The so-called Lone Wolf vs. The Pack of Hyenas

January 10, 2022

The so-called Lone Wolf


The Pack of Hyenas


The reference lone wolf coined since the days of the parasitic hyenas originating in January 2009 as authority and thereafter them and their representative puppet regimes desperately seek undeserving attention via provocation and unnecessary inflammatory remarks.

The false notion among those with titles and designations as authority in politics misconceive the concept of respect as exclusive rather than universal in any civilized society.

In the contemporary political maelstrom, the pack of hyenas distinctive as scavengers on carcasses experience the gut-wrenching cataclysmic upheavals in their den fearing rude awakening and imminent extinction of the pack having exhausted survival instincts.

The hyenas known for existence on corpses transform into cannibals witnessed earlier in 2010-2016 as cannibal sponsors through terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East as well as North and North Eastern Africa – bifurcating Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in July 2011 triggering worst humanitarian and political crises continued till today.

What more?

In the Indian sub-continent – Indian fundamentalists Hindutva helm hired lackeys desertion from Kashmiri politics and Indian so-called liberal media together ironically claiming to represent Kashmiris in the valley, muslims, other minorities and marginalized in India – the population held hostage by Hindutva government in New Delhi are two sides of the same coin.

The above mentioned Hindutva crony representative in local Kashmiri politics and supposedly liberal wired media exemplify they are actual sell outs to New Delhi Hindutva system and foreign global power.

The comment stating the so-called lone wolf aliased bedroom fanatics / terrorists typically cast them in hypocrisy ad nauseam in their fatal obsession with lone wolf syndrome.

Furthermore, the comment lone wolf and bedroom fanatics / terrorists could only emerge from autocratic perverts and agents abusing power with their indulgence in lewd crude conduct.

The internationally blacklisted banned and Indian taxpayers funded Pegasus spyware and similar technology misused to pry and spy on any individual branded an outsider at home or abroad criminalize perpetrators and the ones authorizing perversion as state prerogative.

The Hindutva indoctrinated social media auction captioned Bully Bai also intentionally spelled Bully Boy aimed at the so-called lone wolf under the pretext of targeting muslim women on New Year’s eve Dec 31, 2021 is beneath any culture and human decency.

The immorality and ethical transgressions are the trends in the present political environment.

What business is for an Indian government to invade private home and life of anyone quoted an outsider in a faraway foreign land?

When national security demands deterrence of the formidable nuclear armed neighbors next door especially China having established territorial rights in the Himalayan and north east regions of India besides confirming maritime advantage in strategic locations leaving India in vulnerable position.

Nonetheless, the foreign entity – Indian government in New Delhi misplaced priority in violation of individual rights of private citizen addressed an outsider living overseas is condemnable and reprehensible.

Meanwhile, the Kashmir Valley renegade’s loose tongue quoting British innuendoes on the so-called lone wolf aka bedroom fanatics /terrorists, the slur whether prompted by domestic political insecurity or toeing the line to incognito foreign power possibly the rocky royal decadence and deceitful syndicate joint faction verbiage behind Indian political defection lexicon.

On September 26, 2014 the incumbent Indian authority’s then arrival in New York was scheduled to be met with the United States Federal Court Summons with a highly likely arrest warrant for Gujarat, Godhra pogrom in 2002.

The lawsuit was filed by human rights groups in the United States Federal Court in New York in 2014.

The United States administrator at the White House in 2014 came to the Indian counterpart rescue in averting embarrassment and criminal charges at that time. 

The White House external intervention in 2014 in this matter is a reminder of birds of a feather flocking together in recognition of parallel in crimes against humanity. 

The Islamophobia related muslim victims realization of the fact in this regard is important.

These revelations are least surprising. Indian government in New Delhi and RSS history is directly linked to colonial rulers in pre and post independent India with RSS aiding and abetting the colonial masters with radicalized recruits against then freedom fighters led by brave patriots sacrifice.

Notwithstanding the ominous activities inevitably leading to hyena pack elimination in self-destructive course. 

What goes around comes around in nature’s designed earth with axis of evil dismantled and disposed for life progress and sustainability.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Proxy Strategy

January 5, 2022

Proxy Strategy

Padmini Arhant

The strategy to attack me via proxy, puppets and pawns by all those using members of their clan in politics, entertainment, media and civil (?) society is lame, ludicrous and laughable. 

While I’m presenting facts based issues and well substantiated evidences on public matter unlike the supremacists misogynists’ relentless personal assaults against me since my appearance in public domain until now in unpaid selfless service and continuous sacrifice over the last fourteen years is fait accompli for the entire syndicate, their paid stooges, core and fringe elements engaged in the losing battle. 

The cowardly tactics to hide behind own proxies as me when I have directly called out these proxies and orchestrators on their political and humanitarian violations time and time again is idiocy glaring at the wanton provocateurs. 

Needless to say such indulgence is yet another shameful endeavor losing face and inviting disgrace for all those wasting life on earth.  Not to mention the burden on soul with bad karma in living and beyond.

The trend to ridicule me using own clique’s profile and legacy is criminality ad nauseam.

Notwithstanding the futile efforts boomerang at the source and lackeys much to own embarrassment. 

As for the plagiarists, opportunists, wannabes and desperate individuals stealing my identity, ideas, good karma, hard work and lifestyle as theirs for fame, fortune, power and turning against me are self declared parasites with no hope or personal ability for independent achievement.

These pathetic pitiful gold diggers at my expense lack self-respect and dignity epitomized in their counterproductive involvement and representation of criminal entity. 

The real courage and integrity lie in eye to eye direct engagement with your enemy viz. me in contrast to exhausting filth and trash brimming amongst thou – the collective decadent deceitful. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Politics Survival on Propaganda

December 25, 2021

Politics Survival on Propaganda

Padmini Arhant

In the electronic information age with social media run by tech giants committed to anti-democratic principles such as censorship of truth and facts, suspension and ban on factual content (videos) struck as unacceptable to politics and global syndicate behind the gamut,

The ordinary citizens are forced into captive audience and surrender to indoctrination on all matter.

The corporate owned and managed conventional media and press loyalty remaining with power in politics and economic sector in quid pro quo, the citizens are denied access to actual information and events. 

The status quo prohibits public besides the truth sayers and seekers from questioning authorities in power regardless of decadence reflected in ethics and moral decline.

In the so-called democracy, the authoritarian rule no longer hidden in policy and general governance premised on polarization of society based on social, economic and political affiliation, the political survival is desperately dependent on propaganda. 

The failed leaderships heavily rely on smear campaign against truth in diverse format using all types of media and entertainment industry’ theatrics and dramatic display much to self-embarrassment and indignation. Simultaneously, the sycophantic self-adulation is vigorously promoted in the absence of genuine progress and positive development. 

The reason propaganda is a safe bet for governance known for incompetence, systemic failures, corruption, criminality, flawed agenda …amongst several negative accounts due to insatiable appetite for power and the quest to rein control as the authority at the helm. 

The latest trend in murky politics is mass deception, conning public with false narratives, fake promise and fraudulence in misleading citizens on financial scandals, health issues related to the pandemic and public affairs. 

The contemporary politics with misplaced priorities in governance is cyclical with betrayal, deceit, duplicity, falsehood, fraud, hypocrisy, lying, mendacity, treachery, trickery, untruth, deception, dishonesty, distortion, evasion, fabrication, fiction, forgery, inaccuracy and misrepresentation is lifeline and legacy. 

The public as taxpayers and electorate awareness and awakening is critical unlike the media and those falling in line out of fear or appeasement of the power resulting in national subjugation to domestic and global dominance. 

The ongoing developments are aimed at eliminating constitution based governance, democracy and republic status replaced with overt global confab in secret locations and global elites appointed and approved puppet regimes in government. 

The transparency and accountability is strictly applicable and executed only on law abiding ordinary citizens in society while the real offenders and violators in the powerful, influential and celebrity world ever held above law. 

The era also maintains obscurantism – withholding knowledge from the general public is considered the the powerful’s prerogative in political transgressions.

No wonder politics survival on propaganda is a do or die predicament in the controlled environment. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

FYI – Truth and Facts Digestion

December 5, 2021

FYI – Truth and Facts Digestion

Padmini Arhant

In sincere consideration of the well being of visitors to this site and sub-domain –, the following message is published for selective reference to those not accustomed to truthful information and factual presentation on all matter.

1. If you are someone not comfortable with alternative views, thoughts expressed in plain truth and candid speech abstaining spin and fabrication, then this site is not for you.

2. If you are a political affiliate or faction only used to false narratives and flattery of authorities as the ultimate power and you are disappointed about not finding such content in this site and sub-domain, then this site is not for you.

3. If you are a loyalist to forces submitted to corruption, greed, malfeasance and violation of trust, you find the exposure in these contexts objectionable and even blasphemy, then this site is not for you.

4. If you are a propagandist and firmly engaged in misinformation and indoctrination on whomsoever behalf, then this site is not for you.

5. If you and those whom you take orders from are misogynists and prioritize hatred, prejudice and patronization an entitlement, then this site is not for you.

6. If you are a plagiarist and regard copyright infringement, intellectual property rights violation your prerogative with utter disregard for the original content provider’s hard work and excruciating labor in bringing the well substantiated substance in public domain, you continue the grand larceny including identity theft, then this site is not for you.

7. If you and those whom you obey and oblige for personal and vested interests have problems with others success and self-confidence, your envy blinds your ability to acknowledge their merit, then this site is not for you.

8. If you and those whom you represent have serious issues about tolerance, acceptance and appreciation for diversity and intellect, then this site is not for you.

9. If you are a crony and belong to sycophants club expecting glorification of all that is bad and vilification of anything and everything that are good, then this site is not for you.

10. If you belong to the culture that worships celebrity preferably the pseudo heroes using duplicates from the glamor and glitzy world, you find real heroes presented in this domain unacceptable, then this site is not for you.

11. If you are a thin skin and expect others to grin and bear anything volleyed via nuances, innuendoes and insinuations  declining the fundamental rights to self-defense conveniently dismissed as the so-called loose talk, then this site is not for you.

12. If you and those who deploy you for trolling, memes and invasion of others home, privacy and space despite several warnings against unauthorized unethical perversions, then this site is definitely not for you.

In conclusion, this site’s basic ethos are free will, freedom of expression and fair opportunity.  Those who fall in the above mentioned any and all categories may save their time and energy and do yourselves and me a mutual favor. Please do not visit this site to prevent indigestion of Truth and facts that will never cease from being published as the divine principles in the era shunning transparency and reality.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Ordinary and Extraordinary Actions

November 14, 2021

Ordinary and Extraordinary Actions 

Padmini Arhant

When an ordinary woman according to the hierarchy based society specializing in casteism and social economic prejudice demonstrates bravery it is extraordinary. 

However, when the central and state government with extraordinary and often exercising extra judicial power for personal and political interests doing little or nothing to address serious crises such as economic, health, social and national security threats, the nation together with the society goes down and subjugated by foreign powers evidenced in the territorial annexations and occupation of the land boundaries. 

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things are admirable. The extraordinary powerful entities choosing to do nothing during crises is a major crisis for any nation and society.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Pegasus Spyware Malware

November 6, 2021

++Pegasus Spyware Malware

Padmini Arhant

The anti-democratic violation of individual rights and privacy facilitated by spyware malware called Pegasus supposedly sold only to governments and according to the public data on this controversial spyware –

“Israel’s Private Company NSO GROUP’s Pegasus spyware is classified as a weapon by Israel and any export of the technology must be approved by the government. Annual revenues were around US$40 million in 2013 and $150 million in 2015. In June 2017, the company was put up for sale for $1 billion by Francisco Partners.”

Obviously, the NSOGroup behind Pegasus spyware has global clients evidenced in annual revenues reported in the public information above. Among them, the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah proudly claiming the effectiveness of Pegasus spyware to view anything and everything far away in the United States private citizens homes have confirmed the Pegasus spyware in their possession in public meetings and rallies recently, the comment meant as a threat and a matter of pride.

Nothing comes as a surprise with the political duo marking their career in Godhra violence in 2002 where innocent children, pregnant mothers, young men and women as well as the elderly were murdered and soon after not even sparing the judiciary member. The Mumbai High court judge presiding over the matter killed for non-cooperation in their favor. The horrific crimes against anyone regarded an obstacle in their never ending human rights violations from the state of Gujarat to India’s capital New Delhi is continued with political immunity and external support much to India’s detriment.

As for the Pegasus spyware, there was a raucous in Indian Parliament not long ago seeking the incumbent Indian government to come forward and clarify on the misuse of the Pegasus spyware. The Indian politics were keen on finding the details based on international report on the Pegasus spyware being used against numerous individuals in Indian political class including BJP governments’ ministers other than journalists and government critics causing an uproar in the Parliament session.

Furthermore, the Pegasus spyware is inarguably potent and classified a weapon by Israeli government with the condition that the technology could not be sold or exported without government approval.

That being the case, the incumbent Indian government in possession of the Pegasus spyware using the technology arbitrarily proves the state’s authoritarian style rejecting democratic and constitutional rules for personal and political interests.  The trend is the precursor in the subversion of democracy and should raise the alarm to 1.3 billion citizens already subject to free speech denial. Any pseudo criticism of government is actually nuanced against the government’s target in a far away land to absolve the corrupt governance of any wrongdoing and criminal engagements that are one too many in the system beyond salvation.

The interesting aspect in the entire saga is the Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah not availing the technology against the nation’s real adversary in control of India’s territory – Beijing, China initially dominant in the Himalayan region Aksai Chin Kashmir and Siachen region.

China’s PLA occupation has now expanded into Ladakh, Sikkim and north eastern areas redefining line of control along the entire Indian borders on all sides is the tip of the iceberg. As a result, the Indian defense force especially the foot soldiers in the army are deployed over eighteen months in the harsh inhospitable Himalayan terrain in the elevation of 20,000 feet above sea level. There were loss of lives with several Indian defense personnel martyred in the hostile confrontation with China’s PLA forces along the line of control last year amid the pandemic. The situation could have been averted with government’s preemptive measures using intel and technology resources saving lives in the prolonged quagmire.

Yet another conflicting fact is the Pegasus technology not having been utilized to detect activities next door in the neighborhood – the Wuhan lab, Hubei Province in China, the source and incubator of the deadly corona virus SARS COV2 with India experiencing the deadliest blow in the second wave termed delta variant of the pandemic. The government’s lapse or lack of interest in the appropriate use of Pegasus spyware for relevant purpose and instead expending in perverse course to spy on private citizens and their personal life beckon explanation from the Indian authorities in possession of this spyware.

The Indian leaderships viz. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah owe explanation to pandemic victims – the families who have lost their loved ones and earning members to the virus and the inhabitants fearing China’s PLA occupation of Indian territories for failing to protect them in the most critical moments despite the government armed with the lethal technology such as Pegasus spyware.

The most intriguing and incontrovertible truth being PM Narendra Modi’s personal account in China’s social media chat Weibo well after China’s invasion of Indian territories and pandemic consuming lives in India in all fronts – health, economic and military wafare in the Himalayan region. These events reflect dereliction of duty shirking responsibility in addressing dire crises at home for the head of the nation with second largest population in the world. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi prioritizing personal popularity and prominence in global social platforms is unfortunate and deeply disturbing for any democracy.

Whom are these leaderships serving – India and the citizens or the foreign adversaries waging bio warfare through deadly pathogen viz. SARS COV2 triggering COVID-19 and simultaneously invading Indian territories that are inconceivably seized with irreconcilable aggression?

Something to think about for all those state sponsored contingency in different capacity. The so-called comedian or news laundry to defend money laundry, many fringe elements in social media as well as main stream bulwarks bribed, bullied and coerced to defend the present Indian government and political class deliberate debacles designed to drown India to the point of no return.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 

Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

April 30, 2021

Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

Padmini Arhant

The reference Free Speech from the Silicon Valley from paid anchor at The Hill serving as mouthpiece for those with acute indigestion to factual information and truth is cynicism ad nauseam.

As a matter of fact, Free speech not only from the Silicon Valley, Free Speech from anywhere is inalienable right of any individual in Almighty God created Free World.

However, the concept of free world is disseminated out of context limiting to those obsessed with reining control over others’ health, life and rights expecting herd mentality at large. 

Furthermore, questioning anyone in power and those exerting authority via influence and dominance severely affecting life at individual or collective level is also an embodiment and essence of Free Speech. Again, one need not be elected to power or approved by the ruling class to exercise the fundamental right as obtusely asserted by The Hill propagandist. 

This freedom presumptuously claimed as exclusive privilege and patented right of the so-called elected to political position or influential in society, who by the way abstain from their political responsibility and legislative duty under constitutional oath let alone moral obligation due to collusion and complicity with violators of individual rights and life on all matter. Such tradition impetus free speech in view of concerns related to policy and actions with possible impact on family and community.

The mere exercise of Free Speech seeking clarifications from scientific, world health authorities or political class evading transparency and accountability as entitlement is not a crime or forbidden act in a system propagated as democracy.

Importantly, not all elected are genuinely elected to power by people when election is increasingly a formality with actual votes whether 74 million or 700 million discarded to satisfy unruly system in the rigged electoral process.

Padmini Arhant





Lies and Propaganda

March 8, 2021

Lies and Propaganda

Padmini Arhant

When lies and propaganda become the norm from installing government to rallying behind illegitimate governance, the reality eclipse underlying fakeness and falsehood.

‘The crony corrupt media and incognito power deployed harbingers in YouTube and other format for misinformation and misrepresentation is well known. The material from them on anything is far from truth and facts. Furthermore, the current situation related to stock market, employment, economy and pandemic nationwide beckon viewers and readers discernment. The tech industry is heavily hit and spiraling downward like never before. The vaccine manufacturers stocks in the United States skidding backwards despite euphoria on supposedly nationwide vaccination in full steam.

The job market is apparently screaming for help and desperately seeking employees and workers to fill in various positions with handsome pay and benefits. The retail industry claimed to have been rejuvenated making every day holiday season for retail sellers and buyers in the economy. Amidst all of these fantasies running wild, the celebration in the air on economic stimulus package for a staggering $1.9 trillion rewarding the economy on excellent performance since January 20th, 2021 and until now within  six weeks of new administration in power.

Could this be a miracle or mirage?

Since behind the scenes operatives running the gamut are adept in pulling pigeons out of rabbit ears, they have tasked fabrication troops to continue peddling disinformation in public domain and keep the audience engaged in believing the sky is anything but blue and earth is not round but flat.

When elections are seized by unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful means, the sequence necessitate running government on same prototype.  The reruns can only be tolerated by audience for so long. Then after a while, the show loses novelty and becomes a cliche. The originality and creativity being a rare commodity and conspicuously abstinent, reliance on obsolete tricks and tactics remain the only hope for survival.

The trend also highlights backstage controllers’ stagnancy unable to maneuver, accelerate or reverse course. The awkward position reveals insensitivity and inability to mind and manage affairs other than funnel concoctions screening photoshop version of pastures as luscious fertile green natural landscape.

In a nutshell, leaving optics entirely in the eyes of beholder.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter












Message to Bullies

January 27, 2021

Message to Bullies

Padmini Arhant

Who are bullies?

Bullies are those who lack self-respect, self-esteem and extremely insecure. Bullies are vulnerable to own shortcomings and misgivings conforming to serious personality disorder. They are confused misled by their convictions and false judgments about those they incessantly target to evade self-inadequacies and successive failures in negative pursuits. Bullies by nature are cowards and rely on harassment. They have no self-dignity for they suffer from obsession with their target. 

I challenge those wasting life on stereotype such as transgender mania and non-binary references to prove own gender in public.

What makes you think you belong to gender you claim as factual while categorizing others however you please?

You are the kind who never even belong in human species let alone any gender specification.

Stop viewing others through your prism of pride and prejudice. Free yourselves from your degenerative traits and develop positive constructive mindset.

Your clinical fixation to tarnish anyone in nuanced character assassination explicitly verify you and your priority. The constant denigration via insinuations is mirror reflection of you struggling to reconcile terms with your personal excess baggage. 

You and your contingency deployed in counterproductive involvements is suicidal for you have nothing to live for other than self-destruction. 

When you and your league are sleeping partners and bed fellows with corrupt oligarchs, communist regimes, socialist Soros, gluttonous globalists and control freak financial cartels…adequately describing your promiscuity, philandering and debauchery, you and your clique have no credibility or right to question my character and chastity. 

The proof is in representation. You and your negativities representing the wild and the wicked while I firmly remain loyal to righteous, virtuous and truth epitomizing almighty god. 

I rest my case.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

FYI – Fake News Complicity and Duplicity

December 19, 2020

Fake News Complicity and Duplicity

Padmini Arhant

Attention: FAKE NEWS FYI

Your contradictory position pretending to present China spy gate and purported cyber attacks from China against United States while promoting China funded lackeys to power at best is duplicity and at worst treason.

The real enemies like fake news in collusion with communist regimes and foreign infiltrators, the nation need to look no further than within to drain the swamp.

Fake news – your complicity with authoritarianism might be exclusively for pecuniary interests. 

However, the betrayal of citizens trust aimed at subjugation and surrender to foreign authoritarianism such as China CCP and others at the cost of individual freedom and sovereignty is persona non grata (UNWELCOME).

Those who cherish independence in a free country and wish the same for others to be a free world would never acknowledge nor appreciate any threats to inalienable rights and liberty.

Padmini Arhant

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