Fort Hood, Texas Tragedy

By Padmini Arhant

The shooting in Fort Hood, Texas killing 13 service men and women, besides leaving several wounded is a great humanitarian tragedy. Whenever there is loss of innocent lives from a shooting rampage of this kind or in the war zones, no reason can possibly justify the action.

Regardless of the suspect’s background, a decision to take the life of another human being is not a prerogative and certainly not granted by any religion followed by many across the globe.

Human actions driven by personal convictions against events deserve isolation from the religious connotation.

Plainly spoken, Islam is a religion of peace like every other religion in the world. There are scores of pious Muslims practicing their faith and engaged in various humanitarian deeds. Any discriminatory comments or religious slander would only exacerbate the situation rather than healing the wound on all sides.

It’s important to display rationale and patience until the investigations are completed, since unnecessary verbal assaults could trigger unwanted emotions often guiding violence. Meanwhile, the seriously injured and the victims’ families in this unfortunate incident need space and solace to recover from the pain and grief brought upon them through senseless act.

Service personnel of any religious denomination or none surely reconcile with the fact that war in general produce casualties particularly, a prolonged mission with no end in sight cause tremendous stress to the forces routinely dealing with carnage, destruction and devastations.

That’s why there are no winners in a war, despite the operatives’ claims in the military adventure expanding their role beyond national defense into political re-structuring and appointments in foreign soil.

The armed personnel discontent with the military policy and war mechanisms during active duty have set precedence by seeking viable peaceful options to relieve them from further participation in the conflict against which they have serious reservations. If there are possible jurisdictional hurdles then again there ought to be alternatives to overcome the challenges in any military institution normally expected with the highest disciplinary code and moral decorum.

Under any circumstances, the loss of lives are irreplaceable and time is the best healer that can provide fortitude to the survivors and those fearing racial/religious backlash due to the suspect’s irrational conduct. Again, the negative actions of the one or even a few in a community, race or religion do not represent the majority and the evidence only visible in the eyes of the discerning beholder.

I express my sincere condolences to the victims’ families and gratitude to the brave service men and women for their sacrifices at home and abroad. I also extend my empathy to the Muslim population concerned about the incident’s ramifications and remain hopeful that the peaceful majority will not be judged upon the activities of the selective minority.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant