Acknowledgment of Source

May 14, 2022

Acknowledgment of Source

Padmini Arhant

In the information era, the internet is a data mine comprising good, bad alongside anything goes in any genre burdening the web surfer mind to exercise discernment and due diligence.

There is no doubt internet is a phenomenon for learning, exploring, experiencing and sharing knowledge within the confines of consumable facts and figures.

Social media viz. you tube and other platform with people from all walks of life and background contributing ideas, thoughts and skills to help others is an extraordinary aspect of human nature.

From basic to complex techniques and tricks exchanged to educate and assist anyone in need is a worthy cause. The culture promotes universal love and harmony deserving much appreciation. However, the accessibility need to reach the disadvantaged, disenfranchised and deprived population worldwide.

There are a vast majority in the world lacking primary education let alone introduction to technology. The tech giants with net worth in trillion and multi- billion dollars could easily afford assistance in eliminating illiteracy in many developing nations and lead in delivering technology to urban, rural and remote areas of the world.

The considerable progress in education and technology orientation thus far is concentrated in locations and territories that are economically ahead of other regions in the world. The  areas across the globe trailing behind the urban metropolis in education and simple to advanced technology would greatly benefit from free learning and technology improving their living standard.

Now in terms of internet source – there are many engaged in different types of service that varies between free and monetizing for livelihood, supplement income and even hall of fame. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not happen at anyone’s  expense.

Again the variation in this context is from altruism to narcissism. The latter is a major concern as that triggers tendency for exploitation.

Generally, good sense of ethics and rationale among human beings would naturally guide them to practice honesty and integrity. These individuals would attribute credit to sources upon materials and products or service availed from anywhere.

Then unfortunately, there are those members who unabashedly use other’s content, intellectual property, lifestyle, mannerisms and even identity for personal interests and exclusive benefits.

The trend is known as plagiarism, copyright infringement and identity theft whenever there is willful violation with the intended purpose behind such act being personal benefits through misrepresentation.

The tragedy is, the behavior more common among certain members declaring themselves highly educated, powerful and professionals in their own rights. The enthusiasm and overzealous cover up of these conspicuous flaws expose them at a greater level known or unbeknown to them. Such trait pose a major credibility factor for them.

There are several examples of such conduct in the sprawling expansive cyberspace and physical world.

The case in point as proof in this respect is the topic 108 Number significance – published on on June 11th, 2019.

The Meaning Behind 108 in the Universe, the Divine, the Body, the Tradition and the Practice


Subsequently some self-proclaimed theorists and researchers have attempted to explain this concept just merely changing the title as 108 – The Secret of life and The Secret of 108 etc. in the video format or vlog published on May 2nd, 2020 – nearly a year later.

The content from the original publication in 2019 in this topic absorbed and reproduced later by someone else without any mention or reference to the original source raise legitimate question on the extent of copyright breach. 

Similarly, tips on healthy living from specific you tube channel narrative on lifestyle captured in unlawful unauthorized surveillance and presented as own substance for profit and popularity is yet another intellectual property transgression.

Such violations are the norm in the exploitative means  to beguile trusting eyes and minds unapologetically claiming proprietorship.

The demeanor misleading audience could only last for limited time and sooner than later the toupee flying off unveiling reality leaves the subject the laughing matter.

Acknowledgment of the source duly ascribing credit where credit is due as basic courtesy and importantly mindful of legal implications on any monetary and personal enhancement from such infraction aptly define human character.

Failing that, karma inevitably catch up with flagrant conduct and contravention.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Democracy and Secrecy

May 9, 2022

Democracy and Secrecy

Padmini Arhant

The existential and long term threat to democracy is lack of transparency in political systems and governance. The coverups managed in the so-called classified information is the secret capsule that no government prepared to declassify anytime.

Secrecy in governance is deadlier than any deadly pathogen to silence majority and minority in society.

The secret society founded and represented in western Europe with European royalty among other members in politics, tech oligarchs such as tech giant co-founder Microsoft, Google current CEO and others from the economic sector marking their attendance in secret meetings prevalent until now is an overt assault on democracy.

The secret society colluding in secret locations barring public and citizens’ represented investigative press hold discussion on global affairs denying general public access to any information.

The controversial secret society secretive aspect condemned calling for the ban on the activity controlling public policy is not tolerated in the past or present.

The United States former President John F. Kennedy referred to the organization and the idea of secrecy in a democracy repugnant. The public statement from the U.S. President cost his life as an example for any opposition to anti-democratic norm.

The event is a mere tip of the iceberg with the overflow since then flooded into dark, devious and destructive course in modern time.

The western Europe founded and hosted secret society is a paradox to much touted western values in the world rallied to adapt western democracy.

The role of monarchy and royalty in western democracy presiding over public matter as the head of the commonwealth and influencing governmental actions more than a ceremonial figure subjugate democracy. The secret society approval or otherwise of Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates during or prior to the election is no longer a hidden secret. The ritual came to light inadvertently during the United States Presidential election in 2008. The process is a routine in Britain to seek royal consent.

The heads of the government servile to secret society agenda proven to exclusively benefit them at the expense of the rest of the world are recruited to represent them in systems disguised as democracy. Those who fail to toe the line are promptly eliminated from power.

The presence of secret society and similar undemocratic functionaries wielding power delegitimize republic status. Notwithstanding the promotion of despotism and dictatorial regimes under the guise of democracy installed in power to serve kleptocracy.

The contemporary trend in the world’s largest to ancient and modern democracy alike have little or no tolerance to democratic principles and values. The constitutional rights such as freedom of expression and religious freedom…among plethora of human civil liberties and individual prerogatives are systematically violated.

The censorship and cancel culture are in vogue in the so-called democracy.

Anyone daring status quo in the democratic society are persecuted with imprisonment, character defamation and anonymity. The government in a democracy evades accountability on explosive corruption scandals, dismal performance, economic chaos and overall dysfunctional record.

Accordingly, the following questions arise to clarify on secrecy in a democracy.

What is the need for secret society cloaked in secrecy to engage in policy and decision making on global matter?

The monarchy and royalty in western Europe having abolished kingdoms and fiefdoms in western colonized parts of the world maintaining hegemony in democratic setting is the biggest irony and pose a credibility factor for democracy in Europe.

What is the role of monarchy in a democracy?

What is the reason behind holding republic hostage to hegemonic goals and systemic abuse of power?

The above enunciated status is proudly declared a democracy despite mirroring authoritarian oligarchy system with political impunity on corruption and crimes against the nation, citizens and humanity at large.

Nothing to be concerned about when there is nothing to hide.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Truth and Reality

April 29, 2022


The Enemy to

Lies and Deceit 

Padmini Arhant

Lately man’s best friend Dog referenced in condescendence is least surprising.

Even though many humans hardly come close to the latter in gratitude, loyalty and above all intelligence, it is interesting to note derisiveness among the former.

The expression is a reflection of individual human trait which place the four legged canine far above them in basic values and gratification.

Notwithstanding, the canine acumen in detecting criminality.


Truthfulness not tolerated for these reasons.

Published and Presented on November 27, 2009 at 01.56 p.m, PST

A Thanksgiving Message – A Sense of Gratitude


By Padmini Arhant

Message to President Barack Obama

Hon. President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

After careful consideration, I would like to convey the withdrawal of my support to your administration based on your recent policy decisions on many issues.

I am not a politician. Although I’m privileged to have lived in different democratic countries and had many opportunities to participate in politics, I didn’t have any affinity for it mainly because:

The political environment is often dominant with staying in power that provides the means to fame and fortune rather than sincere dedication to serve the people by taking political risks against the will of the establishments controlling the government in the systems disguised as democracy.

As stated earlier to you and the American public, I had a formal invitation from the former President George W. Bush and the office of the Vice President Dick Cheney to join their team to promote their agendas. Being guided by my strong principles and convictions with respect to peace, non-violence, fairness, freedom and equal opportunities for all human beings, I declined their offer as the past administration’s ideology was not only in contrast to my belief but also proved detrimental to any kind of progress.

Besides, as expected in politics, I cannot be a Cheerleader of hawkish policies for political correctness and vehemently opposed to being an attack dog for the powerful.

Your candidacy in the 2008 Presidential campaign with the hope and change message indicated that hope could become a reality through positive change in Washington. Accordingly, I got involved voluntarily in the beginning and mandatorily later on to support your campaign, despite several requests and overtures from your democratic and republican opponents to rally behind them.

In response to the wild rumors and assertions about my alleged financial gain then, during your political campaign or for that matter now, I wish to set the record straight for the skeptics and the critics. I was never paid a dime in any form or method throughout the campaign up until now.

Conversely, as you well know that I have been contributing through donations to your campaign and the Democratic Party all along, while trying to maintain my livelihood on a modest income.

Meanwhile, there have been attacks, innuendoes and insinuations against me more so from the feminist liberal columnist representing the New England daily failing to meet the journalistic standard of remanding the elitist women with political clout and capital to tasks on important issues like foreign policy and health care reform in the public arena.

Unlike the various administrative appointments that have taken place through political bargaining and deal exchange, I continued my unconditional free service during the campaign and after the commencement of your administration until date regardless of the experience qualifying the expression being thrown under the bus on many occasions not to mention the sleep deprivation with maximum three hours sleep in the past two years.

In terms of plain gratitude from the beneficiary of the historic Presidency, I had the honor of receiving DR. King’s sermon that could be perceived in many different ways depending on the deliverer’s intentions implied in the message.

“If you want to be important — wonderful. If you want to be recognized — wonderful. If you want to be great — wonderful. But, recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That’s a new definition of greatness.”

In my view, DR. King is the inspirational force who compelled the disheartened spirits to submit themselves to achieving greatness through service to humanity and strive hard to transform the status quo.

Alternatively, in a spiritual sense the interpretation of ‘the greatest among you’ leads to the only entity Almighty God and his love amply reflected in the creations, the indomitable service to mankind.

Nevertheless, I’ll continue to exercise my right guaranteed to me in the first amendment and remain steadfast with my commitment to the highest commandment (none other than the one and only Almighty God) to promote TRUTH and reality. 

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant

United States – Miriam Carey’s Family Plea

April 8, 2022

United States – Miriam Carey’s Family Plea

For Justice 

Padmini Arhant

Then White House administration in 2013 authorized and witnessed crime – summary execution of a young African American 34 year-old-mother, Miriam Carey – unarmed civilian with a toddler daughter at the back in the child car seat was mercilessly gunned down in broad daylight by then White House Secret Service and the Capitol Police in 2013. 

The horrific crime shooting an unarmed civilian Miriam Carey with more than 26 bullets near the White House premise during the occupants – the former President Barack Obama and spouse Michelle Obama’s presence at that time with their knowledge about the horrendous assault is an unforgettable and unforgivable tragedy for any family. 

Miriam Carey was accused of trespassing in that incident. The account involved several rounds of firing by the White House Secret Service and Capitol Police captured live real time in the video content released in the public domain as well as news reports verifying the ammunition barrage at the unarmed victim trying to protect her child.

In another twist from the political power represented media, Miriam Carey was characterized as having mental illness. The bizarre claim made amid Miriam Carey being gainfully employed as dental hygienist at the office where then incumbent President Barack Obama had reportedly received dental care from the staff Miriam Carey.

Furthermore, the allegedly mentally unstable Miriam Carey was driving an automobile with a valid driver’s license from her home town Connecticut to D.C. – 265 miles without any issue until the time she was shot down by the White House Secret Service and Capitol Police who were apparently cheered as heroic act with standing ovation from then House of Representatives according to Washington Post report cited below.

Interestingly, the much touted Black Lives Matter (BLM) well established at that time as the advocate for Black lives were ominously missing in action to raise the issue on behalf of a young black female victim, her toddler black child and Miriam Carey’s black family. 

Not even the talk show host Hollywood fame, #Me Too Movement participant and Barack Obama’s closest friend Oprah Winfrey could afford time to bring Miriam Carey’s public execution to attention and deliver justice for the African American victim.

Notably Oprah Winfrey’s worldwide telecast on special interview with British Royalty Harry and Meghan Markle’s grievances and misgivings about their Royal life could be accommodated in the talk show host busy schedule.

Does this mean Miriam Carey’s life didn’t matter to BLM, Oprah Winfrey (the #Me Too Advocate) and then First Black Family in the White House in 2013?

Importantly, the violence with 26 bullets aimed at the unarmed civilian Miriam Carey on Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama’s watch and knowledge unarguably the biggest disillusionment of all. 

Is this the kind of dream envisioned by the slayed civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr,? 

While the recent 2022 Oscar night fiasco involving a slap gained plenty of media focus becoming the hot topic and continued unabated until now, Miriam Carey’s death from gruesome violence with several rounds of fire power targeting unarmed mother with her toddler in the car brushed off as freaky event. 

Perhaps the latter is too inconvenient to even regard the incident attention worthy. 

The rich, famous and powerful never deprived nor denied preferential treatment on everything – the good, the bad and the ugly matter.

In contrast, the ordinary lives’ extraordinary ordeal is just another story soon forgotten as if it never happened. 

Nonetheless, the deeds and misdeeds in life without exception are in KARMA data for appropriate judgment upon imminent departure from the world.

The karmic effects are potent in delivering justice denied in the narcissists mortal world.  

Shunning or running away from TRUTH only confirm the doers prisoners of guilt in their action.

Where is the justice for Miriam Carey and her daughter? 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


Published on November 26, 2014

“We want to know: Why? What happened?”

So many questions, so much we still don’t know about the case of the woman shot to death by the Secret Service and the U.S. Capitol Police on Oct. 3, 2013, after a car chase from the White House to Capitol Hill. Her 13-month-old daughter survived in a car seat.

“Did we miss something?”

Barbara Nicholson is asking. The office manager of a dental practice in Ardsley, N.Y., is standing in the hygiene room, remembering the woman who used to clean teeth at this chair. Miriam Iris Carey — that was her name. She was one of the best dental hygienists and “one of the nicest people” Nicholson ever hired.

“We’re left with a void and no answers,” Nicholson says. “It’s like she was wiped off the face of the earth.

Nicholson’s voice catches. She pauses and looks away. “She’s missed. She’s very missed.”

Do you remember Miriam Carey? Her remarkably public death at 34 mesmerized us for a couple of news cycles. Then we moved on pretty quickly. I had to look up her name when I first started puzzling over this case. The main thing I remembered was that incredible video — the one showing the two-door black Infiniti surrounded by Secret Service officers with guns drawn near the Capitol Reflecting Pool. The car looks trapped. Suddenly the driver backs into a squad car and accelerates away. There’s the sound of gunfire while tourists take cover on the West Lawn. The Infiniti reappears, making a loop around a traffic circle, and proceeds up Constitution Avenue to what would be the fatal encounter outside the Hart Building.

What an afternoon. We were told that Carey “rammed” White House and Capitol “barriers.” That she tried to breach two security perimeters. That she had mental problems.

District Police Chief Cathy Lanier said federal officers acted “heroically.” The House of Representatives offered a standing ovation.

It was easy to call this a tragedy and turn the page.

Except that some of what little we thought we knew hasn’t held up. The part about ramming White House barriers and trying to breach two security perimeters? Not exactly true.

And how did a supposedly mentally unstable person remain a longtime, reliable and valued employee at two dental practices until the day she was killed? She had a condo and a family and, according to colleagues and relatives, plans for the weekend.

On the other hand, what person ignores commands from officers pointing guns, hits a couple of their cars, and drives on? “We all speculated that she was trying to get her child out of danger, when she was confronted with people with guns, because that’s what she would do,” Nicholson says.

The gunfire — 26 bullets in all — sets the Carey case apart. Shootings by officers on these two forces are rare. White House guards didn’t resort to their weapons in September, when fence-jumper Omar Gonzalez, who had a knife in his pocket, ran far into the executive mansion before being tackled. Carey was unarmed.

“There was no indication she ever had issues,” Nicholson continues. “You couldn’t ask for a more professional person than her. No one ever complained about her, and that’s highly unusual. She was the sweetest person you ever want to know.”

Nicholson looks out the window to the parking lot where Carey used to park the Infiniti. “You could see the [child’s] car seat in the back of that car,” she says.

The leaves are turning gold this afternoon in early October, as they would have been the last time Carey stood at this chair and looked out the window.

After her last patient that Wednesday, Oct. 2, Carey prepared to depart. She usually left by 5 p.m. to pick up her daughter at day care. She lived in Stamford, Conn., 24 miles from Ardsley, 265 miles from Washington.

Her schedule called for her to be off Thursday and Friday, then she was to work at her other dental job in the Bronx on Saturday, and she’d be back here at Advanced Dental of Ardsley on Monday.

“She was absolutely normal,” Nicholson says. “I still remember her standing there, saying, ‘Bye, have a nice weekend. See you on Monday.’ As if nothing.”

There is no public record of her movements or contacts until the following afternoon at 2:13, when she drove up to the Secret Service kiosk at 15th and E streets NW.

“You could see both sides of the story,” Nicholson says. “But I’m sorry. That child does not have a mother because they wanted to handle it their way.”

What happened to Miriam Carey?


Irony of the Ironies on Display

March 4, 2022

Irony of the Ironies on Display

Padmini Arhant

When pyromania is accompanied by pretentious fire dousing, the inflammable intensity rise.

Then under-secretary of the United States State Department in 2014 – Victoria Nuland reinstated in the same position by the current democrat administration that was in power at that time is hardly a surprise.

What more?

Then under-secretary of the United States State Department Victoria Nuland was the main protagonist in the western insurrection alongside then United States Republican Senator from Arizona touted as the Maverick for bipartisan role (the late) John McCain rallying the unruly mob in Kiev’s Maidan Square on camera in world view in 2014.

The United States State Department official Victoria Nuland and former Senator John McCain together with members representing the European Union were enthusiastically engaged in violent western coup detat overthrowing then democratically elected government literally at gun point from office in Ukraine in 2014.

Now the same under-secretary of the United States State Department Victoria Nuland back in action with subscription on peace, democracy and sovereignty is western cliche on duplicity.

The democrat Victoria Nuland’s spouse Republican Robert Kagan – the co-founder of neoconservative group promoting U.S. foreign policy was widely known for advancing the cause in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 inflicting deaths and violence in epic proportion.

The couple Victoria Nuland, a democrat in political affiliation and her spouse Robert Kagan, a neoconservative pro-war advocate sharing common goals and track record contributing to upheavals, mayhem and political instability in foreign land such as Ukraine and Iraq is the dynamic duality in American politics.

The irony of the ironies is those behind the political chaos and economic exploitation of Ukraine and Iraq presented as emissary of democracy and diplomacy taking human intelligence for granted once again.

Likewise the assortment of desperate enactments projecting falsehood and fraudulence funded by devious elements via media and politics is criminal. Notwithstanding the display devoid of originality and peaked in piracy.

The idiom – fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me is befitting the ongoing charade.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Western Selective Sanctions

March 2, 2022

Western Selective Sanctions

Padmini Arhant

When will the western sanctions be impartial and unbiased a reverse of selective sanctions tradition?

1. Is the west (EU and the United States) ever going to acknowledge the insurrection against then democratically elected government in Kiev’s Maidan Square in 2014 including installation of neo-nazi governments of their choice thereafter and accept full responsibility for Ukraine’s status quo? 

2. What about the partisan politics on abuse of power, corruption scandals and crimes against humanity differentiated among Presidential office bearers in the United States?

The case in point – the politically targeted serving President is subject to repeat impeachment proceedings while the predecessors misusing their power in office with abhorrent war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few among plethora of violations of lives and sovereignty worldwide are guaranteed and safeguarded with stealth political impunity.

Similarly, those conspicuously involved in heinous crimes not barring the creation of IS and ISIS terror networks, misleading America and the world on the alleged capture and killing of the deceased al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and slew of scandalous operations affecting populations in many global regions are celebrated  and cherished as American exceptionalism. 

3. Importantly and relevantly, Will the west having been involved in the controversial gain of function research gambling with human health and life as greedy investors and reckless risk operatives holding science hostage to suit their whims and fancies till date, their consistent flip flopping on the origin to management of the deadly pathogen unleashed on humanity consuming millions of lives ever be sanctioned?

4. What about their partners in crime on the global pandemic accountability as facilitator in Wuhan lab, Wuhan Virology Institute, Hubei Province, China attracting western investments and participation in the western pioneered game of function research? 

If not, why is there such discriminatory practice on crimes from western engagement and direct indulgence never subject to same rule of law that the west reserves as the right to impose on others to justify western norm in crimes endangering life and environment thus far?

These legitimate questions merit explanation to clarify western democracy and principles in the world. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

IQ – Intelligence Quotient

February 9, 2022

IQ – Intelligence Quotient 

Padmini Arhant

I was recently asked a very intelligent question by a three-year-old on why am I projected in nuance as a young child like three, eleven or fifteen-year-old on television, social media and other outlets?

The kid also added that – “you are older and I don’t see you as my age meaning a three-year-old person.”

I smiled and told the three-year-old, they are not intelligent like you to know that is not right.

However, they continue doing what they do, not realizing the self-embarrassment to them for kids like you are able to see and understand that it is false.

Again I emphasized, in displaying me, a mature intelligent independent older female adult to suit their negative narrative about me only confirms their maturity to adolescent and infant level. They see me at their level of maturity and standard.

As I said earlier, perception is the reflection of mind to fit convenient notion.

If they were mature and intelligent they would not indulge in self-deprecation belittling themselves like they do.

I explained to the child – were they happened to conduct themselves as intelligent mature adults, they would not view me that way and regard me their mortal enemy.

The kid laughed and said they don’t get it like my teddy bear for he just sees and thinks everything his way.

I said that’s exactly right.

On another occasion, I was asked why am I always linked to black male and a muslim female by them though I’m neither in the present lifetime given my actual individual profile and identity in accordance with universal identification of species related to anatomy and physiology.

I responded to that very relevant thoughtful question.

I said those who are behind this distortion and identity appropriation about me are enslaved by their conviction.

To them, one has to be a muslim to share any concerns about injustice to muslims or any race, religion, gender, orientation etc.  There is no room in their mind or heart to develop the nature to speak against any form of prejudice and violation against anyone regardless of who they are in individual identity.

There are no hard and fast rules against extending human kindness towards those not of the same life background. It is entirely subject to individual discretion.

Importantly, in light of grave sins committed by them against humanity at large that continues unabated until now, they are using me as sacrificial lamb to hit two birds in a single shot. It is done by denying and depriving me from my real life identity and deploying deceptive strategy using proxy misleading the captive audience – the global population. 

As for the black male concept, the guilt together with  inferiority complex exerted as superiority often exhibited in conflicting deeds and disposition.

Sadly for those engaged in this specific identity dilemma, they are only expressing and exposing their vulnerabilities using me as exploitative means to justify their conspicuous paradoxical trait.

The far-fetched sketchy insinuation from them about me in this context reveal inner struggles to reconcile their individual and collective contrition effused in patriarchy color coded in blackness.

There is also an inherent desire for a black father figure apparently missing in their life evident in such portrayal.

Human mind liberation from identity politics and appropriation would release them from unnecessary agony and anxiety leading to inner peace within permeating outside.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Proxy Strategy

January 5, 2022

Proxy Strategy

Padmini Arhant

The strategy to attack me via proxy, puppets and pawns by all those using members of their clan in politics, entertainment, media and civil (?) society is lame, ludicrous and laughable. 

While I’m presenting facts based issues and well substantiated evidences on public matter unlike the supremacists misogynists’ relentless personal assaults against me since my appearance in public domain until now in unpaid selfless service and continuous sacrifice over the last fourteen years is fait accompli for the entire syndicate, their paid stooges, core and fringe elements engaged in the losing battle. 

The cowardly tactics to hide behind own proxies as me when I have directly called out these proxies and orchestrators on their political and humanitarian violations time and time again is idiocy glaring at the wanton provocateurs. 

Needless to say such indulgence is yet another shameful endeavor losing face and inviting disgrace for all those wasting life on earth.  Not to mention the burden on soul with bad karma in living and beyond.

The trend to ridicule me using own clique’s profile and legacy is criminality ad nauseam.

Notwithstanding the futile efforts boomerang at the source and lackeys much to own embarrassment. 

As for the plagiarists, opportunists, wannabes and desperate individuals stealing my identity, ideas, good karma, hard work and lifestyle as theirs for fame, fortune, power and turning against me are self declared parasites with no hope or personal ability for independent achievement.

These pathetic pitiful gold diggers at my expense lack self-respect and dignity epitomized in their counterproductive involvement and representation of criminal entity. 

The real courage and integrity lie in eye to eye direct engagement with your enemy viz. me in contrast to exhausting filth and trash brimming amongst thou – the collective decadent deceitful. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Abuse of Power – Politics, Police and Press 

December 6, 2021

Abuse of Power – Politics, Police and Press 

Padmini Arhant

The political party elected in the state and national election often misconceive the electoral mandate and exploit power against people electing them to government. Upon being elected to office, the state and national government are provided all facilities including personal privileges funded by the people as taxpayers and contributors to the state and national economy. 

The law and order is a critical function in a society. However, when the public funded law enforcement exercise power against civil society in a manner as a parallel wing held above the law that are strictly applicable to them as well, the wheels of justice becomes dysfunctional.

Anytime in a situation, one side in uniform is loaded and armed explicitly as authority with power against the other who is contrarily unarmed with no badge or battalion viz. political, press and propaganda machinery like film industry to subvert truth and reality, the former exerting dominance and violence is not uncommon.

The reason politics treads carefully against police brutality and in certain systems vehemently lending carte blanche authority to police force is predominantly for personal interests to cover own backs using the police to silence democracy.

Any police misconduct which is unfortunately extreme against the weak, vulnerable, marginalized and importantly unarmed segments in society dismissed as a mere isolated incident by politics and press, there is a pattern established in repeat crimes by law enforcement. Notwithstanding politics and press dereliction of duty to curb recurrence.

Such demeanor from the most critical representatives viz. the people appointed government, the political opposition and the press to remain silent during the armed personnel atrocity against the unarmed civilian bereft of any representation clarify complacency and complicity from all three sides i.e. the ruling government, the political opposition and the media. 

In fact, the key political opposition otherwise exploiting opportunities to blame the ruling power on any issues for political advantage in a state equally bear the burden for not pursuing such issues in the state assembly to deliver justice to victims family on deaths in police custody. 

The political opposition could also legislate laws against law enforcement or any government agencies and institutions exceeding norm in interaction and investigation process with the public. The political opposition have the power and constitutional responsibility to introduce bills to probe actions on abuse of power by law enforcement or even judiciary failing to address social injustice at any time. 

The political opposition failure in this regard hold them responsible for the community suffering with no end in sight. Besides, the inactions from the ruling faction and opposition exemplify apathy towards segments not part of the vote bank or electoral votes in the calculated political response. 

Furthermore, the political opposition remaining oblivious at that time doing nothing to help victims and families affected by police hardline tactics is a serious negligence.

The same political party DMK upon assuming power recently as the ruling government in Tamil Nadu, India overtly promoting the movie script of the incident among several others over a period of time with them alternating governance in the past three decades clearly specifies political opportunism to spark communal divide. 

The film industry primarily under politics rein obliging the state government in bringing to light the plight of a particular community is truly telling on the close partnership between politics and entertainment.

It does not stop there. The script deliberately falsely portrayed to stir more controversy for commercial gains and personal pecuniary interests by deception.  The hatched political script serve selective profitability at the cost of other community and targeted individuals. 

Notably, the political spin in the camera roll immensely acknowledging the political ally the advocate Chandru as the lead player – more than deservingly while the actual entities in real life with at least one member interestingly named Govind verifiably having sacrificed his entire life until justice was sought for the victims’ family eliminated from the script is wicked concoction. This is especially when the script emphasize the true story conviction with enactments to suit the political whims and fancies of the opportunists and profiteers in the project. 

Not to mention the hype on communism and marxism in the theme amid the film titled after India’s social activist and constitution author Dr.Ambedkar, a staunch opponent of communist and marxist ideology premised on power centric politburo and violence as the order to oppress population.

Never mind the boost to communism in the film perhaps to appease neighbor Beijing, the CCP leadership in China despite India enduring the grueling impact of the COVID19 second wave and now on to preparing for the fourth OMICRON variant reportedly detected in India. Additionally, China’s aggression on the Himalayan region with Indian defense force stationed in the hostile Himalayan outposts in the past two years is of least concern to film makers and monetary beneficiaries in the project.

The communism profile in the film would largely associate as coalition with the ruling state political power – the DMK in Tamil Nadu.

The film makers justifying the recognition of communism and marxism as the adaptation from the real episodes with certain communist party members supposedly initiated legal support to victims’ family is one aspect. In stark contrast to reality, the same film makers and profiteers slighting the true samaritan Govind’s entire selfless contribution to victims’ family lasting several years in the legal battle mortify the convenient cinematic versions to omit the essential and glorify the minuscule again serving politics and film industry mutual desire.

Likewise, the victim’s spouse in real life introduced as Parvati with a different name for the character in the film in opposition to retaining original names for specific characters agreeable to the members involved in the notorious film project barely escape focus.

The reason behind the cock and bull story was given as Parvati allegedly a rape victim and in utter respect to Indian politics newly invented motto to selectively withhold rape victim’s name from public domain keeping into it is not necessarily practiced in all cases, the female name changed in the movie.

Not barring the individual paraded by Tamil Nadu diverse media as Parvati with interviews and generous tourism feeding and pampering the lady apparently hardly taint the alleged rape victim’s honor. Taking extra mileage in the bizarre portrayal of Parvati is her pregnancy in the movie when in reality the victim’s wife was admittedly 45 years old then passed her procreational aspiration or ability. 

Above all, the film propagated as shedding light on the misery of the film makers designated demography in society i.e. Irullar not Kuravar community, the source of the story line. The film makes no mention or hints to hold the ruling  power at that time viz. the ADMK under former Chief Minister Jayalalitha,  the political opposition DMK headed by party Chief M. Karunanidhi and heir M.K.Stalin and media responsible. The three combined abysmal record to protect not only the affected community but anyone from anywhere in the state of Tamilnadu or for that matter all over India experiencing abuse of power and systemic prejudice should have resonated in  the movie reminding the power brokers of their legislative and constitutional obligation to citizens regardless of electoral status.

It is suffice to say the cinematic liberties are also confined to rational parameters. The film makers and lead players monetizing others’ tragedies and vitriolic assaults on anyone viewed a fair game are required to  be either completely factual or display potential in wholesome fictional characterization. The semi-baked charred presentation as a true story is misrepresentation at best and fraudulence at worst. 

Whenever there is a foul play with intentional diversion to unnecessarily attract attention in the real or reel picture, the truth unravel revealing the black and white scenario. 

Nonetheless, the political and commercial profiteering at anyone’s expense under the guise of social cause is the ultimate goal that dominates the corrupt system bankrolled with dirty money and illegal funneling between politics and film industry collaborations. 

The maligning of religion with the goddess of fortune replacing the previously botched depiction of the negative character is succinct. The irony is the goddess of fortune expected to grant financial success on the movie having criminalized her in the backdrop with a political twist.

There are also questions raised from crony Tamil media paid by the film actor and director on why there should be any hue and cry over the contentious calendar on the wall? 

Whether the first calendar showing fire pot or the replacement with goddess Lakshmi. 

If the calendar on the wall was so irrelevant,

Why not use the media members’ family or even the lead actor’s off screen spouse portrait on the wall of the criminal’s residence? 

The reply aptly fits such arbitrary disposition. 

Why specifically choose the fire pot initially and then substitute with even more inflammatory depiction with Mahalakshmi picture?

How about my birth star god is Agni Dev and Sun representing the chief ascendant plagiarized from my autobiography manuscript? 

Another fact being – my great grandmother from my father’s side is named Irullayi Ammal  meaning the one who dispels darkness again lifted from my autobiography manuscript. 

The movie projecting the so-called Irullar community deceitfully cast as dark or doomed community when the actual incident involves the gypsy i.e. Kuravar segment. There were numerous queries in this regard from Tamil audience to which there has been muted response from the lead actor, producer and director of this highly politicized film. 

The wanton indulgence from the lead actor since the movie is marketed under the lead actor’s name as his film and the director are provocative. The actions adequately define the director as not Gnanavel rather Gnana Shunyam. 

These are well substantiated and accordingly merit appropriate and valid explanation from the lead actor, director and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin obviously not happy about exposure on his family possession of black money in Swiss Bank account leading the rest of political class and the corrupt legions in India.

Then there was the Dravida Kazhagam founder Periyar related articles published on this site posing legitimate questions on Periyar’s legacy miserably failing in abolition of caste system or emancipation of women who inarguably continue to remain the subject of ridicule and mockery for Indian politics, cinema and society at large.

There appears to be problems with the names like Krishna, Siva, Parvati, Lakshmi or Narayan for the crooked politics and corrupt film industry having exhausted relentless character defamation. Not that it makes any difference whatsoever to cosmic forces ultimately deciding these mortals fate one way or another. 

The desperate times seeking desperate measures is apparent utilizing the political and film industry alliance to hurt, humiliate and harbor ill feelings in the name of film making. 

The same would apply if not more to other trash releases earlier on caricaturing Hindu epics lead female character Draupati or God Siva oriented narratives in Rudra Tandavam by the Indian cinema – Tamil film industry on the brink of extinction. Anything involving corrupt money and illicit dealings inevitably deliver undesirable outcome. 

A word of caution for the film makers and politics in India. 

The Mahabharata’s protagonist Draupati was solely instrumental in the annihilation of Kaurav clan due to Duryodhana, Durshasan and their uncle Shakuny miscalculating women’s power. In this instance Draupati’s oath to settle scores with the three evil menaces prompted Lord Krishna to fulfill her request.  

Don’t mess with Draupati is the moral from Mahabharata. 

When there is no talent to produce anything original in the material starved film industry, the attempts to distort and denigrate anyone of their choice is the latest norm much to individual and collective harm within the circle.

What goes around comes around without exception. 

The audience acceptance or rejection of the contemptuous trend determines society’s present and future. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter  

Evil Shuns Light

October 30, 2021

Evil Shuns Light

Padmini Arhant

Evil actions upon being brought to light is found annoying by those engaged in evil activities.

What a surprise?

Unveiling ugliness of those hiding behind glossy facade is necessitated by evil cursing the truth as deranged, when in fact deformed in character are those unabashedly abusing status depriving and denying others their legitimate rights.

The mirror reflection for evil understandably is unbearable.

Why not quit being evil and try becoming human and humane for a change in the unknown and unpredictable lifetime?

No harm in trying and only gains guaranteed upon renouncing evil.

Padmini Arhant

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