Indian Cinema, Gutter Politics and Desperate Media

Indian Cinema, Gutter Politics and Desperate Media

Padmini Arhant

Indian Cinema is potent arsenal and suicidal for criminal syndicate comprising politics and diverse nefarious representations struggling to muzzle truthful and factual presentations of current events and conflicts threatening life and habitat.

The downward spiraling of Indian Cinema with wannabes and opportunists expediting decay is ominous for an industry fundamentally premised on nepotism, corruption, criminality and promiscuity besides specializing in piracy and plagiarisms.

Lacking in substance and decency, Indian Cinema is the failing industry miserably and hopelessly dependent on unscrupulous tactics in self-defeating endeavors deploying trash substituting talent for cheap commercial success and instant fame rather infamy hoisted on the flag pole.

The industry hallmark in voyeurism is reflected in every possible format with enthusiastic performers compromising individual value and integrity. The tasteless and lack luster themes serving political and criminal enterprise needs with desperate media providing the platform summarize the beginning of the end of celluloid impact on captive audience in the Information Age.

The underserving glory and undue credit to actors and actresses buttressed by behind the scenes contributors barely known in making a movie is the trend promoting superficial imagery.

The transition from film industry to politics for many following diminishing prospects in cinema is yet another custom. The immunity on crimes to film stars ranging from tax evasion to embezzlement, black money, homicide and treason that would normally subject ordinary citizens to legal consequence is reality.

The wealthiest of the wealthy in Indian cinema expanding family through rent-a-womb mechanism i.e. surrogacy pregnancy in a country and region with millions of children in dire requirement for caring home offering love and attention is the irony in the glossy glass citadel.

Above all, such personalities being lauded by Vogue and similar category further explains idiocy prevalent in fantasy world.

The glamor world basking in glitz and ostentation tirelessly engage in self-adulation and compete with each other to be brand ambassadors for business products and services to supplement the meager million dollar plus income and opulent lifestyle.

The star power abuse emanating from media adoration, strong alliance with politics and influential forces not barring underworld contacts set no limits on celebrity transformation to notoriety.

On the contrary, the stardom is rarely utilized in worthy humanitarian cause and Samaritan duties perhaps due to such involvements tied to selflessness and humilityscarce virtues in the present time.

The idol worship in temples mocked in the era replace the practice with idle reverence of those from Indian cinema and sports arena. The precipitous decline in art and entertainment field preoccupied as propaganda resource is opportunity wasted in cultural development.

Indian cinema continuation on this path at best obsessive and at worst self-destructive.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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