Soul Searching and Healthy Living

May 8, 2022

Soul Searching


Healthy Living

Padmini Arhant

There is no effort required in Soul searching. Soul is inner light placed within to dispel darkness in mind and purify thoughts generating good emotions for positive, productive and peaceful existence. 

The healthy habits confined to physical body alone are not enough to healthy living. The cleansing of primordial mind and heart is quintessential to sustain healthy survival. The mind cluttered with negativities, malice and harmful notions remain ever disturbed and in eternal turmoil. The heart lacking in genuine empathy, kindness, gratitude, love and sincerity is a train wreck regardless of health protocol concentrated on body mass index (BMI), slim and trim statistics or six pack regimen appropriately. Similarly behavior reflecting character devoid of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness besides evading responsibility for actions or inactions in life are equally important and represent integral part of soul searching. 

The compulsive disorders like persistent malignant conduct, malevolence, narcissism, hypocrisy, vendetta, envy, jealousy, misogyny, hatred, prejudice, hubris, lies, deception, deceit, duplicity, abuse, exploitation, violation of rights, life, space, home, privacy via spying, eavesdropping, unlawful surveillance, snooping and propaganda. Not withstanding gender distortion and profile appropriation. The worst amongst all theft of all kinds including ideas, lifestyle and identity  and myriad carcinogenic characteristics consume most energy leaving behind a void internally with no prospects for constructive pragmatic evolution. 

The denial and dismissal of Soul unheeding inner conscience, the primary witness to all actions, thoughts and feelings set the motion in self-destruction.

Accordingly, beginning with the soul guided mind directing the heart and delivered in deeds would naturally radiate healthy status without having to strive hard for superficial appearance.

Pure mind and heart functions in harmony with inner conscience and clarion call from the Soul within. The care and attention to physical body while neglecting or rejecting contamination of mind and heart corroding with impurities is window dressing a damaged show room. 

Soul is the bearer of sins in living and upon ultimate journey from the world with the physical body discarded on earth. Hence the relevance to mind, body and spirit encapsulate the definition of soul searching.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Cloud Nine

May 3, 2022

Cloud Nine

Padmini Arhant

The cloud watchers focused on the cloud in the sky remained fixated with the cloud. Their observation evolved into absorption of the cloud details such as shape, size, appearance, movement etc. In the course of their exhaustive cloud gazing with eyes set on the cloud and nothing else, many tripped with some experiencing fatal outcome having not paid attention to anything ahead, behind or around them.

The mishaps and irreversible misery were inevitable considering the cloud watchers obsession not to miss any particulars on the cloud presence in the sky. More joined the cloud watchers and participated in sharing own interpretation and perception of the cloud though not necessarily in correlation with reality.

The cloud went about nature designed patterns such as the cloud prominence in the sky prior to precipitation into rain and permeate in clear blue sky with bright sun shine. The dynamic rainbow from the cloud decorating the sky highlighting the cloud functions is yet another dimension in nature’s wonder.

What more?

On earth – Cloud computing is an innovative drive revolutionizing modern technology in the information age guided by nature.

Amid cloud natural orientation, the cloud watchers obsession with the cloud transform into desperate fixation completely neglecting priorities in own life.

What next?

The intense cloud watching predictably results in them getting washed away in entirety from heavy thunder storm, hail and lightening.

There goes their life not lived for any useful purpose except wasted in floating on Cloud nine over obsession, fixation leading to self-elimination.

Similar to evaporation of ocean producing condensation of clouds returned to the ocean in rainfall,

What goes around eventually comes around.

Do no harm when no desire to do any good is the essence of nature.

Life is a gift and a blessing. Best not squandered in self-destructive cause and malevolence.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Life Lessons

May 2, 2022

Life Lessons

Padmini Arhant

No matter whom or what you ignore in life, never ignore these three imperatives in life. 

1. Body – Always listen to your body. Your body is the best indicator and reminder of overall well being or otherwise. Ignoring the signals from external and internal body parts all inclusive – more so from the gut, bladder and importantly stomach i.e. the digestive tract would land anyone in big trouble. The gut feeling expression emanating from the gut reaction to anything consumed solid or liquid simply cannot be taken for granted any time around.

2. Conscience – Human mind is wayward. The contemporary settings and events are classic examples in this respect. Accordingly, ignoring inner conscience – the principal guide, mentor and above all key witness to human thoughts and actions triggered by mind is the primary cause of human misery and suffering.  The abusive behavior, narcissism, dominance, deceit, deception, lies, betrayal, prejudice, hatred and variety of negativity is a result of human mind rejection of inner conscience. 

3. Guilt Last but not the least – Guilt. None are infallible and neither picture perfect. Never mind the engagement against their target subject to constant mockery, insolence and indignation as they strive and struggle to perform to the gallery. Interestingly, it is done for a living adequately defining them in character, values and aptitude or the lack thereof.

Mud slinging is favorite indulgence disregarding swamp on self in the process. Yet recognition of own mistakes and accepting responsibility for actions and consequences is a tall order for them sworn to denial.

The trait is common among those engaged in violation of others rights and life in perpetuity. Such conduct often prompt them to discard guilt.  In doing so, they end up being the prisoner of guilt in living and beyond.


The fearless, bold and razor sharp  – Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


COVID 19 Vaccine – WHO Action and Inaction

April 3, 2022

COVID 19 Vaccine 

WHO Action and Inaction

Padmini Arhant

The latest action by the Geneva based World Health Organization (WHO) against Indian manufactured COVAX – the corona virus vaccine by India’s Bharat Biotech suspending exports of Indian vaccine abroad citing inadequate compliance on good manufacturing practice in facility may be one aspect of WHO  guidelines and criteria. 

“Good manufacturing practices are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical devices.”

However, WHO as the international body maintaining similar policy for all across geographic locations beginning with inspection of Wuhan lab, Hubei Province, China conducting life endangering biohazard research could have averted catastrophic global pandemic.

WHO and other international committee monitoring and inspection of the Wuhan bio lab and others elsewhere are imperative for science and mankind which evidently was not done at least prior to the onset of the deadly pathogen. 

WHO discretionary exercise with Wuhan Virology Institute, China could have saved the world and humanity at large from monumental tragedy and health disaster. 

In the same context, United States and western partners funded biochemical labs in non-western parts of the world such as Ukraine, China and other regions allowing independent open investigation to rule out bio endangerment to mankind is an urgent requirement. The world deserve to be free from any and all kinds of life consuming experiments and endeavors in the aftermath of the COVID 19 unleashed pandemic. 

As for WHO, the international health organization implementing the same gold standard on good manufacturing practice for manufacturers and suppliers in Europe and the United States where serious ethical and scientific protocol negligence have occurred with no immediate response or action from the domestic or international regulatory body would clarify WHO autonomy and uniformity. 

The case in point is the European (Germany) big Pharma Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine clinical trial outsourced to Ventavia Research Group in 2021.

The revelation on Ventavia Research Group as Pfizer’s outsourced research company verifiably engaged in crucial data integrity issues besides ignoring scientific protocol and good practice in the critical Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine clinical trial beckon authorities interest and necessary intervention to protect lives now and in the future. 

Despite alarming details from the whistle blower as former employee of Ventavia Research Group followed up British Medical Journal and New England Journal of Medicine articles in this regard,

The vaccine availability for children in specified age group, pregnant women, booster shot etc. proceeded  without the matter resolved by WHO, United States FDA, CDC and other agencies responsible for public health and safety. 

There was another incident with Johnson & Johnson’s  corona virus vaccine notably with sub-contracted production line in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in March 2021. 

Courtesy: The New York Times.March 31, 2021. 

Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Vaccine Doses From Johnson & Johnson

“Workers at a plant in Baltimore manufacturing two coronavirus vaccines accidentally conflated the ingredients several weeks ago, contaminating up to 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine and forcing regulators to delay authorization of the plant’s production lines.”

In light of these flagrant violations in different settings, WHO role as an international regulatory authority applying the rule on fair and equal compliance in the pharmaceutical industry starting with medical research facilities as well as manufacturing and production centers worldwide without exception would be a refreshing change in the otherwise selective interference.

The international and domestic regulations on pharma products and services especially their outsourced agents and sub-contractors handling production units of vaccine and other pharmaceutical products subject to stringent conformity leaving no room for lapses with uninformed inspections would provide element of trust among disillusioned public and concerned whistle blowers risking their career and life in health care industry. 

Any update on preventive measures and action taken on 2021 Pfizer vaccine clinical data breach brought to relevant authorities notice such as FDA in the United States, Pfizer and Ventavia Research Group actually involved in the matter would address legitimate grievances expressed by whistle blowers and health professionals not barring general public expectation on transparency and accountability. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Pfizer Documents 


COVID19 – The Massive Cover Up

March 30, 2022

COVID19 – The Massive Cover Up

Padmini Arhant

COVID 19 origin as a result of the controversial game of function research pioneered and funded by prominent institutes and members in the United States and Europe is an established fact. The experiment carried out in Wuhan lab, Hubei Province, China with western funding is irrefutable data.

The pandemic triggered vaccine saga has its own share of serious ethical and scientific protocol violations that has caused thousands of deaths and significant percentage of population subject to unnecessary health conditions and hazards without any care or concern for human life and health.

One would think the investigation on credible and genuine reports from former employees as whistleblowers and health professionals petition on public health safety would receive attention from federal authorities like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) for objective and preventative care – the fundamental principle expected in any field.

The health crisis such as the global pandemic in particular having consumed millions of lives worldwide and continue to persist in the form of variants and sub-variants in the fourth year since its emergence in 2019 would be assumed to embed the above mentioned criteria. 

Why is the power and the so-called powerful are not afraid of any wrongdoing and malfeasance abusing their position of authority in harming innocent lives i.e. in health care?

At the same time,

Why are the same forces as the head of the government organizations, scientific institutes, regulatory body in domestic and international health organizations lack courage and integrity to face factual information and truth upon presented to them in black and white? 

The answer is in the question. These individuals and organizations are comfortable in their comfort zones with those behind them protecting them on crimes against humanity. 

They have communication, politics, economy, science and much more under their control while them having no control over their compulsive destructive behavior and policy with little or no respect for life other than own exemplifying blatant narcissism. 

Reiterating the reality, the abusers are internally corrosive and inherently sadistic with no purpose in life except remaining the source and catalyst for own and others’ misery. The indiscriminate depopulation agenda and profiteering at all costs is the priority. 

The human character or the lack thereof in this regard is due to desensitization to pain and suffering willfully inflicted on trusting ordinary citizens existence at their mercy. 

Is there any hope of end to this malpractice, misrepresentation and deception gambling public health and human lives for fortune?

Only, when citizens insist on transparency and accountability on all matter related to human health, safety and security issues holding those responsible  without exception, there would be a light at the end of the darkest tunnel. 

Until then, truth and truth sayers will continue to be shunned, vilified and even eliminated from the path of peril. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Pfizer Documents


Science and Sports

January 13, 2022

Science and Sports

Padmini Arhant

What is the correlation between science and sports?

Science and sports are adventures in their respective fields involving mind, body and spirit coordination. 

Unfortunately, science in the onset of the pandemic as an exception with inconsistency in public health protocol and guidelines leading to questionable reliability in preventing and containing the pandemic proved a misguided adventure in COVID19 mitigation. 

Whereas sports like Skydiving as drawn analogy with pandemic instructions in late night comedy monologue is a direct contrast in reality. 

Skydiving instructors and skydivers engage in the activity that might be viewed extreme by some or many after knowing and understanding the risks and safety mechanisms of the act. 

In other words, the skydivers are fully briefed and provided comprehensive information on the activity with complete and full liberty to exercise discernment and discretion to change the mind until the last minute before taking the dive. 

The skydivers with skydive instructors are aware of the pros and cons factoring the calculated risks / hazards with security as the most important consideration. There is no force, coercion or solicitation of any kind. The involvement is entirely voluntary accepting sole responsibility for the decision. 

In comparison, the pandemic recommendations are mandatory and the minimal to major risks in the prescribed methods are expected to be absorbed entirely by the individual expected to follow the mandate.

The pandemic public health directions thus far has been wavering from one extreme to another with more speculations than specifications.

Furthermore, unlike skydiving rule, the pandemic advice accommodates no choice in individual determination of personal well being.

Accordingly, the pandemic handling thus far has been anything but reassuring in the much anticipated herd immunity via fully vaccinated or naturally infected means regarded the saving grace in ending the health disaster in recent memory. 

Amidst confusion and chaos, science and human population are victims of arbitrary positions maintained to suit political narrative rather than scientific resolution. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Pandemic Update – Omicron Variant Data

January 1, 2022

Pandemic Update – Omicron Variant Data

Padmini Arhant

Science explained well with scientific data from scientific community. 

Video presentation from Dr. John Campbell on Omicron Science is shared to help public for better understanding and preparedness to cope with the changing patterns in the pandemic – Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 


United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

September 13, 2021

United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

Padmini Arhant

Constitution is a mere piece of parchment – stated by the former President Barack Obama. 

The statement was actually translated as such by the former President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama care health law with mandatory health insurance subscription tied to serious penalty through IRS on every American citizen. 

The mandatory health insurance subscription without a shadow of doubt enriched the most powerful health care industry and insurance sector in particular famous for flouting any regulations protecting Americans on health care. 

The Obama care was meant to provide health coverage to all citizens especially the average Americans. However, the Obama care mandatory insurance resulted in hurting average citizens more than ever. They were the real victims in the overall game with both government and health insurance industry emerging the biggest beneficiaries at ordinary Americans plight. 

Whenever the public hands are tied and forced to submit to the government’s will who in return are in service to benefit campaign financiers and donors in the economic sector,

In this instance the health care industry benefiting from compulsory insurance without any stipulations on arbitrary premium hikes and limited coverage that are the norm in health insurance practice, such policy is usually proved counterproductive.

Accordingly, the mandatory health insurance law was repealed by Congress in 2017 as unconstitutional and ineffective for ordinary citizens burdened with legislated health insurance law predominantly favoring the health insurance industry. 

Fast forward to 2021, the current administration’s vaccine mandate declining simultaneous therapeutic treatments involving prophylactic and post COVID infection cure on COVID-19 despite evidence based data on the issue from worldwide is reminiscent of past action on health insurance mandate. 

Similar to the previous policy under former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on mandatory health insurance subscriptions, the present vaccine mandate on citizens in compliance with Big Pharma mega profits strategy is egregious decision as it was earlier on the health insurance matter. 

The democratic system would honor and respect individual rights with choices on health and personal life. 

The democrat party in the United States positioned as pro-choice on women’s reproductive health otherwise reversed on vaccine i.e. against choice for citizens to exercise constitutional right on discernment in decision making process is paradoxical paradigm. 

The democrat leaderships’ contradictory policy on vaccine mandate rejecting alternatives such as citizens options in dealing with COVID-19 is strange and undemocratic.

Something may never change in terms of policy and political advantage in appealing to Big Pharma and health care industry financiers in election campaigns. 

In the end, any ruling at the major compromise of citizens rights to choose concerning health and livelihood would invariably be unsustainable. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

United States – COVID 19 Recovery Data

September 6, 2021

United States – COVID 19 Recovery Data

Padmini Arhant

COVID -19 RECOVERYThe long established tested and proven anti-parasitic GENERIC drug IVERMECTIN efficacy on prevention and cure of SARS-COV2 Virus COVID-19 is confirmed via credible clinical trials including double blind randomized trials, peer reviewed medical publications and medical professionals as well as academia findings based on drug use and administration in different parts of the world.

The SARS-COV2 aka COVID-19 having affected humanity at large world wide, the vast majority of population in developing nations are disadvantaged in the absence of global vaccine supply that are under direct control of the Big Pharma and governments not barring the so-called philanthropist objection to sharing the vaccine formula or ingredients with worst affected nations like India and other parts of Latin America to relieve their citizens from the bio-engineered virus against humanity.

The philanthropist as a private investor in the ominous Gain of Function Research, the origin of the SARS-COV2 aka COVID19 pandemic and subsequently cashing in on vaccine mass production having issues with the vaccine manufacturing in other destinations to facilitate rapid recovery is hardly surprising. 

Nonetheless, when there is a drug like IVERMECTIN launched more than half a century ago in the 1970’s according to the drug profile on leading health authorities websites in the west and east has arguably stood the test of time and effectiveness in treating approximately 3 billion or more population globally on many viral infections including the SARS-COV2 aka COVID19 lately somehow facing the fierce resistance from known and hired entities unwilling to accommodate alternative therapy and choices in the matter of human life and survival. 

The use of IVERMECTIN in treating and preventing human transmissibility of SARS-COV2 aka COVID-19 in many regions like Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India and elsewhere are proved effective and potent among the infected patients as well as non-infected ones on prophylactic basis as per the clinical data and statistics from these nations thus far. The drug IVERMECTIN serving the purpose in saving lives in prophylaxis prevention method and treatment of COVID-19 ranging from mild to serious infections is the SAVING GRACE for developing nations and densely populated regions considered the high risk zones in the pandemic. 

In contrast, the vaccine manufacturers of SARS-COV2 virus – viz. mRNA vaccine and rAd26 shared among specific big Pharma manufacturers bypassed regular scientific protocol i.e. conducting drug tests, in this instance the COVID-19 vaccine on non-human species prior to legalizing for human consumption. Furthermore the COVID1-19 vaccine was not initially FDA approved at the launch of this vaccine in late December 2020 and early January 2021.  Similarly, the manufacturers until today do not guarantee risk free factors on this particular SARS-COV2 vaccine.

In other words, the manufacturers and suppliers not barring government and public health authorities are indemnified from potential risks not excluding mortality on the COVID-19 vaccine especially when there are breakthrough infections, mortality and adverse impact on COVID-19 vaccine related cases being reported from different parts of the world. The data is largely ignored as insignificant in light of disproportionate breakthrough infections reported among majority vaccinated population in Israel, Ireland and other EU member nations.

The limited vaccine efficacy lasting on an average 3 – 6 months with the requirement for booster to deal with variants from overload of vaccination involving the naturally infected patients besides the unvaccinated and alternatively lacking focus on therapeutic treatment on COVID 19 in the industrialized and developing nations as well is producing undesirable outcome.

The ZERO COVID drive in nations like Australia promoting the slogan no jab no job on the vaccine mandate is the height of political intervention in public health policy. 

To make matters worse, the so-called social media platform is controlled and operated by bigwigs with zero tolerance to alternative views, ideas and opinions in the supposedly public domain. The mind control on health and all matter is disturbing in the least and does not bode well for any democracy. 

Every individual possess the inalienable right to access information from sources and domains to compare and consider for best suitable decisions concerning their health and personal life. The censorship strategy banning information and content regarded inconvenient for mega profits industry and politics is the last straw on freedom of expression and FREE SPEECH. 

The forces responsible for preventable deaths and catastrophe absolved of any responsibility and accountability whether 9/11 terrorism or the SARS-COV2 aka COVID-19 pandemic smearing the truth seekers and evidence based factual information as domestic extremism is the biggest irony of all in a system proclaimed democracy. 

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Ivermectin and COVID19 – Dr. John Lorimer Campbell – Thank you.


Courtesy – Tratamiento  – Thank you.

Professor Eli Schwartz on IVERMECTIN

Israel RCT Study


UPDATE:  The government, media and press never failing to report on COVID-19 deaths arguably important information. Simultaneously reporting other facts related to COVID-19 outlined below would be useful for public knowledge in making informed decisions on their health and life.

According to –

VXIOS citing New York Times chart from August 25th 2021 to September 7 2021.

“U.S. averaging 1,500 COVID deaths a day for first time since March 2021.”

The news media and administration are only interested and focused on publishing COVID-19 mortality mandating vaccine and booster for fully vaccinated with two doses on population which is 51.1 % per CDC report.

In contrast, the same news media and government represented public health authorities are yet to present the recovery rate and treatments mentioning the drug and types involved in the cure of COVID-19 affected patients thus far. 

Notwithstanding the stance on transparency and accountability dismally persona non grata on everything when it involves top brass and principal office holders heading the public health departments and institutes in the nation. 

How about holding those behind the pandemic accountable?

Beginning with the controversial unethical funding and facilitating the Gain of Function Research – the corner stone for bioengineered virus and pathogens unleashed on humanity consuming lives as reported by the same news media and government.

The threats and warnings via vaccine mandate are mounted on general public. At the same time there is no effort or desire for transparency on recovery rate, COVID-19 treatments, vaccine related issues that are equally critical and relevant for better understanding and above all the authorities’ credibility. 

The authorities and profiteers’ population mind control strategy in tandem with anti-democratic systems is a misguided venture.

Padmini Arhant 


The public authorities and the administration in the United States updating data on COVID-19 recovery since the pandemic onset in January 2020 up until now is critical for general awareness. The data would then provide clarity on natural immunity.

The CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA and the current administration’s health department’s information in public domain on COVID19 patients categorized on age with serious, mild and Asymptomatic details and subsequent recovery would shed light on treatment effectiveness and antibodies from natural contraction of the virus.

The official claim in the United States per public reports is 169,592,873 Americans — or 51.1% of the total population — have received the full course of vaccinations necessary to protect against COVID-19, according to the CDCAug 21, 2021.

On the recovery data – according to public sources the clarifications convey the following.

What’s the recovery rate of COVID-19?

Experts don’t have information about the outcome of every infection. However, early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%.

Assuming the herd immunity threshold is 80% – 90% to prevent infection among unvaccinated from 0-99 years of age and breakthrough infection amongst the fully vaccinated 12 – 99 years of age,

The public information on the number of asymptomatic infections ranges from 15 to 40 percent of total infections.

The target should have already been accomplished when COVID-19 recovery data showing nearly 97 % – 99.75% almost 100% including asymptomatic infections at 15 to 40% exceeding the expected goal over 90% between those vaccinated with acquired immunity through vaccine and natural immunity from the direct infection of the virus.

It appears from these public data and statistics from CDC on fully vaccinated figures at 51.1% and COVID-19 recovery leading to natural immunity,  United States’s herd immunity is reached among the U.S. population.

Of course, the issue remains with undocumented arrivals across the borders into the United States who are neither tested nor vaccinated due to obvious reasons that pose a challenge on the herd immunity that is otherwise seems to be in place.

As for boosters on variants arising from different parts of the world, United States and other nations whose herd immunity is identified could share and spare vaccines to developing nations across the globe.

The distribution of vaccines to population in regions with known or possible variants would substantially aid in mitigating super spreader and variants import via travel as experienced with alpha, beta, gamma, delta and lambda…thus far.

Instead of wasting vaccines in the United States on population with natural immunity post actual infection of the corona virus and others who are fully vaccinated being administered with boosters to supposedly combat delta variant at the moment,

United States and other nations together shipping vaccine supply to these population in countries that are at high risk and poorer affordability could save lives all around.

Furthermore, sparing excess vaccines in the United States and elsewhere with nations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East etc. could assist in alleviating mutations producing different variants requiring booster at least among the vulnerable citizens in the United States.

Smart science would focus on the source and leads that are currently overseas in terms of variants exacerbating COVID crises.

In the domestic front, United States dealing with immigrants influx across the U.S. borders is the place to start to curb the rise in COVID related deaths or hospitalizations and medical attention.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Science Battle

August 10, 2021

Science Battle

Padmini Arhant

It’s about time for reason and rationale to prevail over persistent denial due to political impunity. 

Science is caught in the battle between facts and fiduciary leaving the vast population in the world, the victims of the lab manufactured and leaked SARS COV2 virus having devastated millions of lives and upended normal living. 

Those who have been directly involved i.e. the NIH and NIAID via Eco Health promoting and funding the controversial Gain of Function Research and the worst being at the Wuhan Virology Institute in China – the epicenter of the COVID-19 absolved of any responsibility is a severe blow to humanity at large. Notwithstanding the unacceptable exemptions to the rule of law that are otherwise strictly enforceable on ordinary citizens in society. 

In allowing the crime against humanity – the bioengineered virus unleashed on human population for diverse agenda besides profiteering considering the NIH deal with then unknown vaccine manufacturer Moderna in 2015 supposedly in preparedness for the potential pandemic in the immediate future is extreme and irreconcilable catastrophe for Science and politics.

Is it surprising that Moderna – one of the three major vaccine producers in the United States share price at the pandemic onset in March 2020 tethering at $17 – $22 skyrocketed to $456.76 today within 18 months reaping over $2686 % in stock value?

All of this at the cost of enormous human lives and economic collapse that could never be compensated for in the United States and worldwide. 

It is beyond comprehension that the forces covering up the pandemic origin and cause continue to mislead humanity in their unconscionable act and determined to subject innocent lives to death and malady arising from the deliberate indulgence in the name of Science.

The lack of initiative barring few members in the United States Congress such as Dr. Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from the great state of Kentucky pursuing the investigative congressional hearing, the remaining members misplaced priority and/or abstinence in this regard is deeply regrettable. The current congress in the United States preference to subdue the ongoing congressional hearing on COVID-19 emergence and aftermath should be a major concern for the constituents and electorate on either side of the political aisle including the Apolitical nationwide for the pandemic has been non-discriminatory in virulence i.e. affecting humans and lifestyle actively and passively across the spectrum. 

Above all, the Gain of Function Research and similar scientific adventures left unchecked despite the cataclysmic impact providing further opportunity for rising powers in the world stage to utilize them for purposes other than scientific cure and prevention of life threatening ailments is ominous in partial or holistic approach. 

Science is a natural gift that has unfortunately become the arsenal witnessed and experienced in the form of bioweapon against mankind. The blatant trend using science against humanity by any ambitious power to rein control over the world at large is dangerous and reprehensible. The contemporary actions raise the red flag to deter such audacious and egregious undertaking now or in the future.

Reaching the bottom of COVID-19 from Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and the chain link is absolutely essential not only from scientific perspective but also in defining United States position and leadership role in dealing with crises of all dimensions and dynamics in the global arena. Accordingly, the bipartisan thorough investigation of COVID-19 would categorically clarify the political and humanitarian interest one way or another. 

Any resistance and reluctance from the elected representatives in the United States in the conclusive determination of COVID-19 evolving into global pandemic would leave vacuum setting bad precedence for abuse of science and other detrimental factors aimed at depopulation and delusional goals. 

The global citizens rising to the occasion in seeking the pandemic inquiry to the fullest extent is the fundamental duty and obligation for the revival of a free world. The unanimous global efforts is paramount to dispel misinformation and misrepresentation intended to leave the world in the dark shunning the real and natural science for profits and proclivity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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