Tribute to Motherhood and Mother Nature

Tribute to Motherhood and Mother Nature

Padmini Arhant

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Tribute to Motherhood and Mother Nature.

Life begins as seed in your womb

Eventually ends and rest in the tomb 

You bear pain and pleasure during gestation

Not without risks, the process of procreation 

Oh Mother! you never cease to care.


Like the cool breeze in ocean waves

Your love and warmth calm the nerves

There is nothing to worry about dearth

For you provide necessary comfort upon birth

Oh Mother! you never cease to share.


Learning starts with your able gentle guidance

You show the way to maintain balance

There is much more about your wisdom

That dispels boredom, inspires freedom to stardom

Oh Mother! you never cease to spare.


Laughter and joy experienced in your presence

You soothe any sorrows with your patience

There are seamless attributes in your magnanimity

Selflessness and sacrifice exemplify your inherent purity 

Oh Mother! you never cease to dare.


Lucky are those who receive your kindness 

You are strength to many seeking forgiveness

There is reason to appreciate your commitment

You are dependable in leading towards enlightenment

Oh Mother! you touch upon infinite creature.


Luscious meadows and majestic hills represent serenity

Your charm and grace equally enhance beauty

There is symmetry in your sacred rhythm

The rainbow emerging during rain sunlight prism

Oh Mother! your elegance reveals beautiful nature.


Lavender, roses and jasmine with sweet fragrance

Your breathtaking landscape and pleasantness highlight magnificence

There is melody conforming to natural symphony

Ever stimulating inner vibrancy in perfect harmony

Oh Mother earth! you deserve endless nurture.


Luminous sky decorated with twinkling stars galore 

You arouse excitement parallel to amusing folklore

The sparkling dazzling diamonds signify your brilliance

The bright moonlight on glaciers reflect radiance

Oh Mother! thy glory honored in rapture.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant