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STOP Exploitation

Padmini Arhant

Indian political ruling class and media need to STOP exploiting the living and dead at any instance especially in the excruciating time of the Indian population. 

The political members viz. the Prime Minister – Narendra Damodardas Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Health Minister Harsh Vardhan together with the entire political establishment and health care apparatus bear responsibility for the declining situation. 

The crony groveling media and You Tube sleeper cells interestingly deploying unemployed youth – men and women who otherwise could serve the nation and selves productively are required to turn the tide on those at the helm of position and authority on public payroll with black money hoarded in foreign tax havens costing that nation in blood and treasure. 

There is never deficiency in Indian entertainment industry with certain members ever at disposal for unscrupulous opportunism despite irreversible doom and gloom.

KARMA is indeed the judge, jury and executioner in living and upon departure from the world.

The only difference is unlike the interpretation of Karma and Karmic effects to suit whims and fancies of  sinners on earth, the Karma details maintained by Almighty God on every living breathing species is the ultimate verdict that determines individual SOUL destiny thereafter.

Accordingly, the sinners’ trepidation concerning own death and relevantly destination upon demise is warranted.

Rest assured, the rancor and rant orchestrated by those evading legislative responsibility and duty as head of the nation, home and health ministry exemplify utter failure and incompetence besides lacking transparency and integrity in crises management.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






Classic Authoritarianism

Classic Authoritarianism

Padmini Arhant

How to recognize authoritarianism in the twenty first century?

First and foremost citizens need to determine the significance to constitution – the corner stone in any democracy protecting citizens of the entire nation across the spectrum defining individual rights, liberty, security and sovereignty.

The concept of republic defended and enshrined in the nation’s constitution is instrumental to distinguish between democracy and autocracy.

The political leadership as the head of the state, the government and opposition representing the nation at large understanding of constitutional rights, honoring constitutional oath to serve the nation and the people barring pride and prejudice reflected in a functional democracy.

The democratic system would uphold constitutional rule of law. Whereas the authoritarian governance would slight and reject constitution as inconvenient implementing rules and legislations in pursuit of personal and political ideology.

The authoritarian government would further promote ideology premised on fundamentalism, feudalism and any other undemocratic principles in the capacity as fiduciary in personal, political and vested interests.

In doing so, the people’s republic protected by constitution is transformed into vassal statehood. The surrender of sovereignty facilitates dominion republic enabling internal and external forces’ dominance over people’s republic.

Next the ruling power’s style of governance deserve attention.

Style of governance would begin with level of transparency such as public access to information on all matter concerning citizens and national affairs including international relations.

Then the role of press and communication media. Whether they are able to exercise the freedom of press as expected in any functioning democracy abandoning bias and acquiescence or they serve as the state broadcasting networks evolved into government channels with disinformation and propaganda.

The political leadership and government tolerance to free speech sharing genuine views and concerns on issues related to economy, health, education, environment and social inequality is litmus test on democracy.

Importantly, the head of the state as Prime Minister or President meeting the real press once a week is a requirement unlike crony groveling media appeasement making a mockery of journalism.

The PM or President press meet taking direct questions from them again not scripted and pre-approved with answers from administration team.

Instead extemporaneous i.e. impromptu is critical to assess the head of the state’s acumen and grasp on all issues relevant to citizens and the country.

The press conference allowing constructive objective critique on administration and political party’s policies, actions, decisions or the lack thereof would exemplify respect for democracy.

Similarly public interaction with the head of the state responding to citizens’ grievances and struggles in public forum that could be conducted in virtual format in the pandemic situation. Again spontaneous not pre-arranged questions and response.

The political opposition are crucial and depends on the members seated as opposition quite often in quid pro quo between the ruling and so-called opposition grand standing public in people’s house – the Parliament or Congress assembly.

The opposition not necessarily opposing anything and everything from the other side. At the same time the opposition are not meant to kowtowing falling in line with the ruling power in self and vested interests against citizens and the nation they are elected under oath to serve the nation and the people in entirety – the ones who voted for and against them setting aside pride and prejudice. 

The basic evidence on authoritarianism lies with election. The election process involving open transparent vetting of incumbent and new contender having them address scandals, controversies and issues about their candidacy and public record on their political career would be a natural setting in a real democracy.

The election free from myriad election irregularities, illegal campaign financing, domestic and foreign funding, black money infusion and money laundering…to list few among many election violations. The fair election would comply with election rules applicable to all contestants not excluding the ruling power or the major political factions in the race. The known violators of election are presumptuous nominees and candidacies guaranteed victory ignoring electoral outcome.

The authoritarian characteristics typically ban free speech and target truthful, factual and irrefutable analyses and perspectives on government and political leadership’s policy and decisions having adverse impact on people and society.

In a vibrant democracy, the citizens and press would be active and not fearful of raising legitimate queries on any issue without being traced, pursued and punished for exercising constitutional right on freedom of press and expression.

The authoritarian leadership deploy diverse means ranging from character defamation via entertainment such as political party funded movies, documentary and engage in threats and tirades using social media like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter to silence true voices against authority. Here is when tyranny emerge imposing gag order.

In the era where political leadership prioritize showmanship exhibiting false persona is yet another tell tale sign of fascination to stardom over statesmanship.

The staged projection of the leadership petting a leopard cub or filming weekend retreat to Siberia are presented to impress upon gullible mass on leadership prowess and fearlessness. The trend maintained to suppress reality.

In fact for any leadership more than petting a leopard cub or cheetah, the laudable act of bravery would be to persevere and practice democracy facing bold opposition on the side rather than confining political opposition to imprisonment on fabricated charges denying due process. In other parts of the world constitution subverted, election upended to gain or remain in power.

Likewise, the leadership strength is exemplified in democratic engagement with opposition. The democratic leadership would face any candidacy in election in recognition of fundamental rights of all citizens to run for public office including the position of Presidency or Prime Ministership.

The political attributes shine upon leadership ability to deal with challenges and crises accepting responsibility for failures and debacles during governance. Though such character is rare and a tall order, the easier approach finding scapegoat and extraneous factors is authoritarian 2.0 even 5.0 in 5G epoch.

The political leadership dramatic posing in various costumes oscillating from Samrat (Emperor) during political rallies to Sadhu (Hermit) emerging from a cave alluding to self as divine incarnate is delusional depicting desperate megalomaniacal act.

Meanwhile, the leadership miserably missing in action in the domestic and international front in containing pandemic, reversing economic collapse and importantly stymieing enemy invasion and occupation of homeland in the Himalayan region and coast to coast incursion speak volume on failed political performance.

Corruption culture thrives under authoritarianism. The systemic elimination of independent institutions and autonomy is executed abusing extra judicial executive order besides revoking constitutional restraints.

The authoritarian government agenda revolves around them and create stagnant political, economic and social conditions establishing life long appointment in the position of authority. The common tactics also include race baiting, religious discord, caste, class, gender discrimination and any or all divisive measures are considered favorable to extend term in office.

The worst is expecting population to appreciate and acknowledge the system as democratic republic.

These efforts resulting in oppression is indicative of ruling class and political establishment apprehension towards republic uprising and revival of real democracy.

Accordingly, the oligarchy run and funded political leadership and government gamble on resting democracy in coma – permanent sleep and numbness in order to prolong status quo.

Regardless, despotism replacing democracy in any governance geared towards one party system eliminating opposition depriving people representation is classic authoritarianism. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 













Pandemic and Vaccine Dilemma

Pandemic and Vaccine Dilemma

Padmini Arhant

Why aren’t COVID vaccine experiments on corona virus and study conducted on mammalian species prior to direct human trials?

The scientific research and development trend in prevention i.e. vaccine creation and cure with drug treatment until before the pandemic has by and large involved mammalian experiments before moving towards human clinical trial. 

The COVID 19 vaccine presented as emergency use with or without FDA approval (?) to contain the spread of infection is one side of the argument. However, the time lapse since the emergence of corona virus in terms of molecular analyses suggest the common ancestor of corona virus existence as far back as 10,000 years ago.

In recent memory, the public data in SARS corona virus reveal the pattern established back then nearly two decades ago in 2002.

“The 2002–2004 SARS outbreak was an epidemic involving severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. The outbreak was first identified in Foshan, Guangdong, China, on 16 November 2002.”

Why were there no sense of preparedness among scientific community to develop vaccine to combat emergence and spread of SARS corona virus earlier on considering there were fatalities 774 registered from SARS virus then in 2002 – 2004?

What held the scientific community then – the ones in particular in the frontline pushing for vaccine and boosters now?

Where were they in 2004?

The SARS virus produced at least 774 deaths in 2002-2004 provided more than adequate time to study the pathogen and prepare humanity against SARS COV2 -the one exposed to global population in 2020.

When science directs evidence of corona virus existence 10,000 years ago, the co-existence of humans and corona virus found in many domestic and wild species acknowledged in scientific data.

“Science Journal – Nature publication by L van der Hoek2004Cited by 1773 — Published: 21 March 2004 … Coronaviruses have been identified in mice, rats, chickens, turkeys, swine, dogs, cats, rabbits, …”

That means the presence of corona virus detected in wide range of mammals in contact with human species for extensive period had not contributed such alarming reaction as SARS-COV2 i.e. COVID 19.

The human natural immune system had verifiably developed natural immunity to corona virus with the absence of adverse reactions or deaths until earlier SARS virus in 2002-2004 and two decades later at the outbreak of COVID-19 designated as SARS-COV2 resulting in pandemic.

The 2020 COVID-19 pathogen not only outpaced transmissibility among humans compared to SARS virus 2002-2004, the current virus with mutant variants capability enhancing virus characteristics in the vicious transmission and replication is unique for patients ordinarily may or may not have been introduced to corona virus in natural environment.

What has triggered SARS COV2 aka COVID19 rabid behavior and infection level that was never experienced before even during the SARS – COV1 in 2002-2004?

Is the spike protein in SARS – COV2 i.e. COVID 19 the active component in accelerating respiratory disruption otherwise depleting oxygen supply leading to hypoxia? 

Were there any scientific investigations to previous SARS virus related deaths in 2002-2004 based on respiratory syndrome and acute pulmonary abnormalities detected now in SARS – COV2 aka COVID 19?

Relevantly, where was World Health Organization (WHO) since 2002 and up until now? 

The scientific explanations to all of the above questions are requested for proper understanding and reasons behind the unconventional protocol in the current vaccine campaign. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



————————————————————————The origin of COVID19 evaded up until now despite the pandemic causing phenomenal health and economic catastrophe. The COVID19 vaccine is the contentious issue with the vaccine launched in a short period of time against scientific conventions and traditions maintained in vaccination program thus far. Though COVID 19 vaccination efforts and drive are lauded as scientific and technology marvel in expediting the vaccine availability, the potency and critically short term and long term side effects as well as any serious harm to human body, immune system and cells are barely evaluated i.e. the risks vs. benefits are projected as virus related deaths v. vaccine protection against the virus without revealing the vaccine caused damages to natural immunity.

The pharmaceutical industry whether Pfizer, Moderna with United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH) funding, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and U.K. based Oxford funded and manufactured Astra Zeneca and other nations vaccines such as Russia’s Sputnik and China’s vaccine are widely used to vaccinate population. The vaccine side effects are largely overshadowed by information on vaccine produced mild to no reaction partly to accelerate vaccination numbers and percentage in any domain. However, there are data surfacing among population reporting complications subsequent to receiving the vaccine. There are cases reported in the United States, Europe and elsewhere not barring fatalities which might be discounted as rare and predominantly safe in combating the virus. Israel is experiencing vaccine reactions among youth 18 to 35 years of age as well as women between 40 – 49 years that are now subject to investigation.

Again, it is equally important to recognize the commonly known vaccines Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen…are indemnified against libel suits from patients and governments on COVID19 vaccines.

The common sense dictates any product that is not backed by guarantee to be effective and further protected by indemnity which means absolved of any responsibility upon any adverse impact creates a reasonable doubt on the efficacy of such endeavor.

As such many governments and health care authorities wherever applicable continue to downplay COVID19 testing data, vaccination statistics, COVID deaths and vaccine related fatalities or serious reactions including hospitalizations that are factual contributing to arbitrary estimates on the pandemic cause and effect. Otherwise the transparency that is mandatory not optional or discretionary from government and health authorities is adding to frustration and disappointment.

Reiterating earlier thoughts on this subject published on April 2nd, 2021.

COVID Vaccine

The situation confronting humanity merit health debate, deliberation and decisive actions. Accordingly, the experts perspectives specializing in the field is important to enable every individual make informed decisions about their health and quality of life rather than dismissal of any legitimate science based concerns calling for discernment on the matter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



P.S. The following video is shared for educational, information and public awareness. With due credit and appreciation to entities in their participation as the contributor, creator and presenter, it is brought forward for humanity’s benefit. Thank you. 

Courtesy – Journeyman.TV – Thank you.

Perspectives on the Pandemic

“Blood Clots and Beyond”

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D.


In view of alternative opinion and thoughts deserving attention, the science based discussion on COVID19 Vaccine is presented on this site. 

Courtesy – Dr.Geert Vanden Bossche – Thank you.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is veterinarian, vaccinologist, virologist with specialty in molecular and microbiology as well as immune system. 


Humanitarian Issues



Padmini Arhant


Welcome to Self-Empowerment.

Self-Empowerment is the base for Republic empowerment.

The governments are run by oligarchy i.e. Corporatized system using public funds. Privatization is the trend in the globalized economy. The chief beneficiaries in privatization are corporations and shareholders. Corporatized governance deny ordinary citizens fair access and opportunity.

Corporate run government policies exclusively favor them. Corporatized governance bear no responsibility on losses to taxpayers and severe damages to economy as well as environment. There is minimal or no oversight on deals benefitting companies on government projects viz. defense contracts handled by private company.

Hence, no checks and balances which means none held accountable on corruption. Transparency is a misnomer with no internal and importantly external audit.

For example – The U.S. government deployed private army Blackwater later dubbed as Xe and now changed into Academi committed atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan…and in Ukraine with license to kill besides gross human rights violations.

Oligarchy run governments use national defense force as private army for wars, destabilization of sovereign foreign nations and derail economy via sanctions. These actions are directed by organizations, think tanks and institutions representing oligarchy hegemonic goals and strategic dominance.

Government in reality is Corporation’s proxy delivering corporate interests. Government’s other wing is special interests group with own political ideology.

This leaves the government as representatives of private entities and organizations. Citizens are merely used as instrument to legitimize illegitimacy through election. Elections are run by oligarchy with massive funding in campaigns and candidacy.

Governments pledge allegiance to corporate financiers behind election campaign.

In fact, it is ordinary folks money circulated between governments and corporate funders. Ordinary people tax money generously handed to corporations by government. These handouts involve major tax breaks, government subsidies and many exemptions seldom distributed or trickle down to bottom in the workforce. The big corporations in return utilize a portion of common citizens money converted into slush funds and invested in election campaigns to secure government loyalty.

Major corporations enjoy the most favored company (MFC) status in quid pro quo.

Corporate owned media and political party run TV networks to control communication.

Free speech is a one way street with a dead end allowing only government to mislead muted audience. Ordinary citizens voices are muzzled and their advocates subject to government scrutiny. The system is fraudulently declared democracy while stifling republic status.

There is little or no tolerance to alternative perspectives and they are regarded a threat to authority.

As a result, freedom is under siege creating do or die situation. However, there is hope.

How can citizens free themselves from shackles?

Ordinary people in society are taxpayers, workers and consumers at large. Yet, average citizens are denied fair economic opportunity, income and social equality.

First, identify corporations behind government including companies and groups in disguise.

Then, remember you – the consumer possess the power towards Self-Empowerment.

Your decision to buy or avail products and services as end customer impact business.

Accordingly, boycott companies engaged in depriving your individual rights and economic progress.

Election reform is mandatorily required. Enforce ballot paper electoral process to prevent vote rigging and fraud witnessed time and time again in the so-called democratic elections.

Public mandate via referendum on public financing of election is the beginning. Setting election expenditure with strict limits and guidelines is critical. Similarly, demand political parties to disclose their donors and funders in public domain.

Set up cross verification process to confirm accuracy on political funding and voting. Political parties funding should be checked at all times and not just limited to election season. 

Reject political factions and candidates vying for public office as corporate agent.

Bar candidates with criminal records, serious civic violations and corruption charges.

These are preliminary steps towards freeing society from oligarchy and organizations run government.

Again, remind yourself and them that consumer is the ultimate authority determining success and failure of economy and politics.

Watch out for fake government critics launched on social media and main street to deceive public on factual events confirming democracy and constitution crises in society. The government organized pseudo semi-baked clowns are paid trolls to stymie genuine voice. Poor imitation is self-mockery and buffoonery of the paid performer. 

Audience exercising discernment in recognizing original from fakery dished out of bakery would be wise. 

Rise to the occasion and claim your liberty, the inalienable natural right of all beings in the world. 

Freedom is non-negotiable right of all citizens barring hierarchy and prejudice. 

Get started in Self-Empowerment to make this world a better place for all not selective few in society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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