India.

The Indian government and leadership in 2016 obliging international monetary authorities’ order implemented woeful demonetization to eliminate cash economy in preparation for digitalization of monetary units worldwide beginning with Indian economy having wide cash circulation.

These setbacks suffered among ordinary citizens increasingly warrant transparency from those setting and promoting financial and economic apocalypse experienced in global economic shutdown via pandemic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Trojan Horse

Padmini Arhant

Lot has happened and more happening in the occupation of throne and re-establishing mantel of power, yet the media is far from displaying courage and integrity in bringing the actual situation to light.

What and whom are they protecting in the eternal game of secrecy?

The media hints and headlines pretending to spill the beans but not necessarily having discussion on the content explicitly made public. The latest trend reveal true colors in the communication outlets’ adeptness in propaganda adding insult to human intelligence.

What is the goal behind such gimmick?

Haven’t there been enough shock waves on citizens beginning with unleashing scientific lab engineered virus branded COVID-19 and the intentional economic collapse to sync with World Economic Forum’s sinister Great Reset?

The latest developments in Washington D.C. and across the globe deserve transparency.

The tech oligarchy viz. Facebook, Twitter and Google’s You Tube gag order on free speech to subvert democracy, electoral process and basic rights witnessed and experienced in 2020 United States Presidential election was mere tip of the iceberg in silencing public voice. Not to mention the tech giants actions suppressing facts and truth in every angle.

Those using these so-called social platforms that are anything but social are predominantly responsible for status quo.

Why would anyone promote any business or social platform that are unabashedly in violation of individual rights and privacy besides denying fair and equal access to all maintaining political bias and social prejudice?

Facebook, Twitter and You Tube partisanship clarified them being partial to one political view and faction against another rather than them remaining unbiased and neutral as service providers in public domain. Such policy speak volume of their ideology determined to replace democracy with secret society represented feudalism worldwide.

Notwithstanding Facebook’s overwhelming election funding exceeding United States election commission rule limiting campaign contribution explain the overarching support and emboldened role in delegitimization of democratic election.

On accountability, the game changers and saboteurs such as George Soros and alike with long standing record in political and economic destabilization of sovereign nations presumptuously remain steadfast in their ominous activities regardless of mayhem and catastrophe inflicted on humanity. Again, these individuals and organizations they create are aimed at serving personal and vested interests at global population expense and misery.

As they gain momentum, they eagerly expend their influence and direct indulgence wherever possible i.e. across the globe. With media and communication channels under their control, they engage in deciding global destiny. These fierce wicked minds completely detached from own soul never deter unconscionable deeds ultimately succumbing to self-inflicted peril.

The recent events transpired in the month of May 2021 until now in Washington D.C. – the Capital of United States hosting government and judiciary could no longer be camouflaged especially in the information era.

The political theater long been a kabuki theater much to performers’ carnage with credibility having lost meaning in the entire script, the show by design necessitate unveiling of the Trojan Horse.

In doing so, the audience would also be relieved from propaganda fatigue in the perpetual twilight spin zone.

Openness and candid revelations demand grit and honesty. These characteristics in scarcity leave the stage with impostors and opportunists sooner than later crumbling to the point of no return.

Without a shadow of doubt, all  actions bear consequences delivering outcome based on internal and external involvement.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

April 30, 2021

Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

Padmini Arhant

The reference Free Speech from the Silicon Valley from paid anchor at The Hill serving as mouthpiece for those with acute indigestion to factual information and truth is cynicism ad nauseam.

As a matter of fact, Free speech not only from the Silicon Valley, Free Speech from anywhere is inalienable right of any individual in Almighty God created Free World.

However, the concept of free world is disseminated out of context limiting to those obsessed with reining control over others’ health, life and rights expecting herd mentality at large. 

Furthermore, questioning anyone in power and those exerting authority via influence and dominance severely affecting life at individual or collective level is also an embodiment and essence of Free Speech. Again, one need not be elected to power or approved by the ruling class to exercise the fundamental right as obtusely asserted by The Hill propagandist. 

This freedom presumptuously claimed as exclusive privilege and patented right of the so-called elected to political position or influential in society, who by the way abstain from their political responsibility and legislative duty under constitutional oath let alone moral obligation due to collusion and complicity with violators of individual rights and life on all matter. Such tradition impetus free speech in view of concerns related to policy and actions with possible impact on family and community.

The mere exercise of Free Speech seeking clarifications from scientific, world health authorities or political class evading transparency and accountability as entitlement is not a crime or forbidden act in a system propagated as democracy.

Importantly, not all elected are genuinely elected to power by people when election is increasingly a formality with actual votes whether 74 million or 700 million discarded to satisfy unruly system in the rigged electoral process.

Padmini Arhant





Fox News Selective Amnesia

March 19, 2021

Fox News Selective Amnesia

Padmini Arhant

How long is Fox News going to exhibit selective amnesia?

Fox News – the front liner in subverting Presidential election 2020 to favor Beijing controlled White House is now calling out the benefactor communist regime?

What is the agenda behind this unscrupulous strategy?

Fox News media owner – the Murdoch heirs invested millions of dollars in Beijing run 2020 Presidential campaign. 

All of a sudden pretending to be on the other side of the fence having installed Beijing in power.

How long is Fox News planning to mislead and misrepresent self-position?

When in reality, Fox News and counterparts are directly responsible in bringing down United States of America and everything it is pledged to protect freedom, democracy, constitution and sovereignty.

Fox News needs to stop bogus display and cease insulting audience intelligence. That would apply upon anyone still watching the deceptive news network pull the wool over their eyes.

Some things are designed to degenerate and be destructive. The network in this respect is leading the media legion.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 







Lies and Propaganda

March 8, 2021

Lies and Propaganda

Padmini Arhant

When lies and propaganda become the norm from installing government to rallying behind illegitimate governance, the reality eclipse underlying fakeness and falsehood.

‘The crony corrupt media and incognito power deployed harbingers in YouTube and other format for misinformation and misrepresentation is well known. The material from them on anything is far from truth and facts. Furthermore, the current situation related to stock market, employment, economy and pandemic nationwide beckon viewers and readers discernment. The tech industry is heavily hit and spiraling downward like never before. The vaccine manufacturers stocks in the United States skidding backwards despite euphoria on supposedly nationwide vaccination in full steam.

The job market is apparently screaming for help and desperately seeking employees and workers to fill in various positions with handsome pay and benefits. The retail industry claimed to have been rejuvenated making every day holiday season for retail sellers and buyers in the economy. Amidst all of these fantasies running wild, the celebration in the air on economic stimulus package for a staggering $1.9 trillion rewarding the economy on excellent performance since January 20th, 2021 and until now within  six weeks of new administration in power.

Could this be a miracle or mirage?

Since behind the scenes operatives running the gamut are adept in pulling pigeons out of rabbit ears, they have tasked fabrication troops to continue peddling disinformation in public domain and keep the audience engaged in believing the sky is anything but blue and earth is not round but flat.

When elections are seized by unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful means, the sequence necessitate running government on same prototype.  The reruns can only be tolerated by audience for so long. Then after a while, the show loses novelty and becomes a cliche. The originality and creativity being a rare commodity and conspicuously abstinent, reliance on obsolete tricks and tactics remain the only hope for survival.

The trend also highlights backstage controllers’ stagnancy unable to maneuver, accelerate or reverse course. The awkward position reveals insensitivity and inability to mind and manage affairs other than funnel concoctions screening photoshop version of pastures as luscious fertile green natural landscape.

In a nutshell, leaving optics entirely in the eyes of beholder.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter












Hello America and World!

February 17, 2021

Hello America and World! 

Padmini Arhant


The live presentation will be posted shortly.

In view of all issues and developments as well as to update, inform and share concerns on ongoing events in the United States and across the globe, 

There will be an address on matter related to citizens and different aspects affecting lives and livelihoods in the United States and global economy.

Your patience is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Wishes

Padmini Arhant 

Message to Bullies

January 27, 2021

Message to Bullies

Padmini Arhant

Who are bullies?

Bullies are those who lack self-respect, self-esteem and extremely insecure. Bullies are vulnerable to own shortcomings and misgivings conforming to serious personality disorder. They are confused misled by their convictions and false judgments about those they incessantly target to evade self-inadequacies and successive failures in negative pursuits. Bullies by nature are cowards and rely on harassment. They have no self-dignity for they suffer from obsession with their target. 

I challenge those wasting life on stereotype such as transgender mania and non-binary references to prove own gender in public.

What makes you think you belong to gender you claim as factual while categorizing others however you please?

You are the kind who never even belong in human species let alone any gender specification.

Stop viewing others through your prism of pride and prejudice. Free yourselves from your degenerative traits and develop positive constructive mindset.

Your clinical fixation to tarnish anyone in nuanced character assassination explicitly verify you and your priority. The constant denigration via insinuations is mirror reflection of you struggling to reconcile terms with your personal excess baggage. 

You and your contingency deployed in counterproductive involvements is suicidal for you have nothing to live for other than self-destruction. 

When you and your league are sleeping partners and bed fellows with corrupt oligarchs, communist regimes, socialist Soros, gluttonous globalists and control freak financial cartels…adequately describing your promiscuity, philandering and debauchery, you and your clique have no credibility or right to question my character and chastity. 

The proof is in representation. You and your negativities representing the wild and the wicked while I firmly remain loyal to righteous, virtuous and truth epitomizing almighty god. 

I rest my case.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Biden Administration – Unity Discord

January 24, 2021

Biden Administration – Unity Discord

Padmini Arhant

The so-called Black President Barack Obama installed and run Biden-Emhoff administration axes the African American Surgeon General Jerome Adams position, the first target upon the administration assuming power.

The crony media propagated Barack Obama’s 3.0 is in action.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams – the second only African American to be appointed for this post by President Donald Trump was the first appointee to be removed from office. The Trump appointee African American Surgeon General Jerome Adams term was not due for expiry until September of this year i.e. 2021.

The other African American designated to this position was Joycelyn Elders – a Bill Clinton appointee, subsequently fired for controversial public statement on sex education. Then Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders’ Boss, the former President Bill Clinton ironically distanced from the SG’s statement claiming that was a personal and not administration’s view. 

Joe Biden emphasis on unity and opportunity to minority along side Kamala Emhoff touting blackness during public appearance targeting the African American as the first casualty in the administration is reminiscent of Barack Obama, the so-called first Black President wrongfully firing the female African American Shirley Sherrod, then public official from the agriculture department.

The fawning mainstream media over the current Biden-Emhoff administration would have been ballistic upon Trump administration carrying out such action at the administration onset regardless of any reason.

The MSM hypocrisy ad nauseam is barely the beginning of the tortuous media bias in the offing. 

Padmini Arhant 

United States – Free Speech and Democracy Under Siege

January 11, 2021

United States – Free Speech


Democracy under Siege

Padmini Arhant

The first sign of authoritarianism is intolerance to free speech and denying access on social public platform to share views and concerns. Simultaneously, the free and fair election is ejected substituting the process with fraudulence, vote rigging and manipulation contemporarily witnessed and experienced in the United States.

The political system is controlled and directed to punish anyone and those in favor of democracy, constitution, freedom of expression, religious freedom, liberty, peace and justice. The politics then act against targeted members in government and public domain under false charges and accusations to exhibit power and stymie opposition to exert hardline authority.

After weakening democracy, the members in politics become foot soldiers to internal and external powers minding affairs from within and outside. The economic sector with financial might such as tech giants join forces to ban members and public figures regarded a threat to authoritarianism.

Then onwards the system is run by incognito powers using proxies and puppet regimes to implement agenda predominantly aimed at destructive course depriving population from independence, free will, fair economic opportunity enforcing dependence on state for existence.

The government and operatives entrenched in corruption leading to deep state swamp further exploit conditions leaving citizens entirely at authoritarian discretion and mercy. 

The major challenge for citizens in these dark situations is lack of support from the system under authoritarian rule. The authoritarian dogma is to pursue and punish anyone posing a threat to system invested in personal and vested interests contrary to pervasive progress and prosperity.

The danger is judiciary including the Supreme Court on land submission to authoritarian directives to reject plea and lawsuits against government or private sector in violation of constitutional rights, procedures and republic status. The unipolar system stifles citizens’ fundamental rights to participate in public discourse and even eliminate entrepreneurs from market place under fabricated pretext of endangering peace and national security.

These developments currently apply to United States and ongoing aggressive measures against the sitting President Donald J. Trump and private business Parler, the social media removed from open market place in defiance of market economy. The abrasive maneuvers are extreme and do not conform with democratic principles and norm.

The tech giants intrusion exacerbating political and economic diversity in individual thoughts, ideas and service providing options to public is a direct infringement on market economy practice. The consumer choice is a basic right defining market economy that is now undermined with tech oligarchs exclusive policy.

Parler isolation demonstrates tech behemoths abuse of anti-trust privilege. The tech companies disturbing activities appropriately necessitate Section 230 repeal. There may not be political actions in this regard considering  transition surrendering to domestic and foreign communist authority upon such event coming into fruition.

However, the consumers generated economic empowerment of tech companies involved in controversial exclusion and termination of accounts and other businesses entirely based on political ideology could be reversed by retailers and end-users shift to alternative providers representing eclectic medium.

Finally, the acrimonious impeachment proposition from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some republican cohorts in the Senate against duly elected President Donald Trump along with tech companies egregious expulsion of Parler, the social media is characteristic of totalitarianism.

The hostility resulting in unnecessary polarization of society is best laid to rest. The position implies deviation from critical issues deserving immediate focus to heal and recover from excruciating pandemic triggering economic crisis and election debacle.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







Congress Passed COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

December 23, 2020

Congress Passed COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

Padmini Arhant

After withholding long overdue stimulus checks to Americans enduring health and economic problems, Congress passed stimulus bill essentially transformed into pork spending with generosity to South East Asian nations is an interesting twist in the political game.

Are South East Asian nations incentivized for mail-in-ballots and absentee votes in advance for 2022 mid-term election?

Congress procrastination on stimulus package passed post election 2020 agonize families and small businesses nationwide. The meager $600 to individuals and families deprived of regular income due to indefinite lockdown is an insult to injury.

The newly adapted America First could not be a mere slogan for democrat House of Congress. Action matter more than political posture.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Padmini Arhant

FYI – Fake News Complicity and Duplicity

December 19, 2020

Fake News Complicity and Duplicity

Padmini Arhant

Attention: FAKE NEWS FYI

Your contradictory position pretending to present China spy gate and purported cyber attacks from China against United States while promoting China funded lackeys to power at best is duplicity and at worst treason.

The real enemies like fake news in collusion with communist regimes and foreign infiltrators, the nation need to look no further than within to drain the swamp.

Fake news – your complicity with authoritarianism might be exclusively for pecuniary interests. 

However, the betrayal of citizens trust aimed at subjugation and surrender to foreign authoritarianism such as China CCP and others at the cost of individual freedom and sovereignty is persona non grata (UNWELCOME).

Those who cherish independence in a free country and wish the same for others to be a free world would never acknowledge nor appreciate any threats to inalienable rights and liberty.

Padmini Arhant

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