India – Invasion and Colonization

August 4, 2019

India – Invasion and Colonization

Padmini Arhant

Invasion and colonization of India since time immemorial until today with India remaining a colonial state is predominantly due to traitors within India in politics, economy,  entertainment, religion and social domains with communication outlets like print and visual media buckled down to domestic and foreign power.

These traitors entrenched in corruption and famished for power, fame and fortune submit to treason, false propaganda, distortion, subversion, indoctrination and sacrilege of religion, human values and ethos for individual gains and their masters vested interests.

These parasites selling their souls for personal benefits are primarily responsible for generational suffering among vast majority.

The affluence and prominence are found most useful for the foreign forces and their proxies in government, economy, entertainment, religion and social sphere in aiding and abetting divide and conquer strategy – the fundamental course in exerting superiority with authority. 

The topic will continue on other aspects and consequences of treason and massive corruption eroding the prospects within for the present population making the future bleak for the next generation.

Please stand by for more on this important subject.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


God or Man – Who is Humanity’s Enemy?

July 19, 2019

God or Man – Who is Humanity’s Enemy?

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Newsweek Image on the article. Thank you.


Who is humanity’s enemy?

Without a shadow of doubt, man is the enemy and existential threat to lives in general. Men in power along with women subordinates conduct activities endangering lives and environment with no regrets thus far.

The term mankind is a misnomer falsely defining human kindness. It was a reminder to man to be kind towards all.

In the real world, cruelty towards fellow humans, animals and plant species characterizing unkind behavior and heinous crimes witnessed from those in position of power, authority and influence alternatively the weak, cowardly and callous hurting and harming innocent and vulnerable members near and far.

Knowledge is useful and powerful. However, lack of proper understanding and application of knowledge could prove detrimental. Semi-baked i.e. half or inaccurate knowledge is more dangerous than unawareness.

Ignorance is bliss and could also be an abyss.

Knowing the unknown phenomenon God requires self-cleansing and soul searching developing an aura within to rise above normal existence delineating self from the concept of me, myself and I behind possession of all things material that are immaterial in the quest for truth and eternal peace.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Debunking GOOGLE Myth

January 30, 2019

Debunking GOOGLE Myth

Padmini Arhant


Alphabet Inc. – GOOGLE’s parent company.

As one of many key representatives of sinister secret society, Alphabet Inc. subsidiary GOOGLE is not necessarily the authentic source and only mine of information pertaining to all topics and species on earth.

Knowledge existed since dawn of life and creation of Universe prior to current information age.

GOOGLE Search engine collate and organize data applying algorithm conforming to computer programming designed to follow code of instructions. This is not taken or adopted from GOOGLE search.  It is my personal view and understanding of the mechanism.

The information available upon google search from diverse sources is not the ultimate authority on any particular or other subject matter. Though the trend has been established on such perception that all existing knowledge is derived from GOOGLE barring individual capability and intellectual ability to provide solution to problems and opinions in the alternative mode i.e. thinking outside the box creative talent.

Keeping in mind, the various details and figures emerging from GOOGLE are myriad contributions from anywhere and everywhere, the database merely functions as convenient reference guide but that in itself do not satisfy the requirement to deal with challenges and crisis.

Such ignorance in the contemporary age inhibits human thought process to evolve and exemplify on individual basis without relying entirely on search engine stored cache.

Any genuine, unique or novel idea and perspectives are mistakenly presumed GOOGLE originated theory as there are still significant population in the world without access to computers and modern technology existing by using own intelligence.

GOOGLE is not the be all end all wellspring in knowledge sphere.

Acknowledgment of facts and reality denied due recognition is an impediment in collective human progress.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






Latino Affair (SPANISH) – Asunto Latino (Española)

December 20, 2018

Latino Affair

Padmini Arhant

Latin AmericaPolitical struggles, revolutions, foreign interventions, social and economic problems continue to challenge population in this region. However, the resilience to confront trials and tribulations combined with rich cultural heritage among people in this part of the world make them admirable setting example for those involved in controlling others destiny and as a result fail to live their own life. 

The video is in Spanish language. Asunto Latino 

The english version. 

Latin America controlled and dominated by foreign powers and institutions continue to experience instability and volatility like the rest of the world. The hegemonic goals for regional endowments persists at vast majority population plight.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


November 13, 2018


Padmini Arhant

In the narcissist world, what is good for some is not necessarily the same for the rest. Tolerance like everything else is reserved only towards selective creed in society. Ironically, the same segment crying foul on anything regarded prejudice unabashedly commit horrific crimes against population deemed weak, vulnerable and dispensable to them. The selective policy makers need to spare tolerance from other issues like evading taxes, amassing fame, fortune and power that are treated exclusive to them. One has to practice what they demand of others. Treat others the way you want to be treated by them.

Respect life in general.

Padmini Arhant

Politics Smear Campaign and Personal Attacks – Full Feature

June 27, 2015

Banyan Tree ImageLord Buddha attained Nirvana under Pipal TreePipal Tree


Palm Tree Cypress



By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone,

I present the full feature on Politics smear campaign and personal attacks with pictures above for education. 

Please click on the audio link for the content.

Although the pictures are worth a thousand words – some might need explanation.

The obsession with tall syndrome deserves clarification to dispel myths in this context.

The tall palm tree or the cypress tree in the pictures above do not provide shade for shelter during sunny or rainy day compared with banyan, pipal and other trees of medium heights in natural environment.

The coconuts from a palm tree are not easily accessible and require mechanism to climb the tree to collect the fruit unlike the medium height tree allowing anyone regardless of size to pick the hanging fruits from it. 

Poignantly the modest height Pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, India – is famously known as the seat of enlightenment with Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Lord Buddha attaining Nirvana – the liberation of soul for union with Supreme soul.  Please see illustration above.

To small minds anything better and greater would always appear smaller.  The disposition despite towering heights make the source diminutive in stature and character – the relevant attributes in life.

Another example – The dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex – T-Rex is also a tall carnivore that wreaked havoc on earth and eventually became extinct. Tyrannosaurus derived from Tyranny that this TALL creature exhibited during existence.

Let this not be forgotten – the body of any length and size must be discarded upon departure from earth.  Accordingly any pride and prejudice in this respect is a reflection of shallow mind.

Learning and knowledge is demonstrated in pure thoughts and deeds freeing the self from ignorance.

Ignorance could be a bliss or an abyss. 

Peace to all!

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant




The Concept of Life – 2015

March 9, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The status quo necessitates clarification on the concept of life.

What is Life?

Life is endless pursuit for the self-proclaimed privileged members in society with enormous pride in respective social and economic background although their deeds speak volume on individual character and representation of self-destructive cause.

Having never understood the self-inflicted misery due to their involvement in creating problems for others based on self-interest deriving sadistic pleasure from victims’ suffering,

Those harboring malice and constant enmity towards anyone impose self-imprisonment.

These characteristics emanate from overwhelming greed, envy, hatred, prejudice and anger in the inability to contain inner corrosion leading to inevitable dissipation.

Life is wasted in the crusade to prolong catastrophe as the means for survival.

In fact terror is regarded the effective mechanism to undermine human rights and subjugate population.

Hegemony incognito authority over seven billion population is enabled through proxy governments and surrogates volunteering in different capacity as the voice for the unscrupulous defining the declining era.

Criminality, corruption, lies, deception and subversion are ubiquitous in the desperate measure to avert imminent collapse of empires and authoritarianism operating under the guise of democracy and republic.

Terrorism is manufactured and deployed for destabilization of nations in the aspirations for dominance.

The invasion for illegal ownership on gold, diamond, gems, minerals, oil and land through territorial annexation and deceitful tactics is the legacy.

Anything acquired illegitimately using violence and threats with nuclear arsenal proved detrimental leading to serious economic downturns showing no sign of actual recovery.

The reason for persistent economic recession or lack luster performance is the disproportionate investments in defense stockpiles not barring nuclear proliferation more appropriately offense strategy prompting other nations to follow suit.

In the absence of transparency, the wealth amassment amongst the powerful and affluent notwithstanding wasteful spending as military aid for oppression and persecution is also costing the economy at the vast majority expense.

The culmination of social, moral and ethical insolvency behind debilitating political and economic infrastructure is evident in crumbling enterprise.

Is there any gain from being responsible for continuous bloodshed, killing innocent people to eliminate civilizations besides denying global youth their future and endangering life and habitat with environment degradation?

Could these actions possibly be rewarding to architects, protagonists and catalysts implementing death and decimation for vested interests only resulting in colossal failures worldwide?

The obsession with breed premised on race, class, gender and other orientation along with appearance in the misconception as beauty in the backdrop of degenerative inner qualities exhibit intelligence deficiency and knowledge deficit about life.

When life cease, the body is discarded confirming the temporary outfit was never meant to be the real identity.

The memory about life is deleted and superficial details disinherited in the process.

Instead individuals’ karma or duties describe personal attributes and determine journey ahead.

Mortality as certainty without exception – all things must be surrendered including the physical body let alone material possessions in life.

That being the case, what are you seeking during transition termed as life?

Your quest for conquest of the world while enslaved to negativities is a paradoxical paradigm.

Not only you are shackled in the delusional predisposition as superior being but also demonstrably struggling to reconcile with internal ramifications reducing self to nothing despite your claim on everything.

One who is not free within become stagnant and wilt before time.

The meaning of freedom is interpreted in terms of mobility and accessibility in life referring to functionality.

Freedom is more than tangible experience. The interior turmoil from sins committed throughout life transform the condition to a prisoner of guilt incapable of dealing with personal shortcomings and contradictions. 

Evasiveness in confronting reality with reliance on propaganda and distortion further exacerbate state of mind contributing to confusion and disarray witnessed in the current false flag events to deflect public attention from relevant issues.

The real freedom is being able to live a guilt free life and leave the world without any burden on the soul.

This is made possible in acknowledgment of wrongdoings accompanied by penance in reaching out to those affected from intentional conduct.

Again apology in all sincerity to concerned person rather than substitutes is the preliminary step towards reform. The indirect approach exemplifies slight and ego – obstacles to self-redemption.

Life is an opportunity to settle debts related to deliberate harm to others with severe repercussions extending to generations and over many lives on sole basis.

Avoiding responsibility on settlement would intensify karmic effects when one should aim to alleviate plight.

The trend in violations with no importance for life except one’s own presence reveals the origin eclipsed in darkness and shuns light.

One cannot flourish by robbing others destiny. The indulgence has blowback on fraudulence at the roots to the helm.

The human nature is a mirror reflecting virtues and vices with choices for appropriate decision. The facilitators of injustice in any format are equal partners in crime and share consequences accordingly.

In rejecting the option to exercise discernment and adherence to flawed policy bring about inherent weaknesses and incentivized servility to prominence.

Contentment with detachment is half way to success in renouncing extravagance and essentially provides guidance on prudence.

The fundamental requirement for salvation is sacrifice with compassion to promote pervasive progress.

Renunciation replacing capitulation to adversarial ventures and associations would be promising for global peace, security and prosperity. 

One may deter accountability with bias system granting immunity, however one cannot defy conscience or attempt to distance from it.

There is no escape from impending judgment upon departure from earth. The perceptions in this context have little or no bearing on soul incessantly forced into various forms of existence depending on account balance.

For the soul to rest in peace or attain nirvana i.e. enlightenment liberating soul to remain in eternal bliss – squaring past and present delinquencies is critical to qualify in the extraordinary feat.

Henceforth commitment in life should be self-purification through atonement of sins and participation in positive, productive and constructive course to uplift human spirit for universal benefit.

Defeating foes posing hindrance in human mind could be immediate priority for clarity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














September 23, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Set on the trail towards precipice

Overwhelmed with negative vice

Actions cold as ice

Decline noble advice

From within the conscience voice


Steadfast in pursuing demise

Respect none not even the wise

Seek power and dominance in disguise

Denying rest the right to rise

Then failure is no surprise!


Peace and harmony never the choice

Pain and agony the preferred sacrifice

Using fear, terror and rumor as device

Chasing dreams not meant to realize

Feigning satisfaction is perhaps the prize!


Constantly strive to polarize

Discreetly meet to strategize

Divide and conquer declared democratize

Derivations from deprivation upheld revitalize

Defiance lead self-righteousness pulverize


Deeds determine destiny being the price

Humility, compassion and integrity would suffice

Celebrate life through service and rejoice

May freedom and tranquility entice

In conclusion, illusion the imaginary slice.



Padmini Arhant
More at The Real News

More at The Real News

Education Paradigm in Twenty First Century

July 31, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Education is an essential resource for evolution and enhancement in life.

Human being leading animal kingdom hierarchy possess discriminatory power regrettably exercised in prejudicial treatment of fellow beings rather than intended purpose i.e. reason, contemplation, compassion, cognizance resulting in emancipation from self-righteousness and dedicated towards altruistic goals deriving relation enrichment.

Education is life long learning process and instrumental upon extending beyond conventional thoughts promoting original thinking, imagination and innovation unlike contemporary textbook based curriculum and wrote absorption restricting individual concepts for better understanding alongside precepts adapting to transformative development.

Knowledge attained from theoretical course other than postulates require constant evaluation in correlation with practical experience and timeline.

Discoveries and inventions are achievements from curiosity translated into action through investigation seeking insight within to arrive at empirical conclusion during quest for breakthrough.

Ideas emerging from practicality or necessity often attributed to success benefitting mankind.

The important milestones are reached with intelligence, patience and possibility for error accompanied by preparedness to address them diligently averting failure.

Educational material related to history, politics and humanities aimed at objective disillusionment without misinformation or suppression of facts would help students representing future learn any topic and subject matter with accuracy.

Unfortunately politicized and commercialized educational system in trend inhibits critical assessment necessary considering prevalent conflict of interest engender monopolized views truncating alternative perspectives despite distorted presentation on various issues of global relevance and social cause.

Such anomalies create misconceptions polarizing society with intolerance in comprehending different civilizations uniqueness at specific period drawing comparisons to existing or extinct features as the case might be conforming to perceptions and,

Similarly contributions from all over not duly acknowledged or ascribed credit to reflect reality.

Knowledge is an asset with exponentially higher value when shared amongst all.

Further, inclusive orientations demystify legitimate skepticisms and concerns barring counterproductive measures endangering significant majority.

The ongoing chaos and destruction emanating from desperation to seize control over sovereignty and global wealth is pre-planned agenda infiltrating educational mechanisms beginning with schools and academic institutions alongside effectively utilizing communication media to sway public opinion ignoring repercussions on mass delusion.

Fundamental revision in education commencing with syllabus review eliminating falsified and biased interpretations constituting opinionated awareness would facilitate open mind debates and independent input in general discourse.

In the misplaced priorities on national budgets – education has been one of main targets with divestments on military intervention and financial bailouts depriving nations of prospects via productive and qualified work force extending over to tax revenues contraction and concurrent tax evasion in offshore accounts depleting domestic reserves for citizens program.

Besides tax payers forced to bear sovereign debt accumulated from corporate subsidies and fighting proxy wars favoring privileged few against the rest.

The reversal in this context crucial to restore economic viability with job guarantee for college graduates indebted in student loans under predatorial lending synonymous to sub-prime mortgage debacle.

Job seekers faced with a dilemma competing in globalized economy while government focused on squandering millions of tax dollars in training militias and mercenaries to kill innocent civilians abroad.

The status quo is pervasively devastating for average citizens with hard earned education rendered redundant unable to find suitable employment amid burgeoning liabilities and living costs hindering normal existence.

Slashing educational funding for investments in warfare on other nation’s behalf is hegemony ideology governing national politics.

The appropriate response to irresponsible governance is through ballots in dismissal of hegemonic representatives regardless of political affiliation.

Youth power could galvanize movement against forces misleading the country and world.

Education also largely dependent on faculty with credentials and teaching expertise – deficient in schools relying on state assistance due to poor remuneration and greater job insecurity.

Private education is not affordable for many families struggling to make ends meet in the tough economy.

The U.S. government introduced educational policies like –‘ No Child left behind ‘ and ‘Race to the top’ yet to demonstrate accomplishments with grievances from educational professionals and school districts reporting inherent flaws in implementation.

World wide commitment to advance literacy rate could potentially elevate economic conditions for impoverished population in particular enduring generational bondage in feudal setting and industrial exploitation taking advantage of lower level education or illiteracy wherever applicable.

Education premised on efficient instruction methods, participatory sessions encouraging less motivated or introvert pupils to take part in discussion in a non-condescending manner apart from intellectually stimulating interactions would impetus collective progress.

The basic skills being developed at a tender age – cognitive ability, expression, logic along with positive emotions like generosity by sharing, giving, showing gratitude and acceptance at all levels would enable versatility in personality abstinent in current behavior claiming prerogative and entitlement consistently chasing material goods and power for self-satisfaction not knowing contentment in greed driven involvement.

Esoteric factor plays major role in personal dogma much to widespread misery.

Being true to oneself would guide in performing tasks with a certain degree if not absolute honesty and integrity.

Additionally,ethical component in obliging duties and responsibilities starting with family, community, nation and people entrusting power with expectation in that regard inculcated when young would permeate bringing optimism in surroundings minimizing despair.

Patriotism and nationalism deceptively assigned negative connotation to maintain surrender of will to external dominance.

Protecting sovereignty and national endowments from foreign threat and aggression in authoritarian era alluded to reproachable act.

Discriminatory practices against immigrants and ethnic minority notwithstanding internal communal disputes characterized nationalism are political maneuver disregarding individualistic trait assuming narcissism.

Educational centers outreach to needy, disenfranchised and others dealing with physical or mental challenges including extraordinary circumstances in life extremely vital paving way for ray of light beaming hope and pragmatism in overcoming any obstacle.

On school authority disciplinary actions against strayed learners or minor offense – again kindness exemplified in proper clarifications of rule highlighting benefits on good conduct could yield desirable change juxtaposed harsh punishment not excluding physical or verbal abuse having adverse effect.

Social equality transcending ignorance substituting apathy with empathy would infuse mutual respect and harmony.

Character building and confidence may dawn on upbringing in conducive environment.

Nonetheless, parental engagement in sustaining values would strengthen qualities to function at ease in variable situation.

Academics, administrators and teachers disposition towards students impact reputation all around.

The less enthusiastic or inversely ambitious learners surge in their career with appropriate mentors at critical juncture trusting sound advice and proven record.

Education diversified in providing thorough learning and acquaintance with local and international sphere would quantify aptitude imperative in fierce global competition.

Emphasis on discernment combined with research and analysis in problem solving or crisis resolution could dispel myths and propaganda for informed decision-making.

Sports, music, arts, linguistic pursuits and numerous other activities nurture caliber meeting the criteria for adeptness empowering youth excellence.

Budget allocations for athletics, cultural and artistic endeavor downsized would compromise health fitness and deny society from honing amateurs’ capability into prospective prodigy.

Moreover access to these fields would inspire academically lagging students to display their special talent.

Healthy lifestyle – Catering organically produced meals in school cafeteria and other outlets offering healthy choices paramount to offset preventable disease mitigating health care expense.

Poorer segments deserve free meals provision to assist children growth with adequate nourishment.

Finally, education holistic approach in recognition of living species with human race as nucleus creation honoring supernatural phenomenon aided feat in land, sea and space exploration encapsulate twenty first century paradigm.

Humanitarian service and environmental study appreciating art of benevolence epitomized in nature – the beautiful paradise is a subtle philosophical treat with a psychological dimension to be benefactor and beneficiary fulfilling life mission in return for inner peace and enlightenment – the eternal bliss.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

California Public Education Crisis

November 23, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The world-renowned budget fiasco in California has led to its recognition as the ‘failed’ state in the nation. Through drastic budget cuts targeting the nerve of the economic system such as education, health care and other essential programs for children and elderly, the legislators and the Governor in Sacramento have successfully desecrated the Golden State into a bankrupt state.

As a result, the Californians are forced to bear the brunt of the ideology driven governance steadfast in prolonging the crisis rather than accepting pragmatic solutions offered to the elected officials least concerned or affected by their disastrous performance.

In the past week, the students in California were compelled to protest the atrocious 32 percent increase in undergraduate educational fees costing above $10,000 a year in the next fall, comparatively triple the cost a decade ago. Apparently, the UC Regents’ callous decision made after a 10 percent hike earlier this year.

Further, the authorities are wasting no time in salting the wound with employee furloughs, laying off non-tenured faculty leaving the students to attend virtual instructions, alternatively increased class size and slashing courses to the detriment of quality education.

Amid the health care reform characterized by the opposition as the ‘government take over’ of the private industry, the pitfalls from the privatization of public education cannot possibly be ignored.

The reasons provided for the appalling measures by the UC President Mark Yudof and campus leaders are the 20 percent decline in the state funding towards the UC budget. Whereas according to the UC faculty it’s been a phenomenal year of income for the UC System with revenue flowing in from various sources such as the federal stimulus funds, research grants, medical profits, proceeds via sale of parking, housing and medical services throughout California.

Another noteworthy issue being the massive recruitment of administrators at the expense of the teaching faculty and the students exacerbated the victims’ plight. In adherence to the corporate policy, the top hierarchy with earnings above $200,000 to $500,000 in the administration compensated with excessive salary packages and extravagant bonuses apart from discreetly sharing a small percentage of profits with senior administrators, athletic coaches and star faculty.

Yet in a new revelation, the UC seemingly lost $23 billion in the past two years due to investments in toxic assets and real estate mimicking the short-term gain strategy in the Wall Street. Subsequently, the most vulnerable members i.e. the students and faculty are mandatorily bailing out the institution from the financial mismanagement.

Firing non-tenure track faculty that teach over half of the university enrolment, substantial student fees, work overload with simultaneous salary reduction on workers, refusal to negotiate with unions are reported to be taking place.

The astonishing aspect is the privatization of the public education leading the UC President Yudof to lend $200 million to the state in an effort to earn profit from the interest, declaring such options ‘profitable’ compared to the institutional core academic activity. Again, UC is reportedly on a comfortable $20 billion budget with no requirement for draconian methods adopted against the struggling students and other members, the victims in the greed driven racket.

Source: The above-mentioned accounts partly cited from Bob Samuels, president of the University of California, American Federation of Teachers. He runs the blog Changing Universities. during the interview on by the host Amy Goodman – Friday, November 20, 2009.

Similarly, Zen Dochterman, UCLA student taking part in the protests made the following plea:

“I’m a student representing no one.

We are under no illusions. The UC Regents will vote the budget cuts and raise student fees. The profoundly undemocratic nature of their decision making process and their indifference to the plight of those who struggle to afford an education or keep their jobs can come as no surprise. We know that the crisis is systematic. It reaches beyond the regents, beyond the criminal budget cuts in Sacramento, beyond the economic crisis, to the very foundations of our society.

But we also know that the enormity of the problem is just as often an excuse for doing nothing. We choose to fight back, to resist where we find ourselves, the place we live and work, our university. We therefore ask that those who share in our struggle lend us not only their sympathy, but their active support.

For those students who work two or three jobs while going to school, to those parents for whom the violation of the UC charter means the prospect of affordable education remains out of reach, to laid-off teachers, lecturers, to students turned away, to workers who have seen the value of their diplomas evaporate in an economy that grows without producing jobs, we say that our struggle is your struggle, that alternative is possible if you have the courage to seize it. We are determined that the struggle should spread. That is the condition in which the realization of our demands becomes possible.”

True Perspective – By Padmini Arhant

Unarguably, the state of California is in shambles. The dilemma is the structural damage caused by the lack of leadership in Sacramento. In addition, the obstinacy NOT to resolve the burgeoning budget deficit with result-oriented actions is having a pronounced impact on the residents across the spectrum.

On the other hand, the public educational institutions run as a private enterprise entrenched in the philosophy that regards ‘Profit as Prophet’ is widespread in the growing culture based on – “All for me and none for you.”

There is urgency for California and the nation to address the serious educational demands directly linked to the economy and the future. Undergraduate education is the stepping-stone for any individual to survive leave alone attaining a decent life in the competitive global economy.

These students are the immediate valuable resources for the American business and work force in the human capital criteria. It’s a travesty to deny them an affordable education in the dire economy with staggering unemployment widening the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots.’ Obviously, the priority among the head of the institutions is to safeguard their personal interest over that of the nation.

It’s no rocket science to figure out that nations cannot exist or sustain without the prolific academic environment focused on providing least expensive and high quality education for all. Any compromises as noted in the latest event appropriately calls for the removal of the entities responsible for the embarrassing distressful situation brought upon the students and the teaching faculty expected to be learning in the classrooms rather than imploring to the oblivious authorities at the institutions and the state assembly.

Recently, civil disobedience for various legitimate causes mired by unnecessary arrests and extreme use of force undermining democracy. It’s imperative to release the students in custody and instead divert attention on those appointed as the head of the institutions viz. UC President Mark Yudof and the Governor of California along with the legislators for failing to fulfill the constitutional duties towards the citizens of California. Perhaps, it might be worth considering a recall given the deliberate negligence of legislative responsibility.

The students, teaching faculty and the workers should not be subject to monstrosity demonstrated in the worst educational battle. Ironically, the students and teaching faculty as taxpayers are denied fair opportunities in the backdrop of Wall Street bailouts, bureaucracy and sheer incompetence prevalent in Sacramento and the UC system.

Hence, it’s incumbent on the UC regents to repeal the proposal and undemocratic action with respect to student fees, staff layoffs and other activities inevitably hampering the economic recovery.

Congress should approve federal grants and educational stimulus with a stipulation that funds to be explicitly used for better and cost effective academic purpose, and simultaneously restrict educational institutions from squandering the funds in speculative Wall Street investments.

Finally, Students should continue their education and defy the unfair fee imposition by maintaining the peaceful dissent until the issue is resolved in their favor.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant