Happy Father’s Day!

By Padmini Arhant

On June 20, 2010, it was Father’s day, an opportunity to display gratitude to the other parent or caregiver in a family, the father.

An occasion such as this is a reminder to the loved ones to spare some time from their routine and reflect on the important aspects of the relationship with their father.

The experience with their parents or the surrogates may not necessarily be the same.

In fact, it differs within a family. Some daughters have a special bond with their father and the sons with their mother or the other way around.

Gender complements one another in a relationship. What one is lacking could be derived from another.

Alternatively, the combined qualities could further enhance the prospects for a successful partnership in general or professional life.

Essentially, the well-synthesized Yin and Yang effects create a new meaning in the ever changing world.

Contrarily, the gender competitiveness often erodes the possibility for a greater good to the family or formal dealings.

Even now, some societies follow the patriarch system with a hierarchy assigning the status to men and women in a family.

Traditionally, a father is an ‘authority,’ figure for he used to be the sole ‘bread winner,’ in the family.

Simultaneously, the matriarch custom has existed in the ancient civilizations and continued through in the contemporary period.

At mainstream, the once hunters and gatherers have embraced the egalitarian concept to an extent, although the widespread acceptance would enormously benefit humanity.

Nevertheless, the positive trend is a dynamic force with interchangeable duties and responsibilities exemplified in the modern society.

For those who feel deprived of the ‘Father’s,’ presence in their life, the vacuum is not easily filled.

However, some cope with the ‘Father-like,’ personalities found in certain members around them.

While others, limit their expectations and strengthen ties with the genuinely caring people either within or outside the family circle.

Father’s role is more related to exterior interactions and instrumental in the child’s development.

Therefore, the father’s engagement from early childhood to adulthood, especially adolescent phase is vital in the child’s upbringing.

Unfortunately, in the growing family crisis children are faced with the timeshare between their parents and the mandatory lifestyle.

A rational and reasonable approach in the family matter allowing the children to a ‘normal,’ existence would lead to a better life for everyone involved.

It may not be perfect, but at least it would address the children’s needs for a balanced guidance in life.

Society thrives from a solid family structure built with love, respect, understanding and trust. It applies to any form of family unit and not restricted to a conventional setup.

Children are the human legacy and they flourish in a hopeful environment.

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant