Presidential Address on Iraq Troop Withdrawal

By Padmini Arhant

The decision on Iraq is poignant in the domestic front. The Iraq war investments could be directed towards our economic goals as it’s the legitimate priority for the struggling American families.

President’s speech was well poised on the importance of the Iraqi government formation that represents the secular society, precisely the electoral mandate delivered by the Iraqis in March 2010.

Iraqi security is the lingering concern among the citizens and the international community.

Again, political stability and governance that guarantees progress and protection to the entire nation would succeed against any threats within or outside the boundary.

Hopefully, the incumbent Iraqi administration would soon concede to the democratic choice favoring the all inclusive political party led by the former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and allow national diversity to prevail.

President Barack Obama – Thank you for keeping your campaign promise to the American electorate.

Padmini Arhant