Happy Thanksgiving!

By Padmini Arhant

Today is a special day to thank the people for their love, compassion and actions that positively impact the recipient’s life.

In this respect the nation ought to thank the brave men and women in harm’s way for their sacrifices in many different ways most importantly their precious life.

Within the community there are many benevolent individuals dedicating their time and resources for others welfare. They deserve the beneficiaries’ acknowledgment.

Then the family unit – the relationship is strengthened with genuine care, affection and understanding for each other unconditionally reciprocated in a subtle or profound manner.

Politically, the elected officials at the state and national legislature possess the power and responsibility to deliver the campaign promise and improve citizens’ life as an expression of their gratitude to the electorate electing them to office.

Economically, the business leaders are obligatory to the workers and employees who are also the consumers contributing to the business financial success. Their recognition of the peoples’ plight could be addressed through job oriented investments so that they too benefit from the profits.

Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to serve the people at home and around the world through the innovative technology made possible by the genius minds and entrepreneurship in the contemporary world.

I’m thankful to all the visitors to this website for their extensive support and encouraging remarks that help me strive hard to enhance my contribution at various levels. While compliments are incentives to exceed the expectations, constructive criticisms on the other hand are a reminder for self- evaluation besides representing the checks and balances.

Finally, the popular tradition nurtures the charitable act of giving and sharing with the less fortunate on this American holiday. Society prospers with better living standards experienced by all and not just the privileged members.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant