Darfur Plea for USA from UNHCR


Meryl Streep – Hollywood

Washington DC 20077-7282

Dear Meryl Streep,

I appreciate your humanitarian concerns with respect to Darfur crisis.
Unfortunately, the widespread human atrocities not confined to a specific demography despite the world progress in other aspects.

Darfur is the worst humanitarian crime in the twenty first century and soon nearing a decade for the genocide. Yet, the most influential authorities like the United States, the European Union, the emerging economic powers and the United Nations continue to witness the heinous act instead of terminating it once and for all.

Although, the humanitarian relief is commendable, the poignant issue is the reluctance and the lack of action from the United Nations Security Council and the other affluent democracies in Europe and North America.

The irony is, the massive financial aid sought to address the refugee situation and other abuses common during such massacres, when the UN Security Council members are responsible for the onslaught of the innocent civilians with some through abstinence while the others particularly China as the confirmed arsenal supplier to the perpetrators.

It’s rather strange that the private philanthropists are the only hope for the victims with no solid support or specific action from the democratic leaderships to end the nearly decade long human tragedy.

In light of the general viewpoint, the USA for UNHCR should seek the international intervention in terminating the weaponry supply from China and elsewhere and introduce a tough criminal code barring nations prioritizing personal economic needs such as oil or profit over the people in every war zone.

Unless and until the conventional arsenal delivery completely eliminated to these impoverished regions, no amount of fund raising can perpetually care for the civilians fleeing the hostile environment.

I’ll do whatever is humanly possible to create the worldwide movement for the purpose of bringing peace and normalcy in Darfur and other conflict zones. At the same time, it’s equally important to hold the real powerful entities accountable and bring them to justice. Perhaps as citizens, we could make this happen.

Your request for any affordable donation enclosed for the cause.

I admire your talent and significant contribution to the motion pictures industry.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant