Ukraine – Russia Peace Treaty 2022

March 6, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s War :  The current war waged by President Vladimir Putin is not only against Ukraine, it is also against the people of Russia.

Russian forces have been killed in the so-called special operation initiated and deployed by President Vladimir Putin strictly for personal goals – the revival of Soviet empire confirmed in the latest demands by the Russian President regarding the Donbas region – Donetsk and Luhansk states of Ukraine.

The massive Russian casualties suffered in the last 12 days conflict has prompted the Russian President Vladimir Putin to offer compensation in Russian rubles to Russian families on the loss of lives in the unnecessary battle. Similarly, Russian forces returning home with serious body injury and disabilities that are inevitable in any warfare are being offered government monetary aid.

These efforts need not be expended upon President Vladimir Putin ending the occupation immediately in sincere consideration of Russian lives and Russian economy that are at stake experiencing immense pain and suffering due to the Russian leadership’s irrational ambitions. 

These developments are related to earlier venture.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has treaded on the trail going back in 2008 with South Ossetia and Abkhazia – separated from the sovereign Georgian state in caucasus region.

Likewise previously in Chechnya in the Northern Caucasus declared the defacto republic under Russian Federation.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hardline approach against Chechnya to stifle then secession of Chechnya from Russian control leading to two Chechen wars in 1994-1996 and later in 1999 is now paradoxically promoted in Donbas region by the Russian leadership against Ukraine.

The secessionism from Russia is not tolerated. However, the secessionist activities in Ukraine are facilitated and advanced through direct Russian military invasion  of Ukraine.

The Russian leadership’s controversial and contentious policy is by any definition a serious violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The imperialistic quest of major powers persisting in the twenty first century adamantly failing to recognize the new reality on independence of nations and its citizens is ominous for the leadership and those behind interventionism as the way to annex territories  via violence and aggression.

The imperialistic dream on revival of empires citing earlier centuries of dominance and insisting on reinstating the era are reminded that such egregious accounts would only lead to eventual dawn of creation of the planet leaving none as the imperial power.

The planet creation and evolution of life remaining at the Supernatural helm with human inhabitation being transitory and transitionary. 

The infallible and incontrovertible truth in this context invalidate any imperialistic dominance and invariably succumb to precipitous decline due to unrealistic expansionism in the past, present and expected in the future. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


Ukraine Update – The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s explanation on the ongoing military operation in Ukraine suggesting the military aggression is carried out to protect Donbas in eastern Ukraine and eliminate nationalists and neo-nazis allegedly using civilians as human shields is beyond reason, sensibility and humanitarian concept. 

How is it justifiable to force the Russians and Ukrainian population combined to lay their lives and leave their homeland for the sake of a territory that is part of the sovereign nation Ukraine and those few individuals the Russian President wants to settle scores with, when they are not in the war zone having fled the scene since Russian invasion ?

Besides, history is testament to the fact, no aggressor till date has won the battle against nations regarded a fair game based on miscalculation of those nations’ vulnerability or military capability by the so-called mighty nations with or without nuclear status.

Russia as the former Soviet Republic is already experienced in this respect – invasion and occupation  of Afghanistan contributing to the collapse of Soviet Union.

How many more lessons a nation needs to lay the old guards and accept a new reality?

Ukraine is an independent sovereign nation. The illegal invasion and occupation of any sovereign nation by commonly and predominantly major powers have proved a colossal mistake and a failure. 

It is not going to be any different this time. 

Russian forces are deployed in the unnecessary warfare and Russia is being dragged into long term economic crisis that are far worse than the Russian leadership conducted special operation for personal goals.

President Vladimir Putin ending the military invasion is the only option to mitigate severe economic damages to Russia and importantly saving lives on both sides of the conflict.

No position, power or authority is greater than the will of the people determined to defend their homeland, sovereignty, territorial integrity and above all their individual liberty as citizens of the nation under attack.

Ukraine is currently drawn into defending their country from foreign infiltration.

The Ukrainians are demonstrating their ability to rescue their land from violent destruction by foreign authority. Every nation subject to this dilemma has invariably prevailed due to right not might wins even in the dark age.

Padmini Arhant


Permanent Peace Treaty 2022

Ukraine – Russia

Padmini Arhant


Ukraine – Russia Peace Treaty 2022

Padmini Arhant

The primary focus is to establish peace in Ukraine including east Ukraine – the Donbas region, Donetsk and Luhansk republics having experienced unrest since the political turmoil in 2014 that began in Kiev’s Maidan square.

It is already established that foreign interference from the west in installing pro-western governments not barring neo-nazi ones in Kiev in 2014 went terribly wrong and then onwards Ukraine’s sovereignty has been subject to extreme trials and tribulations along different territories especially in eastern Ukraine.

Whenever there are foreign intrusions in a country either politically and/or militarily, tensions flare causing chaos and confusion in society.

The western appointed governments in Kiev were engaged in promoting counterproductive strategies then and thereafter that hurt Ukraine than helping the country. The aftermath of Maidan square protests in Kiev in 2014 had spread across eastern region Crimea and Donbas creating insecurity and fear among ethnic Russians and majority Russian speaking population at that time.

There is no doubt the atmosphere in Maidan square in 2014 split the nation into pro-western Ukrainians on one side and pro-Russian Ukrainians on the other side. Such situation typically divide the country. Unfortunately, that was the outcome of Maidan rally in 2014 generating isolation of eastern Ukraine. The citizens in Crimea and Donbas obviously feared for their life and felt threatened considering the violence erupting in Kiev transformed into ethnic clashes giving rise to pro-Russian separatist groups seeking independence.

The death toll from the confrontation between Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian separatists reported to be initially 2,600 and now increased to 15,000 or more according to Ukrainian authorities in Kiev. Regardless of low or high figure, the loss of life on any side is regrettable and turbulence in the region contributes to volatility hindering normal existence.

Meanwhile Russian Federation is accused of direct involvement earlier in Crimea leading to Crimean union with Russia. The neighbor Russia foothold in Donbas region allegedly supplying arms to pro-Russian rebels as they are referred to and training them in the last eight years or so alongside Russian military presence in that part of Ukraine fueled further tensions until now.

Although Russia has repeatedly denied these charges, the Russian support in some form or another to separatists in Donetsk, Luhansk and previously Crimea are confirmed via Russian officials statements at UNSC meeting and Russian state media.

The latest being the Russian President Vladimir Putin’d decree recognizing and declaring Donetsk and Luhansk in Donbas as independent republics on February 21, 2022.

The move from Russia as an external nation in Ukraine’s internal affair ignited the spark with subsequent Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 attracting condemnation and western sanctions that are expected to severely impact the Russian leadership and many others in Russian ministry as well as Duma. Notwithstanding setbacks to Russian financial system with Russian central bank and financial institutions blocked from SWIFT international messaging network.

These effects could have been averted by President Vladimir Putin having been made aware of serious economic and financial repercussions upon Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian President was reminded via this domain about the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein treading on the same path in 1990 against Kuwait. The west then launched avalanche of sanctions and military aggression against Iraq citing then Iraqi President’s fatal error.

Following the violence in Donbas region in 2014, the Minsk I and Minsk II agreements were reached in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively between Ukraine, the separatists leaders of Donetsk and Luhansk as well as Russia.

The agreement was witnessed and held in the presence of Germany and France then leaderships in Belarus capital Minsk. The Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) was the monitoring authority to observe and verify the ceasefire in the region. The OSCE reported ceasefire violations on all sides adding the Minsk accord was not adhered to by the signatories making it difficult to implement the agreement.

The Minsk I and Minsk II is welcome by Moscow, a signatory on the accord. However, Moscow has absolved itself from responsibility in abiding by the agreement code claiming itself a non-participant in the conflict. The Minsk Ii agreement calls for withdrawal of forces from eastern region, the foreign military in particular reference to Russia being the occupier in the troubled territories of Ukraine.


The Minsk agreement details in public domain is as follows:

Courtesy: Reuters February 21, 2022. Thank you.

“An immediate and comprehensive ceasefire

Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both sides

Monitoring and verification by the OSCE

To start a dialogue on interim self-government for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, in accordance with Ukrainian law, and acknowledge their special status by parliamentary resolution.

A pardon and amnesty for people involved in the fighting

An exchange of hostages and prisoners.

Provision of humanitarian assistance.

Resumption of socio-economic ties, including pensions.

Restoration of full control of the state border by the government of Ukraine.

Withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, military equipment and mercenaries.

Constitutional reform in Ukraine including decentralisation, with specific mention of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Elections in Donetsk and Luhansk on terms to be agreed with their representatives.

Intensifying the work of a Trilateral Contact Group comprising representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE.”


As mentioned above, Moscow insists Kiev to implement Minsk accord. Kiev on their part disapprove some enforcements of the Minsk deal. Kiev also revealed on the Minsk agreement being forced upon them by Moscow via threats and coercion.

Ukraine has a fair point and reason for reservations. For any agreement to be effective, the terms and conditions have to be multilaterally amicable rather than unilateral imposition against one side creating undue advantage for others in the matter.

At the same time, Ukraine must also accept responsibility for the events since 2014 that began in Kiev’s maidan square allowing the west i.e. the European Union (EU) and United States to sabotage Ukraine’s territorial integrity via the western imperialist divide and conquer strategy that segregated Ukraine into pro-west in western and pro-Russian in eastern Ukraine. Arguably, both have specific demands and expectations from Kiev, the central authority then notably in foreign control and domestically comprising arbitrary decision makers in power.

Whatever has happened so far is extremely unfortunate for Ukraine. The immediate actions required for Ukraine to restore peace and stability are as follows:

Ukraine – Russia Permanent Peace Treaty 2022 – 20 point 

1.  Ukraine – Russia Permanent Peace Treaty 2022Ukraine government and politics in general must abandon fascist ideology and neo-nazi elements within to start afresh on viable functional vibrant democracy. The present and future democratic governments in Kiev crackdown on corruption in the system would spare the country from foreign and domestic economic abuse as well as exploitation that are fundamental cause in Ukraine’s status quo

2. Ukraine government and political factions should disavow violence and aggressive approach towards Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine i.e. Donbas region. The citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk are to be treated and acknowledged as Ukrainians first barring any form of discrimination and isolation based on ethnicity, language such as Russian speaking and any cultural distinction.

3. Ukraine to adopt stringent security measures to protect citizens in eastern Ukraine – Donetsk and Luhansk Donbas region. The Ukraine peace keeping forces to be deployed to prevent any violence and unrest in these territories with citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk guaranteed absolute peace, safety and security in their domain. The dissent should be resolved peacefully without any use of violence such as shooting and other form of life threatening tactics and mechanism.

4. Ukrainian national guards and border security forces to be positioned in eastern Ukraine synonymous to other border frontiers to maintain Ukraine’s territorial rights from foreign infiltration without exception viz. Russia or the west and anyone from anywhere.

5. Donetsk and Luhansk – the self-declared republics are not really independent due to Moscow’s military protection in the form of occupation sought from Moscow against Ukrainian violence experienced in the last eight years of conflict. The status is being resolved with Ukraine government under this 2022 treaty by delivering the necessary safety and security not only in Donetsk and Luhansk but entire eastern Ukraine. The issue should no longer be the concern moving forward towards permanent peace barring willful violations from any front.

6. The citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk as Ukrainians have no reason to breakaway with their territories situated in eastern part of Ukraine. The security issue being addressed under this treaty, the two separatists states are better off in a new democratic Ukraine with better economic prospects and importantly political freedom.

7.  Donetsk and Luhansk citizens would elect their representatives in the respective states and be represented in Ukrainian Parliament with people choice elected members in a free and fair election conforming to Ukrainian constitution and election rule.

8. Ukraine government to extend economic opportunity, education, health choices beside social, cultural freedom and other essential requirements for safe normal existence to citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk similar to the rest of Ukraine

9. Donetsk and Luhansk to remain an integral part of Ukraine in the eastern region. The citizens in these two states would have equal political rights and freedom as Ukraine citizens in the rest of the country. Both states would receive federal funding from Kiev towards public projects and facilities such as railway, national highways, airports, national parks, waters and other reserves in the eastern region. The states would be run and governed with autonomy by citizens elected state government. The two states Donetsk and Luhansk would constitute union of Ukraine People’s Republic under Ukraine constitution.

10. The citizens in these two states and from this region would have explicit rights to serve in Ukrainian army to defend their territory and that of the country they are part of now and in the future.

11. Instant and irrevocable ceasefire from all sides in Donetsk, Luhansk – the Donbas region and entire eastern Ukraine is paramount on permanent basis.

12. The situation will be monitored by representatives from Kiev, Donetsk and Luhansk peace keeping force representing civilians not any separatists or political factions on either side.

13.  The prisoners, hostages and other captives held in each other’s custody in the course of eight years conflict in ethnic violence to be pardoned and released on the condition to serve the community as productive citizens and never engage in violence or communal riots and disturbance.

14.  Russian Federation to end militarization and occupation of Ukraine effective immediately. The Russian forces withdrawal ceasing military operations on air, ground and naval base in eastern and the rest of Ukraine is critical to initiate and implement peace process.

15. The Russian influence on Donetsk, Luhansk and Donbas region in any format like military assistance, training and equipment would be violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and represent foreign intervention. Hence, Russian political leadership and those behind interventionist policy in Kremlin renouncing such interference is imperative for  peaceful co-existence among population in Donbas region, Ukraine as a whole nation and Russia, the indefinite neighbor and peace partner.

16. Ukraine to remain a neutral nation and not become a NATO ally under any pressure, incentives or disguised representation. The status is not only important for Ukraine’s independence but also the latest development exemplify the true spirit lacking among NATO against Ukraine especially in the reality of EU and United States generated catastrophe in 2014 prolonged till date.

The 1994 Budapest memorandum signed by the United States, Britain and Russia to honor sovereignty, independence and protect non-nuclear states like Ukraine and other former Soviet republics subsequent to nuclear disarmament has been completely ignored and violated despite reminder from the current Kiev government of President Volodymyr Zelensky prior to Russian invasion last week.

17. Ukraine citizens including Donetsk and Luhansk population to receive economic assistance from United States and European Union as reparation and restoration costs suffered by Ukraine collectively until now.The economic compensation to be transacted in transparent public trust set up with international independent committee monitoring fund appropriation to revive Ukrainian economy together with Donbas region as Ukraine territory.

The financial contributions is a result of United States and European Union being directly responsible for Ukraine’s status quo originating from western insurrection against Kiev’s democratically elected government in Maidan square in 2014 and successive meddling contributing to loss of Crimea to Russia and separatisms in eastern Donbas region.

Additionally, the members involved in western insurrection in 2014 should pay Ukraine citizens for the loss incurred by them. The payment to be expended on public projects like schools, health care centers and Ukrainian public welfare. The individuals from the west behind Ukraine insurrection in Maidan square should be subject to similar laws applied against United States citizens on January 6, 2021 Capital riots in Washington, D.C. Since the incident occurred in foreign soil viz. Ukraine, the foreign perpetrators of Ukrainian insurrection to be subject to international law.

18. Russia to compensate Ukraine on the military invasion on February 24, 2022 until now to rebuild infrastructure brought down with Russian military strikes and air assault.

19. Ukraine to receive humanitarian aid from UN and western organizations to rehabilitate Ukrainians forced to flee their homeland as refugees across the border for safe return home.

20. Ukraine’s sovereignty and boundary with Russia, Belarus and NATO allies Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Black sea to be free from nuclear arsenal and all form of military artillery near and far.

The clause binds Russia and NATO as two nuclear and military powers remaining existential threat to all nations in the region. Therefore, Russia and NATO are obligatory to remove military and nuclear weapons from the region.

Ukraine to provide absolute and comprehensive economic support and security to all citizens in Donbas region – Donetsk and Luhansk to continue as Union of Ukraine sovereignty.

That covers the Ukraine -Russia permanent peace deal.

Briefly in relation to the ongoing crisis, NATO amassed troops in Poland and other NATO ally nations to defend them in the region while leaving Ukraine to fend for itself besides supply of weapons to Ukraine at the eleventh hour. The flurry of western sanctions against Russian banks and political members are preemptive measure to protect own interests in Europe.

The western response to this effect might be they were heeding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning to outside forces with particular reference to western intrusion in the conflict that would otherwise trigger nuclear option.

Russia obliging western predictions on Russian invasion of Ukraine. The west retreating on Russia’s overt nuclear threat make both of them partners in a well coordinated armed conflict with Ukraine paying the price as battleground.

Important lesson in this crisis is never to expect or believe the ones harming and inflicting extensive damages to come around and heal or restore conditions to normal.

On nuclear fronts, the time has arrived and in fact was long overdue for global denuclearization without exception. The major nuclear powers like the United States and Russia along with others maintaining false notion of them being responsible nuclear powers and assuming other nuclear aspirants the reckless in the nuclear club is debunked by none other than them and their public rhetoric.

In the United States, the republican and democrat Presidents as well Presidential candidates have unabashedly used the typical Presidential line – all options are on the table meaning would not shy away from using nuclear weapons.

The extreme statements in recent times have been delivered from the left and right.

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 Presidential election – Upon being elected President of the United States would not hesitate to Obliterate Iran with nuclear might. The statement was made by then Presidrntial candidate Hillary Clinton predominantly to appease AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The democrat President Barack H. Obama toeing the line with republican predecessor President George W.Bush repeatedly used – all options are on the table against Iran, Syria and North Korea among others in the adversarial listing.

The republican President Donald J. Trump took the extreme posturing and clarified verbatim to North Korean Head of State and Leader Kim Jong Un on the American nuclear potency.

Then President Donald Trump issued a statement to North Korea on nuclear threats – “they will be met with fire and fury the world has never eeen before in history.”

The former President Donald Trump tweeted – “I too have a  Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

Now, Russian President Vladimir Putin evidently didn’t want to be left behind in the nuclear threat race and placed the world on notice with the Ukraine crisis escalating to nuclear confrontation with the west.

North Korean leader and head of the state Kim Jong-Un conveys nuclear message via ballistic missile.

Indian Prime Minister – the incumbent PM Narendra Modi boasted to rural voters in the election campaign rally that India’s nuclear arsenal are not cosmetic like Diwali fire crackers citing the nuclear weapons could be deployed on moments notice. The message was directed at the neighbor and rival Pakistan, another nuclear state in the Indian sub-continent.

These reasons abundantly justify for the world to be rid of nuclear menace once and for all. Small or big actors on stage, the nuclear arsenal at their disposal endanger the world and humanity at large.

All efforts and resources must be invested in global nuclear disarmament, freeing the world from living on the edge and rescuing humanity from forbidden nuclear holocaust.

The topic will focus on steps and systematic elimination of nuclear weapons in the planet.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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