Ukraine Conflict – World Food Crisis

April 19, 2022

Ukraine Conflict

World Food Crisis

Padmini Arhant

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and ongoing conflict has been catastrophic not only for Ukrainian citizens but also for the rest of the world.

The food crisis is upon the world population with wheat production and exports from Russia and Ukraine to global regions drastically affected since Russian military intervention in Ukraine. 

The population survival impact Russia as well. The economic repercussions outweigh any military and political goals in the war against Ukraine.

All the more reason for Russian Federation and Russian President Vladimir Putin to ceasefire in entirety ending aerial strikes, missiles, rockets and air raids besides naval and ground activities in and around Ukraine. 

The immediate and urgent requirement is for Russia and Ukraine to resume peace talks with a sincere commitment to resolve the conflict peacefully through dialogue and discourse abandoning the current aggression and violence. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

According to International report-

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: One fifth of world’s population about to face food crisis

“The global food price index has reached historic highs as wheat prices rose by 20% in March. According to the United Nations’ estimates, the Ukrainian conflict is putting 1.7 bln people around the world at risk of hunger, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes.

“Russia is one of the major wheat exporters, accounting for about five percent of the world’s total. The special operation has sent wheat prices soaring to record highs.

Forecasts say that Ukraine’s wheat exports will halve, so the market is going to face a shortage of 9.5 million tonnes of wheat. Besides, countries may fail to receive wheat from Russia because of delivery and payment issues stemming from political reasons. Certain countries are extremely likely to face starvation.”

The overall food crisis is creating risks for Russia as well, said TeleTrade Chief Analyst Mark Goikhman. Logistics disruptions may bring down Russia’s crop exports, and accordingly, the revenues of farmers and the country’s budget will drop.

“Russia is unlikely to face food shortages but food prices may continue to rise,” Leading Analyst at Otkritie Investment Oleg Syrovatkin emphasized.”

World Express Concern Over Philanthropy Gone Astray

February 15, 2021

World Express Concern Over Philanthropy

Gone Astray

Padmini Arhant

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and spouse Melinda Gates prominence not for the right rather wrong reasons deserve valid explanations from the subjects considering their overarching indulgence potentially endangering human survival. The corona virus COVID19 pandemic involving GATES foundation contribution to a tune of over $200 million to Wuhan lab, China for bizarre experiment on genetically engineered virus impact on human population is a world wide known fact. The information published in public domain long before the deadly virus outbreak in October 2019 in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China, disclosed in December 2019 by the communist authorities in Beijing. 

Bill Gates floated the news on inevitable global pandemic back in 2015 in public forum. This was confirmed during Bill Gates interview with MSNBC recently on January 28th, 2021.

Was there an epiphany or the billionaire’s privy to secret society agenda?

Post COVID19,

Bill Gates Warns The “Next Pandemic” Is Coming After Covid-19.

What exactly is the globalists game plan against humanity?

Bill Gates fascination towards genetically modified organisms (GMO) apparently not mere individual interest. The multi-billionaire ambition to change the world and human population genome as well as lifestyle beckon global attention and scrutiny.

Should billionaires become the principal force to determine eight billion inhabitants’ existence on the planet?

These developments and deeply disturbing engagements such as direct modification of food beginning at seed germination and livestock hormone injection arguably affecting global citizens health and life span.

Is this a synopsis of globalists depopulation and deprogramming plan?

The global citizenry challenged with such risks seek response from the GATES foundation and TECH behemoths extending their role beyond the parameters of advanced technology and economic monopoly. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Public concern on Bill Gates and GATES Foundation Investments  – Thank you.

Mark Moss – Bill Gates Secretly Buying Farmland – The Real Reason 

United States – Monsanto’s Dream Bill (H.R.1599) Restricting GMO labeling on Food

September 28, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The multinational corporation Monsanto known for manufacturing and distributing genetically modified food (GMO – genetically modified organisms) besides promoting growth hormones in animal husbandry viz. poultry and cattle farm in addition to chemical fertilizers and pesticides affecting health and environment has passed the dream bill (H.R.1599) in the House of Congress.

Monsanto’s Dream bill (H.R.1599) overrides the requirement for food industry to label items containing GMO and artificial substances in the product.

The food sector investments in lobbying Congress is aimed at removing mandatory labeling on food with GMO ingredients and continue the existing non-disclosure on GMO contained supply.

Several states in the United States has legislated compulsory GMO food labeling with some already in place while others expected to be effective in the immediate future.

Meanwhile, Monsanto involvement through H.R. 1599 on this issue deny consumer rights about GMO food sold in the marketplace for public consumption.

The bill titled Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act is misleading and clearly circumvent the disclosure requirement.

In fact, upon reviewing details the acronym DARK Act i.e. Deny Americans the Right to Know is apparent in the content withholding relevant facts about food and exclude GMO identification.

The contention on GMO is the absence of complete verifiable data on the process having not been widely tested to guarantee safety. 

Furthermore, with the exception of GMO the nutritional value and important specifics on sugar, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, protein and elements that could be allergenic are provided as standard practice to enable consumer choice. 

Corporate strategy on profits at citizens’ expense risking general health is the last straw ignoring ethics and compliance in the overt influence on legislation.

Monsanto reputation on violations of consumers and farmers interests is well established worldwide.

Monsanto directed bill prohibiting consumer related statement on GMO and any other vital declaration for citizens’ knowledge potentially endanger national health.

Monsanto Dream Bill (H.R.1599) passed in the House of Congress and heading for Senate approval seeks federal intervention to invalidate individual states measure across the United States and enact federal law on food labeling voluntary rather than obligatory for corporations and manufacturers in the country and abroad.

The dangerous precedence on corporate secrets exacerbating consumer vulnerability on matter concerning survival leave the population at profiteers’ mercy.

Citizens nationwide are urged to decline Monsanto Dream Bill that targets consumers’ discretion with respect to food components and description.

Please call your Senators and express the need for correct and truthful food labeling.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











Culinary Delight

November 2, 2008

Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to dine on several different types of cuisines from all around the world.

I’ve dined everywhere from modern Manhattan, to native India, to searing hot Venice, and even Australia!

And although I’ve eaten around the world, I have to say my favorite dishes are served right here in San Jose.

The dish I absolutely relish the most is ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’ from P.F. Chang’s.

The chicken is perfectly cooked, tender and juicy at first bite.

The vegetables are perfectly sautéed to be crisp, but not burnt.

The most tantalizing aspect of the dish, however, is the sauce.

This succulent sweet and sour sauce is a wondrous journey for your taste buds, harnessing the perfect combination of sweet and sour flavors, with a tangy after-taste that will leave you craving more.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite dish in the entire world.

However, no region is without its culinary delights.

One dish that is etched firmly into my mind is Chicago-style pizza.

Despite most of my favorite foods being served in San Jose, this one is an original, found only in the ‘Windy City’.

More resembling a cake than a pizza, this five inch deep gargantuan entrée will not spare your tongue, or your stomach.

With over four inches of pure cheese, one slice of this dough-based monster would barely fit in my mouth.

The toppings, although present, are more like tiny sailors drowning in a sea of cheese.

Barely visible from the exterior of the pizza, one must take a ‘Herculean’ bite to discover their topping of choice hidden within the flowing interior.

Despite its massive size, this is a dish I highly recommend to any food connoisseur, pizza-lover, or anyone who eats, in general.

Another example of an excellent dish is a Greek entrée known as a ‘Gyro’. Pronounced ‘hee-ROH’, this Grecian wrap is typically served with a delectable yogurt sauce called ‘Tzatziki’.

Resembling a burrito, the dish is a simple combination of strips of beef, spinach leaves, diced tomatoes, and tiny cubes of potatoes;

All of which are wrapped in a slice of pita bread. However, each ingredient has a unique method of preparation, and, when combined, resonates with the appeal and harmony of an orchestra in full swing.

The outermost portion, the pita bread, is lightly toasted in a brick oven, and smothered with butter when warm.

The butter melts flawlessly onto the bread, giving it a soft, pleasing texture on the inside; and a coarse, rough outer texture.

The leaves of spinach are bathed in a seasoned vegetable oil, and then dried in such a way that the leaf can soak up the oil and provide an equal taste with every bite.

The tomatoes are carefully diced and peppered, similar to salsa, but with a Grecian twist.

The most savory aspect, however, is the meat.

Each strip is individually cut and marinated, giving every bite an exquisite taste. When put together, the Gyro becomes a delectable and mouthwatering dish, capable of attracting even the most finicky eaters.

Although I have only described two of my favorite dishes, the world is full of other tantalizing courses just waiting to be discovered. Who knows, I might even be the one to formulate the next one!

Thank you.

Kanish Arhant-Sudhir

Contribution: Author – Kanish Arhant-Sudhir

P.S. Our Mom writes more serious stuff while we write about fun stuff like food and entertainment.

Hope you like it!

Kanish Arhant-Sudhir and Rish Arhant-Sudhir