Is Politics Qualified to Disqualify Anyone?

January 15, 2022

Is Politics Qualified to Disqualify Anyone?

Padmini Arhant

Here is the irony. In a nation touted the world’s largest democracy is represented by the Chief executive and majority legislative members at the national and state level whose educational qualifications are self-certified to justify their various positions in disguise as public service.

The reality on politics’ service is their pledge of allegiance and commitment to oligarchy, domestic organizations, campaign financiers and last but not the least the foreign global power.

This is not unique to any specific nation or domain. Sadly it is prevalent in most parts of the world with global syndicate dominance installing governments and reining universal control.

The individuals from rank and file to the top most in hierarchy as authority possess credentials except genuine talent exceeding any measures in corruption, criminality, deception, deceit and violations of all types ranging from trust to individual rights and life of the people electing them to public office.

Most of them proving their competence or the lack thereof evidenced in failure of governance and leadership. Besides, the national status quo with respect to overwhelming majority forced into deteriorating economic, education, health and social standards are verifiably the proof of the pudding.

These individuals enacting laws and legislations while exempting them from the rules and regulations as prime violators are veterans in enforcing anything found detrimental to ordinary lives and people in lower middle, poorer and poorest economic strata.

The controversial NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Indian students in India seeking enrollment in undergraduate medical course has long been subject to debate and discussion.

The students are required to meet the criteria prior to admission for undergraduate medical degree. This is nothing new as there has been synonymous entrance exam like Pre-Medical course requirement in the northern regions of India perhaps replaced with NEET introduced by Congress government earlier and continued by the ruling BJP in New Delhi.

Although on surface, the national government rule might appear to be beneficial in the selection process with the best and brightest pursuing the medical course to save lives in society,

The real life situation is anything but smooth and straightforward.

In fact, the students with ambitions in medical career especially from a disadvantaged economic and social background despite excelling in the NEET exam are denied admission. 

The worst is the meritorious are displaced with preferential nepotism enrollment.  The wealthy and influential progeny – i.e.  industrialists, politicians and celebrities’ offsprings with below average percentage or even failures enrolled through bribes and incentives are common. The medical and engineering degrees bought outright with a price tag is not ruled out in the category with money power traded over merit.

In this regard, the practice is in semblance with educational institutions overseas including the United States elite premium education granted to politicians, prominent members and celebrities’ descendants in the reserved quota secured via endowments that are essentially bribes in corruption culture.

In India, the agonizing experience has led to tragic events with NEET qualified candidates deprived of opportunity committing suicide in the state of Tamil Nadu. As a result of these consequences, Tamil Nadu citizens – the students in particular are generally opposed to NEET exam.

They urge the central government to allow students in competing on the academic performance results from high school graduation rather than filtering under the pretext of NEET predominantly favoring students not necessarily qualified considering the short cuts and nefarious means finding their way in enrollment for medical course.

The stealthiest truth in contemporary era is ;

What if similar National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for politics were to be mandatory?

Almost the entire political class and establishment would be disqualified and ineligible to serve in different capacity beginning with the head of the state, the second or third in line and so on including cabinet ministers in critical positions demanding not only acumen and relevant expertise but also ethical efficacy. 

The unqualified determining the otherwise qualified candidacy as not suitable is the paradoxical paradigm exacerbating social and economic miseries world over.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Women Power Reminiscence

January 4, 2022

Women Power Reminiscence

Padmini Arhant

What happened to the male and female characters in Shiva religion (Saivam, Vainavam and Saktham for Sakti) who humiliated and persecuted women to demonstrate their dominance and hubris is quite interesting to say the least and worth checking out in this topic.

1. In Ramayana, Lord Ram’s consort Goddess Sita was abducted and held captive by the demon King of Lanka i.e. Sri Lanka today.  The reason behind Goddess Sita’s captivity is Ravana’s sister – Surpanaka one of the three women troublemakers besides Lord Ram’s step mother Kaikeyi and her assistant Mandira, the instigator of family politics triggering the entire epic Ramayana.

King Ravana is slayed. Surpanaka and the rest meet their karmic fate. The slaying of Ravana is celebrated as Dusshera and Diwali in India and other parts of South Asia following the Shiva religion.

2. In Mahabharata, one of the main characters Queen Draupati is humiliated by Kauravas, then ruling members of Hastinapur now Delhi, India. Among the Kaurava brothers – Duryodhana and Dushasana along with their maternal uncle Shakuni responsible for the public disgrace of Queen Draupati succumb to their evil deeds and killed in the battle. 

Duryodhana prior to his death tries to hide under the ocean. He is then spotted and summoned to the land by Lord Krishna and brought to justice for all his actions.

Not to mention the elimination of Kaurava clan of their own doing is a testament to evil reaping what evil sows in life.

3. Kannagi seeking justice from King Pandiyan in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. In Tamil literature Silappathikaram, the event involving missing precious Jeweled Anklet is a remarkable testimony on the so-called ordinary woman and womanhood.

Kannagi an intelligent, chaste, pious and loving wife outwitting the reining King of Madurai is the take away from the real incident.

The Pandiyan Dynasty –  King Pandiyan’s irreversible mistake costing Kingdom, Madurai and much more in the Royal court proceeding against Kannagi’s beloved husband Kovalan, accused of stealing the Madurai Queen’s precious jeweled anklet.

Upon hearing King Pandiyan’s hasty wrongful judgment against Kannagi’s husband Kovalan and execution of an innocent man, the leading lady Kannagi valiantly proves her deceased husband’s innocence embarrassing the King on the erroneous judgment without due diligence and process.

The devoted wife Kannagi then challenges the King Pandiyan on the ill-fated decision and misguided judgment against her innocent husband Kovalan.

King Pandiyan is then dethroned at his will upon realizing the monumental judgment error against an innocent man.

Importantly Kannagi’s grit and wisdom demonstrated in exonerating her demised husband instantly disrobes the King of might and power with King’s acumen and discernment failing in the critical hour of fairness and justice barring prejudice and predisposition.

The net outcome in the Royal episode is the Pandiyan dynasty ended and Madurai burns from subjecting Kannagi and her husband to presumptuous fatal trial.

The women power never to be underestimated is the moral of this iconic epic.

Kannagi leaving an indelible mark on womanhood in chastity, integrity and superb intelligence deservingly earned  her a shrine in the ever miscalculated power and impeccable qualities of women in history.

Unlike the modern day political and public figures’ statues regardless of tainted legacy erected and inaugurated in public square. The tradition exalting the destructive and depraved squandering average taxpayers money exemplify crony politics and sycophantic corrupt system.

The worst is the contemporary practice that divinify augmenting Avatar status to incorrigible evil incarnate. The trend claiming proprietorship on religion ignore blasphemy and sacrilege of religious sanctity. 

4. Mahisasura was a demon Prince and described as sexist and misogynist. He egotistically challenged women’s power having received a boon from Lord Brahma, the creator in the Trinity that he would be killed by none except a female force.  Mahisasura scoffed at this unique blessing and dismissed it as misspoken by the cosmic entity.

Lo and behold much to his dismay and devastation, the Goddess Durga – God Shiva’s consort appears and he is vanquished from the face of the earth where he was wreaking havoc and making lives miserable for innocent beings all around.

Accordingly, Goddess Durga is known as Mahisasura Mardini – meaning the one who killed the demon Mahisasur and relieved the victims of their suffering from the demon’s power.

The above epics conclusively confirm the women’s  plight whether Sita, Draupati or Kannagi’s misery and indignation respectively. Nonetheless none of their persecutors were spared and every one of them including all those in collusion and complicit in exacerbating abuse against Sita, Draupati  and Kannagi perished to the point of no return.

Similarly, Goddess Durga was disrespected and insulted continuously by arrogant Mahisasur slighting Lord Brahma’s reminder. He was also dealt with in the manner ordained in the demon’s destruction.

As a result, invariably all of them were shown their appropriate place i.e. ending in the grave and undesirable destination beyond entirely by their choice.

Goodness prevailing over evil is indomitable truth.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Complexion Complex – Skin Politics

December 4, 2021

Complexion Complex – Skin Politics

Padmini Arhant

The new millennium i.e. the twenty first century is the new era for transcending race, gender, religion and other classifications in the human genre. Then there are some elements unwilling to get passed the divisive politics predominantly emanating from lack of self-respect and ignorance weighing down the opportunity to hone in individual skills to achieve dreams and aspirations in life.

Those preoccupied in pulling anyone down even leaving the nature’s gravitational pull far behind are typically resigned as saboteurs and losers with little or no self-esteem evidenced in their character and legacy. 

As for the skin politics constantly highlighting the skin tone is a bone in the trachea for those unable to swallow or spit the splinter – the situation rather precarious for them considering the choice they make to reverse course and not move forward exemplifying serious inner disabilities to abandon prejudice and false pride wasting own life on earth.

The beauty discovered within upon intense soul searching is the real deal and not the one on the surface appropriately fitting the skin deep adage. 

The beauty and skin complexion are skin deep whereas the internal treasure within defines the entire profile. Besides, like everything else with patent rights established by the presumptuous, the skin tone or the natural ability to perform is individual attribute that cannot be traded or terminated to suit anyone’s whims and fancies describing their internal turmoil. 

Ironically, the selective half and half in racial representation making a mountain out of molehill is the trend in skin politics to exhume controversy instead of skills oriented attainment that are evidently not their asset. 

There is much more to life than being stuck on complexion complex that are insignificant in comparison to reaching for the stars exploiting maximum individual potential and determination to realize own dreams in life.

Above all, it is time for politics to shed thin skin and adorn thick coat viz. integrity to address major issues and crises brought upon citizens due to failed flawed policies and inactions confronting the people they are elected to serve in public office. Unfortunately, there is no desire in this respect and the politics’ priority remain as the domestic and international agent for personal and vested interests.


Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Introspection and Reform

November 16, 2021

India – Introspection and Reform

Padmini Arhant

Indian politics, media variety and the controversial contentious film industry, the three combined engaged in incessant virulent personal attacks and bizarre innuendoes is a wanton venture.

Instead, the three fields predominantly responsible for status quo in economy, social, political and national security crises beginning with introspection and necessary reform is the urgent need of the hour.

The trio funded with illegal money ranging from tax evasions, embezzlement, drug money to sex and flesh trade, human trafficking, extortions of all kinds are the norm. The corruption and criminality in politics, media and entertainment being real and not confined to cinematic versions suffice self-indignation and incrimination with the rich, famous and powerful exploiting others with political and social immunity.

The burning desire to be the news however might be the order. The trio focus on relevant responsibilities and tasks would rather benefit the field and the victims – i.e. the public forced to endure the cheap stunts and theatrics as the only survival and sustenance further confirm the precipitous decline within and overall.

The material starved politics, entertainment and media have plenty to dig into own inventory on corruption scandals and scathing profiles of the (in)famous and powerful in power whether past or present.

The world might be familiar with material theft such as cash, jewelry, property, land and grand larceny. The intellectual property, patents and creative arts piracy and plagiarism are yet another kind for the desperate and parasitic legions declaring incompetence devoid of originality and talent.

The contemporary practice to steal somebody’s life and unpaid hard work claiming proprietorship for power, fame and fortune mimicking the gestures and lifestyle is unprecedented and beneath human value. 

Interestingly, the ravenous participation is prevalent among those regarded the powerful, influential and prominent members in their field and public domain.

Imitation for personal interests might be flattery and the imitation without due credit is forgery.  

Nonetheless, imitation will always remain the artificial and superficial never matching or comparable to the genuine and bona fide. 

The trend hijacking the target’s personal life and unauthorized unethical swap with whomsoever is not without consequence. The ongoing blowbacks in such insolent indulgence with serious karmic effects realized by many in fatal obsession is a poignant lesson.

Besides, the involvement is aimed at tarnishing the target and varnishing the embarrassing image and legacy of those assuming the alter ego albeit in vain. The message is applicable to activities in the newly invented tradition in the past thirteen years or so.

Lastly, the trio insisting this site only discuss about them and nothing else or none other to dominate publicity is unfortunate and unwelcome. The plethora of issues and topics world wide merit attention and due recognition that are significant to this site and commitments in fair coverage of events and current affairs.

The presumptuous extraordinary and privileged following the so-called ordinary and average in society to live own life with self-respect, dignity and authenticity regardless might serve the purposeful existence.

There is a distinction in newsworthiness for positive or negative reasons. Needless to say the former is the best choice and paradigm especially in setting precedence in the present and future.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Entitlement Challenged by Emancipation

August 29, 2021

Entitlement Challenged by Emancipation

Padmini Arhant

Human enslavement since creation up until now has been enforced on the ill-conceived notion of entitlement.

Throughout history oppression, persecution and prejudice leading to dominance and supremacy emanated from greed and tyranny. These characteristics are the only hope for superficial power invariably crumbing like a sand castle. The incontrovertible fact in this context witnessed by the world since time immemorial.

The unquenchable quest for power and territorial annexations by any means via illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land, colonization of nations and territory under false pretexts citing political, religious and economic factors continued into the twenty first century.

The current events bear relevance deserving attention with no substantial change in human behavior. It is evident in terms of exerting authority justifying unruly subjugation in return objecting retribution with repeat castigation.

In the modern era, the innovative techniques are deployed in mass killings via drones, nuclear laden short and long range missiles and/or sponsoring terrorism and cannibalism.

The old fashioned divide and conquer strategy polarizing communities and society in deep rooted hierarchy and presumptuousness expended in political and vested interests slighting self and en masse peril.

Last but not the least pandemic unleashed through the ominous Gain of Function Research transforming into a bioweapon warfare against human population executing depopulation agenda.

In the latest charade and tirade, the self-touted olympic decathlete and a physician prescribing holistic approach to life again the phrase stolen from the target’s vocabulary accused of kleptomania and profanity while the accusers reserving the right to execrations and expletives is only expected of the insolent and impertinent exercising perversion in crude lewd intrusion of their target’s life, home and personal space.

The conduct smothered in malice and criminality exhibit acute xenophobia and specifically ethnocentric gender bias against a woman with sexual connotation.

Nothing new in the obsessive compulsive disorder using Pegasus spyware, malware and nefarious tactics paradoxically delivering explosive exposure of nude insecurity amongst the users and losers in constant constellation of witch hunting.

The misadventure eventually evolving them into ghosts haunting life and homes rather than acknowledgment of own delusions is least surprising.

Importantly, the resolute in abusing science and everything at the their disposal clearly submitting to impulsive entropy exemplify dysfunctional frontal lobe failure to inhibit impulse in theft, perjury, plagiarism, hatred, misogyny and relentless venom with vicious attacks ad hominem.

These attributes from them reflect inner conflict within and degenerative mind, thoughts and physiological conditions resulting in necrotizing fasciitis ultimately rendering fatality or long term disability.

Either way, the waywardness and pernicious indulgence of those is least gratifying and contrarily mortifying them besides a reminder to cohorts to abandon such extravagant farcical fascism.

Needless to say, karmic effects are far more powerful in resonance with scientific applications on actions with equal and opposite reactions disrobing and dethroning the sources orchestrating the motion. As for the catalysts the irreversible outcome suffice judgment in destructive engagement. 

Simply stated nothing happens without a cause and behind every cause there are effects that are consequential to anything and everything in entirety.

The entitlement challenged by emancipation is obfuscated in the determination to sustain the unsustainable supremacy and narcissism retaining feudalist system.

The demise of the obsolete practice asserting antiquated entitlement evading meritocracy and legitimacy is imminent and inevitable.

All things are set for expiry and the counterproductive ones such as entitlement in particular riding on superiority are expedited in expiration without exception.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

July 16, 2021

United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Padmini Arhant

Who is behind the controversial critical race theory?

In 2020Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa (supposedly Anti-Fascism) were unleashed in major cities of the United States wreaking havoc with deaths and destruction of lives and livelihoods, torching and burning private and public properties nationwide without any legal implications whatsoever to those behind the unruly mob conduct embarrassing the nation and society at large.

The BLM i.e. BSM (B.S. Movement) together with Antifa proved themselves the progeny of Fascism and feudalism running the gamut in the global stage.

Not to mention, the destructive forces and their agents ever committed to deception, deceit and devious agenda propagate via crony broadcasting networks in social media, the information lifted from ethical and credible entity and domain to malign the source inviting self-inflicting irreversible damage.

Once again, these egregious indulgences clearly distinguish the fake and fraudulent from the original.

In 2021 – the critical race theory is promoted to stir reactions and controversy on the race subject. Unfortunately, the promoters expectations to season and fry the race related ingredients are working as they continue to pit people against each another in some form or another.

Notwithstanding the transgender mania having become the obsessive compulsive disorder affecting the identity politics peddlers, the classic ignoramus surrendered to own folly and personal identity crisis.

The critical race theory is debated as contentious due to the projection of a race and in this instance casting the White population, the oppressor in history.

Needless to say in any situation of abuse, violence and violations, the victimizer and the victims i.e. the oppressors and the oppressed are well aware of the truth and facts without any interpretation or revision of history.

It is important to highlight that those who are crying foul to critical race theory today are nowhere to be seen in the relentless assault on other races, religions, cultures and civilizations that are continuously mocked, ridiculed and denigrated not only in school textbooks but also in every available medium since time immemorial.

In this regard, Hollywood and the so-called authors in literary society have taken the liberty for granted and left others far behind in stereotyping anything and anyone they have targeted a fair game entirely for pecuniary interests. The prejudice playing a role cannot be ruled out in such behavior.

The customs and traditions of race other than their own often described and portrayed as barbaric, primitive and backward in every possible channel and outlet thus far are irrefutable. It always hurts upon own experience of incidents and events that are not necessarily reflected in others pain and suffering. Perhaps that is human nature.

Let it not be forgotten, the divide and conquer strategy is the premise to rein control and dominance throughout imperialistic and colonial supremacy.

There could be no denial in the fact that racial superiority and hierarchy is the norm and prevalent more so today than even before. Any belief to the contrary is superficial and farcical.

The proof is in the cancel culture – the epitome of intolerance to alternative views and contribution.

The concerted efforts and actions in silencing genuine voice with anonymity while ambush the individual life invading home, privacy and identity appropriating to whom so ever they deem suitable fitting their contaminated mindset is regarded their prerogative. None of these despicable engagements on their part are considered shameful or criminal by them.

Otherwise the groups like White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi gatherings in  Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 would not serve as political tool for those in favor or against race orientation. Likewise the black lives matter, antifa and alike would not be the catalysts for chaos and mayhem even though the outcome serve none including them and those behind these organizations except them deriving bizarre satisfaction from ruinous participation.

Above all, the superiority complex has transcended from race to elitism typically narcissism and nepotism blending the racial mix of similar concoctions on social economic status based on fame, fortune and power in global society.

The billionaire club, celebrity clique, academia flaunting A-Z titles after their name as intellectualism, political circle as world leaders and self-proclaimed statesmanship, media organizations and press touted as power brokers in exaggeration or embellishing records of anyone and anything to boost ratings.

Last but not the least, the religious God men and women especially the former in the costume with flowing robe sweeping the floor they walk on and the long beard competing with their robe in touching the ground is quite a sight to see them performing to the script in the mega theatrics currently representing the so-called global elitism – the contra euphemism for narcissism in the contemporary era.

The world is a circus under the purview of those lost in their lofty ambitions and delirious goals. They struggle and stumble revealing their cluelessness amid the house of cards crumbling on them.

The billionaire club – what anyone does with their personal wealth in their private life is entirely individual discretion. Again, the same principle is not extended to all by the global elitists having assumed the power as entitlement to enroll or expel whom ever they prefer or reject in society. The idea of free speech in the present time is transformed into a privilege. The social media they overwhelmingly own and control albeit due to ordinary citizens engagement in these social platforms as users and consumers are conveniently forgotten forbidding citizens from the public domain for not conforming to their political ideology and faction they represent in the government.

The global elites reserve the rights to be discreet and hold secret meetings as secret society to discuss and strategize on global affairs directly affecting every man, woman, child, their dog and livestock in any situation. However, the content and minutes of the meetings are ever held secret barring public and real independent investigative press knowledge on the matter.

Ironically, they criticize their arch nemesis as recluse for living a normal life and importantly they are irked with their enemy for unwilling to bow taking marching orders from them in reminiscence of enslavement of those they regard not worthy of any respect. The proverbial old habits die hard is prevalent in the indignation of anyone who do not agree with them and roll over in the swamp that are expected and carried out by the servile appointees to the position remaining a front for the secret society and the deep state.

The space travel is a new fad among the latest billionaires who have otherwise declared bankruptcy laying off more than 3250 employees citing global pandemic for massive termination and even sought governments’ assistance at average tax payers expense despite the latter already hit beyond revival. The wealth at their disposal apparently is well spent on extravagant pleasure trip to the galaxy that were otherwise not available to retain the heavily hurt ordinary workers in the worst crisis. The other billionaires on their part justify their stance on pushing merchant fees $7.50 in credit card payments on solar energy to struggling home owners saving the costs from it for their space journey. There are others in the billionaire league whose employees share their grievances on poor working conditions such as long hours with less pay and no incentives on hard labor of thousands of workers contributing to the billionaires’ success story.

Then there are billionaires entrenched in defining and regulating human genome, lifestyle and mind via investments in scientific experiments and altering seeds germination targeting staple diet of mankind and livestock hormone injection…regarded innovative ignoring cataclysmic ramifications experienced right now.

The topic is continued under separate titles highlighting the quandary confronting humanity today.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

India – Invasion and Colonization

August 4, 2019

India – Invasion and Colonization

Padmini Arhant

Invasion and colonization of India since time immemorial until today with India remaining a colonial state is predominantly due to traitors within India in politics, economy,  entertainment, religion and social domains with communication outlets like print and visual media buckled down to domestic and foreign power.

These traitors entrenched in corruption and famished for power, fame and fortune submit to treason, false propaganda, distortion, subversion, indoctrination and sacrilege of religion, human values and ethos for individual gains and their masters vested interests.

These parasites selling their souls for personal benefits are primarily responsible for generational suffering among vast majority.

The affluence and prominence are found most useful for the foreign forces and their proxies in government, economy, entertainment, religion and social sphere in aiding and abetting divide and conquer strategy – the fundamental course in exerting superiority with authority. 

The topic will continue on other aspects and consequences of treason and massive corruption eroding the prospects within for the present population making the future bleak for the next generation.

Please stand by for more on this important subject.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


God or Man – Who is Humanity’s Enemy?

July 19, 2019

God or Man – Who is Humanity’s Enemy?

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Newsweek Image on the article. Thank you.


Who is humanity’s enemy?

Without a shadow of doubt, man is the enemy and existential threat to lives in general. Men in power along with women subordinates conduct activities endangering lives and environment with no regrets thus far.

The term mankind is a misnomer falsely defining human kindness. It was a reminder to man to be kind towards all.

In the real world, cruelty towards fellow humans, animals and plant species characterizing unkind behavior and heinous crimes witnessed from those in position of power, authority and influence alternatively the weak, cowardly and callous hurting and harming innocent and vulnerable members near and far.

Knowledge is useful and powerful. However, lack of proper understanding and application of knowledge could prove detrimental. Semi-baked i.e. half or inaccurate knowledge is more dangerous than unawareness.

Ignorance is bliss and could also be an abyss.

Knowing the unknown phenomenon God requires self-cleansing and soul searching developing an aura within to rise above normal existence delineating self from the concept of me, myself and I behind possession of all things material that are immaterial in the quest for truth and eternal peace.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Debunking GOOGLE Myth

January 30, 2019

Debunking GOOGLE Myth

Padmini Arhant


Alphabet Inc. – GOOGLE’s parent company.

As one of many key representatives of sinister secret society, Alphabet Inc. subsidiary GOOGLE is not necessarily the authentic source and only mine of information pertaining to all topics and species on earth.

Knowledge existed since dawn of life and creation of Universe prior to current information age.

GOOGLE Search engine collate and organize data applying algorithm conforming to computer programming designed to follow code of instructions. This is not taken or adopted from GOOGLE search.  It is my personal view and understanding of the mechanism.

The information available upon google search from diverse sources is not the ultimate authority on any particular or other subject matter. Though the trend has been established on such perception that all existing knowledge is derived from GOOGLE barring individual capability and intellectual ability to provide solution to problems and opinions in the alternative mode i.e. thinking outside the box creative talent.

Keeping in mind, the various details and figures emerging from GOOGLE are myriad contributions from anywhere and everywhere, the database merely functions as convenient reference guide but that in itself do not satisfy the requirement to deal with challenges and crisis.

Such ignorance in the contemporary age inhibits human thought process to evolve and exemplify on individual basis without relying entirely on search engine stored cache.

Any genuine, unique or novel idea and perspectives are mistakenly presumed GOOGLE originated theory as there are still significant population in the world without access to computers and modern technology existing by using own intelligence.

GOOGLE is not the be all end all wellspring in knowledge sphere.

Acknowledgment of facts and reality denied due recognition is an impediment in collective human progress.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






Latino Affair (SPANISH) – Asunto Latino (Española)

December 20, 2018

Latino Affair

Padmini Arhant

Latin AmericaPolitical struggles, revolutions, foreign interventions, social and economic problems continue to challenge population in this region. However, the resilience to confront trials and tribulations combined with rich cultural heritage among people in this part of the world make them admirable setting example for those involved in controlling others destiny and as a result fail to live their own life. 

The video is in Spanish language. Asunto Latino 

The english version. 

Latin America controlled and dominated by foreign powers and institutions continue to experience instability and volatility like the rest of the world. The hegemonic goals for regional endowments persists at vast majority population plight.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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