Western Policy – Secret Society, Globalization and Swiss Bank Accounts

Western Policy – Secret Society, Globalization


Swiss Bank Accounts

Padmini Arhant

The secret society originating from Oosterbeek, Netherlands, Europe in May 1954 and established in North America continues to remain the paradoxical paradigm to western concept on democracy, transparency and ethical efficacy.

The controversial secret society meeting adorned in opaqueness especially in light of critical decisions, policies and planning against entire humanity held among chosen members in secret locations barring real press and public participation is a legitimate concern in the so-called free world.

The secret society with members and participants sworn to secrecy refraining from sharing details of the meeting includes serving members in governments, globalists running the economy, financial sector, diverse media and the military industrial complex to name a few among key global systems. The secret society’s clandestine meetings engineering major activities against global economy, military strategy, nuclear goals, warfare ranging from terrorism, nuclear options to bio warfare…albeit all experienced by global population up until now.

The questions raised from Europe on the developing and emerging economies inability to provide for their citizens ranging from education, health to other basic facilities compared to the developed nations citing the western world merit attention.

The answer to this situation interestingly is with Europe and described in the following passage. 

European economy built from resources and wealth from the various colonies invaded and occupied world over would not qualify Europe’s efficient economic development.

European nation – Switzerland’s banks hosting treasure cove for illegal money notably black money, blood money from nefarious and unscrupulous transactions, drugs, extortion, trafficking, terrorism, tax evasions and much more cultivate and nurture corruption.

The money hoarded in Swiss bank accounts and offshore tax havens by the rich, famous and powerful in developing and other nations are primarily responsible for poverty, hunger and disease among their people referenced in the question on lack of advancement in these nations over a long period. The corruption depleting most nations treasury and depriving those countries from economic opportunity is incontrovertible fact. The Swiss economy and EU utilizing corrupt funds deposited in their financial institutions directly hold them responsible for fomenting and fostering corruption, the number one destructive element hindering economic milestones and due success in most parts of the world. 

Why not Swiss banks surrender the wealth to the people, the republic world wide and lead the world in eliminating corruption and financial fraud, the two main aspects behind the economic and social divide in global society?

Besides, Europe is also the safe haven for financial and criminal fugitives enjoying safety and security from non-extradition protection. These individuals flee nations after bankrupting financial institutions typically ordinary people savings and land in Europe with illicit wealth laundered at ease and without any legal or financial ramifications under the safety network  in Europe. It is impossible for EU and European nations to be unaware of the prevalent tradition in this context.

The worst thus far is unleashing deadly corona virus COVID-19 consuming five million lives worldwide per latest figures through ominous Gain of Function research pioneered in the west and developed in western funded Wuhan lab in China is the tip of the iceberg. The mega profits from the pandemic vaccine predominantly benefitting western big pharma in Germany, Britain and the United States as primary manufacturers and suppliers in the world is a hard bargain for the global victims paying the price in every respect. The secret society elites as private investors in the contentious Gain of Function research specifically bio-engineering the spike protein in SARS COV 2 for rapid human transmission and simultaneous investments in vaccine production long before the pandemic onset i.e. 2015 is a crystal ball bonanza.

Meanwhile China, the western economies’ treasurer and financier gaining from stifling competition in the global market is quid pro quo for the west and China.

Above all, Europe’s World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Germany’s Klaus Martin Schwab public statement on the Great Reset involving global financial markets and products manipulation was yet another agenda. The event necessitating global economic shut down could not have been possible without the pandemic.

The pandemic also aimed at population growth in India and populous domains like Brazil in South America.  The  global regions like Europe at disadvantage amid aging demography and problems confronting EU’s immigration related to skilled labor and taxpayers to support the economy. 

In essence, the pandemic proved to be a win win for all those aiding and abetting the Gain of Function research led SARS COV2 health and economic disaster alongside the Great Reset.

The secret society characteristics cloaked in secrecy shunning transparency in contrast authorizing and promoting violation of individual rights in invasion of private home, personal life and identity maintained as prerogative. These ill conceived attributes and actions expedite precipitous decline for anything run its course and exhausted means creating desperate times for further chaos and catastrophe.

Europe under European Union depend on Brussels trade and political strategy. The colonial divide and conquer rule evidently is the root cause of civilization and nations’ persisting unresolved confrontational quagmire. However, the cartography is found not suitable on own turf in Europe, the colonial seat post industrialization era. The discomfort experienced in BREXIT that continues with mutual disagreements expressing EU’s frustration in losing control over Britain’s economic and financial status.

The globalization has been the secret society and EU’s focus allowing globalists’ unfettered access to economies worldwide. Although globalization meant to address global economic requirements in addition to bridging the gap between the developed, emerging and developing economies, the result is far from alleviating economic woes and financial dependency for developing nations in particular. The globalization significantly benefitted China in the last three decades empowering the state controlled capitalist economy into global warehouse and manufacturing base. Notwithstanding the outcome strengthening China’s currency warfare against United States and Beijing’s dominance  in economic, political, military and foreign policy against the U.S. smooth and steady in the aftermath of 2020 Presidential election.

In the global front, China’s meteoric rise from globalization facilitated the belt road initiative (BRI) spread far and wide expanding into more than 75 nations with serious economic and geopolitical repercussions for the world at large. The trend unfortunately pose humongous challenge for partners entrapped in sovereign debts and key infrastructure forfeiture such as shipping ports and territories like in Sri Lanka, Maldives and many nations in Africa, Latin America, Central, South, South East Asia and the Middle East. The western nations Australia, Canada, EU and the United States face unique economic, strategic and political issues with China despite the pandemic origin tracing back to Wuhan, Hubei province in China.

The secret society, World Economic Forum (WEF) and western favored globalization with built-in protectionism applicable in absorption of bulk market and capital gains is the end game for different players leaving behind developing nations debt ridden and the rest in China’s coat tail with little or no negotiation power in any dimension.

The global status quo is a conundrum in western relations with China. The globalization leading the way to the point of no return in the backdrop is a deviation from real economic progress and prosperity for economies forced into debt servicing commitments with world financial institutions like the World Bank, IMF etc. Similarly, China in the infrastructure deals draining developing nations and limiting western options succinctly describe globalization unbalanced with disproportionate economic burden outweighing benefits in the immediate and long run. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




India – Indian Democracy Litmus Test

India – Indian Democracy Litmus Test  

Padmini Arhant

India Reacts to Status Quo


यह क्या हुआ? कैसे हुआ? कब हुआ? क्यों हुआ?

अब यह तो सोचने वाली बात हो गयी ।

जनता जनार्दन ने बरसाये अपने अंगारे । यह तो होना ही था।

कभी भी आम जनता को कमज़ोर नहीं समझना चाहिए । ना ही उन्हें ठुकराना चाहिए।

यह बात नेता या अभिनेता को समझना चाहिए ।

अब आयी बात समझ में?

कच्चे और पक्के खिलाड़ी को भी समय और करम के सामने झुकना पड़ता है । यही है प्रकृति के नियम। जिसके आगे किसी की मर्ज़ी नहीं चलती ।

हर हर महादेव ! जय माँ दुर्गा !

जय श्री राम !

Har Har Mahadev!  Jai Ma Durga! 

Jai Sri Ram!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the head of the ruling political party and BJP government is the first authority in Indian politics to have never held a press conference in the seven years of ruling the nation.

In other words, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully evaded the open public press conference since assuming power as the head of the government in 2014 up until now.

In contrast, PM Narendra Modi’s previous and latest appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021 confirms the solidarity with behind the scenes operatives on global affairs.

While PM Narendra Modi judiciously complies with World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland initiated and implemented Great Reset targeting global finance and economic activities exclusively favoring core stakeholders in the global market share,

The Indian PM Narendra Modi unable to address public grievances and disapproval of the incumbent’s performance is a major impediment in a democracy.

PM Narendra Modi’s pledge to World Economic Forum agenda was also forthcoming and diligently carried out through demonetization in 2016 under false pretext of retrieving black money.

The irony in this context is PM Narendra Modi holding black money in Swiss Bank account and leading the rest of the account holders from India in black money hoarding.

PM Narendra Modi dropped hints in the recent Independence Day speech on August 15, 2021 in reference to India’s preparedness to follow the secret society run New World Order in the present and post pandemic. The notation in the speech was perhaps the PM Narendra Modi’s signal to New World Order authority on India’s willingness and readiness to obey instructions from them.

Above all, PM Narendra Modi also mentioned in the speech about imminent cash circulation reduction without divulging any further details on this important issue.

However, it is imperative for the vast population in India surviving on cash economy in the formal and informal sectors to know about this inevitable change that would drastically impact their existence especially in the absence of viable alternatives for the cash wage earners on daily wage unlike any regular income households in the economy.

Among many secretive sinister activities hidden in Great Reset from the World Economic Forum, eliminating cash economy and substituting with options that are yet to be revealed to the world besides the existing cash replacements like debit, credit cards and crypto currency is critical information for the public.

In the cancel culture era with social media censorship in dismissal of democratic principles and values on free speech, truth and factual data, the public concerted efforts to remain informed is paramount to avert irreversible consequences now and in the near future.

PM Narendra Modi once again in the front line synonymous to 2016 demonetization debacle to execute World Economic Forum’s policy removing cash transactions is a serious venture.

The repeat engagement ignoring cataclysmic financial and economic effects on the majority of Indian population still experiencing grueling economic and pandemic crises is egregious and merit general public attention. The citizens exercising the democratic rights to question the Indian government’s precise action in this regard is fundamental and relevant.

On the other hand, the Indian government failure to disclose the facts and decisions on containing cash economy in adherence to World Economic Forum’s controversial Great Reset would serve as the litmus test on India’s political system as a democracy let alone the world’s largest democracy.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

Padmini Arhant

Constitution is a mere piece of parchment – stated by the former President Barack Obama. 

The statement was actually translated as such by the former President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama care health law with mandatory health insurance subscription tied to serious penalty through IRS on every American citizen. 

The mandatory health insurance subscription without a shadow of doubt enriched the most powerful health care industry and insurance sector in particular famous for flouting any regulations protecting Americans on health care. 

The Obama care was meant to provide health coverage to all citizens especially the average Americans. However, the Obama care mandatory insurance resulted in hurting average citizens more than ever. They were the real victims in the overall game with both government and health insurance industry emerging the biggest beneficiaries at ordinary Americans plight. 

Whenever the public hands are tied and forced to submit to the government’s will who in return are in service to benefit campaign financiers and donors in the economic sector,

In this instance the health care industry benefiting from compulsory insurance without any stipulations on arbitrary premium hikes and limited coverage that are the norm in health insurance practice, such policy is usually proved counterproductive.

Accordingly, the mandatory health insurance law was repealed by Congress in 2017 as unconstitutional and ineffective for ordinary citizens burdened with legislated health insurance law predominantly favoring the health insurance industry. 

Fast forward to 2021, the current administration’s vaccine mandate declining simultaneous therapeutic treatments involving prophylactic and post COVID infection cure on COVID-19 despite evidence based data on the issue from worldwide is reminiscent of past action on health insurance mandate. 

Similar to the previous policy under former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on mandatory health insurance subscriptions, the present vaccine mandate on citizens in compliance with Big Pharma mega profits strategy is egregious decision as it was earlier on the health insurance matter. 

The democratic system would honor and respect individual rights with choices on health and personal life. 

The democrat party in the United States positioned as pro-choice on women’s reproductive health otherwise reversed on vaccine i.e. against choice for citizens to exercise constitutional right on discernment in decision making process is paradoxical paradigm. 

The democrat leaderships’ contradictory policy on vaccine mandate rejecting alternatives such as citizens options in dealing with COVID-19 is strange and undemocratic.

Something may never change in terms of policy and political advantage in appealing to Big Pharma and health care industry financiers in election campaigns. 

In the end, any ruling at the major compromise of citizens rights to choose concerning health and livelihood would invariably be unsustainable. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 



Humanitarian Issues

Facts and Fascism

Facts and Fascism

Padmini Arhant

The hierarchy in a society is created by those unable to demonstrate natural ability depriving those whom they fear on merit based performance. Those feared, vilified and isolated are shunned to anonymity while the ones behind the trend as architects and catalysts unabashedly trumpet own name along with genealogy is the norm.

The societal discrimination and prejudice are predominantly culminations of inferiority complex feigned as superiority in self-consolation among those who have nothing to showcase except detrimental attributes and apocalypse. The personal assaults and insinuations in the last decade up until now is a cowardly tactic hiding behind disclaimers and references smothered in contemptuous propaganda deflecting attention from self deceit and destruction, the hallmark of the sources and servile contingency.

The so-called social media platforms reduced to stagnant sewage flooded with venomous ocean aptly representing the swamp and dirty deep state while banning truth and factual data speaks volume on status quo. These developments are typical in a system forged as democracy with zero tolerance to alternative views and participation. The traits suitably reflect fascism not democracy.

There are myriad forces and agents engaged in consolidated efforts to maintain apocalyptic goals with little or no concern for end result experienced thus far. Among them, there are desperations prompting provocations for cheap hall of fame and wanton publicity. The misguided elements and factions hired paying pittance are deployed in vicious misinformation and distortion. Sadly for them, they are the only hope for those in precipitous decline.

Contextually, the rancor reeking in inflammatory remarks and unsubstantiated narratives unveil hidden hypocrisy and platitudes compromising intended purpose. The relentless attacks targeting their contemporary nemesis under the guise of ridiculing India’s freedom movement leader Mahatma Gandhi is the lowest and pathetic in style, substance and nuance.

The so-called educated unemployed youth serving the corrupt political class hideous ideology exploiting religion and social stigma known as the caste system in India is classic degenerative deformed strategy. The casteism premised on privileges to those at the apex of the man made hierarchy and proclivity in alienation of other segments as outcasts and untouchables prevalent until today in a nation heralding seventy five years of independence is a clarion call on long overdue abolition. Yet any mention on the abandonment of the archaic antiquated discriminatory practice is confronted with radical fundamentalist reaction from the supposedly educated creed adopting confrontational approach over rational engagement.

In the contentious caste termination proposal, the brahmins seated highest in the self-designated pyramid are at odds considering the progress and prosperity they continue to enjoy at others’ expense since Independent India secured through hard fought freedom from the colonial British Raj with the legacy of brutality and oppression. The non-violent freedom movement initiated and prolonged under the defiant leadership of the now most hated, abused and caricatured Mahatma Gandhi was the corner stone for liberty, freedom and sovereignty in the oppressed twentieth century. 

The achievement is an astonishing feat on the strength and power of Ahimsa – non-violence not only in Indian history but also a monumental example in world history. In the global arena where weapons not excluding nuclear options are loosely floated to exhibit Superpower status, peaceful resolutions are not desirable in mitigating and resolving crises. The historic events such as independence through non-violence is a rare and often the most challenged position. 

Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse, a brahmin in Indian caste identification and a hardline fundamentalist in political alliance with Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (RSS), the organization seeded and funded by colonial British Raj is defended by brahmins (applicable to only those involved) and political affiliates prioritizing brahmin caste orientation over independence.

The slanderous and preposterous allegations against whether nuanced Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi otherwise referred to as the Father of the nation i.e. India is condemnable. The objectionable fictionalized accounts verifiably indicative of the political and social groups subjugation to insidious domestic ideology and foreign influence.

Furthermore, Indian political class and caste abolition resistance recruited online provocateurs in India and overseas associate Mahatma Gandhi with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler with unfounded charges claiming the former as Nazi empathizer and oppressor. The reality is the BJP government controlled and run by Hindutva ideologues RSS as mentioned above is representative of colonial British Raj, the British royal family being the Nazi descendants as Saxe Gotha Coburg having adopted the Windsor title evolving into imperial power.

In semblance with brahmins in Indian caste pyramid, the Jewish politics in Israel maintain close ties and respect Nazi family – the British royal family from Germany. The world’s wealthiest club family – the Rothschild with Jewish profile are intimate with the Nazi clan – the British royal family in Britain.

The Israeli politics ties with Nazi descendant British royal family and inversely irreconcilable differences stalling the Middle East peace process with Palestinians who are not even remotely related to the Nazi’s holocaust is the biggest irony in the global scene. 

Above all, the RSS offshoot BJP along with Congress as well as other political parties in India are heavily invested in caste divisions and sub-divisions adapting colonial divide and conquer policy. They compete with one another in proving their brahmin heritage citing the white cotton thread called Janaeu worn by brahmin males as proof of their brahmin caste though this tradition does not originally belong to brahmins like everything else today witnessed in identity theft and cultural subversion. The practice of wearing cotton thread on their torso was seized from ancient Tamil artisans such as goldsmiths, blacksmiths, textile weavers, carpenters, sculptors…and other experts in different skills not barring poets and scholars renowned for their occupation and talent at that time.

The important factor is none of these skilled members were grouped or classified in any caste system seen in the illegitimate transformation at a later time continued until today. The Tamil custom of wearing white cotton thread on their torso among artisans and various professionals were originally a white flower garland that dried in the hot weather during the day leaving behind a white thread used in making the garland. This white thread was essentially and correctly called punool – pu is flower and nool meaning thread in Tamil. The punool adorned by native Tamil craftsmen and service providers in different occupations relevant to society then were known as parthanars, again a Tamil word meaning the service providers engaged in an array of services to the Tamil community those days prior to the imposition of casteism in Indian society from foreign invaders introducing themselves as Aryans upon arrival in India. The Tamil word parthanar transitioned into parpanars quoted by ignorant political faction in Tamil Nadu – the Dravida Munetra Kazhagam (DMK and ADMK) and the rest following the ignorance chiding the reference brahmins and insisting on the term parpanars as appropriate without realizing the actual origin from indigenous Tamils deceitfully misappropriated to those referring to selves as Aryans in Indian society.

Now these self described Aryans in Indian society are predominantly brahmins and among them those currently preoccupied in Indian political class instigated innuendoes on present Mahatma Gandhi as Adolf Hitler admirer fail to realize their direct link with Nazi leadership Adolf Hitler, an Aryan by race determination and has publicly declared as such to this effect.

The bizarre twist in identity recognition for brahmins in the caste system is on the one hand they claim themselves Aryans by race. The racial definition associate them with publicly known Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Germany. On the other hand the same brahmins also acknowledge them as Jews of India. The reason behind the latter certification for brahmins is their concentrated power in politics and emphasize the status analogous to Jews dominance in American and western world politics especially United States politicians’ allegiance to Israel instead of United States they are elected to serve under constitutional oath and paid for by U.S. taxpayer.

In the Indian epic Ramayana, the character Ravana – a demon King of Sri Lanka is a brahmin. Not surprisingly, the criticism of Lord Ram in Ramayana persistently emerge from brahmins such as the BJP ruling party’s Rajya Sabha (the upper house) member Subramanian Swamy, a brahmin touting casteism as Vedic inscription, constantly relates to the incident in Ramayana involving Lord Ram and the monkey King Bali, commonly known as Vaali. The BJP member Subramanian Swamy frequently reference the sequence in the epic Ramayana denoting Lord Ram as dishonest whenever the Indian political class scandals are in spotlight.

The flip side of racial connotation in the southern state Tamil Nadu is categorizing Tamilians or Tamils as dravidians, a contrarian characterization based on Tamil Nadu political party Dravida Munetra Kazhagam (DMK) founder non-Tamilian E. Venkata Ramasamy aka Periyar. The indigenous Tamils are not Dravidians as misunderstood by some in India and offshore. The Dravidians are immigrants like Aryans from foreign shores in South, South East, Central and West Asia. They are not Tamils as falsely portrayed and believed until now in Tamil Nadu. The dravida and Dravid community more familiar in the Southern State Karnataka and western state Maharashtra border is imported into Tamil Nadu by Dravida Munetra Kazhagam (DMK) founder E.V.Ramasamy, a native of Karnataka.

There are lot of similarities and congruence between brahmins and Indian political establishment at the center and regional level since brahmins occupy key government positions and preferential status in governments and public sector. Hence they are at great advantage and often instrumental in policy making and planning. They wheel lot of power as administrative functionaries and have direct access in government affairs. The brahmins role in life-threatening discipline like defense force, national guards viz. the border security force and police force is nil or negligible. These fields are generally designated to the lower castes and minorities by default.

Under these circumstances, the social disintegration and disenfranchisement is enforced upon the oppressed and persecuted segments in the superficial caste structure established demoting and degrading the original population Tamils in Tamil Nadu spreading nationwide over a period and worsening in the present time.

The caste system in India is the root of social issues providing the Indian political groups opportunities to polarize society on caste and religion politics. The Hindutva is the decoy to defame the sanctity and spirituality of Saiva (God Shiva) presided path to Soul purification leading to Mukti or freedom from bondage of birth and death cycle. The other aspects of the religion represented by Lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga or Sakti have significant impact on the followers seeking guidance and relief from sorrows and suffering.

Anything proved counterproductive evident in casteism is a burden on society and ultimately dissolved for the greater good and collective benefits rather than selective growth and empowerment. These changes are necessary despite bitter battle opposing the dismantling of caste system and any form of prejudice against anyone related to caste or other religion in the local and national front.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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