Peace and Freedom to Tibet


Attention: Mr. Richard Gere
Chairman of the Board of Directors
International Campaign for Tibet

Dear Mr. Richard Gere,

I acknowledge your kind invitation to join you and millions of voices around the world in the Freedom Campaign for Tibet. I admire the passion, determination and zeal exhibited by the supporters towards the noble cause.

I share your concerns and views regarding the human rights abuse, violation and suppression of democracy in Tibet. Having been a resident of New Delhi, India, I’m all too familiar with the plight of the Tibetan population fleeing their homeland from persecution and unspeakable crime against humanity.

In fact, my website dedicated exclusively to bring about the real “Change” comprising peace, liberty and civil rights… long overdue not just in Tibet but the entire world.

Perhaps, a tall order!, I’m genuinely optimistic and committed in Dharma, Truth and Justice prevailing over the contrary. Even though, his holiness Dalai Lama in honor of the peaceful Buddhist religion is conciliatory to autonomy as a concession to liberate his people from the burgeoning tyranny worsening by the hour, my mission is to join forces with campaign such as yours and deliver complete freedom and independence for Tibet.

It doesn’t fall short of ensuring the safe return of his holiness Dalai Lama to his free and liberated homeland in the immediate future, that I believe to be his holiness’ silent prayer.

Rest assured, Peace and Freedom to Tibet is no longer a dream but an inevitable reality.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant