International Affairs

May 17, 2021

International Affairs

Padmini Arhant

China – Beijing’s lack of transparency and importance to international rules primarily responsible for the ravaging global pandemic. 

On the political front, Beijing’s violent crackdown on Hong Kong residents – the pro-democracy peaceful dissent represented by young citizens – Hong Kong students now in Beijing’s custody in unknown locations are serious human rights violation. 

Beijing’s persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province is yet another human rights violation intensified over a period of time in the absence of international actions in this regard. 

Similarly, the oppression of Tibetan population and systemic elimination of rich Tibetan culture, civilization and heritage since invasion and occupation of sovereign Tibet spanning over seven decades on world watch is a grave authoritarian stigma. 

Beijing’s aggression against independent Taiwan is a routine operation to remind the rest of the world on Beijing’s political and economic clout over nations near and far. 

Amid these engagements, Beijing’s offer to mediate peace between Israel and Palestine is paradoxical. 

Beijing in recognition of individual rights, freedom and sovereignty towards Hong Kong’s pro-democracy groups, Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province , Tibet and Taiwan respectively ceasing hardline policy and initiating peaceful discourse with all these affected victims would be a welcoming change in crises management.

Israel – Palestine Conflict: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inability to prove legitimacy and prolong governance having repeatedly failed in Israel’s three elections in the past two years has exhausted means to justify political authority in the domestic front. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy to buy time evading accountability on corruption scandal directly affecting personal candidacy and leadership role is evident in electoral outcome.

The setbacks in consecutive Israeli elections unable to secure expected electoral mandate to form government for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a clear message from Israeli electorate expressing dissatisfaction on domestic issues. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu availing COVID situation to extend power despite disappointment and disapproval from political and civilian voices in Israel is conspicuous deserving adherence of state and constitutional rule of law. Something that has been flagrantly ignored and circumvented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and perhaps few party loyalists prioritizing personal and political interests over citizens’ plight.

In addressing the pandemic, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s overstretch beginning with lock down to vaccination, the Israeli citizens experience was anything but democratic as shared by Israeli political factions, activists and civil society. These developments inarguably related to exerting political prowess in the context of demonstrating strength and leadership maneuverability for the embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Having declared premature victory over COVID dilemma, the political leadership and governance run its course. The alternative for incumbent government to deflect public angst and frustration in range of domestic issues beginning with government’s rough and tough tactics to combat COVID within Israel besides economic and political instability was to revive Palestinian conflict. 

The Israeli raid on Al- Aqsa mosque during the holy month and prayers of Ramadan was unnecessary provocation leading to status quo. The real victims are civilians on both sides caught in persisting conflict predominantly for political cause. 

“Israeli forces in recent days have attacked Palestinians protesting in solidarity with residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, who were evicted by an Israeli court. The occupying forces also raided the AlAqsa Mosque during special night prayers during Ramadan.”

The topic will resume to shed light on all sides exacerbating human suffering with no desire to contain hunger for power and territorial dominance. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

India – India’s Response to Corona Virus in 2020

May 12, 2021

India – India’s Response to Corona Virus in 2020

Padmini Arhant

A real legitimate democracy would not bow to tyranny and authoritarian governance. The functional democracy would stand up to power especially goon politics and criminal political class abstaining from responsibility on all matter. Above all, the sane rational democracy would not persistently scape goat individual obligatory to none yet consistently coming to rescue at critical situations. Besides, the educated mature democracy would hold those at the helm of position and authority on public payroll and public funded privileges rather than targeting the one to appease domestic political establishment and their foreign masters, an act brimming with pride and prejudice declared democratic.

Personally, as a believer in averting not allowing disaster there were several warnings and objective assessments provided in this website and sub domains cautioning Indian authorities, leaderships and general public on corona virus impact in India right from the beginning i.e. since the first worldwide lockdown on March 23rd, 2020. In return, Indian political class hired media and terror brigade on you tube and social platform engaged in profanity, abuse, inflammatory and derogatory exchange. Indian political regimes’ objection and diatribe via recruits were predominantly aimed at factual information on this site presenting ground reality in India and urging the nation not to take the pandemic for granted at the onset and throughout 2020.

The following articles published in the entire 2020 sought Indian authorities to be transparent in reporting corona virus cases, casualties and testing that barely reconciled official data. Not to mention, the contradictory government guidelines in the absence of effective economic relief and health care preparedness together with series of lapses in heeding alarming signals resulted in status quo. Indian government and political parties across the spectrum refusing to accept flagrant violations from within holding political rallies and mass gatherings amid pandemic is nothing new. The outburst and reaction from Indian political party and government representatives including those deployed in you tube and other social outlets resigned towards belligerence essentially shooting oneself on the foot. 

The government spokespersons on media claiming the second wave as unpredictable and unexpected turn of virus transmissibility is political evasion. The pandemic pattern established in 2020 with second wave experienced next door in China sharing border with India, the mutant variants detected in U.K., South Africa and Brazil…all in the year 2020 while having attracted world wide attention and concerns could have barely escaped India’s focus. In such eventuality, the lack of initiatives among Indian officials and government to thwart health catastrophe translates to the former could care less leaving the population to fend for themselves as witnessed right now. 

The problem is Indian hypersensitivity to constructive thoughts and analyses to preserve opaqueness ultimately cost phenomenal lives, livelihoods and irreversible damage. The checks and balances are never welcome with accountability regarded necessary for ordinary not extraordinary members in society. The nation could have been spared from horrific health, humanitarian and economic crises with adequate planning, medical procurements and procedures in place. Unfortunately, the national leadership failure and government misplaced priorities on new Parliament construction and Prime Minister palace over citizens’ life and health exacerbating calamity. At regional level like in the most populous northern state Uttar Pradesh the pandemic spreading in epic proportion indiscriminately far and wide in urban and rural areas is a grave scenario. To make matters worse, the state i.e. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath hard line policy and ignorance proved a deadly combo. 

The articles published in 2020 on this site and sub domain are self-explanatory on tireless efforts made to inform and convey  inevitable health mayhem related to COVID19 in India upon willful neglect in critical arrangements such as medical supplies, equipment, hospital capacity and various dire requirements to combat the pandemic.

India – Corona Virus Response 

Published on March 24, 2020.

India – Corona Virus Response

India – Transparency is Oxymoron – Published on May 9, 2020.

India – Transparency is Oxymoron

India – Millions Facing Starvation – Published on April 19, 2020.

India – Millions Facing Starvation

Corona Virus Economic Plight – Published on April 15, 2020.

Corona Virus Economic Plight

Corona Virus – Power Grab Update – Published on April 5, 2020.

Corona Virus – Power Grab Update

Corona Virus Opportunism – Published on March 23, 2020.

Corona Virus Opportunism

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Farmers Protest

March 5, 2021

India – Farmers Protest

Padmini Arhant

India FYI – My contributions to India and Indian Affairs

Indian Farmers and Workers Plight – Presentation in Hindi in 2018


India – Farmers and Workers Rally – Tribute to Major Workforce

Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu), India Police Violence – Presentation in English in 2018

Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu Protest – Presentation in Tamil in 2018


The farmers protests in India together with unemployed youth, rising inflation and average citizens suffering nationwide could possibly see the light at the end of tunnel upon India’s leading corporate crony aka Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi stepping down from office.

Reiterating earlier statement on this website on Narendra Modi’s re-election in 2019 as nothing but doom, decline and disaster had been proved since then up until now. The head of the nation Narendra Modi stashing illegal wealth in Swiss bank account along with entire political class and establishment in India hoarding dark money is shameful and an abomination. In contrast, among 1.35 billion population the overwhelming majority in abject poverty, hunger and disease forced to accept the corrupt criminal regimes in power as fact of life is a political travesty in the so-called world’s largest democracy.

This is the reality for any government and political party elected or re-elected to power via rigged election facilitated by calibrated voting machine, black money funding and China communist regime direct financing of political candidacies as it was with Narendra Modi and others in 2019 election and earlier. The subversion of democratic and electoral process through foreign intervention from China, Russia and other nations is the norm to convince citizens on their turf that democracy doesn’t work and dysfunctional. Instead these foreign intruders insist on communist, socialist agenda exclusively serving gluttonous oligarchy whom they represent as the selective few with concentration of power among them i.e. the self-serving self-proclaimed elitists essentially narcissists run system as the ideal political choice.

On the other hand, the international criminal cabal’s proxies, pawns and puppets in diverse role are deployed as propagandists to peddle international cartel’s concocted versions on all issues that are far from truth and factual information. Though there are many lured with fame, fortune and power to perform for the international syndicate, there are some cherry picked by the clique in the divide and conquer strategy. They are usurped to superficial political positions and some are elevated to strengthen sycophancy and misrepresentation.

In this context, the conglomerate representative touted as world renowned environmentalist, the voice for organic agriculture and farmers’ crusader from India is nowhere visible in the months’ long farmers protests to lend a prominent representation in the farmer’s plight. The western financed notable female Indian author is pre-occupied in making rounds selling books on international broadcasting networks like BBC, RT, Democracy Now…to name a few among devious broadcasters overtly and covertly committed to globalists indoctrination.

Where is Dr. Vandana Shiva in the Indian farmers’ prolonged struggle?

It is least surprising to note Dr. Vandana Shiva representation of Narendra Modi government defending the administration in foreign media when questioned on Narendra Modi government violent crack down on farmers and arbitrary arrest of anyone speaking for the farmers as foreign NGO’s instigation.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and administration are directly responsible for farmers tragedy ranging from suicides to deprivation of farmland ownership. The grand larceny where farmlands were deceitfully seized from Indian farmers and indigenous groups in central, north, north western, north eastern and southern India to accommodate Indian oligarchs is the trend. Narendra Modi’s campaign financiers Adani, Ambani, the Britain based Vedanta group owned Sterlite corporation and several domestic as well as foreign corporate opportunists claiming lions share at farmers and native land owners loss and liability is political priority.

On the contrary, the United States native born and naturalized Indian citizen, the genuine environmentalist and legal advocate for farmers and local groups in India, the law professor Sudha Bharadwaj was arrested and held in detention denying due process i.e. habeas corpus by Narendra Modi in the battle against Narendra Modi’s aggressive land seizure from farmers, Adivasis i.e. India’s aborigines for mining and earth excoriation by Narendra Modi and Indian corporate syndicate viz. Adani, Ambani, Vedanta Group, the Tatas, Birlas, and other industrialists led feudalist agenda.

Now as for the unscrupulous elements precisely rogue scoundrels in IT sleeper cells hired by Narendra Modi and the so-called upper caste B.S. Brahmins – the Tamil Brahmins in particular to launch attacks against me in their futile attempts, I draw their focus on my articles and video presentations on numerous topics about India and Indian matter. The publications on this website and sub-domain relentlessly related to Indian farmers, workers, the poor, downtrodden, disadvantaged, marginalized, disenfranchised, labor force, retail merchants, street vendors and all the way to middle class educated unemployed youth frustration and economic misery.  Notwithstanding standing up for affected victims inThoothukudi Sterlite massacre, Koodankulam nuclear plant commission against the Indian politician and former President Abdul Kalam who admonished me for sharing local residents concerns especially soon after the global awareness on Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan.

Likewise, I have stood for the weak, vulnerable and dispossessed population in India and across the globe time and time again transcending usual and unique traits and traditions that are predominantly premised on individual and vested interests.

My service not only to India but entire humanity in the past thirteen years and earlier have been provided free of cost i.e, without being paid a dime, privileges or benefits not barring any monetary, physical and logistic assistance whatsoever thus far. Not to mention any publicity. Furthermore, the tireless work carried out depleting personal savings and hard earned assets for the betterment and progress of the voiceless, the forgotten and forbidden population worldwide for which my family and I continue to endure abuse, invasion of privacy, threats to life that are regarded the criminals’ prerogative.

Additionally, my  personal identity and intellectual property are stolen and attributed to those representing the international criminal enterprise (ICE).

Importantly, the service has been rendered completely free, with no charges or subscription fees requirements to public or private entities, any donations from companies and governments accessing free information and updates on all topics published on the website and There are no corporate sponsorships, public funding and advertisements including any monetization of users data that are common practice in the online and conventional commercial market place.

That being said, the international criminal enterprise (ICE) have in return engaged in appointing and nominating their cronies and pawns to political positions, financial bribes and pseudo hall of fame. They continue to parade wannabes and minions in their inventory as my substitute nuanced at denouncing me and my dedication. The ICE self-incriminating overreach is not only criminal but also highlight contempt and pathological hatred towards me in volume. Such disposition only mirror degenerative decay of their decomposed mind and attribute.

Interestingly my inalienable individual right in self-defense to constant international criminal enterprise ( ICE’s) provocation and mob frenzy towards me is characterized as gangsta further clarifying their bully mafia mentality.

Once again as a strong believer in Karma, the recalcitrant terrorists recruited on YouTube representing corrupt criminals in Indian politics and elsewhere besides the self-asserted Brahmin herd in Tamil Nadu or wherever are on notice to refrain from wanton indulgence and opportunism.

India’s decline is largely associated with treason, corruption and parasitic existence of the hierarchical parochial plutocracy at vast populations’ expense and generational exploitation.

My response to servile terror sleeper IT cells anchored on me and my contributions is for them to introspect and internalize energy for self-emancipation from feudalist discriminatory culture. These misguided misogynists desperately need purposeful life helping thee and others in the country ever remaining the dominion republic to foreign powers.

Free India and Indian republic from medieval feudalism and caste based anachronism.

Finally, rather than questioning and prodding me to submit to corrupt Indian political regimes and international criminal enterprise (ICE) unprecedented prejudice, the beneficiaries riding on my back are obligatory to prove worthiness and entitlements.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter









United States – Presidential Race 2020 Conclusion

December 19, 2020

United States – Presidential Race 2020 Conclusion

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on re-election to second term in office. 

The administration headed by President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence smooth and peaceful transition to second term in office barring unnecessary obstruction and disruption is paramount.  

The unity and cooperation is imperative in national interests denying any advantage to domestic or foreign forces to hurt and harm United States at every opportunity. 

The nation coming together in solidarity to confront challenges in every frontier is critical now and moving forward. 

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 


United States – Supreme Court Ruling dé·jà vu

December 18, 2020

United States – Supreme Court Ruling dé·jà vu

Padmini Arhant

Then conversation between author Wayne Allyn Root and Dr. Gina Loudon in June 2015 on Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare and fast forward to 2020, the United States Supreme Court guarantee on Obamacare and rejecting Texas lawsuit  against four swing states WI, MI, PA and GA on constitutional violation in the Presidential race 2020 reflect status quo discussed in the video below.

The facts on Barack Obama misusing IRS against republican Tea Party members isolating them in the pursuit and subsequently FBI framing General Michael Flynn in 2016 and investigations thereafter once again confirm the author Wayne Allyn Root’s conviction on abuse of power by Barack Obama. The enactment of National Defense Authorization Act, the controversial NDAA aimed at United States citizens on then government headed by Barack Obama’s radar to be tried in military tribunal in contradiction to civilian court of law was a direct violation of civil rights and democratic system.

The republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell recent acquiescence to Presidential election 2020 outcome and further advising republican members in the Senate not to object or disrupt vote counting on January 5th, 2021 is dé·jà vu considering the pattern from both SCOTUS and Senate majority leader as well as some republican members in the Senate and Congress.

Notwithstanding judiciary in lower and higher courts, the judges appointed during former President Barack Obama administration abdication of constitutional duty in the Presidential election 2020 lawsuits conforming to public opinion on collusion with deep state clarify corruption and ethical deficit.

Is United States Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Senate Republican members under political pressure?

Dr. Gina Loudon and author Wayne Allyn Root discussion published in public domain on June 27, 2015

resonate today in latest developments related to election and other matter.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

China Ties Chinatized Global Status Quo 

China’s ties with members in politics and economy world over benefitting China CCP and more so the United States Presidential election 2020 revelations on stronger and deeper financial quid pro quo with various key members like Biden family, Kamala Emhoff aka Harris and others Chinatized / hypnotized in calculated Beijing move to supersede the long targeted competitor United States. The advantage to Beijing from investments in Biden family and team is exponential in a well maneuvered economic and strategic management.

Appropriately, time to sanitize chinatized (china ties) swamp that might also alleviate COVID-19 pandemic.

Padmini Arhant


Presentation on Status Quo

December 14, 2020

Draining the Deep State Swamp

The power remains with people. Accordingly, draining the deep state swamp has to begin with people recognizing deep state members for instance all those denying election corruption and constitutional violation are doing so at deep state behest following the deep state script to reject evidence based voter fraud and accept fraudulent declaration of election. These members from diverse factions are sworn to deep state doctrine to cheat, lie and deceive for power, fame and fortune.

The tech oligarchs and media on the other hand representing deep state shut down people voice on social media with censorship on free speech while maintaining deep state propaganda and narratives on election and many other issues protecting deep state corruption and collusion. 

The deep state survival is directly dependent on people subscription of channels on social media, mainstream and other media run by deep state.

Accordingly, the money flow from people to deep state, deep state loyalists and backers in politics, economy and communication diverted amongst people in favor of democracy, republic rule of law and individual rights is the preliminary step to drain the swamp shifting power from deep state to the republic.

The immediate pull back of money flow from people to oligarchs and deep state would be fundamental to preserve freedom, democracy, free and fair election that are superseded with aggressive undemocratic unconstitutional means to justify falsehood.

People are the power to initiate change, sanity and reason in any republic.

Padmini Arhant


Democratic Ways to challenge undemocratic 

Deep State 

The social media patrons shunned by deep state – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in particular for the gag order and censorship could be stymied ethically by choosing alternative platform.

The social media got big entirely due to people as users and consumers of the business advertising on the social media. The tech giants undemocratic ways to silence political views and free speech have hurt themselves in barring freedom of expression.

There are many alternatives to YouTube in cyberspace. The youtube had suppressed them denying these promising democratic platforms that respects free speech their fair market share online.

It’s time to turn the clock and provide these alternatives social media a fair chance to compete effectively against tech giants controlling voice and politics in direct violation of individual rights.

The list of alternatives to youtube are available and these channels are equally if not better than Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

People are the real power in everything from commerce to politics, entertainment and even the army.

Without people there could be no nation, no rulers, no government. Similarly without consumers and work force there could be no business or corporation. Without public as audience there would be no entertainers or entertainment who could exist or survive.

Last but not the least, without people joining the armed forces to serve the nation and fellow citizens there could be no chief or General to command the army and defense force.

Religion too cannot afford without followers and believers in any faith.

People are the ultimate power.

People v. Deep State – the people power is a force to reckon with for minority corrupt deep state ignoring people rights and freedom much to their defeat.

Padmini Arhant 


Deep State Collusion

The deep state collusion is far and wide. From communist authoritarian regime in China to Moscow Russia Television and across the Atlantic in London and Europe, globalists, tech oligarchs and billionaires run media, press, judiciary, members in deep state funded politics combined are the only ones desperately engaged in enforcing the fraudulent election as the done deal.

All those submitting to election corruption are essentially identifying themselves as the DEEP STATE.

The marvel of any crisis is shining light on darkness with those caught in the process unable to hide in the dark.

Truth is Light and Light dispels darkness not vice versa.

Padmini Arhant


United States – STOP THE CRIME

Padmini Arhant

If United States republic does not wake up to this alarming revelation, the giant will be put to sleep by foreign coup d’etat.

Biden selection to power is Beijing and foreign powers direct coup on United States of America.


FBI Subpeonas Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton soon after United States Supreme Court declines the Great State Texas lawsuit on Constitutional Violation by Key Swing States.  The timing of FBI action against Texas AG is quite interesting.

Where was the FBI and DOJ on Joseph Biden and Hunter Biden’s open secret dealings with China CCP, Military, Ukraine and Moscow…over these years, the massive collusion hidden from public during election year?



Presentation on Status Quo

Padmini Arhant

The video presentation on this content 

My fellow Americans and Citizens around the world.

The present situation is extraordinary with the Presidential election unfortunately delivering more problems than actual result. I’m sure you all understand what I’m referring to in terms of voting irregularities, vote counts via Dominion voting machine and software as well as manual tabulations involving replication, 500,000 or so counterfeit ballots allocated to democrat candidate Joseph Biden while the incumbent President Donald J. Trump voters’ legal votes were either dumped, deleted and destroyed according to many key witnesses having volunteered as observers and some of them hired as canvassers and election officials recounting their experience in the swing states public hearing watched nationwide and world over.

The issue with the Presidential election starting on election day November 3rd, the vote counting was abruptly paused for quite some time and resumed with disproportionate votes for the candidate Joe Biden who was trailing far behind the incumbent contender Donald Trump which raised a red flag on the reversal of votes between candidates that did not appear to be normal.

Upon investigations and examination by the legal team representing incumbent President Donald Trump, the facts on the Dominion voting machine and software confirmed the details on server in Frankfurt, Germany and real time vote tallying in Barcelona, Spain with opportunities in software for vote maneuvering and calibration to desired candidacy, Joe Biden was adequate in the built-in technical configurations to favor one candidacy over another.

Furthermore, Dominion machine used Smartmatic software company chairman of the board Peter Neffenger and candidate Joe Biden’s close relations before election and the latter being part of Biden transition team made public the day after election caused credible concerns on conflict of interest.

Smartmatic’s holding company chaired by an associate of democrat supporter and financier Hungarian billionaire George Soros could not be mere coincidence. Another report surfaced on the software Smartmatic’s chairman of the board Peter Neffenger involved think tank having recently received funding from the Ukranian firm that employed Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

All of these activities and reality undermines electoral credibility in the highly connected and close network rewarding one another in the Presidential bid of Joe Biden. The quid pro quo with foreign governments viz. China in terms of massive campaign investments via CCP controlled companies and Hungarian billionaire George Soros associated members directing election results and the member Peter Neffenger representing Presidential contender Joe Biden’s transition panel compromise electoral win in the voter transgression in the critical Presidential election.

Subsequently, the lawsuits dismissal in the key battleground states lower and higher courts including the latest in the United States Supreme court is indicative of political influence hindering judicial obligation to electorate seeking clarifications on voter fraud and many legitimate questions surrounding the state legislature and constitutionality determining election process in the swing states.

Interestingly, the Biden family and candidate Joe Biden’s various financial dealings with China, Ukraine, Moscow mayor’s spouse financial contribution and much more hidden from public until after election contrary to election tradition in vetting candidates upon their public confirmation to run for office place biased media, press and relevant authorities including DOJ and FBI in spotlight for inhibiting vital information from electorate during election year.

More than anything, the election integrity in jeopardy is a clarion call to members in state legislature, Congress and electoral college regardless of political parties to engage in protecting the constitutional based democratic rule of law and election procedures that have been violated in the Presidential election 2020. The election controlled and managed from overseas with internal coordination to upend electoral outcome and judiciary choosing to neglect constitutional responsibility in the overall activities directly impact democratic electoral system now and in the future. Not to mention the diminishing voter trust losing confidence in free and fair election in the absence of transparency and constitutional compliance in the equal protection law mandatory for all states in the Union without exception is a severe setback for democracy and election process.

On foreign intervention – United States citizens are quite familiar with this term considering democrats relentless pursuit citing Russian collusion in 2016 election found non-existent having exhausted all means including impeachment proceedings against the sitting President Donald Trump along with other honorable members and decorated veteran like General Michael Flynn unnecessarily and unethically subject to incrimination and humiliation in the highly politicized investigation and arbitrary indictment.

Fast forward to 2020 – the democrats open courtship with United States adversaries prominently China communist regime especially after China CCP deliberate negligence to contain the deadly corona virus originating in Wuhan, China and Beijing unleashing the pathogen on humanity across the globe through unrestricted international travel is malicious and reckless that warranted international condemnation and action against such decision.

President Donald Trump’s decisive response against Beijing through sanctions of communist members and delisting China’s military companies from United States stock market and other measures like closing China’s consulate in the wake of espionage activities in Houston, Texas account for China CCP overt engagement not without internal political and tech giants collusion to sabotage Presidential race 2020.

China identified as the greatest national security threat to the United States disclosed by the director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe in public appearance is the reality. China CCP bribery of United States academia with large endowments, gifts and fees to faculty members  to obtain intellectual property rights and innovation techniques, Beijing controlled banks and companies’ investments in United States corporations setting manufacturing base in China leveraged against United States in critical moments like COVID-19 pandemic management on supply chain such as protective medical inventories and denying access to United States CDC and other federal as well as private professional medical groups to Wuhan, China at early outbreak of the pandemic exacerbated health and economic crisis in the United States and across the globe.

China CCP mishandling, covering up and spreading corona virus to the world with United States enduring the highest casualties and viral transmissions requiring hospitalization and indefinite lockdowns hurting the economy is a major blow to United States and global economy.

China communist party and military deployed spy operations in United States politics and democrat candidate Joe Biden and family financial contracts with Beijing in reciprocity embolden Chinese leadership’s political clout gaining enormous advantage over United States position in the domestic and international domain.

China communist leadership ambition to supersede United States in every respect i.e. militarily, economically, technologically and now politically is facilitated by China funded democratic Presidency with China’s top brass expecting more economic value and superiority in exchange for investments in political candidacy, educational institutions, media and tech companies falling in line with Beijing’s goals to undermine election integrity and democratic system in the United States only to be replicated worldwide.

China’s intervention in foreign politics and election is not limited to United States as the primary competitor in global dominance. In fact, China’s communist leadership infiltration in other sovereign nation’s general election such as South Korea on April 15, 2020 amid pandemic enabled China CCP to corrupt South Korea’s national election commission overturning results to China’s communist party preferred candidacies and political faction in that election much to South Korean electorate disillusionment and frustration similar to United States dilemma.

The same would apply to India’s national election in May 2019 with Beijing direct and indirect financing of political parties, candidacies and campaigns leaving Indian electorate in disarray notwithstanding the controversy on electronic voting machine unreasonably swaying the electoral result stymied with distractions on religious event inaugurations and other non-essential issues again triggering voter distress and dissatisfaction resigning to election debacles as irreversible problem.

Soon after Indian election in 2019 and the early stages of COVID-19 ravaging effects in February and March 2020 world over,

China CCP authorized military invasion on the Himalayas targeting India’s north and north eastern territory beginning with Ladakh and extending operations through military installations and troops all along India’s Himalayan region to southern frontiers in the Indian ocean. Beijing’s long term strategy to invade and occupy Indian territories came into fruition in the embattled Himalayan demarcated and disputed line of control that resulted in martyrdom of armed personnel i.e. casualties on both sides with ongoing tensions escalated in the height of frigid temperature in the battle zone 18,000 feet above sea level forcing Indian military to expand and invest in infrastructure, defensive artillery and combat mechanisms while the pandemic induced health and economic woes costing lives and livelihoods with the poorest paying the dearest price in the second most populous nation on earth.

China’s expansionism is larger than life and exceeds limits with no respect for sovereignty or territorial integrity of foreign nations near and far. China’s territorial skirmishes and intrusions in Taiwan straits and South China sea facing United States and landlocked nations in South and South East Asia are forced to contend with China’s hegemonic aspirations evolving into direct interference in sovereign nation’s political affairs compromising intelligence and national security. None of these egregious moves from China could be slighted or taken for granted only to be escalated upon Beijing sponsored Presidency to power in the white house.

Not to mention China’s flagrant human rights violations at home, in Hong Kong against pro-democracy movement, contemptuous aggressions against neighbor Taiwan’s sovereignty and elected government, Tibet permanently deprived of autonomy let alone independence and all other nations are assumed a fair game for exploitation and subjugation under China’s CCP Xi Jinping’s leadership struggling to maintain stability and solidarity within communist politburo and among 1.5 billion population in China confronted with authoritarianism.

China’s Silk road projects on the other hand with 70 or more countries around the world is essentially a debt trap mimicking world bank and IMF policy with the difference being China’s large-scale infrastructure undertakings in these nations serve as incentives to submit to China’s disguised economic package.

The western nations viz. Australia, Canada, Britain, EU and Israel have all been lured with China’s irresistible financial ventures directed at seaports and other projects laden in ulterior strategic dominance to weaken United States is an inherent threat in terms of global security.

China communist leadership nuanced assertion in the latest descendance on moon launched via unmanned spacecraft in the mission Chang’e-5 in November coinciding post Presidential election in the United States with unilateral projection of democrat candidate Joe Biden as the winner in a way resonate with China hoisting the national flag on the moon reminding United States of Beijing’s intervened election to install Biden administration in the white house conducive to Beijing’s policy in every possible dimension.

China communist regime and affiliates are not the only ones to interfere in foreign elections. The billionaires and deep state concerted efforts to derail candidacies not regarded viable for their vested interests and agenda are routinely pursued and unseated from the duly elected positions as President or Prime Minister of a nation. Contrarily those whom they consider reliable on delivering their diverse agendum are backed and promoted with funding, gifts and coveted awards during election in a subtle and conspicuous attempt to influence electorate in those nations that are democratic.

In the United States Presidential election, the external spoilers range from bookies across the Atlantic in London to foreign billionaires George Soros and many others in deep state betting on their choice of Presidential candidate is violation of American electorate rights with foreign agents and internal colluders subverting election and democratic norms for personal gains and political advantage.

In conclusion, United States electoral college, the state legislature and judiciary in key states reviewing petitions on matter related to Presidential election 2020 prioritizing election integrity, credibility and constitutional sanctity is paramount to save democracy restoring republic trust in free and fair election barring adulteration and falsification of votes in addition to foreign intrusion.

China and other foreign entities interception in United States election remains an existential threat endangering sovereignty, freedom, economic prospects and poignantly national security.

At present, the democrat candidacies as President and Vice President both linked to China in deals benefiting the parties involved pose the biggest challenge for United States to function and perform independently without surrendering to Beijing’s demands and extraordinary conditions that are already established in black mail, extortions, spying and corrupting election.

God Bless humanity, environment and the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









United States – Direct Question to Director of National Intelligence

December 6, 2020

United States – Direct Question


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe

Padmini Arhant

The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe would provide a major service to concerned American citizens in explaining the director’s contradictory statements on China.

The director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe’s Op-ed in Wall Street Journal stated as intelligence briefing to American citizens on the greatest national security threat from the adversary China against the United States militarily, economically and technologically is one aspect of reality. 

On another occasion during the exclusive interview with CBS News Thursday, the director John Ratcliffe elaborated on China’s infiltration in United States through willingness to use blackmail, bribery and covert and overt influence to ensure the U.S. enacts laws favorable to Chinese interests.”

In the same interview cited below, the director quoted the intelligence community so far has not “been able to determine” any foreign adversary or criminal group had the ability to change the result of the election.

Here is the problem with conflicting positions from the intelligence community. 

How come the adversary China embedded in the democrat contender Joe Biden’s campaign through massive funding in several millions of dollars not responsible for election being anything but free and fair amid COVID 19 originating from Wuhan, China?

China endangering United States national security, economy and technology is an established fact with public knowledge especially the unleashing of COVID19 having significant impact on the economy, Presidential election, citizens health and survival combating the deadly virus. 

China CCP extraordinary funding to democrat contender Joe Biden Presidential campaign and the controversy lacking probe on Biden Center’s undisclosed China donations conforming to the director’s claim on China’s bribery of political members and institutions not being considered by the intelligence community as China’s overt interference in United States election is intriguing and disturbing.

The financial dealings between China and democrat contestant Joe Biden not viewed by the intelligence community as China’s overt intervention in the United States Presidential election raise legitimate question on national intelligence failure to acknowledge China’s intrusion in United States affairs. 

How is it possible for the director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe to come to conclusion on the election being over in democrat candidate Joe Biden’s favor when Joe Biden is the chief recipient of China’s donations to Presidential campaign since the democrat contender’s first public announcement on Presidential bid?

There appears to be intelligence disconnect in connecting the long term relation between China and Joe Biden candidacy expected to extend into oval office operation by Beijing. 

Meanwhile, the legal course on election integrity violations are underway with 74 million American electorate voting for incumbent President Donald J. Trump seek audit and vote verifications in swing states’ counties leading to voting irregularities and voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United States – Deep State Media Dissemination

Padmini Arhant

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told CBS News in an interview Thursday.

“Ratcliffe told CBS News the intelligence community so far has not “been able to determine” any foreign adversary or criminal group had the ability to change the result of the election. But he sounded the alarm on China, calling it the country’s “greatest adversary.” Beijing, he said, is willing to use blackmail, bribery and covert and overt influence to ensure the U.S. enacts laws favorable to Chinese interests.”

CBS reiterated the message via Twitter.

CBS News


“No intelligence so far has shown that a foreign adversary or criminal group had the ability to change voting results, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says in an exclusive interview.”

The statement “No intelligence so far has shown that a foreign adversary or criminal group had the ability to change voting results,” is based on the deep state and media choice of Presidential winner viz. the democrat candidate Joe Biden.

However, the deep state and media could not bring themselves to admit and acknowledge the same about 2016 Presidential election delivering resounding victory to then republican candidate Donald J. Trump, who along with honorable members like General Michael Flynn (a victim in the vicious political vendetta) in Trump administration were incriminated with staged FBI investigations to frame General Flynn in the highest political immorality by then outgoing Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration.

Again the false and fraudulent proceedings at American tax payers expense wasting approximately $48 million on the politicized Robert Mueller committee found no evidence whatsoever on the so-called Russian collusion with Trump campaign and the 2016 electoral outcome. This verdict was already made public on this website loud and clear preceding Robert Mueller committee considering politics defying reason and rationality following 2016 election result.

Fast forward to 2020, the double standards reeking political partisanship is repeated in 2020 Presidential election. This time flipping the cart to favor the deep state choice viz. democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden vindicated despite overwhelming evidence on election integrity violations in key battleground states that deserve audit and verification to clear voter fraud stigma and address mass electoral irregularities presented by witnesses under oath with penalty or serious charges for perjury in public hearings thus far.

On the second part of this interview – Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe sounded the alarm on China, calling it the country’s “greatest adversary.” Beijing, he said, is willing to use blackmail, bribery and covert and overt influence to ensure the U.S. enacts laws favorable to Chinese interests.”

The existential activities on China CCP’s bribery of U.S. political class, bureaucrats and public officials is a prominent culture brought to deep state and their media attention long before and made available in public domain that has been conveniently ignored as ‘conspiracy theory’.

China CCP Controlled Investments in

Biden Center and Presidency

China CCP companies financing democrat contender Joe Biden and Biden represented academia, then the former ties with tech oligarchs via investments resonate in tech giants vigorous political activism and massive financial funding to democrat candidacy Joe Biden in 2020 Presidential race.

The quid pro quo pose tremendous challenges in every respect upon Biden administration assuming office. The problems ranging from China CCP’s dominance in U.S. administration to economic and national security vulnerabilities against the United States endanger democracy, national sovereignty and economic viability moving forward. Not to mention electorate faith in free and fair elections amid foreign powers and tech behemoths influence corrupting electoral credibility.

The apparent and visibly contentious impropriety through foreign government direct intervention in United States Presidential election not even regarded significant pronounce complicity in diverse domains beginning with deep state politics and media.

The public outcry in this regard and illegal vote count in swing states appropriately invalidate outcome favoring democrat candidacy Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, AP Projection of Presidential Winner

December 3, 2020

United States – Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, AP Projection of Presidential Winner

Padmini Arhant

The election in any country is determined by actual legal votes cast by registered voters after meeting voter eligibility such as citizenship, residential address, age etc. unlike voters in the United States Presidential election 2020 included in democrat contender Joe Biden’s tally emerging from the grave to unknown locations via mail-in ballots and absentee votes is remarkable and appropriately falls in null and void category.

As for tech oligarchs viz. Twitter, Facebook and the likes, media magnates Fox News as well as others endorsement and projection of the democrat candidate Joe Biden as the winner essentially Beijing victory noting China CCP funding Biden Presidency, these bidders and investors credibility or the lack thereof unravel hidden facts on their vested interests in Biden selection to power.

Whenever monetary dealings in election campaigns come to light such as Facebook reportedly investing $400m in Biden Presidency in addition to insisting Facebook staff donations to Joe Biden candidacy, there is always a lot more to it than meets the eye. 

Fox News Murdoch family stake in Biden campaign – Kathryn Murdoch and James Murdoch, son of FOX News Corporation executive chairman Rupert Murdoch, together contributed $1.1 million to Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign.

The controversial Dominion voting machine 96% employees cash contributions besides illegal votes in calibrated vote flipping to  democrat candidate Joe Biden along with many billionaires viz. George Soros in the front line seizing election from the 74 million American electorate who cast legal votes to incumbent President Donald Trump barring fake ballots to democrat candidate Joe Biden verify electoral fraud and unlawful engagement.

The election fixed by local and offshore billionaires, tech giants together with foreign authoritarian regimes like China CCP, the electoral process is corrupted through local meddling and foreign intervention. The outcome and projections in these situations favoring their choice of candidacy accordingly revoke flawed output.

It does not require extraordinary understanding and intelligence to figure these oligarchs and media desperation to deny the American electorate legitimacy to power in the decisive re-election of incumbent President Donald J. Trump to serve second term in office.

Importantly, the tech giants flagrant violations of public trust with Facebook brought to spotlight on data mining, harvesting to third party, the otherwise unlawful monetization of Facebook users personal data and the exposure of Centra, the tool used by Facebook to track users not only on Facebook but dragnet surveillance on their activities to which the CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded during recent Senate hearing as unknown activity despite heading the publicly listed social media company and vigorous political activism confirm the profile. 

Twitter – yet another questionable social media interface predominantly serving agenda targeting population anywhere depriving them of livelihood, freedom and voting rights to benefit political and corporate interests should be the last one to dispute the U.S. Presidential election inherent irrefutable voter fraud and irregularities with mounting evidences from witnesses presenting their testimonials under oath with penalty or imprisonment for perjury in key battleground states public hearing thus far.

Furthermore, Twitter’s blatant bias against those not in agreement with entities funneling the survival of propaganda machinery Twitter is ominous considering Twitter deceptively positioned the public platform for users subject to Twitter and political alliance approval. So much for the tolerance of Free Speech and free society.

FOX News – Once a die hard conservative republican harbinger of anything and everything from drum roll on war fare to election coverage exclusively favoring conservative republican members in the past up until George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s administration in power shielding shenanigans and treasonous activities that duly called for investigations and inquiry notwithstanding impeachment for abuse of power somehow not deemed necessary by the successor Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration, who in return spared no opportunity to pursue spy and even unsuccessfully impeach the republican President Donald Trump before and after commencement of first term in office.

The Fox News known for fabrication and falsehood prompted then so-called first Black President Barack Obama to wrongfully fire the black public official – Shirley Sherrod, former Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture. Though Wiki (Wicked) pedia misleading the public in propagating the incident being tied to deep state invented Breitbart News is cesspool of dissemination and mass deception. 

The coordination between the once conservative news media FOX News and supposedly democrat Obama – Biden administration is prominent and more so in the latest FOX declaration of Biden victory discarding the 74 million republican conservatives re-electing the incumbent President Donald Trump in the 2020 election lay bare facts on Presidential race and mainstream politics. 

Last but not the least, the democrat candidate Joe Biden expressing empathy for corona virus victims and COVID19 casualties sadly serving as the political advantage in 2020 election would instead concede in light of revelations on China CCP direct involvement in promoting and financing the former VP’s Presidential endeavor to entirely benefit Beijing.

In conclusion, the Presidential race investors and bidders anxious to reap more than their investment in the democrat Joe Biden candidacy in utter disregard for democratic and electoral integrity by default invalidate their projection and election outcome favoring Joe Biden Presidency.

The 74 million American electorate casting their votes for incumbent President Donald J. Trump are the real winners not the tech oligarchs, foreign billionaires and China CCP behind Joe Biden Presidency.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Democracy and Constitution Subversion

December 2, 2020

United States – Democracy and Constitution Subversion

Padmini Arhant

United States citizens recognition of deep state controlled and authorized subversion of democracy and constitution is critical for individual rights, freedom and fair opportunity.

The political members and those running for higher office in deep state’s deep pockets is a serious threat to the republic and independent status. In the current pandemic climate, the local, state and national authorities imposed strict rules accompanied by penalty and imprisonment upon violation with incidents of arrests of small business owners reported in New York State while the democrat Presidency funded by China CCP pushed forward by any means i.e. hook or crook despite the established fact on COVID19 originating and spread from Wuhan, China clarify the anti-republic and anti-humanity regime installation to power.

The democrats and republican members at various levels of governance backing Beijing victory falsely dubbed Biden victory in the 2020 Presidential election through state certifications of results ignoring evidence based voter fraud and judiciary reversing or tossing the ruling on voting irregularities aimed at enabling Beijing victory in the White House need to come forward and explain to their constituents, American electorate and taxpayers funding the government and judiciary payroll on the exact agenda behind the obvious rejection of constitutional law and democratic norm.

The media and press preoccupation in fabrication and falsehood to seat the corrupt and incorrigible to power in quid pro quo is an enormous price for the electorate to pay and endure repeat of past systemic abuse of power in office. The government is not limited to management of goods and services besides altering taxation laws to suit private and vested interests, the increasing intrusion and invasion of citizens privacy and now more under the guise of COVID19 is the last straw in politics minding public’s personal affairs. 

China CCP and foreign investments in political class, academia, tech giants, oligarchs and media instrumental in massive corruption, mass deception and compulsive violations of constitution, democracy and election integrity. American electorate experiencing frustration and betrayal of trust in the Presidential election 2020 in light of rigged election petitioning the relevant state legislators, federal representatives in Congress and United States Senate, FBI, DOJ and judiciary to perform their legislative duty and constitutional responsibility rather than cowering to domestic political pressure in allegiance to China CCP i.e. foreign powers and governments is monumental in voiding status quo on election outcome.

Citizens efforts and commitment to protect individual liberty and freedom of choices is an immediate priority. The democracy that America proudly represented and cheered presently threatened and expected to worsen in the aftermath of Beijing and George Soros proxy administration in the White House heralding doom and decline.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




United States – Deep State and Beijing SuperPac Politics

November 29, 2020

United States – Deep State


Beijing SuperPac Politics

Padmini Arhant

Deep state run and controlled press and media together with Beijing SuperPac are denying American electorate the legitimate right to democracy.

The democrat and republicans in local and national governance including judiciary imposing restrictions and ordinance on American citizens citing upsurge in corona virus – unleashed by China CCP from Wuhan, China while the democrat Presidency funded and backed by China CCP to power in American politics is Beijing’s master stroke aided by democrat candidacy including those launching their return to proxy power and crony press and media.

The hunger for power even after the official two terms in the White House is over 2009 – 2016 though the second term was negotiated between power brokers and the so-called then Republican opponent in 2012 Presidential election verify deep state politics.

In 2012, the republican electorate were simply written off to accommodate deep state, George Soros and allies approved incumbency in 2012.

The 2016 Donald Trump’s victory could not be digested by then democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, democrat establishment and foreign forces ever engaged in derailing democracy anywhere. Accordingly, the most vicious visceral political vendetta against TRUMP administration for the entire four years in the first term was perpetrated as justified action.

The democrats, bureaucracy and crony media obstructionist politics is the norm with little or no respect for fairness, transparency and equal protection of law continued today maintaining corrupt devious tactics to gain power.

The Chicago aggressive and abrasive politics introduced in 2009 Barack Obama Presidency exacerbated with Hillary Clinton’s crooked practice exposed in the private server gate posing serious national security threats and the State department in 2009 transformed into epicenter for numerous coup against foreign governments…never subject to law of the land that otherwise exceeded limits in civility and reason against Donald Trump Presidency with impeachment proceedings explains deep state dogma protecting and promoting treason, corruption, criminality and partisan politics.

American electorate rejecting deep state and foreign powers endorsements are never accepted nor acknowledged deploying underhanded mechanisms such as voter fraud and internal apparatus collusion to upend voters’ choice and install the foreign SuperPac candidacy i.e. Beijing victory falsely dubbed Biden victory in 2020 despite corona virus pandemic used as the platform in the Presidential race 2020.

The Biden family direct connection with China CCP investments going back to 2009 – 2016 and until now in the Presidential campaign 2020, Biden family economic deals with Ukranian firm and political links…none of these are concerns for deep state press and media complicit in mass deception seating anti-democratic and anti-republic regimes in power.

American voters experiencing and enduring political swamp’s carcinogenic effects invalidating foreign intrusion and domestic corruption in election and government functionaries is critical to save democracy and the constitution founded and established envisioning events such as these in political history.

The Supreme Court in any land is expected to fulfill their constitutional duty and responsibility to safeguard the constitutional rights and law in interpretation and judicial execution on all matter barring preference and prejudice.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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