I present the poetry on Autocracy for awareness and raise consciousness to end hegemony era preceded by proxies and sycophancy facilitating the archaic trend.


1.  Shrouded in secrecy

     Shun transparency

     Invade others privacy

     Intrusive legacy

     Legend in fallacy

     Lacking decency

     Devoid of potency

     Destined for decadency.


2.  Represented by proxy

      Romance plutocracy

      Rendezvous with militancy

      Reject diplomacy

      Rival to democracy

      Revived autocracy 

      Renegade is normalcy

      Reestablished kleptocracy.


3.  Specialized in hypocrisy

     Propagate controversy

     Delusional with fantasy

     Exhibit ecstasy.

     Profiteer from cramoisy          (Sanguinary)

     Profess jealousy

     Deny due courtesy

     Claim conduct classy.


4.  Show no hesitancy

      In persistency

      Courting religious advocacy

      Influence papacy

      Granting thyself clemency

      Despite truculency

      Promoting contagion insurgency

      Besides piracy.


5.   Imposters depict lunacy

       Championing Idiocy.

       Escalate Hegemony Despondency

       In Confederacy.

       Ochlocracy otherwise mobocracy

       As Incumbency

       Espousing self-defeating belligerency

       Exemplify insolvency.


6.  Engineered destructive policy

     Fostering flagrancy

     Misinterpret logic legitimacy

     Discarding meritocracy

     Betrayal regarded efficacy

     Redefining literacy

     Embarked on flatulency

     Classic Supremacy!

Padmini Arhant