War Facts – NATO v. Russia

February 12, 2022

War Facts

NATO v. Russia 

Padmini Arhant

War is deadly. War is costly and naturally ugly.

Once drawn into war, the repercussions are far worse than any reason behind involvement in warfare.

There are no winners in war except deadliest consequences affecting those on the ground and worldwide in economic ramifications beginning with rising energy price having chain reaction on travel, food and consumer products and services that are already fairly high due to inflation.

In the usual United States media hype on NATO v. Russia with Ukraine unfairly and unfortunately caught in between the unnecessary standoff, the Russian invasion is anticipated from the other side i.e. the NATO and anti- Russian sentiments in the west.

Ukraine’s disposition is commendable to remain calm and yet be prepared for any event.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky advising Ukrain forces and citizens not to submit to panic is the right approach in such situation. At the same time, the focus on peaceful negotiation and discourse continuing alongside with Moscow and pro-Russian groups in the Donbass region, eastern Ukraine is key to mitigate the crisis.

Ukraine’s understanding that United States and NATO are not committed to fight for Ukraine from Ukraine as publicly made clear by United States administration and NATO is a good reason for Ukraine to maintain the resolve in averting any form of aggression from anywhere.

Russia on the other hand knowing the western strategy well are wise not to attack its neighbor Ukraine with Russian speaking population living in the eastern and other parts of Ukraine. Even otherwise, Russia is a seasoned player in warfare having been in the game far too long. Accordingly, the Russian forces would not be expended at huge economic liability besides loss of lives in the minor or protracted engagement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware not to lead Russia into a deadly war front resulting in massive casualties on both sides prompting NATO to move against Russia under the pretext of NATO protecting its allies in eastern bloc.

Importantly, Russia is experienced and perceptive not to fall for western media and politics drumroll, the provocation and propaganda similar to Iraq prior to invasion of the oil rich state. The false narratives played repeatedly against Iraq was Saddam Hussein in possession of chemical weapons which was proved false and a major deception by the aggressors.

This time around, the west hawkish faction and anti-Russian rhetoric claim on Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine setting dates debunked much to self-embarrassment. Again these activities are in sync with the old habits die hard.

Russia is also savvy not to invite preventable economic woes that are critical more than the ongoing NATO incursion in eastern Europe.

President Vladimir Putin awareness on economic costs for Russia in the prolonged troop deployment and alternatively advancing against Ukraine would deter any such action.

Furthermore, Russia not providing any opportunity for own economic decline and initiating amicable peaceful resolution with Ukraine forging good economic, cultural and political ties with the neighbor is in best interests of both Russia, Ukraine and eastern Europe.

Peace to Ukraine and Russia permeating in eastern Europe.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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