Russia – Ukraine Peace Agreement

February 2, 2022

Russia – Ukraine 

Peace Agreement 


Padmini Arhant

This article highlighting the sensibility and sensitivity to address the Ukraine crisis has received positive response and overwhelming majority believe in the peaceful resolution with a permanent peace deal between Russia and Ukraine like elaborated in this publication.

However, a small minority as always on any issue unwilling to acknowledge factual information and reality.

Certain U.S. lawmakers in the Senate along with usual critics in the media and those with guilty conscience resigned to dismissal citing none other than them have the authority or say on any matter emphasizing their power as decision makers is least surprising.

The minority members also hopefully realize that power comes with responsibility.

The decision-making especially related to military or economic warfare via sanctions, the consequences are also on them in terms of humanitarian, regional and global security crises in the aftermath of such authorization.

The comments on Russia’s annexation of Crimea, occupation of Syria and now troops deployment around Ukraine emanate from western and allies intrusions in Ukraine, Syria and worldwide.

This is not about pro-Russian or anti-Russian stance. It’s all about cause and effect reflecting reason and reality in the international affairs.

The western involvement in insurrection against then democratic Ukraine resulted in the Crimean territorial union with the Russian Federation in 2014.

Similarly, the western and middle eastern alliance against Syria led to Russian forces arrival later in Syria. The Syrian situation was already in shambles from western and middle eastern coalition behind the controversial Arab Spring falsely created to finish the unfinished tasks on the pre-meditated Project for New American century.

Again the exclusive views among few members in the United States politics asserting the United States right to meddle not only in Europe but in any part of the world is presumptuous and ill-conceived disposition.

Such positions exemplify carte blanche authority in the United States political ranks having little or no respect for other nations’ sovereignty, those nations’ citizens right to self-determination and independent status of those countries around the world.

Often the lack of respect for other nations and citizens sovereign right promotes such opinions on warfare and aggression including economic sanctions.

Here is the legitimate question.

It is well established and widely proven that Iraq war in 2003 was waged on false premise on the never founded alleged chemical weapons in Iraq.

Are there any Senators and United States members of Congress in the House who voted for Iraq war in 2003 prepared to come forward and accept responsibility for the decimation of a foreign nation leaving millions of Iraqis dead, many displaced and overwhelming population made to flee the deadly war zone besides the middle east region experiencing the quagmire of Iraq war until now?

What about the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans from the United States defense force returned home with missing body parts, physically, mentally and emotionally traumatized and significant members as homeless left to fend for themselves in American cities nationwide?

Any lawmakers earlier exercising their power as sole decision makers and authorized the illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land prepared to pledge financial support to the victims of warfare?

The power primarily represented as authority and discretion mostly used as privilege is misinterpreted and misused in the absence of discernment.

War is not the answer to any or all political disagreements. The peace and diplomacy pursued sincerely could guarantee success benefitting all.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Russia – Ukraine

Peace Agreement

Padmini Arhant

The latest development between Ukraine government and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine reaching an agreement to preserve ceasefire is a welcoming gesture for all citizens in eastern and western Ukraine as one nation. The ceasefire also provides relief to neighboring Russia as well as eastern Europe.

As for the standoff between Russia and the western counterparts i.e. the European Union and the United States in particular, the NATO expansion near and around Russia is obviously the bone of contention for the Russian federation. No nation in the modern age should either pose any threat or be threatened by any other nation individually or collectively near or far.

Russia’s concerns with NATO presence at the doorstep as a direct security problem is not unreasonable.

The revival of cold war tensions prompting all sides on eternal alert with military readiness not barring nuclear alarm is not the choice in the contemporary era or in the future. There is an urgency to reverse situation to normal. The major nuclear powers i.e. the United States and allies together with Russia’s unanimous acknowledgment to shift from military position to active fruitful diplomacy is the need of the hour from several dimensions viz. the regional and global security standpoint, preventing unnecessary loss of civilian and defense personnel precious lives and averting serious economic liability in the prolonged standoff.

The western maneuver to surround Russia with NATO forces impetus Russian defense mechanism and other military strategy to protect territorial integrity as sovereign right. Simultaneously Russia’s troop deployment and military assets across Ukraine and Russia border including the northern side on Belarus sends a wrong message contradictory to Russia’s public statement on the political decision to de-escalate situation.

Russia’s military troops distribution around Ukraine in the aftermath of Russia and western representatives unsuccessful meeting on NATO withdrawal from Russian boundary and eastern bloc creates undesirable predicament for the citizens in Ukraine and Russia. The civilians and armed forces on both sides are forced into the conflation adding complexity to the otherwise containable crisis. There is a requirement on all sides to pull back from the current military position and engage in peaceful negotiations.

Why Russia’s current military plan is inimical to Russia in many facets?

The western thought on Russia’s earlier invasion and annexation of Crimea from Ukraine’s eastern peninsula in 2014 is the result of NATO further expansion in the region.

However, Russia’s explanation on Crimea is arguably otherwise. Russia citing Russian speaking citizens in Crimea fleeing their home town due to unrest erupting from western authorized violence in maidan square and subsequent government removal in Kiev in 2014 led to the pro-Russian separatists movement that are still prevalent in the eastern Donbas region in Ukraine.

The majority Russian speaking Crimean population then seeking the territory union with Russian Federation in the local referendum at that time led to the annexation.

In fact, “On 11 April 2014, the parliament of Crimea approved a new constitution, with 88 out of 100 lawmakers voting in favor of its adoption. The new constitution confirms the Republic of Crimea as a democratic state within the Russian Federation and declares both territories united and inseparable.”

Regardless, the western stance is Russia’s aggressive takeover of Crimea is unacceptable and accordingly Crimea not recognized as Russia’s territory by the west until now.

The truth lies somewhere in between on both sides of the argument. There is no doubt that NATO buildup in eastern Europe reaching Russia’s nearest territorial border i.e. Ukraine becoming the western target in 2014 and thereafter is the fundamental cause of the present crisis.

The western involved insurrection in 2014 continued with hostile overthrow of democratically elected then incumbent government of President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing for life and sought political refuge in Russia. The anti-democratic event held on global watch in 2014.

The intensive western influence and installation of Ukrainian governments not barring neo-nazi representation post western insurrection launched in Kiev in 2014 fomented internal economic and political strife for Ukrainians paying the price till date.

The ground reality in Ukraine in 2014 paved the way for Russia to seize opportunity to annex Crimea, undeniably the key strategic location for Russian naval base in the Black sea.

The Crimean republic joining the Russian federation might have been a major windfall for Russian defense strategy. Nevertheless, the territorial gain has not been without consequences for Russia. The western perspective on Crimea remains the compelling factor to increase NATO alliance against Russia with Ukraine as the rolling dice to perform to western demand on the other hand proved counterproductive so far.

Additionally, the western NATO extension also largely connected to the past with former nuclear Soviet Union sprawling authority over entire eastern Europe including the Balkan states and central Asia. Not to mention the liberation of east Germany with the removal of Berlin wall that separated the German territory from then west Germany not in a distant memory serve as the reminder in preventing history from repeating itself again.

The exSoviet Union quest for territorial conquest was not limited to central and eastern Europe. The desire to acquire more power and landmass misled the former Soviet Union to invade and occupy Afghanistan having centralized power in that part of the world i.e. Central Asia comprising Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan were annexed as the independent republics under Soviet central command and economy. The Soviet adventure in Afghanistan was catastrophic for the occupied Afghans as well as the occupier Soviet Union i.e. USSR with United States and Afghan mujahideen led battle resulting in Soviet withdrawal from Afghan soil.

Anything too big to control and manage eventually disintegrates with severe impact on the origin and in this instance Russia and Russians suffered significant economic, political and military setbacks that were inevitable. Once Soviet Union was debilitated in Afghan war, the house of cards crumbling on the Soviet empire followed sequentially with no option but to accept the reality i.e. Russia returning to home base to get the house in order that was in disarray in semblance with contemporary situation. There is a serious and important lesson to learn for Russian political leaderships from Russian history in the twentieth and twenty first century.

The equivalent of present dynamics in western and Russian stalemate regarding Ukraine is 1991 Kuwait invasion by then Iraq President Saddam Hussein. The miscalculated error from then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein failed to recognize the Kuwait trail was nothing more than a bait or decoy that trapped the once United States ally Iraqi President Saddam Hussein into  wanton invasion of Kuwait. Little knowing that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s grave mistake set the track for the United States neo-conservatives and zionists as hawkish strategists to utilize that Iraqi invasion of Kuwait against Iraq later in 2003. Though the hawkish strategists used chemical weapons against Iraq as the convincing narrative in the United Nations to win general consensus on the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The United States and NATO attack on Iraq in 2003 implementing the pre-meditated and long anticipated Project for New American Century (PNAC) with Iraq among several crucial middle eastern, north African and central Asian nations such as Afghanistan on the card for the US and NATO brutal aggression witnessed worldwide. The United States and NATO warfare in these regions are yet to cease with direct and indirect weapons supply and logistic support delivered to nations in perpetual conflict such as to Saudi Arabia against Yemen and other factions in Libya, Syria, Lebanon and other groups engaged in perpetual confrontation.

The history is testament in this regard.

All said and done, the irrefutable fact is Russia’s contribution in the world stage in maintaining the balance of power in twentieth century in World War 1 and World War 2 is praiseworthy. Russia is a powerful nation with tremendous experience in glory and upheavals throughout history.

The Russian power is best enhanced in establishing democracy at home alongside peace and unity with neighbors like Ukraine and the rest of eastern Europe as well as central Asia. Russia’s commitment to sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in the region and outside exemplified in permanent peace deal with Ukraine would preempt solidarity and renew normal ties with the neighbor across the border.

The idea of invasion and conquering nations near and far In the hope of revival of former empire status is obsolete and critically excruciating failure known up until now. The imperial and colonial quest drain the domestic economy with skyrocketing sovereign debt burdened on every man, woman and child including the ones yet to be born in the world.

The United States is classic example in this context. The invasion and occupation of foreign land in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world costing American taxpayers in trillions and the war veterans ending as homeless dwelling under the bridge and downtown areas in major American cities is heart wrenching sight.

Similarly, the nations under attack and occupied by major powers exhibiting military might and exhausting defense stockpiles are rendered refugees in their homeland. The population in these war torn nations are denied access to basic survival at home and neither accepted as political refugees in the aggressors’ land. The world has seen these events far too many times and still ongoing in many regions predominantly due to the misguided Superpower glamor equipped with nuclear status rejecting the adverse ramifications of such indulgence.

Russia’s current position as publicly clarified by the political leadership President Vladimir Putin  ruling out invasion of Ukraine is welcome. The statement delivered in action by pulling the Russian troops back from Ukrainian boundary all around would be credible. The Russian positive steps in this respect would build reliable trust among citizens in Ukraine and international community.

Instead, the Russian political decision to surround Ukraine militarily as negotiation tool with the west on NATO incursion against Russia is basically aggravating the problem rather than resolving the issue. The actions always verify the intent than words in all matter.

Now the United States, European Union, the European Commission combined as the western front are in requirement to tone down the rhetoric on anti-Russian information fueling the dilemma. The western conditions and rules of engagement with a nuclear Russia seated at the UNSC as a permanent member with veto power deserve careful approach and respectful exchange synonymous to vice versa expectations from the west with Russia. The western policy using NATO to leverage against Russia upon being replicated by the latter through military armament against Ukraine is interestingly not appreciated.

The nation right at the center and primary victim in the entire western power versus Russian disagreement is Ukraine. The western and Russian equation comprising Ukraine as the constant factor would invariably yield negative result to both sides that are obviously beneficial to none especially Ukraine held hostage in the crisis.

The European Commission. public offer on economic package to Ukraine to the tune of 2 billion euros in three installments with a first one in the amount 1.2 billion euro followed by 600 million in the second and 200 million as the third installment payment could be very enticing for any economically struggling nation.

Unfortunately, the economic bargain on sovereignty of a nation in the present time appears to have been reduced to mere two billion or so in price tag. The economic incentive from European Commission upon being extended to Ukraine as unconditional monetary aid i.e. no obligation on Ukraine’s part to join NATO considering that is one of the issue for Russia in the national security concern, the economic deal would be more appropriate.

Alternatively, the European Commission or European Union returning the illegal funds held in tax shelters in Europe, the money transferred from corruption deals in Ukraine among oligarchy and other members within and outside Ukraine depriving Ukraine citizens the economic development in the country would be equitable.

Either way, the EU through EC providing economic assistance without any pressure or coercion on Ukraine to compromise national sovereignty by not having to be a NATO ally or submit to western geopolitical goals would be honorable.

Ukraine spared from traditional divide and conquer strategy familiar in the imperial past and present would be a new chapter in the era. The financial relief to the battered Ukrainian economy primarily due to foreign intrusions and corruption in domestic system is imperative more than anything else.

Russia and Ukraine working together in reconciling differences to mitigate the military interventions from all sides beginning with Russian forces retreat and NATO confinement away from Russian and neighboring territory is the path to peaceful settlement in the current stalemate in eastern Europe.

The peaceful resolution of Ukraine crisis is in the best interest of all parties and above all the regional stability anywhere in the world is tied to global peace and security.

The overzealous and capricious policy on international affairs has been unfavorable and perpetuated the impasse.

Hence all parties are urged to prioritize human lives, economic costs, sovereignty, self-determination of nations and territorial integrity in mutual respect and recognition of individual nations, regional and world peace.

Your attention and interest is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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