India – Attention Seeking Indian Politics and Critics

September 20, 2020

India – Attention Seeking Indian Politics and Critics 

Padmini Arhant

Attention: Attention Seeking Indian Politics and Critics 

जब कोई देश डूबता है तो वो मिली भगत के कारण होता है। इसका असर बहुत भारी पड़ता है उन सभी पर जो किसी भी प्रकार इस में भाग लिए हों ।इस सच्चाई को कभी भी नकारना नहीं चाहिए। ऐसे करने वाले और भी दुःख संकट गम्भीर अवस्था पाएँगे।

Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi having miserably failed the nation and people, the victim of his draconian policies should step down from power effective immediately to save the nation from further turmoil and misery.

With reference to article India – China Stand-off Resolution published on this site,

The issue as usual manipulated to suit politics in the face of declining situation in every frontier by those in actual power on public funded salary, perks and privileges besides attack brigade in mainstream media, social media, IT sleeper cells using live podcasts pretending to be expatriates…and above all entertainment industry ever at politics disposal for relentless trashing, spewing venom much to own peril. 

As the author of the above published article, I categorically and explicitly specify that by no means the proposal indicate or suggest China to retain present status quo in territorial annexations albeit enabled by the present and past administrations despite my forewarning about China’s transgression going back in 2009 and 2010 that was ignored then and now by governments alternating to power.

The cowardly nuances and insinuations constantly directed at me are baseless and do not serve anyone’s personal and political vendetta against me rather backfire at them reminding them of Karmic effects realized by many treading on that path thus far.

The false interpretation of the above article stands corrected once and for all.  I have maintained all along unlike Indian politics and critics’ exploiting crises to own advantage at every opportunity.

I reiterate my stance that China’s withdrawal from occupied Indian territories seized in 1962 warfare and prior the invasion and occupation of then independent Tibet in the Himalayan region is critical in permanent resolution of the embroiled battle.

Chinese leadership exercising discretion in view of the tremendous impact on PLA forces experiencing medical problems and chronic health conditions demanding evacuation from the Himalayan heights is prudent and calls for wisdom and pragmatism in ending the standoff and agree to the realistic approach enunciated above.

Unless the Indian political establishment in unison having received political funding through however channels in China are in quid pro quo with China’s CCP leadership Xijinping for such settlement i.e. agreement to current status quo allowing aggressor China to annex Indian states and territories for personal gains, which directly hold them responsible for egregious decision and treason that are norm in the country accustomed to insiders facilitated foreign invasion and colonization until today.

As for the Indian critics posing as journalist for leading Indian or foreign press and others using their platform viz. press and social media could always express what they deem right on border demarcations and several other reservations they hold in resolving the ongoing confrontation in the 18,000 feet altitude challenging survival of lives even before the full fledged military warfare that obviously to be averted bearing dire consequences upon militarily fierce two nations – China and India with nuclear armament facing off in the treacherous terrains.

It is best to aim at the real enemy endangering freedom and existence i.e. China’s CCP authorized PLA incursion instead of wasting time, energy and resource in profane verbal assaults against someone i.e. me especially when I’m not obligatory or mandatory to be the crusader.

Get on the social media and use your entertainment industry to convey your message to China and your government in New Delhi as you are engaged to launch missiles against me regardless of the distance. In doing so, India’s suppressed and oppressed democracy could perhaps be revived to liberate the nation and overwhelming subjugated population.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 

India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

September 18, 2020

India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant 

The contentious border issue along Line of Actual control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh with China in the past six months since April this year post corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic originating from Wuhan, China prolonged following several round of talks at the high level military command and political discourse i.e. the defense ministry, external affairs ministry and National Security advisers on both sides yielding no relief on the eye to eye confrontation in the Himalayan range.

The news reports on deteriorating situation between the armed forces deployed in thousands on both sides with loss of precious lives suffered in the defense force on either sides and the latest firing bringing the battle on the edge has not deterred Chinese leadership Xijinping and officials behind the counterproductive military operation.

The ongoing military clashes in the most treacherous and inhospitable terrains exacerbating conditions in winter currently experienced in freezing temperature in the higher altitude 18,000 feet above sea level subject armed forces to natural hostility that cannot be underestimated in any account. 

China’s unreasonable quest for territorial annexations in Ladakh and the region slighting own defense forces casualties in May – June 2020 and inevitable deaths mainly possible due to unfavorable environment in the Himalayas with oxygen depletion and harsh weather is a compelling factor to end standoff effective immediately. The important decision is critical to protect armed forces on both sides from preventable demise in large numbers notwithstanding the effects on artillery and ammunition in the frigid setting.

As such Chinese authority in Beijing owe humanity apology, reparation and recovery costs for unleashing bio-engineered deadly infectious corona virus leaving the global population to deal with deaths and immeasurable health a well as economic misery in the absence of instant salvation. Chinese Communist regime biowarfare through COVID19 against entire world aimed at substantial health and economic losses beyond control is not something to be excused as inadvertent mistake especially with revelations on deliberate and pre-meditated bioweapon viz. corona virus attack launched on global population for economic interests and Superpower status.

Amid global pandemic from China, Beijing’s military aggression and border transgressions in India’s eastern Ladakh and North Eastern territories with ambitious skirmishes in South China sea and Taiwan straits are one too many military interventions designed without care and calculations on imminent setback for aggressor i.e. Beijing involved in the military intrusion with neighbors near and far.

The political talks and dialogue held up until now between India and China including five point agreement to de-escalate tension is yet to be translated in adherence. China mobilizing troops and armament in eastern Ladakh having occupied the Indian side forcing India’s counter measure and response allude provocation. The authorities in Beijing misguiding PLA on the grounds is directly contradictory to any agreement reached in political engagement. Beijing’s repeat default in this regard essentially confirm China’s trust deficit. 

China’s expansionism sprawling across South and South East Asia while heavily invested in the economies in the region is defiance of wisdom and pragmatism. Besides, China poised as supplier of key technology components and pharmaceutical ingredients would have serious repercussions in the multidimensional position with military warfare in the Himalayas wiping the prospects and potential to restore China’s ailing economy and vast domestic problems threatening Chinese leadership Xijinping’s term in office and political career. 

China is confronted with enormous economic, political and environment challenges that deserve priority over military encounter with India or anyone for that matter in South China sea and elsewhere. China’s leadership exercising restraint and authorizing PLA withdrawal from the contentious terrains without procrastinations would demonstrate Beijing’s commitment to peace and tranquility in utter respect for China’s defense forces lives and civilians in the vulnerable war zone. 

Any leadership betting defense personnel lives for political and personal goals misrepresent the nation, the people as well as the military they are pledged to honor and safeguard lives averting violence and bloodshed, the inevitable outcome in any military conflict.

China’s leadership CCP General Secretary and the Central Military Commission Chairman Xijinping along with officials in political and military authority in Beijing and Western Theater Command terminating standoff with Indian armed forces in Ladakh and north eastern territories is paramount for China’s effort to rebuild adversely damaged reputation, image and trust in the aftermath of COVID 19 having toll on global health and economy. 

The positive action could in return benefit China in becoming a reliable partner in trade relations and establishing permanent peace and security in South, South East Asian regions and worldwide.

The nuclear nations – India-China peaceful resolution on the standoff abandoning military solution is the absolute clarion call to save lives on both sides and preclude the otherwise unmitigated disaster.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





South and South East Asia – End of Communism

September 12, 2020

South and South East Asia – End of Communism 

Padmini Arhant

The imminent end of Communism in China would lead to the following development;

Democratic China – the real functional People’s Republic not in name only but in reality. The people’s representatives elected not nominated and imposed upon citizens by few wealthy elitists within Communist politburo in the current system. 

Independent Hong Kong  –  the democratic system restored with fair judiciary under Hong Kong jurisdictions not mainland China.

Free Independent Tibet – Independent nation with self -sovereignty and territorial integrity returned to pre-invasion in 1959.

Xinjiang Province – Autonomous territory would be liberated from mainland authority.

Independent Sovereign Taiwan – Recognition and acknowledgment of independent Taiwan with equal participation in all international organizations and body similar to other sovereign nations in the rest of the world.

Neighboring nations near and around China will be discussed with geopolitical dynamics and dimensions in the South and South East Asian region in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 




India – China Aggression

September 1, 2020

India – China Aggression

Padmini Arhant

Indian Defense Force personnel raise legitimate questions to Indian government and political factions on status quo.


Politics failure in addressing chronic economic situation, pandemic viz. COVID 19 spikes and above all serious lapses in safeguarding national security evident in China’s aggression in Indian frontiers is reflected in armed personnel struggles and casualties in hostile environment. 

Notwithstanding politics exploiting preventable attacks on armed forces in Indian borders is barely the concern for the so-called fourth column news media and press corps of the supposedly world’s largest democracy prioritizing sports personalities and entertainment industry members’ deaths sensationalized in national media. 

Indians experiencing immense suffering and misery due to drastic economic, health and national security crises rising to the occasion seeking appropriate actions from government is urgent requirement to alleviate citizens plight.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




India – China’s Transgression in Ladakh

August 29, 2020

India – China’s Transgression in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant

The worst situation due to China’s occupation of Ladakh and SOS from Ladakhi citizens explained by Ladakh local resident and former MLA Deldan Namgyal of Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Courtesy – Media Star World – Thank you.

Why Ladakh is afraid? क्यों डरता है लद्दाख़ ।

India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

August 11, 2020

India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

Part 1 – Identity Politics

Padmini Arhant

Dissertation on religion, sainthood and anachronism.

ReligionThe interpretation in Indian language Dharm meaning principle is the foundation to inner peace and resolve to deal with any challenges in life.

Unfortunately, religion misused as the axis of power. It is convenient for those in politics to assert  fundamentalism and sectarianism subverting religion to remain in power despite colossal failure in meeting basic expectations in governance beginning with economy, health crisis and national security allowing enemy incursions viz. China in the Himalayan and north eastern Indian territory violating sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi focus to establish Hindu state touted Hindu Rashtra stoke unnecessary sentiments anchored on polarization though Hindus’ economic and social status are not better or different from non-Hindus such as muslims and various religious social denominations in secular India.

The wanton endeavor  is nothing more than a distraction to shift public frustration and dissatisfaction on status quo. The economic struggles among the middle class, lower income and the poor regardless of social and religious category have reached crescendo in the absence of effective economic plan.

In fact the economic status nationwide has significantly declined with soaring unemployment in formal and informal sectors well before the pandemic onset. The lack of prudent economic policy plummeted economic growth, drowned business opportunities leading to economic descend in the middle class representing the large consumer base and raised poverty among the lower income segments and the poor bereft of any income only worsened in the ravenous corona virus consuming lives at a rapid rate.

Socially, the caste orientation predominantly for political advantage by all parties in Indian politics desperately rely on divisive strategy. Nonetheless, the Hindutva ideologue RSS run BJP government heavily invested in identity politics targeting muslims in religion besides christians and other faiths on the brink of isolation. RSS radicalism does not spare Hindus either.

Among Hindus the so-called Dalits and overwhelming population grouped on caste basis i.e. the untouchables in modern era relegated to scheduled caste (SC) and scheduled tribe (ST) while the rest deemed backward caste (BC) and other backward castes (OBC) in the proud caste system ironically existing since the dawn of independence now buttressed under PM Narendra Modi’s rule.

There is no doubt BJP’s heightened nationalism missing in action in defending Indian frontiers against China resulting in at least 32 Indian defense personnel martyrdom in the past months on treacherous terrain above 14,000 feet with ongoing standoff is off political radar directing national attention on fundamentalist doctrine via temple construction on embattled site in Ayodhya and controversial national education policy enforcing mandatory learning of Hindi and Sanskrit, the latter until lately exalted as God’s language and declared exclusive in communication between the self-proclaimed upper caste brahmin priests and deities in Hindu temples.  

The caste hierarchy have long oppressed and suppressed the natives and indigenous people along side colonial brutality in pre and post independence India. The resistance to any improvement let alone abolition of abhorrent casteism brimming more than ever even during the former UPA government under non-Hindu and non-Indian leadership of Sonia Gandhi, whose next of kin and political heir Rahul Gandhi never shied away from bragging about the family background in self-reference to presumptuous upper caste brahmin wearing Janeu, the supposedly sacred thread adorned by brahmin males which in turn is an identity theft gotten away in misrepresentation over centuries semblance to contemporary event and conduct among egocentric power fame and fortune mongers in society.

As for Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to garner the so-called upper caste Hindu votes, the family tree comprising muslim ancestry grandfather Feroz with adopted surname Gandhi, the spouse of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is never acknowledged as such in any domain for political expediency in the shadow of Congress party pseudo secularism.

The other national political party – RSS controlled BJP under PM Narendra Modis stewardship has made quantum leap grinding the caste and religion based politics to 5G level inversely squashing the SC,ST, OC and OBC caste structure to outcasts demonstrated in mob lynching and marginalization in voting rights, decreasing reservation or quotas through introduction of parallel concession to so-called upper castes in middle and lower economic strata. PM Narendra Modi’s political campaign in national election was falsely launched as OBC (other backward caste) candidate yet backed by hardline extremists RSS pledged to pedigree adapted from colonial patronage.

The circumvention and maneuvering on religion and caste politics, the long held tradition among national and state / provincial political factions in India cashing in on vote banks for political mileage is the main reason behind casteism and faith related stigma hindering India’s unity and progress.

The deceptive narrative through government and politics operated media and news organizations muzzling the voice of democracy claiming majoritarian rule favored promoting Hindutva statehood especially amid dismal economic, social and national security environment affecting citizens across the spectrum is analogous to belief on camel through a needle’s eye. 

The trading and bargaining on political opposition luring opponents and judiciary authorities with political memberships in parliament and government positions typically aimed at democracy and constitution demolition, BJP’s preferred act in exemplifying the will their way i.e. aggression and violence could be classified RSS heritage.

Indian incumbent PM Narendra Modi government activities resemblance to Israel’s democratic version firmly proclaimed as the Jewish state setting precedence and opposition compromised with political incentives in the long serving contentious PM Benjamin Netanyahu administration with alternate  Prime Minister Benny Giantz strange combo leaderships could not be mere coincidence. The current political trend under the guise of democracy inhibiting religious distinction in the separation of church and state endanger republic status anywhere. 

The same would apply to Islamic republics as well in the definition of democracy confused with religious fundamentalism exerting authority transforming the choice to rudimentary theocracy.

The topic will continue on sainthood and anachronism linked to latest developments on Lord Ram temple and civilization degradation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

India China LAC standoff Update

July 31, 2020

India China LAC standoff 


Padmini Arhant

UpdateAccording to Indian army officers, China has expanded occupation with troop deployment along the north east region viz. Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand near Lipulekh Pass on Manasarovar route. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hesitation to call out China by name in speeches until now is strange at best and paradoxical at worst in terms of BJP’s nationalist jingoism.

China’s continuous infiltration in Indian territory is reminiscent of 1962 scenario. At that time, Menon was fired for utter failure and lack of preparedness to defend India against aggressor China. 

India China LAC dispute escalated to new level  with China amassing troops along with boats at the contentious Pangong lake long been regarded Indian territory while disengagement claimed by both sides in political commentary. 

China’s ongoing penetration in Indian territory setting up tents and huts to accommodate large troop deployment in the Pangong Tso confirmed via satellite images contribute to anything but de-escalation of friction.

The core objective of the military commanders talks held on June 30th, 2020 and subsequent dialogue between Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on July 5th, 2020 submitted to reduce tension in eastern Ladakh. 

Beijing and PLA commanders default in honoring their commitment on de-escalation is a major credibility factor that China continues to suffer on all matter whether COViD19 pandemic or economic trade and military agreements exacerbating peace and diplomacy to nothing more than a formality. 

China’s latest unequivocal troop presence in Pangong Tso ridgeline at Finger 4 not 14 arguably obstruct withdrawal process expected  per high level military and political discussion in the past two months following unnecessary preventable loss of lives involving defense personnel on both sides that could have been averted by maintaining the respective boundary lines without encroachment. 

The political statements from India and China might be set on conciliatory tone to deter public awareness on actual situation in high altitude that is far from reality considering Beijing’s reluctance to retreat from the line of incursion. 

Chinese authorities protracted military undertakings in the Himalayas against India and multitude skirmishes in South China Sea amid COVID 19 health crises consuming lives globally with no end in sight to which Beijing is yet to acknowledge responsibility regardless of the contested origin i.e. Wuhan Institute of Virology or the wet market place in Wuhan city in China is an enormous challenge for Beijing. 

Not to mention the pandemic’s catastrophic impact on global economy including China.

Beijing leaderships together with PLA commanders recognition of the sprawling confrontation against neighbors near and far jeopardizing everything China gained in the last three decades on economic growth adding to military strength now used to threaten peace and stability in Asia and Asia Pacific reflect internal political turmoil and deflection of pandemic effects attracting global ire towards Beijing. 

Indian leaderships in New Delhi. PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval directing focus on containing the border issues demonstrating honest and credible actions in restoring India’s territorial integrity against China is the priority more than any other ideological religious debate besides controlling corona virus spikes in the country. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 





Hong Kong – National Security Law

July 8, 2020

Hong Kong – National Security Law

Padmini Arhant

China Communist Party ( CCP) implementation of National Security law in Hong Kong is counterproductive and detrimental to China though Beijing defends the action as an important measure towards protection and stability in the once autonomous peaceful Hong Kong.

The foreign media projects National Security law in Hong Kong as the end of Hong Kong.

Whereas the reality is Beijing’s hard line policy aimed at severe crack down on pro-democracy movement forcing them to abandon freedom and democracy aspirations with participants expected to face life imprisonment in the infamous black jail in mainland China or disappearance into oblivion actually hurt China more than Hong Kong’s democracy campaign.

The real question should be;

Is it the beginning of the end of China’s rise to economic power with the execution of National Security Law in Hong Kong?

That is precisely where Beijing is heading in turning the tide towards itself upsetting the applecart reflected in Beijing’s broken promise on respecting and honoring Hong Kong’s autonomy in One country two systems pledge on June 30th, 1997 assuring Hong Kong citizens and international community with Beijing’s pledge to leave Hong Kong’s political, economic and judicial independence intact.

However, Beijing miscalculating ramifications in many fronts starting with economy, political and critically international relations is the imminent setback despite fifty three nations, the majority of whom are financially indebted to China in the Belt and Road initiative and One Silk Road infrastructure and economic deals binding them to Beijing’s any proposal.

At the same time, Beijing also need to recognize that remaining nearly 150 countries in the world either not in agreement or necessarily approve the latest development in Hong Kong. The response is confirmed in their abstinence and absence from the list of 53 states support to Beijing on National Security law in Hong Kong.

When two thirds world population represented by their governments are standing by Hong Kong’s youth and other age group in their struggle for democracy, civil rights, individual freedom and complete independence,

China is isolating itself from the world in imposing laws that are against human rights and democratic principles obviously never holding any value as far as Beijing’s territorial annexations and exerting authority on sovereign states and autonomous regions are concerned with China much to loose than gain in tightening the grip on Hong Kong and encroachment on neighbors’ border and territory.

Instead Beijing prioritizing economic revival  and containing internal problems within communist politburo as well as nationwide in China is the only option to crises management unlike multi-faceted military activities pursuing hegemonic goals in South and South East Asia including political control over Hong Kong exacerbating China’s status quo.

Hong Kong’s younger generation pro-democracy quest is legitimate inalienable right that could no longer be denied or suppressed by local or external authority in and outside the island state.

The citizens’ individual rights and civil liberty are non-negotiable. The decision to seize Hong Kong’s autonomy by force and armed intervention endanger position of those authorizing such violence and undemocratic means to extend unlawful carte blanche assertion.

The road to peace and emancipation may be treacherous but those determined to reach destination never fail in their resolve especially when Hong Kong’s pro-democracy non-violent civil disobedience is a positive freedom loving endeavor preparing to sacrifice their life for present and future dignified existence in society.

Hong Kong pro-democracy rights deserve acknowledgment and affirmation with global solidarity behind brave young hearts and minds wanting to be free and independent in their domain without having to fear authorities exercising unbridled exertion of rule such as the controversial national security law.

Beijing’s withdrawal and repeal of recent maneuvers in diverse frontiers would demonstrate China’s sincerity towards peace and security that in return deliver progress and prosperity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India China Stand Off at LAC in Ladakh

July 4, 2020

India China Stand Off at LAC in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant

The conventional wisdom recognize that in politics and warfare, TRUTH is the first casualty and remains so to suit authorities’ convenience. 

The recent casualties suffered on both sides neither disclosed the incident actual date though Indian media and government decided on June 15th in synchrony with foreign press and diktat contrary to the unfortunate event happening way earlier. Similarly the victims statistics were also not reported accurately with 20 soldiers martyrdom acknowledged when there were at least 32 martyrs on Indian side as revealed on this site back on June 5th, 2020 beckoning attention.

As such politics and media having no credibility whatsoever, the deliberate omission is least surprising. The press touted as fourth column in Indian Constitution granting freedom to press and media in the hope of the news organizations and media house exercising autonomy in transparency engaged in the reverse role protecting political establishment and others from whom media house monetarily benefit while keeping the public in the dark or misinformed on all issues of people and national interest.

Furthermore, news outlets and media serving as internal and external forces’ major propaganda machinery targeting individuals like me with constant slander and slur ad hominem to satisfy ego and contempt is the norm.  Notwithstanding the practice diminishing ethical standards and journalism to lowest ebb. 

On the other hand, China’s state agency and spokespersons released haphazard statements on their fatalities in utter dismissal of armed forces deployment in inhospitable terrain paying dear price due to China’s Communist Party (CCP) and People Liberation Army (PLA) wanton aggression utilizing military activities to deflect domestic focus away from myriad challenges within country.

There is always more to it than meets the eye in matter concerning life and death of citizens like in the latest pandemic and defense personnel in war zones that continues to fall short on accountability among politics and media exerting control over information.

Confronting truth and reality is the litmus test on leadership demanding courage and integrity to accept responsibility on failures to safeguard lives with proactive and precautionary measures rather than converting others misfortune and tragedies to political advantage and commercial gains prevalent in politics and news media.

The consolidated contrived action to discredit truth in the report on 32 Indian soldiers casualties and  chinese armed regiment deaths published on this site far ahead of national and international concurrence is routine.

In light of concerted effort among national and international clique to invalidate factual presentations on this site and sub domain highlighted above, let here be no more redactions and discount in reporting facts and figures related to wars of any nature – the tense border standoff in the Himalayan region between India and China or the pandemic consuming lives and affecting thousands paralyzing life and economy much to national and global colossal damage.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 



China – Investment and Economic Policy

June 21, 2020

China – Investment and Economic Policy 

Padmini Arhant

China’s investment and economic policy worldwide in overt and covert Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and New Silk Road projects in 70 or more countries incentivized with building and modernizing infrastructure such as roads in strategic points facilitating China’s troops mobility and military installations, railways, airports and telecommunication sector besides exclusive access to these nations’ markets is Beijing’s direct economic infiltration evolving into debt entrapment for every one of these nations world over.

China’s strategic strengthening in locations central to United States is noteworthy.

In Asia-Pacific, Darwin port in Australia leased for 99 years to China. In October 2015, the Chineseowned Landbridge Group won the bid for 99 years lease of Port Darwin from Australia’s Central Territory government. Darwin served as military base from Australia, the important ally of United States.

Similarly, the State of Victoria in Australia is signatory to China’s Belt and Road Initiative complicating Australian federal authority’s ongoing trade disputes with Beijing.

In the middle east, China’s approach with yet another United States ally and partner in economic, political and hegemonic goals, none other than Israel granting China 99 years lease on Haifa Port replace United States position in West Asia and Mediterranean sea.

Europe – Germany – The Western State of North Rhine-Westphalia or NRW, is the most severely affected in the pandemic, the deadly corona virus from Wuhan, China. Over a third of all Germany’s cases are there per local news report.

Furthermore, “The State is home to the largest inland Port in the world, Duisburg Port. The Port is a key participant in the Chinese regime’s Belt & Road Initiative, China’s state-backed campaign for global dominance.”

The City’s Mayor once called it Germany’s “China City.”

The public data reveals that at least two-thirds of the world’s top 50 container ports are  owned by the Chinese or supported by Chinese investments, up from roughly 20% a decade ago. Those investments include terminals at major U.S. container ports in Los Angeles and Seattle – Oct 22, 2019. 

These reports confirming China’s foreign and economic policy reining control over crucial strategic sea ports and destinations could no longer be treated as mere economic interests.

China’s expansionism pose greater challenge to United States and the world at large.

China’s latest maneuver in the Himalayas against India and instigating client state Pakistan along side Kashmir border is a political tactic to deflect global attention from the pandemic – the corona virus COVID19 consuming lives at an alarming rate and causing economic collapse to which Beijing is responsible and accountable to the entire world population. 

Containing China:

The resignation among political and economy pundits on turning the wheels away from China in economic activities as non-starter and not doable citing China’s export orientation towards raw materials in agriculture and all consumer items, pharma ingredients, electronics parts and components and diverse product base comprising basic to intermediate goods necessary for final product is myopic ignoring the big picture that led to status quo on China’s economic and military superiority. 

What the world need to recognize is prior to China’s emergence as global manufacturing hub roughly three decades ago, there were options available to global consumers with goods manufactured locally as well as in different parts of the world and regions that enabled market economy competitiveness without dealing with currency fluctuations rather manipulation imposed by China in renminbi (China’s currency) devaluation as and when suitable in China’s favor.

China luring foreign investments appropriately offshore companies production units and factories with Chinese investments in infrastructure settings and human capital showing little or no concern to labor and environment laws created dependency on Chinese imports world over.

China’s consistent infringement on intellectual property rights and patent laws costing corporations and original providers in the economies immense financial liabilities bear no consequences to China resuming business as usual. The ethical implications and proprietary rights are considered meaningless and completely slighted by China in the absence of strong measures and actions from international consortium and governments prioritizing trade deals lagging in many aspects that has contributed to an established pattern and bad precedence in the global economy. 

The multinational companies along with big, medium and small businesses are incentivized with cheap oveurheads including production and labor costs making the affordability factor enticing to end consumer across the globe. 

Notwithstanding the grim reality on domestic workforce losing blue collar jobs and manufacturing sector to China. As a result, the employment opportunities shifted to China depleting domestic consumer power.

The economic drive from China promoting Made in China goods and services available worldwide hurt all economies regardless of GDP growth and consumer price index due to overwhelming majority in middle and lower income category in any economy deprived of steady income and economic development in the disproportionate advantage to China.

China exploiting privileges such as World Trade Organization membership, Most favored nation (MFN) status with United States, EU and other nations not reciprocated on even keel to nations having minimal to broad trade relations with China.

The trade imbalances with China yielding high deficits to trading partners in the global economy merit review and revision delivering fair and equal economic benefits unlike the current trend enhancing China’s economic gains and profitability. 

China’s perceived economic transformation attracting overseas companies to produce goods with partial or major Chinese financial capital that are invariably tied to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in line with Beijing’s political stance on CCP control over system. 

Chinese private sector investments within China and abroad are ultimately state owned assets proved in nationalization of foreign companies production units, brands and ideas neutralizing foreign investors’ stake in the bargain. 

The topic will resume with updates on containing China. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 








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