Symphony Orchestra – Renaissance

Up Beat – Composer & Conductor Padmini Arhant


World Ensemble – Composer & Conductor Padmini Arhant


Indian Classical Music – Artist Padmini Arhant



By Padmini Arhant

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I, Padmini Arhant, Author & Presenter, Representative Divine Mission.

In this segment, as composer and conductor of symphony orchestra, I, Padmini Arhant present the musical treat titled Renaissance.

Music is a language with no barriers bringing solace and joy at all times in life. Whether you are happy or sad, stressed or energetic music is a great form of entertainment that uplifts spirit.

Music is fun providing opportunity to dispel any dull moments and mundane activity. Music is natural as the sounds from cool breeze and ocean waves soothes mind in serene environment.

The music lovers whether playing, composing or listening to their favorite songs or instruments know the essence of this wonderful art.  Music is food for soul for many and has been appreciated since time immemorial.

The world is unimaginable without music. I, for one immensely enjoy music – singing, listening and composing melody.

I leave you with my latest symphony Renaissance following the recent releases titled Up Beat and World Classical Music (Instrument)Ensemble available under Entertainment category on the website


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant