United States – Miriam Carey’s Family Plea

April 8, 2022

United States – Miriam Carey’s Family Plea

For Justice 

Padmini Arhant

Then White House administration in 2013 authorized and witnessed crime – summary execution of a young African American 34 year-old-mother, Miriam Carey – unarmed civilian with a toddler daughter at the back in the child car seat was mercilessly gunned down in broad daylight by then White House Secret Service and the Capitol Police in 2013. 

The horrific crime shooting an unarmed civilian Miriam Carey with more than 26 bullets near the White House premise during the occupants – the former President Barack Obama and spouse Michelle Obama’s presence at that time with their knowledge about the horrendous assault is an unforgettable and unforgivable tragedy for any family. 

Miriam Carey was accused of trespassing in that incident. The account involved several rounds of firing by the White House Secret Service and Capitol Police captured live real time in the video content released in the public domain as well as news reports verifying the ammunition barrage at the unarmed victim trying to protect her child.

In another twist from the political power represented media, Miriam Carey was characterized as having mental illness. The bizarre claim made amid Miriam Carey being gainfully employed as dental hygienist at the office where then incumbent President Barack Obama had reportedly received dental care from the staff Miriam Carey.

Furthermore, the allegedly mentally unstable Miriam Carey was driving an automobile with a valid driver’s license from her home town Connecticut to D.C. – 265 miles without any issue until the time she was shot down by the White House Secret Service and Capitol Police who were apparently cheered as heroic act with standing ovation from then House of Representatives according to Washington Post report cited below.

Interestingly, the much touted Black Lives Matter (BLM) well established at that time as the advocate for Black lives were ominously missing in action to raise the issue on behalf of a young black female victim, her toddler black child and Miriam Carey’s black family. 

Not even the talk show host Hollywood fame, #Me Too Movement participant and Barack Obama’s closest friend Oprah Winfrey could afford time to bring Miriam Carey’s public execution to attention and deliver justice for the African American victim.

Notably Oprah Winfrey’s worldwide telecast on special interview with British Royalty Harry and Meghan Markle’s grievances and misgivings about their Royal life could be accommodated in the talk show host busy schedule.

Does this mean Miriam Carey’s life didn’t matter to BLM, Oprah Winfrey (the #Me Too Advocate) and then First Black Family in the White House in 2013?

Importantly, the violence with 26 bullets aimed at the unarmed civilian Miriam Carey on Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama’s watch and knowledge unarguably the biggest disillusionment of all. 

Is this the kind of dream envisioned by the slayed civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr,? 

While the recent 2022 Oscar night fiasco involving a slap gained plenty of media focus becoming the hot topic and continued unabated until now, Miriam Carey’s death from gruesome violence with several rounds of fire power targeting unarmed mother with her toddler in the car brushed off as freaky event. 

Perhaps the latter is too inconvenient to even regard the incident attention worthy. 

The rich, famous and powerful never deprived nor denied preferential treatment on everything – the good, the bad and the ugly matter.

In contrast, the ordinary lives’ extraordinary ordeal is just another story soon forgotten as if it never happened. 

Nonetheless, the deeds and misdeeds in life without exception are in KARMA data for appropriate judgment upon imminent departure from the world.

The karmic effects are potent in delivering justice denied in the narcissists mortal world.  

Shunning or running away from TRUTH only confirm the doers prisoners of guilt in their action.

Where is the justice for Miriam Carey and her daughter? 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




Published on November 26, 2014

“We want to know: Why? What happened?”

So many questions, so much we still don’t know about the case of the woman shot to death by the Secret Service and the U.S. Capitol Police on Oct. 3, 2013, after a car chase from the White House to Capitol Hill. Her 13-month-old daughter survived in a car seat.

“Did we miss something?”

Barbara Nicholson is asking. The office manager of a dental practice in Ardsley, N.Y., is standing in the hygiene room, remembering the woman who used to clean teeth at this chair. Miriam Iris Carey — that was her name. She was one of the best dental hygienists and “one of the nicest people” Nicholson ever hired.

“We’re left with a void and no answers,” Nicholson says. “It’s like she was wiped off the face of the earth.

Nicholson’s voice catches. She pauses and looks away. “She’s missed. She’s very missed.”

Do you remember Miriam Carey? Her remarkably public death at 34 mesmerized us for a couple of news cycles. Then we moved on pretty quickly. I had to look up her name when I first started puzzling over this case. The main thing I remembered was that incredible video — the one showing the two-door black Infiniti surrounded by Secret Service officers with guns drawn near the Capitol Reflecting Pool. The car looks trapped. Suddenly the driver backs into a squad car and accelerates away. There’s the sound of gunfire while tourists take cover on the West Lawn. The Infiniti reappears, making a loop around a traffic circle, and proceeds up Constitution Avenue to what would be the fatal encounter outside the Hart Building.

What an afternoon. We were told that Carey “rammed” White House and Capitol “barriers.” That she tried to breach two security perimeters. That she had mental problems.

District Police Chief Cathy Lanier said federal officers acted “heroically.” The House of Representatives offered a standing ovation.

It was easy to call this a tragedy and turn the page.

Except that some of what little we thought we knew hasn’t held up. The part about ramming White House barriers and trying to breach two security perimeters? Not exactly true.

And how did a supposedly mentally unstable person remain a longtime, reliable and valued employee at two dental practices until the day she was killed? She had a condo and a family and, according to colleagues and relatives, plans for the weekend.

On the other hand, what person ignores commands from officers pointing guns, hits a couple of their cars, and drives on? “We all speculated that she was trying to get her child out of danger, when she was confronted with people with guns, because that’s what she would do,” Nicholson says.

The gunfire — 26 bullets in all — sets the Carey case apart. Shootings by officers on these two forces are rare. White House guards didn’t resort to their weapons in September, when fence-jumper Omar Gonzalez, who had a knife in his pocket, ran far into the executive mansion before being tackled. Carey was unarmed.

“There was no indication she ever had issues,” Nicholson continues. “You couldn’t ask for a more professional person than her. No one ever complained about her, and that’s highly unusual. She was the sweetest person you ever want to know.”

Nicholson looks out the window to the parking lot where Carey used to park the Infiniti. “You could see the [child’s] car seat in the back of that car,” she says.

The leaves are turning gold this afternoon in early October, as they would have been the last time Carey stood at this chair and looked out the window.

After her last patient that Wednesday, Oct. 2, Carey prepared to depart. She usually left by 5 p.m. to pick up her daughter at day care. She lived in Stamford, Conn., 24 miles from Ardsley, 265 miles from Washington.

Her schedule called for her to be off Thursday and Friday, then she was to work at her other dental job in the Bronx on Saturday, and she’d be back here at Advanced Dental of Ardsley on Monday.

“She was absolutely normal,” Nicholson says. “I still remember her standing there, saying, ‘Bye, have a nice weekend. See you on Monday.’ As if nothing.”

There is no public record of her movements or contacts until the following afternoon at 2:13, when she drove up to the Secret Service kiosk at 15th and E streets NW.

“You could see both sides of the story,” Nicholson says. “But I’m sorry. That child does not have a mother because they wanted to handle it their way.”

What happened to Miriam Carey?


United States – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

March 3, 2021

United States – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Padmini Arhant

The democrat controlled House passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would be fair and reasonable upon the same empathy and fervor extended to yet another victim who actually suffered far greater brutality and injustice in modern times in the hands of those at the helm of political authority i.e. Presidency of the United States of America under the former President Barack Obama and spouse Michelle Obama’s presence in the White House.

This victim is none other than African American Miriam Carey and her then African American 13-month-old daughter Erica witness to the heinous crime.

The unarmed civilian, the African American mother Miriam Carey was shot several times sustaining fatal injury from thirty five bullets or so in October 2013 confirmed in reports then and thereafter. The Washington post at the time of the incident until today reported on African American victim Miriam Carey shot at least 26 times in several rounds in the brief encounter with White House secret service. The reports state the D.C. police entry later in the crime scene.

The most disturbing turn of event in this cold blooded murder is, the child Erica handed over to some ex-CIA operative rather than obliging the victim Miriam Carey’s mother and her immediate family’s plea to grant them access to the child for emergency care and attention. The request to the former first Black President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama was denied leaving the child Erica bereft of the legal and individual right to be with her family. Instead the ex-CIA personnel, a white male and stranger was designated custodian of the toddler Erica with the matter closed without prompting any attention or concern from then already established Black Lives Matter and others pouring sympathy over African American male victim George Floyd in the police action.

Karen Bass (D-California) – “A profession where you have the power to kill should be a profession that requires highly trained officers who are accountable to the public.”

Shouldn’t the same standard apply to those responsible for the murder of 34-year-old Black mother Miriam Carey as it does now for 46-year-old Black man George Floyd?

The current White House statement to George Floyd Bill;

“To make our communities safer, we must begin by rebuilding trust between law enforcement and the people they are entrusted to serve and protect,” the White House said. “We cannot rebuild that trust if we do not hold police officers accountable for abuses of power and tackle systemic misconduct — and systemic racism — in police departments.”

Who holds those accountable for authorizing their secret service personnel to hail bullets on unarmed woman and a mother with 13-month-old child in her car?

Why should there be any discrimination even among Black Lives evident in condemnation of action in black man George Floyd’s murder while condoning the black victim Miriam Carey’s public summary execution?

Is it simply because, those involved and responsible for the black woman Miriam Carey’s summary execution are protected by ‘qualified immunity’ apparently revoked in George Floyd’s case?

How can such prejudice over ride criminality in one incident while demanding Justice in another?

In doing so, the entire process is marred with credibility and genuity factor pronouncing politics more than ethics. Notwithstanding civil and human rights seriously violated in congressional selective importance.

Let the basic civility honoring All Lives Matter prevail over partisan identity politics aimed at further polarization of society and creed within.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 













Independent Commission on January 6th, 2021 Capitol Event

February 17, 2021

Independent Commission on January 6th, 2021

Capitol Event

Padmini Arhant

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in agreement with proposal on independent commission to investigate Capitol Building encroachment on January 6th, 2021 should be in a position to subject self and others in the democrat party to scrutiny to make such probe free, fair and credible.

Furthermore, the fact Jan 6, 2021 Capitol storming was pre-organized and pre-emptive incident is confirmed by FBI. That being the case, those behind the orchestrated incident and the House Speaker in-charge of Capitol building security should be prepared to submit to law without exception in Congress and government apparatus.

The investigation compared to 9/11 commission is ominous as the so-called 9/11 commission was anything but independent except for exonerating and absolving those directly involved and responsible for 9/11.

Since accountability is at the height of democrats controlled government, media and all things considered a fair game, then a thorough investigation on last summer riots, looting, burning and vandalism by democrat and George Soros funded Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other outfits be brought to law.  The deaths, destruction and mayhem inflicted on ordinary citizens and American citizens owned businesses and livelihoods, private and public property is far more devastating than any incident.

Those who suffered enormous financial and punitive damages from last summer insurrection and insurgency aptly qualifying domestic terrorism holding all individuals in government and rioters responsible with libel suits unarguably merit due process and independent probe.

Let every high ranking to rank and file in the democrat political party hierarchy promoting, inciting, instigating and fund-raising criminality, arsonists and unrest be subject to the same rule of law and impeachability witnessed in actions and impeachment proceedings since 2016 and up until now.

Upon following equal application of law in matter concerning safety and security of all not just the selective few would demonstrate sincerity and commitment to protect the rights of all citizens nationwide barring preference and prejudice.

All lives matter.

Thank you.                 

Padmini Arhant


United States – SCOTUS Declining The Great State Texas Lawsuit

December 12, 2020

United States – Presidential Election 2020

SCOTUS Declining The Great State Texas Lawsuit

Padmini Arhant

United States Supreme Court declining the Texas lawsuit that required the highest court on land to uphold constitutional law and procedures seriously violated in the Presidential election 2020 in the four swing states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia in electing electors abiding by the state constitution in semblance with Texas and other states is a setback for judiciary evading responsibility to defend constitutionality in governance and election matter.

The Supreme Court as the last bastion of justice trusted to safeguard and protect constitutional process in the state and federal level abandoned in this instance is deeply regrettable and does not bode well for judiciary expected to be independent in the judicial authority to provide opportunity with a hearing to electorate represented by the great state Texas along with 18 other states and the incumbent President of the United States in solidarity on the defendants WI, MI, PA and GA state legislature failure to adhere constitutional procedures is a major crisis reflecting political influence suppressing judicial obligation to the republic.

The United States Supreme Court abdication in this regard is a dangerous precedence in a democracy not barring the SCOTUS decision impact on election credibility now and in the future.

The fact of the matter is the Presidential election 2020 corrupted with massive voting irregularities in the deployment of calibrated Dominion voting machine and software programmed to flip votes to the desired candidate Joe Biden against the  elected candidate Donald J. Trump, the incumbent contender in the race.

The vote counts in several counties in the swing states denying access to Republican observers, the latest bombshell on FBI criminal probe 500,000 counterfeit ballots to democrat contender Joe Biden in four key battleground states is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Further from other sources such as Forbes reports that on November 5th – the FBI investigating Voter data theft in the key 2020 election battleground found the following evidence.

“On the morning of November 5, as the 2020 election hung in balance, Arizona federal agents raided a two-story house in Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, a county that had become a key battleground in the presidential race. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. They left with eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks. The resident of the property, a 56-year-old IT expert named Elliot Kerwin, was served the warrant.”

Importantly, the flurry of testimonials from key witnesses under oath with penalty for perjury in the six battleground states public hearing held in national and world view clarified inherent voter fraud carried out both manually as well as via Dominion and similar voting machine to benefit Joe Biden. The sworn affidavits with many good citizens in all these swing states risking their lives considering the open blatant threats especially the one from Michigan former state representative Cynthia Johnson during the hearing and post session on social media is extremely disturbing.  The citizens’ coming forward despite abusive treatment at hearing such as the one in Michigan under Cynthia Johnson verify desperate times seeking desperate measures at the lowest to the highest level.

The election without a shadow of doubt is marred with series of violations from constitutional neglect, judicial refusal to fake ballots inclusion for democrat contestant Joe Biden and legal votes exclusion for Donald J. Trump marking the historic electoral malfeasance and vote theft to sway the election result.

Above all, the democrat candidate Joe Biden’s campaign funded by China communist regime controlled companies and Biden family in crossfire on allegations against Hunter Biden’s close ties and financial dealings with China’s entrepreneur linked to China’s military and communist politburo is a direct assault on United States national security. China’s communist upper hand and enormous clout over Joe Biden’s Presidency endanger United States sovereignty, future elections, economic and trade policy and intelligence committee as revealed in the China spy gate with democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell exposed for compromising security and classified information.

The situation concerning the Presidential election 2020 place United States in precarious position largely due to election rules flouted preventing free and fair election. The Supreme Court and other lower courts denying the 74 million electorate a chance to present their evidence based case on all issues related to Presidential election 2020 is a systemic dysfunctional characteristic upending legal votes and constitutional practice.

As for the divine mission, the Presidential election outcome derived from undemocratic and unconstitutional means is not favored and remain consistent on the re-election of United States President Donald J. Trump to second term in office.

Again any intimidations including life threatening pejorative tactics and tantrums would be futile and detrimental for those engaging in violent unruly conduct.

The presentation on the Presidential election 2020, China and other foreign infiltration in election will follow in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






Prejudice and Hate Crime

May 29, 2020

Prejudice and Hate Crime

Padmini Arhant

Today United States of America is protesting in some parts of the country on the tragic death of  a human being – George Floyd, an African American falling victim to hate crime by an individual whose duty was to protect all citizens from any harm as a law enforcement officer.  

Unfortunately, whenever these incidents occur those committing such violent crimes in their uniform fail to recognize the injury they inflict not only on their target which usually leads to fatality but also the law enforcement they represent to maintain law and order in society that are often violated by some members driven by prejudice against those whom they isolate for purposes other than defined by the state of law. 

Let there be no selective empathy as discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic, education and social background as well as differences in any manner are condemnable.

Hate crimes and violence against unarmed citizens are the norm with some gaining national attention leading to mass demonstrations while others barely known to the public especially when it involves authorities in the highest order granting them indefinite impunity on abuse of power and position in office.

George Floyd from Minneapolis, Minnesota experience is commonly shared by his fellow African Americans in particular and some Latino population throughout United States from time to time.

Laws applicable on all citizens not necessarily upheld exempting those in authority and power from misuse of  their designation. 

On October 3rd, 2013  unarmed young African American woman, Miriam Carey was mercilessly gunned down by White House Security Service Personnel and Capitol Police reportedly in the presence of then occupants the former President Barack Obama (Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2009) and  Michelle Obama in the premise at that time.

Miriam Carey, 34-year-old mother was riddled with thirty five bullets and her then 13 month old daughter witness to the horrific crime just outside the White House compound at  

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.

Miriam Carey apparently did not deserve any regrets or remorse from her assassins or those in the White House aware of the horrendous crime let alone any nationwide condemnation denouncing the abhorrent indifference to an unarmed citizen trying to protect her toddler child from the barrage of bullets aimed at her with the assailants showing no mercy at her or the toddler restrained in the car seat at the back on that fateful day. 

The events such as these continue to represent the dark history repeating itself and apathy from those in power transcending race in this context is the irony.

Selective justice and identity politics is the worst from of intolerance and bigotry in the so-called free society.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 





United States – Political Immunity

May 21, 2020

United States – Political Immunity

Padmini Arhant

In the latest Spy gate scandal there are serious questions on developments granting political immunity to those directly involved in the matter.

What is the reason behind U.S.Attorney General William Barr’s statement exempting the former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from criminal investigation despite Gen. Michael Flynn case from the beginning until now lead to then highest office bearers i.e. President and Vice President of the United States in 2016?

The same would apply to United States Senate interestingly from the Republican aisle the Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell elected by Kentucky voters and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham maintaining similar position on the former U.S. administration.

United States proudly claimed as the land of Justice inhibiting justice and facilitating widespread corruption in all three branches of the government i.e. the executive, legislative and judiciary is a flagrant betrayal of public trust and blatant evasion of accountability.

The abuse of power undermines democracy and holds the electorate hostage protecting political establishment with impunity on crimes and unlawful engagement that would otherwise subject others not in the same league to the fullest extent of law. 

The system must be fair and equal holding none above law without exception barring political bias and amnesty.

The preference and prejudice subvert democratic principles allowing politics and those exerting control from within and outside to misuse public office and taxpayers money for private and political interests.

United States voters in the blue, red and purple states are burdened with the responsibility to free democracy under siege from secret society run and managed deep state as well as their representatives in government.

Likewise, the policy defending China and World Health Organization directly responsible for global pandemic affecting 5.1 million people and 330,000 deaths and counting of which 100,000 pertain to United States and the remaining related to rest of the world notwithstanding economic collapse worldwide consuming lives and costing livelihoods is reprehensible. 

Needless to say the buck stops at the highest order viz. with the Presidency of the United States expected to exercise executive authority executed on other matter and in this particular health and economic disaster heeding bad political advise favoring China as well as WHO conform to collusion and complicity.

China’s influence over World Health Organization is demonstrably corruption and cronyism that led to colossal failure to save lives from the deadly virus extended to regions across the globe with governments and leaderships facing severe criticisms and possible rejection in election in their respective domain.

Any laxity in appropriate response and actions against China and World Health Organization authority at the helm by governments worldwide would sabotage credibility and electability among own population for ignoring pandemic victims’ tragedies enduring loss of lives of their loved ones and economic devastation.

All those affected by crimes and willful wrongdoing deserve justice that cannot be denied based on arbitrary intervention and egregious decisions.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





India – Victims of mass genocide in 1984 anti-Sikhs riots case

November 21, 2018

India – Victims of mass genocide in 1984 anti-Sikhs riots case

Padmini Arhant

Delhi court verdict on the killings of two Sikh residents in mob violence following the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 is welcome.

However, the death sentence to one and life term to another convicted in the crime representing capital punishment with death penalty could have been life sentence to both on the crime.  The death penalty is elimination of those convicted whereas life term with mandatory labor in the cell to provide for victims’ families having deprived them of an earning member would be meaningful creating an opportunity for the guilty to repent and pay penance to victims and their families subjected to life-long ordeal.

Importantly, these killers convicted in the heinous crime were operatives deserving to be brought to justice. 

Nonetheless, the actual perpetrators were leading political figures in Congress Party viz. Jagdish Tytler, late H.K.L.Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Dharamdas Shastri, Lalit Maken, Babu Ram Sharma, the late Arun Nehru to name a few as well as celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan were pivotal in instigating mob violence and arousing anti-Sikh sentiments that led to abhorrent genocide of Sikh population in Delhi and Punjab.

The punishment to catalysts or agents while setting the architects and instigators free witnessed time and time again in politically motivated ethnic violence and criminal activity is a serious assault on judicial efficacy making law nothing more than convenience exempting those with political clout and stardom in society.

Even worse is these offenders having never expressed remorse for their authorized killings are celebrated and revered as heroes adding insult to victims’ injury in modern age.

The law of the land enforced without any privilege to or prejudice against any holding none above law especially the famous, influential and powerful invariably granted immunity to crimes against humanity would exemplify independent judiciary and democratic values in recognition of victims’ rights not the accused alone in delivering justice in a real civilized society.

Furthermore, seizing assets of affluent members in politics and entertainment involved in these criminal actions for punitive damages to survivors and victims’ dependents would alleviate victims plight in the otherwise carte blanche abuse of power and celebrity status in society.

Accordingly, the application of law against every one of these individuals alive today who were consciously engaged in promoting massacre of innocent citizens in Sikh community in 1984 is incumbent on Indian judiciary and collectively as the nation proclaimed the world’s largest democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com



India – Unconditional Release of Human Rights Activists

September 10, 2018

India – Unconditional Release of

Human Rights Activists

Padmini Arhant

The latest development on human rights activists’ extension on house arrest pending Supreme Court hearing on September 12th, 2018 is suo motu in the backdrop of absence of credible evidence against all of them compared to the other two members Hindutva leaders Milind Ekbote and Manohar ‘Sambhaji’ Bhide, associated with BJP government accused of instigating the Bhima-Koregaon violence and accordingly FIR filed against them.

The contrasting treatment highlights the misappropriation of judicial process detaining the former in house arrest while exempting the latter from any inquiry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi headed BJP government in Delhi directing the Supreme Court is evident as claimed in another controversial national issue on Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, where the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath representing the BJP government in Delhi asserted BJP’s unilateral influence on Indian Supreme Court over all matter.

Upon reviewing the facts on the arrests of five human rights activists and government concerted crackdown on dissent violently pursuing journalists, civil rights activists, writers, poets and intellectuals in society targeted for voicing concerns on the plight of marginalized, disenfranchised and isolated segments as well as women and minorities in India, the government action clearly is a blatant violation of constitution that guarantees all citizens in the Republic of Indiathe inalienable right to express views and opinion on any issues including disagreement on any government policies and programs or the lack thereof affecting citizenry.

Since these five human rights activists have been unlawfully held on unsubstantiated charges, the government and judiciary combined could no longer prolong the case that is arguably politically motivated to set precedence in curbing democratic rights nationwide. The overcast leads to prejudice besides failing to meet the legal requirement on judgment against the accused in the satisfaction of beyond reasonable doubt for conviction.

Under these circumstances, the state infringement on civil rights of the human rights activists denying them constitution granted freedom of expression in public or private sessions is a serious contravention deserving civil debate and legislation to prevent misuse of authority at any level. Those who were engaged in this instance against the human rights activists are to be investigated and held accountable to set the procedure for future reference. The judicial reform in Parliament is equally pertinent to allow the legal course to function flawlessly expediting hearings and decisions across the board beginning with law enforcement action on citizens complaints to court proceedings without state intervention in obstruction of justice.

The five human rights activists – Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonzalves, Arun Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj and Gautam Navlakha are to be released unconditionally effective immediately and all allegations against them discharged restoring their dignity and sanctity of Indian democracy that would otherwise be reflected under siege.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com