Identify the Real Enemy

May 17, 2022

Identify the Real Enemy 

Padmini Arhant

Who is the real enemy denying true liberty, freedom of expression, legitimate functional corrupt-free democracy with absolute transparency and accountability holding none above law especially the powerful, affluent and influential pulling strings from behind and upfront without exception?

All that one has to do in the contemporary era is to look around worldwide. The concept and functionality of democracy is subverted in different format with congruence in one and only one base i.e. dominance, control, supremacy and narcissism.

No nation in the world is democratic espousing values and principles applicable to all barring discrimination, alienation and disenfranchisement in some form or another.

The forces in control as Global Shadow power favor all of the following leading to the fact they are against republic governed democracy anywhere. Accordingly, they have in the past century and in the present time favor governments and regimes servile to their policy and agenda. Importantly, they choose to ignore and even dismiss paradoxical position for exclusive economic interests. Ukraine war fits the profile.

Who are all the governments and rulers they allow to remain in power?

The so-called democracy in disguise sworn allegiance to oligarchy, secret society and anti-sovereignty.

They continue to promote monarchy, kingdoms and fiefdoms despite anti-humanity legacy and abhorrent record in human rights and environment violations all to solely benefit them.

The Global Shadow power uninhibited in providing asylum and safe haven to dictatorial rulers either self-exiled or overthrown by people of the nation they belong to enabling them to return to the nation to oppress the population. There are several examples in this regard from world over. However, the one that could be easily related to is Iran.

Iran in the middle east is currently ruled by theocratic government. The theocratic governance came into existence from Iranian revolution overthrowing their earlier monarchy Shah Pahlavi who was known to the Iranian people then as the global shadow power’s puppet.

Prior to installation of monarchy in Iran, the first and last democratically elected government headed by the one and only ever former Prime Minister of Iran – Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh.

The democratic leadership in Iran was removed from power by western coup predominantly for nationalizing Iran’s oil reserves towards Iranian citizens economic growth and development.

The documented evidence reveal oil giants British Petroleum and Dutch Shell company from western Europe considered then Iran PM’s energy policy directly against their economic gains and the democratic government of Iran was toppled with PM Mossadegh unnatural demise leaving the people of Iran bereft of democracy until today.

Subsequent to overthrow of Iranian democratic government, the global shadow power placed the monarchy represented by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Soon after, Ruhollah Khomeini  as the former religious Supreme Leader exiled in Paris, France at that time returned to rally the Iranian revolution. Since then Iran is ruled by orthodox theocracy emphasizing religion oriented governance experienced as repressive governing by the freedom loving majority in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran’s political transformation from democracy to monarchy and theocracy, the latter two anti-democratic ruling were launched and facilitated by the global shadow power.

Likewise, throughout middle east the idea of democracy is forbidden with authoritarian regimes ruling the state as Kingdom and Feifdom viz  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Oman…to name a few in the region with all of whom the western ties are maintained exchanging economic, diplomatic and political relations considering the campaign donations and financing flowing from these sources during so-called western democratic elections.

Similar engagement in other parts of the world in Africa, Latin America, Asia and remote corners of the globe – the anti-citizens and anti-democratic leaderships granted the mantle of power ceding national resources and human capital as cheap labor force to the Global Shadow Power.

Recently, there has been no problem for the western power to subjugate Afghan population under Taliban rule. The treaty signed between Taliban and western powers viz. United States and NATO is proclaimed by Taliban as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan accord.

Taliban are self-certified Islamic fundamentalist presently in power in Afghanistan.

In the neighboring India, the unapologetic Hindu fundamentalist in the so-called world’s largest democracy is close western ally with no concern over crackdown on religious freedom, civil rights and freedom of press questioning political authority on any issue.

The discussion beginning with flagrant economic failures to soaring unemployment resulting in educated and skilled youth suicide and critically national security crises with China’s occupation of the Himalayan region and incursion in north eastern states of the country are persona non grata (unwelcome).

Interestingly, the Hindu fundamentalist stalwarts in central and state government in India influence judiciary in semblance with western pattern such as in the United States.

For instance an Islamic female student’s choice to wear burqa in adherence to her family conservative values is chased, harassed and ridiculed on main street by Hindu fundamentalist mob in world view.

The petition in the fundamentalist ruled Karnataka state high court on the open intimidation is struck down with the ruling that traditional attire and old age customs are to be abandoned adopting contemporary lifestyle when attending public educational institution viz. college and higher school of studies in the state.

The irony is while the fundamentalist rulers in the state and national government void other religions’ practice as archaic and insist people of other faith to adapt to modern living, the same principle is woefully discarded by them.

In declining to abolish the admittedly more than 4000 -year-old highly discriminatory prejudiced caste system deceitfully citing Vedic scriptures as alibi for the centuries old crime against different communities in society abused as untouchables aka the so-called Dalits, backward castes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribe…and so on are upheld as Hindu zealots’ fundamental right fraudulently claiming cultural heritage.

Apparently, the Hindu fundamentalist see no parallel in their argument when comparing customary projections between religions albeit the origin of Hindu religion preceding Islam or other Abrahamic faiths besides various other religious spectrum in India.

The global shadow power bias on communism and socialism is another factor.

Up until now and more so at the moment the defiant communist power in Beijing, China enjoys most favored nation status in economic trade, permanent membership with veto power in the United Nations Security Council, enormous holdings on EU and United States treasury assets, overwhelming clout on international organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and the list is endless.

There is considerable hue and cry over other fringe communist nations sanctioned for decades like Cuba or socialist Venezuela quoting human rights situation though the same or worse conditions in Hong Kong, Tibet and mainland China are regarded inconvenient and overshadowed by western economic and financial dependency on China.

Notwithstanding Beijing’s stance against democratic Taiwan also ignored in the context.

In conclusion, the global shadow power preference to anti-democratic and anti-republic systems are clear ranging from monarchy, political dynasty to theocracy, religious fundamentalists from different faiths, radicals extending to terrorism, ruthless oppressors ruling different parts of the world over several decades in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia until now.

The primary goal and staunch conviction is to bereave ordinary citizens across the globe of active vibrant utilitarian democracy, individual rights, equal access to peace, progress and prosperity.

The antiquated colonial doctrine divide and rein control is retained until today sowing seeds of poison among humans to fight against each other. The smoke and mirror serves in the Global Shadow power to oppress and suppress life rejecting marching orders from them.

The Global Shadow power install, support and boost anti-republic governance i.e. against the citizens at large nationwide depriving ordinary folks from all walks of life, race, religion and background the life with dignity, freedom of choice and fair opportunity.

Above all, corruption plays a very important role in regime representation. The more corrupt the governance, the easier and overt assertion of authority from the Global Shadow power.

Identifying the real enemy controlling the destiny of billions of population through proxy and puppet regimes stated as governments is key to the present and future generation individual and collective emancipation.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Russia – Ending Ukraine Invasion

May 16, 2022

Russia – Ending Ukraine Invasion

Padmini Arhant

Reiterating earlier fact on the topic on this site prior to and at the onset of Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, there are no winners in war. The deaths and destruction inflicted on innocent victims in civilian casualties as well as the loss of lives among defense personnel are priceless for warring factions at any given time. Not to mention the economic costs of waging war with no end in sight except dealing with major setbacks in the prolonged battle.

Russia is at the crossroads to choose between ending the nearly three months old conflict and submit to peaceful resolutions with neighbor Ukraine or continue with endless violence through military aggression leading nowhere but exacerbate political, military and social turmoil within own country.

It is not surprising for leaderships at the helm to start the war at whomsoever ill-advise, misconception and miscalculation to invade a sovereign nation or occupy territory near and far. Additionally, the trend in this setting is accepting glory on the so-called victory although as explained above winning a war at the massive expense of lives is hardly a matter of pride and at the same time losing or defeat in a war is usually attributed to any other entity such as weak military operation, intelligence failure etc. The political leadership seldom accept responsibility for any unfavorable outcome. The litmus test often provide clarity on the political head of the state willingness or the lack thereof to assume accountability.

Nonetheless, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is now confronted with not only the unnecessary military intervention in Ukraine extended into ongoing drawn out military assault over sixty days, the Russian leadership is facing serious political challenge within besides rumors on personal health and well being…so on that are least helpful for a nation like Russia.

Notwithstanding the desperation among paid propagandists as their livelihood and disinformation recruits on you tube channel and television networks propagating Global Shadow government scripts misleading naive and gullible audience.

The Russian economy supported by energy supply to Europe and other parts of the world among other essentials like food viz. wheat exports offset western sanctions specifically aimed at fringe assets and sporadic offshore accounts of certain Russian oligarchs in the entire economic sanctions list.

The political stake involves speculations on the current leadership i.e. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s present situation in  office. The Russian citizens on their part would expect information access to Russian status quo. Amid these various developments, Russia’s military engagement in Ukraine burden Russia’s ability to sustain political stability. Whatever internal tensions and tribulations there might be in Kremlin, the Russian President Vladimir Putin upon still maintaining authority or any other successor executing immediate ceasefire bringing the war in Ukraine to permanent conclusion is the only prudent alternative and saving grace for Russia today.

The political power struggle among old guards and new aspirants in Kremlin could implode alongside Russian invasion in Ukraine experiencing significant blows in the battle ground.

Claiming victory in invasion of foreign land is a tall order for invaders witnessed by the world time and time again in the previous and present century. Russian President Vladimir Putin recognition of ground reality in the military and political battle in Ukraine and Russia respectively is perhaps the last opportunity available. Accordingly, prioritizing the termination of military intrusion in Ukraine with focus on peaceful settlement would be the appropriate decision in all fronts considering the brewing political instability in Russia.

The war in Ukraine for Russia is a self-inflicted political chaos deserving far more attention than any ambitions on annexations of territories in eastern Ukraine and subjugation of Ukrainian sovereignty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin or the incumbent authority demonstrating courage and leadership with withdrawal of military forces and all activities on land, sea and air raids conducted since incursion in Ukraine is the only viable option to mitigate political turbulence and tremendous upheaval brought upon Russia.

Never too late to be wise and reverse course to prevent precipitous decline to the point of no return.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Russia – Western Edifice

April 20, 2022

Russia – Western Edifice

Padmini Arhant

The recent exit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was largely associated by the subject as western conspiracy behind his incomplete term in office,  though the development is not unique in Pakistan’s politics.

The outgoing Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also publicly stated during the rally and address to his nation that the former administration was chided by western represented emissary viz. EU and the United States for the ex- Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow at the onset of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The former Prime Minister Imran Khan drew parallel in this context by citing the next door neighbor and adversary India’s relation with Russia. The former Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated that economic ties between India and Russia in energy and defense procurement continued slighting western sanctions against Russia.

The former Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed disappointment and noted western discriminatory practice against his administration in particular reference to the Moscow trip on the eve of Russian invasion of Ukraine which the ex-Prime Minister and his former cabinet colleagues like the ex-foreign minister Shah Mahmood Quereshi said was pre-arranged diplomatic tour long before the Ukraine war.

All said and done – here are the glaring dichotomy in the entire international foreign policy.

First of all, the former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s anti-western anguish doesn’t quite fit into the backdrop of the cricket sports star who has been promoted with extravagant publicity from the United States ally Britain with enthusiastic support from Israel.

The cricket sportsman turned politician Imran khan has overwhelmingly enjoyed special favorable coverage from London all along with national media like BBC including Fleet Street fawning over the cricketer never having enough of Mr. Khan’s profile extending beyond the running commentary of first class cricket test match and international series.  Although the cricketer Imran Khan led the Pakistan cricket team as the captain and not England with the latter even defeated in the final world cup tournament in 1992 at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with Pakistan winning the world cup that year.

As for Israel’s affinity towards Mr. Imran Khan, the sentiment is largely related to Mr.Khan’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith, the British citizen of Jewish descent and wealthy background.

The anti-west turn around from the former Prime Minister Imran Khan prior to political turmoil was conspicuously to appease China. Pakistan’s largest creditor and investor China, especially in the complex CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan’s gwadar port is ongoing strenuous undertaking.

On the other hand, Pakistan and Russia relations basically developed following United States and NATO failure in neighboring Afghanistan which in fact is interesting considering Pakistan’s close ties with United States in the aftermath of former Soviet Union’s defeat in Afghanistan earlier. The partners were reversed as situation changed in the two Islamic states.

Russia and Pakistan conducted first joint military exercise in 2016 much to New Delhi’s angst and concern. The relation between the two countries further advanced into arms sales and military training of Pakistan soldiers by Russia in August 2018 and later in 2020 which happens to be during former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s term in office.

It is fair to say Russian defense strategy in the Indian sub-continent pivoted towards Pakistan as Moscow noted New Delhi drawn closer towards United States mostly to attract India with defense procurement from the U.S. despite India until now remains the largest buyer of defense hardware from Russia.

There is a shift in partnering in the Indian sub-continent with Moscow wooing Islamabad to convey New Delhi on Moscow’s discomfort regarding India’s intimacy with the United States in defense as well as other strategic alliance such as Quad in the Indo-Pacific.

While this is going on in South Asia, the European and Russian relation beckons focus.

The Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer visit to Russia on April 12, 2022 after direct meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin were described by Russian academia and scholars as follows.

“The Austrians stick to more balanced approaches than even the Germans, claiming the role of a global mediator and a negotiating platform. This is why, despite being an EU member, they refused to provide weapons to Ukraine,” Associate Professor with the Department of International Relations, Political Science and Foreign Area Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities Vadim Trukhachev stated.”

“Austria opposes an oil and gas embargo on Moscow. Vienna depends a lot on Russia in terms of energy. Austria used to be a big advocate of Nord Stream 2. And now, they keep stressing that although they support EU sanctions, their national interests should not suffer. Those interests particularly include Russian gas supplies,” Vladimir Schweitzer, Head of the Department for Social and Political Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Europe noted.”

The major economic power in EU – Germany signed contract with Russia for gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 in 2011 and Nord Steam 2 pipeline back in 2012 during the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s term in office.

The five large stake holders in the Nord Stream energy pipeline project are – “Shareholders of the company are the Russian gas company Gazprom (51% of shares), German companies Wintershall Dea and PEG Infrastruktur AG (E. ON) (both 15.5%), the Dutch gas company Gasunie (9%), and the French gas company Engie (9%).

OMV, about 32% of which is owned by the Austrian state, has put around 730 million euros ($813.95 million) into Nord Stream 2. The other financial investors in Nord Stream 2 are Shell (SHEL. L), France’s Engie and Germany’s Uniper (UN01.DE) and Wintershall DEA (WINT. UL)” Feb 27, 2022.

According to International Energy Agency – IEA .org

“In 2021, the European Union imported 155 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Russia, accounting for around 45% of EU gas imports and close to 40% of its total gas consumption. Nobody is under any illusions anymore. Russia’s use of its natural gas resources as an economic and political weapon show Europe needs to act quickly…said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol.” – IEA Press Release – March 3, 2022.”

International news agency : “The Hungarian government opposes a ban on Russian energy supplies and will continue to defend its position at meetings of the European Union, the country’s Foreign Ministry, Peter Szijjarto said on Monday. He was taking part in a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.”

It is abundantly clear from the international reports and western European energy companies stakes in Russian energy production – Nord stream 1 & 2 pipeline projects, the energy inter-dependency between Russia and EU as supplier and consumer respectively continued till date amid ongoing war in Ukraine with EU members like Austria and NATO ally Hungary defending their stance on anti-sanctions against Russian oil & energy.

Juxtaposed Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s similar position on the Moscow trip and energy deals with Moscow emphasized in Pakistan’s national interest unfortunately resulted in the Pakistan former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ouster from power. 

The ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ties with Moscow synonymous to EU counterparts like Austria, Germany, Hungary and others in Western as well as eastern Europe were treated differently causing political change in the islamic state in South Asia.

Yet another contradiction among EU members is while they remain Russian energy importers quoting national requirement, their supply of arms to Ukraine from some EU states is quoted as aiding Ukraine to defend democracy. Notwithstanding they are financing Russian invasion of Ukraine via energy consumption.

Russia on its part positioned as anti-west and anti-NATO apparently has no problem in supplying energy products to any and all of them maintaining cash flow from economic activities with them amidst bombing and shelling Ukraine for over two months now.

In effect, both EU and Russia fearing security threats from each other in the region fail to realize their symmetrical role in the energy deals contributing to Russian financial resources on the one side and Russia enabling NATO military capability with Russian exported energy on the other end. There is no recognition from either in terms of self-generated security reality.

Ukraine in the middle of this predicament expected to be neutral, bare arms and bear the brunt of nuclear Russia and EU convenient economic policy.

In the whole gamut, the Ukrainian civilians are paying the price with their lives and property destroyed in Russian heavy artillery hitting every possible standing structure in Ukrainian cities and coastal towns of the once beautiful country.

Meanwhile, the western edifice is justified as necessity prioritizing economic interests over own security considering the spill over effects already experienced with Ukrainian refugees forced to flee their homeland to neighboring Poland, Hungary and Moldova…

Above all the possibility of prolonged war in Ukraine becoming the protracted battle across Europe cannot be ruled out with the status quo.

Unwise to fuel the fire for it might sooner than later engulf the entire zone.

Had EU then respected Ukraine’s economic relations with Russia in 2014 and refrained from cooperation with United States violent insurrection overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected incumbent government of President Viktor Yanukovich in 2014 over Kiev and Moscow economic treaty, the situation could have been economically beneficial and politically peaceful for Ukraine and eastern Europe unlike the present time.

Not to mention, the western dogma – what is good for the goose not appropriate for the gander.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Ukraine Conflict – World Food Crisis

April 19, 2022

Ukraine Conflict

World Food Crisis

Padmini Arhant

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and ongoing conflict has been catastrophic not only for Ukrainian citizens but also for the rest of the world.

The food crisis is upon the world population with wheat production and exports from Russia and Ukraine to global regions drastically affected since Russian military intervention in Ukraine. 

The population survival impact Russia as well. The economic repercussions outweigh any military and political goals in the war against Ukraine.

All the more reason for Russian Federation and Russian President Vladimir Putin to ceasefire in entirety ending aerial strikes, missiles, rockets and air raids besides naval and ground activities in and around Ukraine. 

The immediate and urgent requirement is for Russia and Ukraine to resume peace talks with a sincere commitment to resolve the conflict peacefully through dialogue and discourse abandoning the current aggression and violence. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

According to International report-

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: One fifth of world’s population about to face food crisis

“The global food price index has reached historic highs as wheat prices rose by 20% in March. According to the United Nations’ estimates, the Ukrainian conflict is putting 1.7 bln people around the world at risk of hunger, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes.

“Russia is one of the major wheat exporters, accounting for about five percent of the world’s total. The special operation has sent wheat prices soaring to record highs.

Forecasts say that Ukraine’s wheat exports will halve, so the market is going to face a shortage of 9.5 million tonnes of wheat. Besides, countries may fail to receive wheat from Russia because of delivery and payment issues stemming from political reasons. Certain countries are extremely likely to face starvation.”

The overall food crisis is creating risks for Russia as well, said TeleTrade Chief Analyst Mark Goikhman. Logistics disruptions may bring down Russia’s crop exports, and accordingly, the revenues of farmers and the country’s budget will drop.

“Russia is unlikely to face food shortages but food prices may continue to rise,” Leading Analyst at Otkritie Investment Oleg Syrovatkin emphasized.”

Ukraine – End to Russian Aggression and Violence

April 11, 2022

Ukraine – End to Russian Aggression and Violence

Padmini Arhant

The post will feature relevant and critical questions seeking direct response and actions from the Russian President Vladimir Putin – the head of the Russian Federation and chief authority authorizing and conducting relentless bombing, shelling in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Sumy leading to decimation of sovereign Ukraine. 

Not to mention the grotesque violence and inhumane war crimes committed against innocent civilians in Bucha, Irpin and other towns and territories where Ukrainian population have been subject to serious human rights violations thus far with no end in sight. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 and continued into the second month with massive destruction of lives and infrastructure. 

What is the end game for the Russian President Vladimir Putin?

When is the end if at all anything along that line considered as the option in the so-called special operations from Russia evolved into endless massacre, mass graves and atrocities by distraught, disillusioned and distressed Russian forces on the ground and air deployed in the most violent aggression? 

What happened to the peace talks between Ukraine and Russian teams that were in progress to mitigate the crisis?

Why is the Russian President Vladimir Putin committed to violence and prolonged bombardment of Ukraine rather than investment of resources and political will towards peaceful resolution with Ukraine?

These and more questions along with in-depth proposal to wind the Russian military intervention in Ukraine will be presented shortly.

More on the topic will resume with other content. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Pakistan – Deja Vu

April 10, 2022

Pakistan – Deja Vu

Padmini Arhant

The latest development in Pakistan’s politics is nothing new. In fact it is Deja vu.

The following posts that were published earlier in this domain and sub-domain prove the repeat of events in Pakistan from 2012 replayed in 2022. The episodes again clarify the shadow powers behind political upheavals in Pakistan.

Pakistan democracy survival and sustainability is dependent on Pakistan republic i.e. the people of Pakistan’s will to reject external meddling and influence alongside letting the internal forces know such as Pakistan’s intelligence services (ISI) and army to strictly remain committed to national defense and security besides preventing domestic and cross border terrorism at all costs to save lives all around. This is the most important step moving forward with the new government now and in the future.

Pakistan’s army and intelligence owe the people of Pakistan long overdue freedom and democratic system without being brought down even before the formation of any elected government.

In the seventy five years since India’s partition in 1947, the citizens in Pakistan have been subject to perpetual freedom struggle with little or no hope to emerge and remain an independent sovereign nation. No democratically elected  government is allowed to complete the entire term in office leaving Pakistan in the foreign powers’ intended status viz. the failed state and terror haven lacking in political stability without any acknowledgment from the accusers such as foreign forces involvement in Pakistan’s status. 

The west has zero tolerance to foreign interference in their election or internal affairs as witnessed in the false claims in 2016 election results.

However similar respect to other nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is not considered necessary by them.

Case in point is United States led insurrection and EU direct engagement in Kiev Maidan Square in Ukraine in 2014 resulted in 2022 status quo. Pakistan and many nations near and far are ruined by western interventionist foreign policy in elections and politics. 

It is about time the west recognized, appreciated and practiced the concept of mutual respect and treating others – the nations and their citizens with dignity renouncing imposition of undemocratic principles and conditions attributing vassal statehood. 

Pakistan’s youth and general population at large in unison denying access to foreign intrusion in their domestic matter would be the beginning of the end to hegemony control over destiny of millions of citizens in Pakistan. 

The post – Pakistan – BBC Projection on General Election was published on July 27, 2018 – Right before Pakistan’s National Election in August 2018 when PTI led by leader Imran Khan was elected to office in 2018.

Please click on the link below and then click on the hyperlink to view content. Thank you.

Pakistan – BBC Projection on General Election

Earlier, the article below was published on June 20, 2012 in reference to Pakistan’s routine political turmoil. At that time it was Pakistan People Party (PPP) government headed by then Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was under fire as elaborated in the article under.

Pakistan – Democracy Under Siege – Published on June 20, 2012.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Ukraine War – Double Jeopardy

April 1, 2022

Ukraine War – Double Jeopardy

Padmini Arhant

Ukraine is confronted with Russian aerial shelling on one side and simultaneously western shortcomings in supply of useful effective combat military ammunition resulting in severe damages to infrastructure and civilian areas in Mariupol and other war zones in eastern and northern Ukraine. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s cry for air defense system and artillery from the west to limit extensive bombing and air strikes by Russia is yet to be heard or noticed thus far. The Ukraine President address to all western Parliaments and Congress emphasizing the urgent need on the defensive military equipment is not being responded much to Russia’s favor in raining aerial bombardment. 

Ukraine left to fend for itself without adequate military defense mechanism ranging from tanks, missiles to efficient precision air and ground anti-aircraft, counter air and air retaliation is a major factor in preventing substantial structural destruction in civilian dwellings and residential complex. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s public statement that western military delivery comprising pistols and air rifles without the above outlined heavy duty ammunition is indicative of frustration and disappointment. The weapons cache from the west apparently not provided free of cost with Ukraine charged for the military provisions in billions of dollars as per Ukrainian authority.

Accordingly, the Ukrainian military and political authority request to the west to meet the appropriate military armament for the price is reasonable and fair.

Making matters worse are the Russian energy procurement by Germany, India and others categorically ignore western sanctions and continue fueling the Russian firepower into the second month of Ukraine invasion. 

In a way, Ukraine is expected to defend their sovereignty with limited or non-resourceful military power against the aggressor’s relentless air raids reducing any and every building and residential apartments to rubbles in the most disproportionate violence witnessed since Russian invasion on February 24, 2022.

The western role in this regard is significantly confined to suit western energy requirements viz. energy dependence on Russia and military deficiency in enabling Ukraine to mitigate aerial bombing and cluster munitions dropped on Ukraine. 

The west and others’ energy imports from Russia alongside declaring to assist Ukraine in humanitarian aid and other form of assistance are essentially facilitating double jeopardy against Ukraine. 

Nonetheless, despite substantial military might not barring nuclear status of Russia, the Ukrainian will and resolve to defend their motherland and territorial rights are admirable.

As stated earlier in this domain, the right not the might wins the battle regardless of extreme means and fury from the unrelenting invader having suffered  enormous casualties and invited economic collapse in the domestic front. 

The peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Istanbul reportedly showing signs of progress is to be translated into action with immediate Russian ceasefire, ending air assaults and withdrawal of forces from Ukrainian territory. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin having defaulted on own positions prior to Ukraine invasion and thereafter changing course i.e. pivoting from military attacks to meaningful peaceful negotiations with Ukrainian leadership representing Ukraine citizens is the priority and constructive strategy to resolution. 

The Russian policy to regroup and reorganize in the attempt to prolong or protract the war is egregious and not guaranteed to produce desirable outcome.

The only reality is the Russian invasion draining the debilitated Russian economy and demoralizing the disillusioned Russian military force and para militia from Chechen, Siberia, Moldavia and Belarus…contracted in the warfare. 

The sensible and rational approach is for Russia to conclude offense and hostility against Ukrainian population. The Ukrainian people are subject to misery with extended Russian relatives on both sides experiencing pain and suffering in the tragedy inflicted on them. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has the choice to welcome peace and desperately required economic growth and development for Russians paying the price along with their fellow citizens – the Ukrainians neighbor and family in Ukraine. 

Peace to independent sovereign Ukraine and Russia!

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Russian Energy Clients

March 24, 2022

Update: Russia Invasion of Ukraine.

Kremlin’s evasion on Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu whereabouts is intriguing. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu public appearance was noted in the Moscow televised National Security Council meeting on March 11 briefing the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ongoing war.

The Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is known to be one of the key war strategists in President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations against Ukraine.

The Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu’s absence during the critical time raise questions and speculations all around.

The information regarding Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s reported truancy quoting alleged ill-health and the other assumption on the Minister Shoigu’s purported defection to Finland across the Russian Border could all be laid to rest with Kremlin’s transparency on the matter.

However, the confirmation on the latest top Kremlin aide and prominent official Anatoly Chubais’s resignation over disapproval of Ukraine war is an acknowledged fact.

Importantly, the highest Kremlin figure Anatoly Chubais is notably the former boss of the incumbent President Vladimir Putin during the latter government position in then President Boris Yeltsin’s term in office.

Accordingly, the high-profile Kremlin member Anatoly Chubais’s departure from the political circle and the country is self-explanatory on internal dissent within on the Ukraine military invasion.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


Russian Energy Clients

Padmini Arhant

In the normal environment, the economic activity between Russia and the rest of the world would be understandable.

However, lured by discounted price on cheap energy imports from Russia subsequent to the belligerent invasion and ongoing merciless shelling of cities and civilian areas in neighboring Ukraine, those forging energy deals with the aggressor at this time are essentially declaring themselves contributors to violence against Ukrainian population.

Not to mention the subjugation of Russian citizens with conscription and indefinite gag order accompanied by arrests on peaceful dissent against unnecessary war.

The relentless air raids and hypersonic missiles in Mariupol, Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine forcing children, expectant mothers and critically ill patients run for their life besides turning 10 millions or more Ukrainians into refugees bear on the energy purveyors slighting ethical and legal consequences related to economic sanctions in condemnation of military strikes in Ukraine.

The worst is among several prioritizing self-interests over human lives targeted in the continuous air assaults against Ukrainians reveal true colors in discrimination of human tragedy.

The so-called world’s largest democracy in the Indian sub-continent, South Asia and others in western Europe maintaining economic ties taking advantage of Russian low cost energy are directly financing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine civilians right now.

No wonder Kremlin is now openly and defiantly stating they would not hesitate to include nuclear weapons citing any possible existential threat to Nuclear Titan Russia from the non-nuclear Ukraine defending their sovereign rights.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has emphasized any deployment of peacekeeping troops in response to Poland’s suggestion as direct war between Russia and NATO.

The Russian Foreign Minister ignoring the fact, Poland is now dealing with tremendous influx of Ukrainian refugees – courtesy President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations carried out indiscriminately leveling every standing building and civilian apartments in Ukraine.

What about UN peace keeping force to facilitate humanitarian aid and safe evacuation of civilians in the daily bombing aimed at civilian premise?

Is that objectionable as well to Moscow?

Moscow has many legitimate grievances with respect to Donbas region violence in the past eight years accounting for loss of lives in that part of Ukraine.

Additionally, Moscow has repeatedly expressed concerns over the United States and western funded bio labs endangering lives worldwide.

Agreed, these are valid claims and deserve global attention and permanent solution banning efforts and means harming lives anyhow anywhere by anyone now or in the future.

Nonetheless, Moscow’s military campaign against civilians in Ukraine lasting a month has critically damaged Kremlin’s moral stance to raise issues in the above regard.

Those killing innocent lives declining call on ceasefire in the month long unprovoked conflict not only in self-denial of  inflicting deaths and devastation but also justifying the violent crime as personal goals with no end in sight. Such disposition place them in quandary and hypocrisy.

There was a time prior to the invasion of Ukraine when Moscow could represent at UNSC and other international forum drawing United States and western powers attention to issues threatening lives such as bio labs and the western share of military interventions in foreign land.

Unfortunately, now Moscow having revived past Soviet era aspirations on territorial annexations via foreign invasion and occupation, relevantly not shying away from stating the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine battle unarguably create a huge credibility factor for Moscow’s representation as moral authority on global affairs.

Finally, the subsidized energy offers from Moscow to energy dependent clients in western Europe, South Asia and other parts of the world are conscientiously participating in the Russian nuclear threat laden warfare against Ukraine with inevitable protraction in the region and beyond upon Kremlin’s military engagement not brought to conclusion effective immediately.

These participants are to be reminded that their egregious decision purely to serve own requirements are fueling Kremlin’s fire power rather than dousing the flames consuming lives and living space in the war zone.

The energy flow continuing without any stipulation from these states on energy consumption at the least insisting Moscow end the senseless violence in Ukraine and commit to meaningful peace talks with neighbor Ukraine classify as reckless myopic opportunism. 

The fire engulfing the far away land sooner than later hitting own turf is not a remote but a probable cause to act and avert such calamity in self-protection if not for those victims dealing with the extraordinary ordeal.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Russia – Economic and Financial Collapse

March 23, 2022

Russia – Economic and Financial Collapse

Padmini Arhant 

President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens in reality transformed into the Russian President’s war against own nation – Russia, Russian economy and Russian financial system. This statement repeated on this site numerous times earlier and until now to alert the Russian leadership on the grave mistakes of launching the illegal invasion.

No wars can continue endlessly and the aggressor inevitably deal with self-inflicted economic damage in the domestic front. The situation is evident in the Russian economy due to state divestments from domestic economic activities to financing the bombing and shelling of civilian areas in the target nation.

The economic and financial sanctions are also contributing to economic squeeze and freeze as a result of the unnecessary and preventable invasion of foreign land.

The locals in the nation i.e. Russian citizens are subject to long lasting economic pain and suffering worse than the intended prolonged misery against the people of Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin’s personal goals through military intervention in Ukraine is backfiring at home.

Meanwhile, Russians are forced to accept the crises as Kremlin’s noble cause to liberate Russian speaking citizens in Donbas region despite the relentless military attacks in Ukraine economically and financially punishing native Russians in Russia.

Notwithstanding the heavy losses of Russian lives in the conscripted service to kill innocent civilians in neighboring Ukraine.

The world is collectively engaged in extending support to civilians in Ukraine. The demoralized Russian forces deployed against their will in the President Vladimir Putin’s war are victims as well without recourse in the Russian political system.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military infiltration in Ukraine has invited economic war against Russia. The senseless battle raising buildings, infrastructure and civilian homes to rubbles might be considered some achievement in the military assessment. However, the deeper effects are actually felt in Russian economic and financial affairs.

The Russian rubles devalued further lowering the economic and financial affordability among Russians pushed into dire straits.

Under these circumstances, no military action or besieged cities and port in invaded country could be declared a victory at the vast and substantial expense of the domestic economy.

The pressure and frustration is palpable even among Russia’s elites and wealthiest oligarchs having suffered enormous financial losses in the economic fallout with the rest of the world.

The worldwide consumption of Russian Vodka could also take a serious hit in the global awakening to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine with images clarifying the aerial assaults caused deaths and destruction of innocent lives in the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations.

The liquor industry replacing Russian Vodka in the marketing and distribution would strongly impact the cash flow expended at military violence against Ukraine.

The global response in this particular line of action would demonstrate solidarity in the universal call to Moscow to end the conflict effective immediately with ceasefire and termination of Russian aerial bombing, air raids and military incursions in and around Ukraine.

A minor sacrifice at individual level from across the globe related to Russian key economic product – Russian Vodka and other popular items in the liquor industry and consumer goods would save lives in the unreasonable and ill-conceived war on the people of Ukraine and Russia.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 

Russia – Ukraine Invasion

March 22, 2022

Russia – Ukraine Invasion

Padmini Arhant

Russian President Vladimir Putin owes genuine logical explanation to Russian citizens and importantly Ukrainian population on Kremlin’s unreasonable demands to Ukraine to surrender on besieged Mariupol.

President Vladimir Putin having unilaterally declared foreign sovereign territories viz. Ukraine’s Donbas region – Donetsk and Luhansk in particular as independent republics, insisting Ukraine accept Kremlin’s decision in this regard is bizarre and unacceptable. Notwithstanding Kremlin’s foreign intervention in sovereign nation – Ukraine’s internal affairs.

Contrarily, President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of independent Ukraine with disproportionate aggression and violence continuing until now with a condition that Ukraine submit to Kremlin’s unfair and unjust violation of territorial integrity in Mariupol and other cities is the dichotomy in President Vladimir Putin’s position.

On the one hand, President Vladimir Putin’s military engagement in Ukraine is declared as the so-called liberating force to rescue Donetsk and Luhansk from Moscow defined nationalists, nazis and anti-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine.

On the other hand, since Moscow’s invasion, the ground reality is Kremlin’s prolonged military actions have claimed more lives than saving or liberating them in the region.

Furthermore, Ukrainians are forced into evacuation from their homeland as refugees in foreign shores due to merciless bombing, shelling, hypersonic missiles and other experimental military artillery aimed at civilian areas in the past three weeks extended into fourth week nearing a month long expensive and violent conflict.

The air raids targeting children and maternity hospitals, kindergarten, art theater and residential apartments in Mariupol, Kharkiv in South and North East Ukraine is condemnable, reprehensible and unjustifiable regardless of reasons behind such display.

Never any nation’s weapons heading towards innocent civilians in a nation held hostage could be justified as appropriate.

President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations has resulted in severe Russian casualties with Russian military losing high rank officials such as Major Generals and Deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, Captain 1st rank Andrey Paliy on Sunday, March 20th, 2022.  The Russian troops are disillusioned about Russia’s military infiltration in Ukraine.

The war has brought immense pain and suffering for civilians in Ukraine and Russia. The Russian economy is in grinding halt with economic and financial sanctions.

The Russian oligarchy seemingly running out of patience with many having lost more than half of their fortune. Some among them voicing their concerns and frustration over deteriorating Russian economy and the war costing Russia well above Kremlin can afford financially that are significant.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine has brought Russia at the crossroads with the poignant question for Russian citizens.

Is this war in any way a benefit to Russia, Russian economy and relevantly Russian lives with many armed personnel specifically top ranking military officials killed in combat zone?

Russia has two options. Russian ceasefire in all fronts beginning with ending aerial bombing, marine and ground mobilization in and around Ukraine and critically President Vladimir Putin direct meeting with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky at the earliest possible.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has publicly offered to peacefully engage in one on one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The response from Moscow in this regard via meeting between Russian and Ukraine Presidents with sincere commitment to conclude the war and avert further loss of innocent lives not barring armed personnel on all sides is the utmost priority and immediate requirement for Ukraine and Russian citizens survival and peaceful coexistence.

God Bless the brave souls defending their frontier and family in Ukraine!

Hopefully wisdom, rationale, empathy and compassion would guide the Russian authority in arriving at peaceful resolution with neighbor and peace partner Ukraine.

Peace to independent sovereign Ukraine and Russia!

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

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