Lies and Propaganda

March 8, 2021

Lies and Propaganda

Padmini Arhant

When lies and propaganda become the norm from installing government to rallying behind illegitimate governance, the reality eclipse underlying fakeness and falsehood.

‘The crony corrupt media and incognito power deployed harbingers in YouTube and other format for misinformation and misrepresentation is well known. The material from them on anything is far from truth and facts. Furthermore, the current situation related to stock market, employment, economy and pandemic nationwide beckon viewers and readers discernment. The tech industry is heavily hit and spiraling downward like never before. The vaccine manufacturers stocks in the United States skidding backwards despite euphoria on supposedly nationwide vaccination in full steam.

The job market is apparently screaming for help and desperately seeking employees and workers to fill in various positions with handsome pay and benefits. The retail industry claimed to have been rejuvenated making every day holiday season for retail sellers and buyers in the economy. Amidst all of these fantasies running wild, the celebration in the air on economic stimulus package for a staggering $1.9 trillion rewarding the economy on excellent performance since January 20th, 2021 and until now within  six weeks of new administration in power.

Could this be a miracle or mirage?

Since behind the scenes operatives running the gamut are adept in pulling pigeons out of rabbit ears, they have tasked fabrication troops to continue peddling disinformation in public domain and keep the audience engaged in believing the sky is anything but blue and earth is not round but flat.

When elections are seized by unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful means, the sequence necessitate running government on same prototype.  The reruns can only be tolerated by audience for so long. Then after a while, the show loses novelty and becomes a cliche. The originality and creativity being a rare commodity and conspicuously abstinent, reliance on obsolete tricks and tactics remain the only hope for survival.

The trend also highlights backstage controllers’ stagnancy unable to maneuver, accelerate or reverse course. The awkward position reveals insensitivity and inability to mind and manage affairs other than funnel concoctions screening photoshop version of pastures as luscious fertile green natural landscape.

In a nutshell, leaving optics entirely in the eyes of beholder.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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World Without Governments – Great Reset Part 3

February 11, 2021

World Without Governments – Great Reset – Part 3

Padmini Arhant


The GREAT RESET Definition and Goals:

The world economic forum founder German economist Klaus Schwab touted Great Reset using COVID19 pandemic as the opportunity to pivot financial system worldwide is the global elites or globalists long desired goal. 

The globalists and political establishment firmly believe and operate on the notion:

Never let a crisis to go waste. 

In other words, the globalists create a crisis and utilize the crisis to move forward with their devious agenda. 

The Great Reset is aimed at complete elimination of cash economy that are already in place.

Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi obliged globalists in this respect and successfully executed demonetization of large notes i.e. 500 and 1000 rupees in 2016.

PM Narendra Modi obediently followed globalist script and announced the draconian measure unbeknown to 1.3 billion population in India in late November 2016.

With not enough time to return or exchange the notes, overwhelming population in Indian economy were subject to instant bankruptcy largely affecting swath of middle and lower income groups in the country. 

According to global elites, the reason behind elimination of cash economy is to subject cash users under scrutiny. 

The global elites claim that in their view, cash users are mostly criminals using cash for illegal transactions in any economy. 

Never mind the globalists ignorance on average consumers using cash for goods and services world wide.

In India, significant population do not even qualify or could afford credit or debit card for many do not have the luxury to maintain bank accounts considering many are daily wage earners with unpredictable and unstable employment. Furthermore, the banks known for nibbling customer deposits charging various fees and fines on minimum account balance etc. are not designed for population in lower economic strata. 

Indian PM Narendra Modi defended the demonetization debacle using the globalists script i.e. black money and unlawful financial activities being brought to government notice and recovery.

PM Narendra Modi explanation proved to be hogwash for the black money and illicit financial activities prevalent among politicians, celebrities and economic sector are held in overseas tax havens and diversified holdings offshore predominantly in Swiss banks, Singapore Hawala, Seychelles, Cook, Cayman islands…and other exotic locations worldwide except for domestic account. 

The Indian government demonetization only hurt and inflicted enormous suffering to millions of ordinary citizens in India and not the filthy rich engaged in black money and financial assets hoarded from tax evasion. 

Whom are the globalists and their puppets heading the governments target in the Great Reset and cash elimination mission? 

Please stay tuned for update in this regard. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 


The citizens need to understand the events in the United States are orchestrated to deflect public attention from serious and sinister activities in the financial world. 

The democrats, RINOES , Tech giants, promiscuous media in the U.S. and offshore like RT news and India…among others peddling self-inflicting caricature is desperate times resigned to desperate measure. Besides, the impeachment charade designed to distract global audience from existential threat to human survival in the increasing economic challenges imposed by cartel at the financial helm. 

REALITY – The battle is on the Great Reset. The United States dollar converted into a fiat currency enabling the private entity Federal Reserve to mint money in literal sense has reached a crescendo. The debt accumulation over these years are transferred over to ordinary citizens and their present as well as future generations in the generational indebtedness. 

As stated in this article’s previous segments, taxes and interests have enriched and empowered the corrupt and criminal enterprise worldwide. The trend is unsustainable.

Meanwhile, China and Russia’s game plan on the Great Reset is a different dynamic though both maintaining reservations to German economist Klaus Schwab’s proposal on Great Reset at Davos economic forum are not without self-serving interests. 

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

World Without Governments – Great Reset Financial Fiasco Part 2


There is a misconception about Federal Reserve – the private entity in the United States as having been amalgamated with the United States government. This is a gross misunderstanding and false perception.

On the contrary, the private organization Federal Reserve controlled and managed by selective core circle behind United States monetary policy, currency printing and distribution has long taken over United States Treasury to maintain absolute authority.

The private Federal Reserve dominance is more prevalent now with the Senate confirmation of the former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary allowing the private organization Federal Reserve in charge of both monetary and fiscal policy, the trend dangerous than ever before.

United States treasury has been invariably headed by Bilderberg members i.e. secret society also linked with Federal Reserve and the globally known economy saboteur  – the one and only Goldman Sachs members rotating United States Treasury Chief position regardless of administrations i.e. democrat or republican is the norm.

Following Bretton Woods agreement collapse whereby the U.S. dollar backed by gold was severed in 1971 by then President Richard Nixon was precursor to private western banks authority over global monetary system.

The previous economic system tied to gold standard replaced by fiat currency that allowed the private Federal Reserve and central banks in Europe to engage in money supply via printing currency for military involvement and various activities off radar carried out until today.

Then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger – the deep state’s patriarch and secret society prominent head until today, spouse Nancy Kissinger  along with then Treasury Secretary William Simon, the Wall Street bond trader and self-described Genghis Khan struck a deal with Saudi Arabia in 1974 forcing United States into interdependence in the petrodollars economic deal. The United States oil dependency on oil exporters with Saudi Arabia exerting enormous clout on OPEC has inflicted considerable damage to United States sovereignty. Congress on both sides of the aisle reportedly hamstrung to declassify a 28 page section of a 2004 U.S. government report detailing Saudi connections to September 11, attacks in 2001. The bill passed in the Senate on May 17, 2016 held in the House of Representatives blocking declassification of the report under Barack Obama/Joe Biden administration.

The status quo exacerbated with China’s investment in U.S. debts as key creditor holding U.S. Treasury bills and other assets asserting overt authority prevalent under new Biden administration.

The latest developments in the United States silencing free speech in social media, the rank and file as well as those in the hierarchy of democrat party isolating Trump supporters and voters, the tech giants overarching censorship, demonetization on Youtube and other unconstitutional, undemocratic restrictions demonstrate rules from Beijing’s playbook that are neither sound nor sovereign. The radical policy directly impact United States independence and citizens fundamental rights regardless of administrations and political parties in power.

Further updates to resume in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


World Without Governments – Great Reset Financial Fiasco Part 2

January 29, 2021

The Deep State Swamp Analyzed

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


World Without Governments

Great Reset Financial Fiasco

Part 2

Padmini Arhant

World Without Governments

GREAT RESET: The global financial system is controlled and managed by selective few members in a core circle protecting self and vested interests at humanity’s expense thus far.

Please refer to above article on World Without Governments and Great Reset introduction.

Upon pressure on this website in 2009 and 2010 urging Congress to liberate United States monetary policy and currency printing and distribution from the private entitythe Federal Reserve appropriately defined by then Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul as a private enterprise analogous to Federal Express – the courier company, Federal in name not necessarily associated with the United States government delineating the private corporate feature was right on mark.

The congressional debate and discussion began on this topic in 2009 that was obviously never welcome from the expected quarters – the Federal Reserve.

As revealed in the above article, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act 2009 initiated and introduced by Congress members Republican Congressman Ron Paul and then democrat Alan Grayson authorized Federal Reserve audit. However, the audit  never implemented due to latter declining access and deploying tactics stymieing congressional action in this regard.

Notwithstanding the aggressive measures against then congressman Alan Grayson effectively ending the democrat’s political career was in accordance with the tradition. Then democrat Alan Grayson replaced with complacency and complicit members in the United States Senate and House of Congress rhyming Federal Reserve’s script is the norm relevant until now.

How did then President Barack Obama appease the Federal Reserve Banking syndicate, the deep state and globalists to secure re-election in 2012 will be disclosed at the appropriate moment.

The latest Biden – Emhoff administration appointee – Treasury secretary Janet Yellen – the former Barack Obama appointee as the Federal Reserve Chair is hardly surprising. Then Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen immediate priority upon assuming power was key interest rate increased on December 16, 2015.

The public information confirms – “With Yellen as chair, the Federal Reserve increased its key interest rate on December 16, 2015. This was the first time the key interest rate was increased since 2006.”

This interest rate increase from Janet Yellen had a significant impact on borrowing across the economic sector including the home mortgage, business, auto loans, student loans and importantly government borrowing from the Federal Reserve to run government affairs while enormously boosting Federal Reserve profiteering that was never subject to audit. 

Then Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration fiscal fiasco.

The former President Barack Obama also raised the debt ceiling.

February 12, 2010: Increase in the debt ceiling signed into law by President Barack Obama, after being passed by the Democratic 111th United States Congress. It increased the debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion from $12.394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.

Courtesy – The Balance. National Debt Under Obama – Thank you.

President Barack Obama added anywhere from $2.8 trillion to $9 trillion to the national debt.

The largest number comes from calculating how much the debt increased during Barack Obama’s two terms. When Barack Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion.

When he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, it was $19.937 trillion. It explains why some would say Barack Obama added $9 trillion to the debt.

More revelations and discussion to follow in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 






COVID-19 Relief Package

December 24, 2020

COVID-19 Relief 


Padmini Arhant 

Congress in the House and Senate are required to prioritize American families and Small businesses over foreign nations. The pandemic related indefinite lockdowns have caused excruciating economic conditions crippling survival.  Many retail businesses and restaurants are permanently shut down due to ravaging health and economic effects from the pandemic.

In these situations, the political and judiciary backing Beijing quid pro quo Presidential candidacy unequivocally harm the nation.

The egregious decision bowing to Beijing promoting Beijing candidacy to the White House rather than holding China CCP accountable for pandemic disaster is the irony.

The personal and vested interests overriding national interest in this regard defy reason and constitutional obligation.  Not to mention the position reflecting treason.

Congress failure to pass desperately urgent stimulus package without contingent on foreign aid is tragic and confirms political reality. The procrastination alludes to American tax payers funded United States legislative branch betrayal in every respect.

Furthermore, the stimulus package rested on foreign welfare hinder prospects to much needed domestic economic recovery.

Congress agreement to $2000 stimulus relief is welcome. However, the political wrangling over pork spending and philanthropy to foreign governments cannot be tied to American families plight.

Charity begins at home prior to extending financial aid to foreign nations.

It’s important to keep own house in order before distribution of American tax payers funds offshore.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 


California Local and State Authorities COVID-19 Measures

December 8, 2020

California Local and State Authorities

COVID-19 Measures

Padmini Arhant

The pandemic toll on lives and people’s health is a tremendous challenge world over. The situation since widespread transmission of the virus has been fluctuating delaying anticipated bell curve with spikes disrupting efforts to reach the minimal or nil casualties in the United States. The initiatives in combating the virus with prolonged lockdowns allowing intermittent relaxations to test immunity among different communities besides federal and state authorities strict guidelines followed by most citizens is the common prescription thus far. The vaccine approval with citizens abroad administered at present would soon provide evidence on the effectiveness in the preventive care until the drug to cure life threatening symptoms become available for public use.

However, the health crisis necessitating lockdowns has enormous impact on the economy and livelihoods of ordinary citizens representing overwhelming majority nationwide. California among other states has been subject to rigorous conditions directly inflicting economic losses and damages for small business owners in any industry especially restaurants and food chains, personal care services such as hair salons and much more.

While certain areas of retail service industry might be considered high risk, the job loss from small businesses forced into shut down is crippling local, state and national economy reflected in the unemployment data. The handling or rather mishandling of COVID-19 varying from state to state even different cities and counties within a state is largely contributing to unnecessary breakdown in meeting health and economic expectations i.e. minimizing infections and improving economic activities that should be inversely proportional.

Californian local and state authorities implementation to mitigate COVID-19 has been irregular and to a large extent felt discriminatory among small business community like restaurants and diners diligently observing state and federal safety instructions on COVID-19 yet the vast majority are mandatorily shut down exacerbating economic plight for working class and lower income individuals as well as families struggling to make ends meet in the excruciating times requiring appropriate economic measures to alleviate disproportionate suffering across the spectrum.

Although, state and local authorities may emphasize the urgent need to contain escalating COVID-19 patients hospitalization citing limited capacity in various county and city hospitals, the chief authorities flouting their rules while censuring small business owners and ordinary citizens on daily activities is a reminder to authorities to be the example for people to follow suit in the otherwise contradictory position.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ban on walking and driving during lockdown exceeds the norm without giving residents the benefit of doubt to make such decisions on health risks to them and others in the height of government determination of citizens’ lifestyle.

Governor Gavin Newsom in spotlight for dining with a large gathering of 15 people in Napa Valley restaurant amid imposing statewide closing of restaurants and other retail services barring exceptions to politically favored or aligned business chain undermine the rule of law prompting legitimate questions from citizens statewide.

Instead the governor prioritizing small and medium businesses SOS with effective plans and policy such as allowing restaurants and diners with take out options and outdoor seating maintaining social distancing of 6 feet and other requirements would help businesses and their employees from losing jobs, health care and home considering large number of working class and middle as well lower income groups are in rental accommodation and employer afforded health insurance.

Obviously there appears to be lack of cognizance among authorities on residents misery in the absence of any kind of financial assistance with long overdue second stimulus package and PPP aimed at economic relief to people drastically affected in COVID-19 stalled and delayed for partisan political reasons in the Capitol Hill.

Small and medium businesses are the back bone of the local and national economy. The state and national legislators immediate focus in reviving the sector with practical solutions expediting financial provisions setting aside political differences and reservations is critical to save lives and livelihoods in the extraordinary environment.

The authorities less interference in people’s personal lives and more attention towards restoring jobs and businesses with streamlined restrictions to address COVID-19 would strike a balance winning residents cooperation in the collective responsibility to defeat the pandemic and gain economic momentum.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Paycheck Protection Program

April 17, 2020

United States – Paycheck Protection Program

Padmini Arhant

United States Congress passed $2.2 Trillion corona virus economic stimulus package of which $350 billion allocated towards Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) intended to pay workers employed by small businesses and local industry with 500 or less employees appear to be losing to hospitality industry big corporate chains protecting their investments in big hotels and franchises not only in the United States but worldwide.

Is this what lobbying Congress deliver lobby firms representing big corporate chains at ordinary tax payer expense? 

While the $2.2 trillion tax payers funded stimulus checks has strict income based means to qualify for $1200 payment to households leaving others above the threshold to fend for themselves,

The affluent members such as big hotel chains and real estate owners in hospitality industry in the economic sector with more than adequate resources and fall back options at their disposal depriving small businesses and their workers from receiving due economic relief deserves review and attention. 

Corporate bailout during any crisis is the norm burdening ordinary tax payers with generational debt. The corporate socialism typically provides opportunity to enhance  personal wealth in buy back stock holdings and corporate ventures taking advantage of incentives meant for small businesses and workers hit hard in the economic and health crisis. The loopholes in the economic package gained through lobbying is disproportionately misused denying other victims a fair share of the large stimuli. 

The relevant work force and organizations representing the weaker economic sector i.e. small businesses and employees who are laid off in the current economic freeze with no lobbying power unlike major corporate entities cannot be neglected considering they ultimately contribute to larger consumer base necessary for big corporate survival in any industry. 

The loans to small businesses expected to retain workers and employees in the $350 billion PPP package reaching the appropriate recipients is critical for economic revival.

Similarly, the upcoming $250 billion stimulus that United States Congress is about to approve targeting the vulnerable and severely affected local businesses and workers are facing fierce competition from bigger enterprise utilizing their lobbying capacity to maximum benefit.

Congress members heeding ordinary citizens economic plight in the unprecedented health and economic situation would guarantee better results in economic recovery. 

Average citizens as workers and consumers together with small entrepreneurs are equally instrumental in micro and macro economic management.

Accordingly, their growth and development is an integral part of economic sustenance. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


Reference article – Orlando Sentinel, United States – Thank you.

“Big corporate chains are getting millions in coronavirus aid meant for small businesses – Orlando Sentinel

Large hotel, restaurant companies getting small-business loans want to spend less of the money paying workers.”


Corona Virus (SARS-COV2) – Actions and Effects

March 25, 2020

Corona Virus – Actions and Effects 

Padmini Arhant

Question from DW news – Germany, Europe.

Is that true? Do you need to be a dictatorship to handle a killer virus?


The answer is explicit NO.

It is not the dictatorship containing the virus.

It was the dictatorship in Beijing, China that contributed the virus evolving into global pandemic.

The appeasers promoting authoritarianism, totalitarian regimes, despots and dictatorships worldwide for narcissistic interests and mega profiteering are responsible for billions of population to remain prisoners in their homeland denied basic freedom, individual, political, civil and voting rights.

Oligarchy governance and special interests reining control over political and economic decisions in a democracy or any other form of government care less about human rights record of any nation involved in abusing citizens with torture, confinement in concentration camps, wiping civilization and culture to list a few among diverse inhumane practices while others espousing fundamentalist radical ideology using religion as pawn to oppress and occupy nations or impose undemocratic doctrine on segments within society on world watch is the norm with humanity conditioned to accept the status quo as irreversible condition. 

The corporate character prioritizing phenomenal profits over people to suit their specific economic goals and lofty financial gains is desensitized to the demise of moral consciousness within and around the sphere. Not to mention the Soul deprived of any peace in living and death for every one of them. 

The multinational corporations with manufacturing base, products assembly and distribution from China and other investment firms in the United States, Europe and elsewhere enhancing China’s economic and political clout have little or no concern on the dynamics of their capital investments in China strengthening authoritarianism diminishing any hope of freedom for people in China, the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province experiencing brutal exile, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong bleeding over the last eighteen months and longer or for that matter the long oppressed Tibet silenced with military boots in every nook and corner of the plateau and last but not the least Taiwan undermined on domestic and international policy for not in compliance with Beijing’s One nation two systems exerting authority over an independent sovereign state.

As for China’s neighbors beginning with the land locked Himalayan nation Nepal, India in the north eastern borders with China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines combined dealing with constant incursions and territorial disputes in South China Sea is the biggest dilemma in South and South East Asia.

Now the question for United States Capitalists Socialism (bailing out large corporations and finance sector with taxpayers funds) maintaining close ties with China’s Communist Capitalism is;

What would it take for these multinational Conglomerate to recognize their direct involvement in the above cited human rights violations, iron fist rule in China with zero tolerance to any form of democratic activism, exploitation of work force and now the world brought under economic recession through global pandemic originating in Wuhan, Hubei province in China deploying aggressive tactics in suppressing the outbreak of the deadly contagion virus?

Starting with Tesla co-founder Elon Musk latest project undertaking attracting USD $1.3 billion from four China owned banks in China with the construction of factory in Shanghai, China to produce Tesla electric cars for sales in China, United States and world over is just one example among many in China’s magnetic influence over United States and European private as well as public sector.

Similarly, the world’s biggest online marketplace Amazon delivering merchandise with Made in China label directly or indirectly produced from China choosing to remain oblivious in the entire health crisis is deeply disappointing especially when at least eight or so Amazon employees in fulfillment centers across the United States join the SARS COV2 viz. the corona virus victim profile. Amazon was quick to rebuke a Delaware college student in the United States slamming the student with $3,800 fine on a $60 text book she had loaned and returned just four days late. Amazon reportedly refunded the student  after the incident made public quoting the same as ‘an isolated error.’

The absence of any remarks from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and those in different economic sectors having stronghold in China’s economy facilitated by consumers and tax payers in the United States and other parts of the world in the globalized economy clarify the state of affairs leaving the global population vulnerable to Globalists prerogatives and discretion on mismanagement of health, economic and environment disasters.

On the political front, the different standards adopted such as severe economic sanctions against certain nations like Iran declined relief from trade embargo in the height of corona virus battle consuming lives at an alarming rate with western sanctions exacerbating Iranian victims and families plight in the emergency situation is against humanitarian value deserving condemnation.

In contrast, western powers partnering with China in every possible way from China being a member of G20, World Trade Organization (WTO), China granted most favored nation status (MFN) renewed by every administration republican and democrat alike in the White House and China also a permanent member of United Nations Security Council with veto power.

China on roster heading UNSC in the current month refusing to discuss the global pandemic is least surprising and other P5+1 members complacency in this regard confirms the importance or the lack there of on human lives amongst those wielding power in the global domain.

Regardless, indifference towards Iranian citizens and others sharing the western economic sanctions woes amid combating the deadly contagion virus and likewise slighting China’s 1.4 billion population and the rest enduring the Communist regime’s oppression in and around China categorically highlight the policy designed to punish people in the world over in western powers conflicting positions against nations to suit their exclusive aspirations in the geopolitical and global economic landscape.

The updates on this topic will next focus on EU nations and EU role in dealing with the global pandemic and economic stimulus. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Indian National Budget 2020

February 4, 2020

Indian National Budget 2020 

Padmini Arhant

India”s BJP government Finance Minister Nirmala Prabhakar’s recent national budget 2020 lacks focus on economic revival.

The budget suppress opportunity for rural and agriculture economy in dire straits. There is no solution now or in the foreseeable future to address soaring unemployment among educated youth and qualified work force.

The so-called tax increase on wealthy in India reverse course in action witnessed in latest bail out of Tamil film industry actor Rajnikanth’s tax evasion case by BJP government. 

The BJP administration rather than filling vacancies alleviating record unemployment in the severely understaffed judiciary overwhelmed with tax frauds and tax evasion cases, prompts the tax department under government control to withdraw cases on tax fraud in the amount 1 crore (million) rupees and below letting the actor Rajnikanth, an ardent BJP supporter off the hook.

BJP administration’s egregious decision in this regard depriving the nation from desperately required tax revenue exempting the wealthiest in politics, economic and entertainment sector on fair share of taxes exemplify the privileged exploiting the average citizens in India. Not to mention the trend fundamentally widening the gap between the filthy rich and poor in society.

Media, press and communication outlets complicity in the matter cannot be discounted. 

At the same time, BJP government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi declined any debt or tax relief to farmers owing money as little as 1,000 rupees to max 50,000 rupees resulting in farmers’ suicide nationwide.

This is the reality camouflaged with false projections and promises only to be broken during their term in office.

The topic will continue on other aspects of the budget 2020.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


New Year Speech 2020 – Global Economy & Nuclear Status

January 26, 2020

New Year Speech 2020 –
Global Economy & Nuclear Status 
Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens of the world,

Happy New Year!

The relevant topics are global economy and nuclear status.

I begin with a reminder that the actions and decisions in the past have led to the present and upon no acknowledgment to this effect or efforts to remedy the erroneous and egregious indulgence would continue to be the future that is neither desirable nor feasible.

I share my thoughts and concerns over current events and developments along with status quo maintained over a century that has long been affecting humanity in the emerging and developing economies in the world. The idea of supremacy prompting dominance over population in the nations forced to remain weak and vulnerable allowing major powers having gained such status from illegal invasion and colonization exploiting those nations natural resources and human capital prolonged until today through military interventions and direct economic control via free market and free trade agreements disproportionately benefitting the multinational corporations of the western world.

When free market economy was floated under globalization luring developing nations to facilitate foreign investments, the governments of the emerging and developing nations accommodating and implementing the foreign direct investments (FDI) fail to protect the domestic environment having impact in formal and informal sectors largely comprising retail industry, small and medium enterprise (SME) together with other sectors in the economy. The emerging and developing nations’ agricultural,  farming, cattle raising, animal husbandry increasingly compromised for industrialization in addition to foreign corporation like Monsanto exerting aggressive influence over governments not barring displacements upon those states farming community resistance to any harmful products yielding massive losses in harvest and crop reduction. These issues largely ignored thus far despite validity in farmers’ suggestions for appropriate measure suitable to those nation’s climate and economic conditions. The foreign direct investment upon meeting relevant employment, environment and necessary arrangements on safety and security of local work force as well as impart training in the respective industry would be viable to boost economic growth. However, the emerging and developing nations invitation to FDI should only be in areas of economy lacking in that technology, industrial know-how and engineering to preserve the generic aspects of the domestic economy.

Unfortunately, the globalization has enabled Multinational Corporations (MNC) monopoly of international markets against the idea and essence of free market economy aiding fair competition and consumer options in pricing, quality and other determining factors contributing to profitability.  There is no doubt that market economy is the way for constructive and steady growth provided equal opportunity and healthy environment for all businesses to compete effectively without having to submerge or submit to bigger enterprise and conglomerate’s vigorous mergers and acquisitions prevalent in proportion to financial and market capitalization. The contemporary trend endangers free flow of economic activities and innovations subject to major corporate discretionary and privileged status. Notwithstanding the macro management of the economy under few multinationals in different sectors of the economy whether energy, finance, banking, defense, aviation, health care, technology…among the prominent players holding the key to economic prospects not necessarily shared across the spectrum or letting mega profits to trickle down to the bottom.

As a result, the major corporate i.e. bigwigs’ clout over politics through campaign financing, bidding on candidacy and outright oligarchy governance undermining democracy and electoral process besides stymieing judiciary, environment rules and regulations and labor laws are customary practice. Capitalism left to benefit all competing in the domestic and global market would lead to desperately required universal growth and development.

In contrast, Capitalist socialism granting financial bailouts at ordinary taxpayers expense, financial scandals and frauds committed in some economies with offenders absconding from their country of origin never to return due to severe banking and financial mismanagement exacerbating economic woes and gross negligence in the misuse of public funds in the banking industry.

The worst is multibillion dollars mega corporations enjoying special status from political lobbying for tax breaks end up paying zero taxes and often subsidies meant for boosting job growth and productivity are utilized in enhancing top 1% personal wealth while the rest are bereft of any benefits within corporate structure and in the economy. The anti trust laws curbing too big to control in the economic sector are necessary for systematic capital flow, goods and services that would be precursor in all fronts and inflation in particular without having to artificially adjust prime rate on lending and borrowing to control inflation or stagflation experienced by some emerging and developing economies in the fading positive growth affecting aggregate output and current account deficit.

Though market economy is a better system in creating and generating new independent concepts and methods in different areas of the economy, the public funding and national revenues from taxes and  consumer spending must be invested back in citizens lives such as universal health care, free education, retirement savings, social security benefits and unemployment benefits to alleviate poverty and preventable disease. Additionally, small business loans for marginalized segments, women, army veterans and physically challenged citizens to live a life with dignity deserves government attention and action. The public funds should also cater for infrastructure starting with proper roads, highways, bridges, railways etc. in the wide angle. At the municipal level in the developing nations and emerging economies, the sewage system eliminating manual cleaning designated to the so-called lower caste demography eg. in India under archaic caste hierarchy is long overdue. The modern techniques providing the operatives proper gear safeguarding them from health hazards and other environment pollutions is the least expected from local governments and authorities responsible for safety and healthy working conditions in society.

The other aspects in the economy are fair trade over free trade long been debated without any movement in that direction. The latest initial agreement reached between United States and China might be welcome among businesses with manufacturing and assembly base in China like consumer goods and electronics laying prolonged uncertainties to minimal effect. China’s currency (yuan) management either in devaluation or futures market and foreign currency options trading…are a trade advantage for the nation positioned as manufacturing hub in the global economy. The most favored nation (MFN) status with United States and World Trade Organization (WTO) membership are undeniably advantageous to China in clinching trade deals with nations near and far. This has been the major factor among other favorable means for China’s exponential rise as economic power in the past two to three decades.

China is also one of major creditors of United States and Eu together with Africa, the Far East and other developing nations like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal…in the Indian sub-continent. The policy continues to undermine economic conditions especially for the developing nations unable to match China’s voracity in gaining market share with diverse techniques and strategies not always conforming to global trend.

There is an immediate requirement for balanced trade opportunities among all nations to maintain economic stability and sustainability in the global economy alleviating the debt burden on economies expected to succumb to extraordinary financial constraints and debt servicing denying them prospects for economic improvement. The economic packages and financial deals to bail out economies in EU and China’s debtors are far from invigorating growth with less or no focus on stimulus instead centered on privatization of state owned companies and public assets like telecommunication and utilities, national ports takeover for example the Hambantota maritime port in Sri Lanka and draining national reserves towards debt payments in the current economic setting. These are some of the anomalies behind growing economic disparity and stagnancy in the developing nations’ situation.

Furthermore, the financial assistance from IMF and World Bank bind developing nations’ economy in debt cycle burdening the present and future taxpayers in enormous sovereign debt with no hope of revival reflected in the economic health of nations in Africa, South and South East Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Again, EU and European Central Bank (ECB) funded economies yet to recover from 2007 global economic recession primarily due to austerity tied to funding without any incentives for simultaneous growth requiring investments to create and retain jobs, industrial expansion and trade facilities in the macroeconomic scale.

Monetary aid from international financial authorities subject economies to stringent criteria to reduce fiscal deficit targeting loan repayments and financial commitments invariably stunting economic growth and productivity. The developing nations fall victims to such financial deals leaving the population in poverty and vast majority struggling to make ends meet with no structural planning and programs to jumpstart economy.

While the lending process aggravate debt accumulation on developing nations in particular, the other dimension drowning economies is illegal economic sanctions aimed at only non-western nations to oblige major western powers stipulations having never experienced the slow painful death inflicted on people of these states depriving them of food, medicines, vital goods and services for survival.

Western powers together with UN Security Council P5+1 imposed economic sanctions is by far brutal warfare waged against the citizens of any country under the pretext of punishing governments, leaderships or military wing declining western terms and conditions favoring western prospects and influence transforming the state sovereignty to vassal statehood. No western nation subject to economic sanctions or their leaderships authorizing illegal warfare, drone strikes and terror sponsoring that have been carried out throughout history and more so in the past decade up until now ever investigated for gross human rights violations and war crimes that has been tried on non-western heads of the state and their representatives from Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

UNSC economic sanctions premised on human rights violations, political rights and especially nuclear activities are loosely and arbitrarily justified against non-western nations including military actions to further enhance P5+1 economic opportunities and strategic dominance in those regions conforming to P5+1 legacy on invasion, occupation and territorial annexation continuing unabated until today.

In view of the past and present conspicuous bias and partisanship against non-western nations, UNSC P5+1 or unilateral economic sanctions from United States, Israel and any other western and allies enforced sanctions on economic trade and monetary transactions related to commerce is null and void. Reiterating above statement that economic sanctions is a direct warfare against people of those states without providing them a chance to defend or present their position to resolve any issues amicably through diplomacy and direct dialogue at the highest level.

In the absence of similar actions against western nations on persistent numerous violations since economic sanctions became the pattern against non-western nations, the population in these parts of the world unfairly pay the price with their lives, livelihood and future. The economic sanctions freezing trade activities and bank accounts of sovereign nations is illegal and could no longer bind on the basis of selective few members’ discretion to serve their exclusive interests.

In a nutshell, Capitalism could thrive with pertinent oversight on banking and finance together with compliance on environment, employment laws without flouting ethics, stymieing judiciary, general code, ordinance and legal requirements in domestic and foreign domain. Capitalism without corruption and cronyism to dominate politics could lead to stable economic growth and viability.8

On Nuclear matter – Nuclear threats and options unequivocally endanger humanity and the world at large experienced in the past and present century viz. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, toxic agents like napalm used during Vietnam war, nuclear components such as depleted uranium against Iraq, nuclear laden missiles on Syrian Skies in the eight years of war beginning in 2011, US and NATO carpet bombing in Libya on March 19, 2011, deadly chemical and biological warfare continued through terror outfits in the Middle East until now, white phosphorous used against densely populated residential targets in Gaza, Palestine are some of many activities by United States, NATO and Israel with and without UNSC authorization producing scores of casualties and still counting in the war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Africa.

Then there are short range and Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) that are in possession   of nuclear powers besides nuclear submarines, instruments and projectiles with earth shattering capabilities at momentary notice. United States nuclear proliferation and modernization is the impetus for other nuclear powers to follow suit for nuclear readiness. The poignant factor behind nuclear arms race escalation is republican and democrat administrations in the White House routinely reserve the rights to All options are on the table i.e. not barring the use of nuclear force when dealing with nations deemed adversary that cannot be dismissed as slip of the tongue from the US Highest Office. The targeted nations in this instance are compelled to adopt appropriate measures considering United States trajectory on the use of deadly weapons including nuclear arsenal as enunciated above.

Upon careful objective evaluation of nuclear status in the twenty first century, the nuclear powers with unaccounted stockpiles varying in degree and proportions in addition to huge technological vantage are the existential threat to global peace and security. The lack of transparency among major nuclear powers and their counterparts contributes to further complexity in nuclear armament.

The  (strategic arms reduction treaty) START treaty for example between United States and Russia signed in 2010 and ratified in 2011 bringing the agreement to effect on 5th February 2011. The treaty aimed at Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms was a positive step though compliance on both sides to this effect is not verifiable given the lingering mistrust and ongoing reservations against Russia on the purported meddling in United States Presidential election in 2016.

The current administration proposing trilateral nuclear arms control between United States, Russia and China is valid. Nonetheless, the present administration extending the existing 2011 START treaty between United States and Russia due to expire in 2021 following the ten years timeframe with an option to renew for another five years subject to mutual agreement is critical to contain nuclear arms on all sides until the proposed trilateral treaty materialize and comes into effect.

As for the classification on responsible vs. reckless over nuclear status and nuclear ambitions, those who claim themselves to be responsible proved to be otherwise in the history of mankind and in the use of nuclear materials and arsenals so far. Britain’s trident nuclear programme invested in ballistic missiles and submarines alongside France as a known nuclear power in Europe other than NATO allies maintaining nuclear stock piles as de facto nuclear states are significant in terms of consolidated nuclear might.

In the Middle East, Israel’s operational nuclear weapons achieved as early as 1967 and evidently in possession of active nuclear warheads anywhere from 80 to 400 even exceeding the figure released for Britain around 215 with 120 active war heads is a guarded secret. With no acknowledgment of Israel’s nuclear status or International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections on Israel’s Dimona reactor, the nuclear installation near Negev dessert apparently fall under western explanation on nuclear status in national interest.

At the same time, the western and UNSC economic sanctions against India and Pakistan upon their entry in the nuclear club for similar reasons given the adversarial relations fostered between the two neighbors since India’s partition together with the objection to North Korea’s nuclear capability demonstrated in prolonged economic sanctions and clashes in the Korean Peninsula divide the nuclear issue among western and non-western nuclear states granting the former nuclear rights despite colonial legacy and invasions retained well into the twenty first century. The latter on the other hand are characterized as radical for their nuclear status. Perhaps, the same mindset prevailed when the nuclear South Africa under European rule upon gaining independence from western occupation were forced into denuclearization.

With respect to Iran, the nation as described earlier experimented by western policy in displacing the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh with monarchy represented by then crown Prince Shah Reza Pahlavi prompting Iranian revolution shortly after enabling theocratic governance since then up until now. Iran’s status quo once again is the western and Mideast allies reason for the quest on regime change.

Iran’s authorities emphasized on any nuclear ambition as nuclear deterrence and not nuclear defiance. Iran has been placed under rigorous western demands and nuclear constraints to abandon nuclear program in the backdrop of drastic economic sanctions costing innocent lives with babies and children deprived of food and essentials in semblance to western sanctions against Iraq. Iran’s nuclear activities has been nowhere near the threshold deserving any actions let alone economic sanctions and constant harassment involving recent murder of the Iranian top General Qassem Soleimani to justify western and allies contempt for Iran’s resolve to stay on course.

Unlike Israel and all other nuclear states combined having had no IAEA inspection or monitoring, Iran has been isolated despite Iran remaining committed to non-nuclear status and non-nuclear proliferation, a path that is a tall order for all those nations in the nuclear club carrying out nuclear activities conducting nuclear subterranean tests, overland, under water and wherever possible as their entitlement.

Iran signing Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) ironically with P5+1 and EU, the compulsive  nuclear offenders in their own rights proved in the default not by Iran, but chief signatory, the United States withdrawal from the accord. EU members – Germany, Britain and France recent move to place Iran on notice alongside Germany and Russia agreement to maintain pressure on Iran during German Chancellor Angela Merkel latest visit to Russia clearly defines the nuclear status as P5+1 exclusive rights while denying  the nations whom they target incessantly the right to national defense. The reason, the nuclear powers use to justify unjustifiable nuclear armament by them.

Iran is nothing more than a scapegoat for those unable to sustain their illegal economic sanctions and continuous armed skirmishes against the Shia nation.

On North Korea – The Korean affair is a convenient situation for United States permanent military base in South Korea, Japan and Philippines archipelago creating the scenario for North Korea to test missiles in the face of United States troops presence and ongoing contentious military exercise as well as Naval drills on the Yellow Sea. Notwithstanding the usual economic sanctions against North Korea forcing population into starvation for decades in the non-existing changes from the United States position in terms of troop withdrawal or minimizing military intrusion in the Korean Peninsula that led to North Korea’s nuclear status. Above all, the concerted effort to bereave Korean citizens on both sides from long desired Korea reunification is viewed as threat to United States military activities and hegemonic goals.

Additionally, the de facto nuclear states are Germany and other NATO allies in Europe. In the Middle East besides Israel, Saudi Arabia’s nuclear partners are United States and Pakistan positioned to serve Saudi Kingdom’s nuclear offense against foes in the region.

In the Indian sub-continent, nuclear rivals India and Pakistan’s hawkish elements using nuclear threats cannot be discounted. In fact both nations were brought under the brink of nuclear meltdown during western favored Pakistan’s ex-President General Parvez Musharraf in Kargil war in 1999.  

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi having external forces backing i.e. the western, corporate and UNSC support against India’s interest fomenting fundamentalism and polarization to strip India’s secular status, PM Narendra Modi’s frivolous use of nuclear threat during campaign rallies stating India’s nuclear arsenal are not for keepsake or meant to be Diwali festival crackers and that his government under his leadership would not hesitate to exhibit nuclear potency against Pakistan is emulation of his western counterparts favorite rhetoric – All options are on the table against specific adversaries viz. Iran and North Korea.

In light of global nuclear configuration with all nuclear states engaged in relentless nuclear pursuits and augmentation under the guise of containment, they individually and collectively imperil humanity and environment. Some nuclear nations viz. Israel, India, Pakistan…declined to commit to nuclear non-proliferation arguably citing prominent nuclear powers as the trend setters juxtaposed many non-nuclear states including Iran are committed members of nuclear non-proliferation is noteworthy.

The nuclear powers beginning with United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea together with all other de facto and passive members moving towards nuclear disarmament is no longer an option but a necessity and serious responsibility making this world and environment safe and secure for all species now and in the future.

There could be no preferences or prejudice for one against another in this regard. The nuclear policy designed and retained thus far contributing to unfettered unaccounted nuclear arms race is the norm against sensible logical requirement for nuclear free world.

Furthermore, nuclear site containing nuclear stockpiles prone to nuclear accidents like Chernobyl disaster in 1986 under then Soviet Union controlled Ukraine. Similar incidents related to nuclear arms transportation and submarines operation costing lives in the United States and Russia are barely reported in the era of secrecy and opaqueness. Not to mention the nuclear reactor malfunction triggering Fukushima nuclear chaos in Japan in 2011 in the aftermath of tsunami continues to haunt the citizens in Fukushima Prefecture forming the basis for peaceful protests dispersed with violence near Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, India in 2012.

Importantly, nuclear arms possession, maintenance and refurbishment aided in technology and other modern techniques cost a fortune consuming the bulk of national budget even for economically affluent nations let alone the developing and emerging economies viz. Pakistan, North Korea and India dealing with severe economic crisis unnecessarily caught in the predicament to prioritize nuclear defense or offense over economic growth and development. As a matter of fact, the citizens dyeing from hunger, poverty and disease at an alarming rate in all these years in these nations neglected in strengthening unaffordable nuclear capability at the expense of vast majority.

Accordingly, the nuclear powers without exception rising to the occasion in denuclearization program comprising environmentally safe and diligent disposal as well as destruction of nuclear arsenal of all kinds is imperative for global peace and security. The process must be transparent and comprehensive not exclusive utilizing elite and privileged status to evade responsibility and accountability by any nuclear power and their partners having slighted the urgent termination of nuclear activity on all fronts by all again exempting none whosoever.

Expecting Iran and North Korea to renounce nuclear path with other nuclear powers intimidating them with nuclear options against these two nations is a strategy smothered in hypocrisy. Any civilized world and society would recognize the inherent flaws and exemplify such demands through their renunciation of nuclear status for others’ adherence in genuine care for humanity and earth protection.

Finally, the western policy on economic sanctions inflicting pain and death on ordinary lives to provoke the people against the government they target for regime change constitutes a war crime. The economic sanctions and obstruction in trade and commerce to suppress non-western economies from due progress is a serious violation reeking contempt and bias in the otherwise global economy paradigm inhibiting protectionism upon governments focus on improving domestic economy within through tariffs and import duty.

I will be back to discuss other topics such as the role of United Nations as an international organization in contemporary politics, democracy meaning and purpose and environment connected to climate change and treaty.

I appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


United States – Federal Reserve Credibility against Economic Viability

December 22, 2018

United States – Federal Reserve Credibility


Economic Viability

Padmini Arhant

Federal Reserve is all about defending own credibility against economic viability reflected in the continuous interest rates hike in September and now in December 2018. The Fed Chairman Jerome Powell attributed the rates hike to economic data in hand that in itself pose questions on the matter. The economic figures in 2018 related to every sector on borrowing affecting consumer price index (CPI) directly tied to inflation is suggestive of the reverse response rather than persistent higher interest rates adjustment. 

The latest interest rate hike inevitably impact housing market, auto loans, credit cards and student loans that are already stressed due to past actions from the Federal Reserve. The economy is being unnecessarily subject to induced recession through such arbitrary positions from the Federal Reserve. The other factor is imposing speculations in the stock market among public investors on potential impending economic crisis that the Federal Reserve poised as privy to without sharing information in the public domain. 

Seriously, thus far the institutions like the Federal Reserve lacking in transparency and accountability since onset until now defying open congressional probe on missing trillions of dollars from U.S. Treasury within their organization adapt to the favorite strategy of manufacturing crisis in the absence of none in the horizon. 

By and large those behind the global operation of politics, economy and more hopelessly rely on creating problems and dire straits for own survival and further prosperity with little or no concern on their egregious involvements exacerbating economic, political and social conditions in the domestic and global environment.  There is no doubt the engagement is intended to stymie progress considering the entities impunity to responsibility behind major setbacks in the economy, politics and global activities conforming to negative trend. 

The topic will focus on detailed analysis and review of Federal Reserve penchant for raising interest rates under the guise of controlling or containing inflation ignoring economic and market results leading to a tailspin in the short and long term. 

Federal Reserve credibility never existed to begin with given the manner the private organization comprising core board members by virtue of inheritance of power within a confined group set up as family structure disingenuously functioning as United States Federal monetary authority against constitutional norm. 

United States constitutional requirement for monetary policy and treasury is to be brought under republic statute contrary to long tradition of the critical monetary service outsourced to private banking institution in the name of Federal Reserve. 

Time for transfer of power from privately run Federal Reserve to public represented Congressional Authority eliminating exemptions from scrutiny and compliance on appropriate monetary practice. 

The private entity Federal Reserve mandating U. S. sovereign monetary policy with the latest move on rates increase in the range 2.25 – 2.50 percent is based on self convictions and the organization’s custom in contradiction to economic reality.

The credibility and competence of any private or public institution and enterprise emanates from recognition and realization of actual events and potential effects of contrasting decisions unlike the current action from the Federal Reserve.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presnter Padmini Arhant

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