Conmen Heralded Godmen

May 22, 2022

Conmen Heralded Godmen

Padmini Arhant

As though despots, dictatorial regimes and authoritarianism cloaked as democracy alongside overt oppressive systems in the world are not enough, the religion is concocted as a convenient resource for indoctrination.

The contemporary era premised on mind control for en masse subjugation is threatened by the concept of individual intellect. ingenuity and independent thought. Like everything else is patented, seemingly mind, knowledge and acumen are also claimed proprietary.

The controlling mindset while having no control over own will power on negativities such as to hurt, harm and scam others is typically a weak mind surrendered to overpowering dogma and conviction suppressing reasoning faculty and open mind to alternative perspectives.

Politics indulgence in everything from science to religion and ordinary daily life except for effective efficient governing alleviating electorate economic misery is the fact of life. In science, the politics involvement has always been deep more for the worst beginning with eugenics to the latest pandemic unleashed on humanity.

The lab engineered virus on political authority oversight from 2001 – 2016 – the SARS virus episodes in recent memory witnessed and experienced disastrous impact on human health, body and mind with the pandemic unrelenting rein on human life.

As for the religion – the politics behind religion is predominantly to polarize society creating vote banks during election. The religion is a pawn for nefarious strategy in politics. The separation of church and state is conveniently ignored and misused to derive maximum political mileage.

There is not an iota of religiousness or respect for religion in politics and especially among those running the gamut behind the scenes as the bully pulpit. In essence, the religions are overrun tires on the political vehicle to drive counterproductive agenda.

Even worse is the trending cult and occult custom.

What is the idea behind promoting cult and occult practices?

The unequivocal reason is public distraction from real issues.

The cult personalities are created oddly in politics, religion and least of all terror organizations. The al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden was made a household name by being CIA’s high value asset. So much so the al Qaida leader’s asset value was cashed in for re-election in 2012 with the assassination of the long deceased terror chief in the dramatic setting.

When political figures are propped up as messiah arousing mass hysteria, the deflated blimp floating high above crash landing is a revelation.

Similarly, the so-called religious Guru as Sadh Guru is a comical and tragic parody. Both emojis appropriately applying to the subject engaged in the act, the subject’s sponsors and the fanfare.

The gala events organized with staged choreographed questionnaire and debates among the sponsored participants is an extravagant showbiz not surprisingly including celebrity glitz to mislead captive audience and gullible mind.

As questioned above, the occultism is not just the means for deception, the tradition is the lifeline for the shadow power as secret society and incognito force wielding authority on the destiny of nearly 8 billion global population.

The occultism prevalence as secret society with bizarre rituals involving political and prominent members in general society as elite members of secret society assembly in the controversial Bohemian Grove in the present modern time is anything but normal.

Perhaps the occultism voluntary delving in paranormal activities surface on these occasions.

The cult and occultism both are premised on voodooism. In view of the contemporary vogue mocking schisms with little or no tolerance to difference of opinion or belief, the creation  of proxies, puppets and pawns in semblance with voodooism is the desperate course right now.

What is not achievable against the enemy in maligning and incrimination sought using proxies, puppets and pawns from own inventory to woefully gain sadist pleasure.  Notwithstanding the embarrassment resulting from the defeat in such futile endeavor known ahead as fait accompli.

The voodoo application in cult and occultism is nothing new. However, the current mania deploying proxy for propaganda and malice is ultimate kamikaze in the height of delusional expectation.

The lame scheme – When you can’t win against your arch rival and nemesis, you claim to be them basically stealing their words, thoughts and even mannerisms such as greetings and waving etc. In other words the entire profile. Never mind the colossal inability to deliver any positive actions considering paradoxical identity.

The global shadow power represented platforms boosting conmen as Godmen with massive publicity and embellished pseudo biography, the anxiety and anguish of those represented and catalysts is conspicuous leading to unveiling and unraveling of hidden facts.

The Indian cult figure – Sadh Guru aka Jaggi Vasudev is a mega addition to proxy representation detailed above.

The ivy league educational institution Harvard hosting cultism via invitation to the controversial and contentious Indian cult leader Sadh Guru confronted with human rights and serious environment violations is confirmation of the former parochial paradigm.

Not to mention Harvard and other ivy league schools exposure on endowments received from communist power in Beijing, China.

The recent apprehension of the Harvard professor Dr. Charles Lieber, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology on January 28, 2020 for direct ties with Beijing sharing intellectual property are some of the many shades of elite institutions’ large canvas portrayed as exceptionalism.

The so-called religious leader Sadh Guru continues to delude and misguide impressionable minds and those in awe with cult inculcation. The Isha foundation located in Coimbatore, the commercial center of Tamil Nadu, India is marred with formal complaints and grievances from children who were enrolled at the foundation run school.

The environment abuse related to Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha foundation situated on the elephant corridor causing distress and deaths among elephants restricted from using the only pathway to drink water or find food in the lush mountainous area is shrugged off by the founder Jaggi Vasudev as fabrication.

The Isha foundation and Jaggi Vasudev admittedly are dealing with public ire on several violations and litany of charges going back to Jaggi Vasudev’s early adult life until now.

Nonetheless, for someone who is a self-declared religious authority not without endorsements from certain domestic and international clique, the religion and critically God Shiva referred to as Adi Yogi commercialized by Isha foundation and traded for exclusive financial fortune is blasphemy.

The monetization of God and religion are condemnable and more so as a cult void of any personal consciousness to blatant transgressions.

Among several encroachments, the following three public statements from Jaggi Vasudev are brought to attention.

In the you tube video on the youth and truth (the absolute infringement here) – Jaggi Vasudev fires away in response to the environment breach question.

According to Jaggi Vasudev, there has been no unlawful construction or environment infraction whatsoever. Jaggi Vasudev maintained the local and state authorities have declined to issue no objection certificate, a mandatory state clearance requirement on all building structures, the ones encroaching on public land and forest pathways in particular to obtain the relevant authorities approval.

Jaggi Vasudev continues in that youth and truth event adding the construction was carried out without no objection certificate based on presumptuous self-determination of no violation.

Furthermore, Jaggi Vasudev cites the collector or IAS officer as the central government employee and several other authorities barring the above mentioned actual office bearer on building code and ordinance have found no evidence of any violation in construction of the Isha foundation.

As for the high ranking officials favorably cited by Jaggi Vasudev in the state and central authority cadre including the incumbent Indian Prime Minister – their acquiescence and obsequious bow to Jaggi Vasudev is visibly established fact. The visual image on social media and public domain exemplify the embarrassing close network to this effect.

Now interestingly, Jaggi Vasudev also throws in World Wildlife Fund having authenticated the construction of Isha Foundation clarifying no contravention in forest roadways for animal crossing and specifically the elephant corridor.

Jaggi Vasudev also challenged that upon fact presentation proving otherwise on the Isha Foundation claims made in this context, the ostentatious religious guide and preacher promised to leave India and never return to the land that is not only his birth place but also fertile ground for cult orientation.

The Sadh Guru’s sentiment expressed in the uber prominence amassed in the western hyped kabuki theater albeit for targeted motives. The west is the springboard for cult to flourish and pervade remain the convention. 

Here are the facts regarding credibility of World Wildlife Fund touted by Jaggi Vasudev as authenticator to Isha Foundation’s forest land abuse or the lack thereof.

Source – Public domain

World Wildlife Fund  – Profile

”Who runs the WWF?

Carter Roberts, the CEO, was paid $858,276 in 2019. The organization’s Form 990 lists at least nine employees making more than $300,000 and 240 others earning over $100,000.

What’s wrong with WWF?

WWF International, the world’s largest conservation group, has been accused ofselling its soulby forging alliances with powerful businesses which destroy nature and use the WWF brand togreenwashtheir operations. The allegations are made in an explosive book previously barred from Britain.Oct 4, 2014.”

What a surprise that the book is banned in Britain -where democracy is presided over by monarchy.

Jaggi Vasudev in the same youth and truth event makes another false claim that the Adi Yogi sculpture at Isha Foundation is the tallest depiction of God Shiva in the world reaching the London based Guinness World records as such.

FYI : The tallest real and actual monument of God Shiva is the one in the image below unlike the Adi Yogi bust bearing no resemblance to God Shiva in characteristics or main features of the deity. Instead the head sculpture as Adi Yogi is commonly perceived as the sculpted image of the Isha Foundation founder – Jaggi Vasudev installed in self-adulation.

Photo taken by me during my personal visit to Kathmandu, Nepal in 2019 on the way to Mt. Kailash (Mt.Everest).

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue (Nepali: कैलाशनाथ महादेव) is the tallest Shiva statue in the world. It is also the second tallest Hindu deity statue after Garuda Vishnu Kencana Statue in Bali, Indonesia. It is situated in Sanga, Kavrepalanchok District in Nepal, about 20 km from Kathmandu.

Last but not the least, Jaggi Vasudev defense of secret society – illuminati and dismissal of secret society role in global matter despite secret society annual meetings prohibiting public and citizen press at the meeting in secret locations with Presidential and Chancellor candidates seeking secret society approval is well documented until now. 

Hence, the legitimate question on the relation between the defender Jaggi Vasudev and the infamous secret society arise in the grand exposé of the globally flaunted so-called religious authority fallacy and fictitious persona.

When asked about the origin and reason behind secret society – Jaggi Vasudev promptly blamed Christianity and heretics involving persecution as the cause for secret society emergence. The Sadh Guru explanation is contradictory to heresy and secret society timeline.

According to historic date in public domain.

“When did the period of heresy persecution end?

Persecutory laws were nullified by different emperors (Galerius with the Edict of Serdica in 311) at different times, but Constantine and Licinius’ Edict of Milan (313) has traditionally marked the end of the persecution.

When did the Catholic Church stop burning heretics?

In England, the burning of heretics ended in 1612 with the death of Edward Wightman; the country’s last execution for heresy (by hanging) occurred in 1697.”

Source :“The history of the Illuminati dates back to the late 18th century, when the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Johann Adam Weishaupt in the Electorate of Bavaria.”

The widely known and currently operative secret society – the Bilderberg Group originating from Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands was founded on May 29th, 1954.

Jaggi Vasudev associating secret society birth with heresy that practically ended in the 17th century to secret society emergence a century later as Bavarian illuminati in the 18th century is a far fetched theory.

Likewise other versions such as the Bilderberg Secret Society from Netherlands convened in the 20th century – three centuries down the line since heresy laid to rest adequately summarize Jaggi Vasudev’s semi-baked knowledge on all affairs.

Suffice to say – Little knowledge is more dangerous than none at all.

Jaggi Vasudev referring to me as the nameless faceless woman questioning my integrity and identity amid unabashedly and spuriously sponsored as my alter ego in the self and collective deception is reminded of the pledge made at the youth and truth forum.

Jaggi Vasudev – Per your reference about me – the apparently nameless faceless woman having presented factual data counteracting your baseless arguments, mindless theories, flawed suppositions and toothless analogies demonstrably confirm falsehood and fraudulence normalized in the religious garb.

The charade celebrated as a proud culture adding insult to human intelligence is an indictment of society behind feeding frenzy.

In conclusion, unlike the supposedly nameless faceless woman euphemism for reference to me, the globally paraded Sadh Guru aka Jaggi Vasudev as the face of anything but trustworthy honoring own word at the youth and truth gathering to renounce status quo upon factual submission on allegations is now subject to epitomize the oath.

The status quo comprise – shutting down the blasphemous Isha foundation. Above all quit conning, scamming and scandalizing religion and imperatively shun exploiting the most revered God Shiva is the immediate karmic dharma expected from anyone feigning pious and propriety.

Additionally, as proposed by you to the female youth for daring to question you on the undeniable environment illegalities and poor ethical efficacy, your public apology for intentional deliberate misguidance aimed at personal enrichment in every aspect is the hour of need and honorable deed.

Needless to mention the cult and occultism having exhausted mind control means and methods besides parasitic norm via proxies and fakers are on the brink of imminent dissolution.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – RSS ,BJP, VHP, BD Saffron Harassment or Terrorism?

February 8, 2022

India – Saffron Harassment or Terrorism? 

Padmini Arhant


Students Heckled in Karnataka College, India over Hijab Controversy.

Muslim female students targeted and isolated in the controversial hijab ban in government college while allowing Hindu and Hindutva elements to adorn their saffron scarf and other religious identity in the classroom and educational institution in the South Western RSS run BJP state Karnataka. 

Just recently the fundamentalist group was represented by college graduates claiming to be higher caste Brahmin Hindus – the male and female pair auctioned publicly known and unknown muslim women online seeking bidders to bid on them. The disgusting and despicable behavior was never condemned by the ruling politics and majority opposition remaining silent with negligible exceptions sharing their comments on social media.

There is obviously a serious social engineering is in play sowing venom among impressionable minds to polarize Indian society. The radicalism citing religion is also aimed at blasphemy of Lord Sri Ram in these abominable events. The chanting of Jai Sri Ram is not a religious fervor. Instead the contrary is demonstrated in the sacrilege and disdain of the Lord Ram exploiting religion by the religious zealots – RSS, BJP, The Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( targeting College students in campus), the Bajrang Dal and other factions behind violence and discord in society.

These developments are dangerous and extremely explosive in every respect especially in the economic terms considering India’s major foreign currency reserve boasted as $650 billion (?) is largely received from Hindu workers and labor force employed in the Middle East and other Islamic nations in the world.

The Indian ruling government and opposition inaction to end the trend would be inviting embarrassment and social unrest besides international response. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Western Sanctuary for Godmen aka Conmen

August 12, 2021

Western Sanctuary for Godmen aka Conmen 

Padmini Arhant

The quid pro quo with conmen trading religion for narcissistic goals is fervent in the present time.

There is historic precedence in the western sanctuary for cult orientation. The false glorification of God men / women – the so-called Guru largely in an effort to malign religion and the essence of spiritualism typically oxymoron to cult promoters and representatives alike. The concerted involvements serve in deflecting public attention from reality.

The reason west is fertile for cult growing and flourishing to a large extent is partly due to attraction towards anything enigmatic and otherwise mostly related to sabotage genuine faith and fundamentals of spiritualism. It is often operated with vindictive objectives involving massive publicity, funding and propaganda in creating and fostering cult figures for purpose other than altruism and appreciation of knowledge beyond the realm of metaphysics.

The cult following notably common in the west though originating in places like India or other eastern culture in minuscule proportion usually metamorphosis into morbidity ultimately ending in occultism mortality.

The trend merchandizing religion and God is widely practiced among the desperate merchants in disguise as Godmen or Yoga Guru. Their prominence is attributed to members from entertainment with the so-called celebrities and media accompanied by corporate sponsorship. Above all the cult leaders’ political alliance is instrumental in mass deception and indoctrination.

The manipulation and subversion of Yoga, meditation and spiritualism is rampant in the contemporary era. These activities are enabled and facilitated by opportunists hunger for fame and fortune. They willfully engage and submit to forces prolific in negativities and evil dispositions to taint the targeted religion or natural belief in the Supreme being i.e. the creator or Almighty God as superfluous.

The clear intention among the conmen Godmen is to direct mass worship and trust from Almighty God towards self that in return is entirely immersed in pecuniary interests.

The topic will resume with more updates.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

August 8, 2020

India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

Padmini Arhant


In the height of ravaging corona virus largely known among the rich, famous and powerful, economic depression with gloom and doom overcast and national security threatened by China’s brazen incursion in the Himalayan higher altitude down to the lakes, river and valley along eastern Ladakh and north eastern territory not barring southern end in the Indian Ocean, religious platform serve as the ideal distraction deflecting public focus and concerns on burgeoning health, economic and national security issues.

The Hindu temple foundation ceremony in the long embattled site in Ayodhya arousing religious fervor and sentiment widely telecast nationwide is classic event management – RSS directed political activity is BJP’s specialty and party head PM  Narendra Modi’s signature act.

Now on the subject of religion and the much debated, used and abused Lord Sri Ram, the main character in the epic Ramayana besides being the incarnate of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe.

While BJP’s religious zealots representing political ideology and Hindutva doctrine that has done more harm than any good in polarizing society based on mandir (temple) masjid (mosque) cacophony creating rancor in the media circus on such topics, Gau rakshak, the self-declared cow vigilantes’ heinous violent crimes against muslims and the so-called Dalits despite being Hindus worshipping Hindu Gods subject to constant raid of their homes in search of beef and hide, the occupation relegated to the so-called Sudras designated the lowest caste in caste oriented system.

Among them many sects segregated as the untouchables. The inhumane discriminatory hierarchy fraudulently claimed by the self-proclaimed upper caste as Vedic and Holy scriptures ordained structure.

In recent memory, the mob lynching of muslims and the so-called Dalits in the name of Lord Ram is fanaticism ad nauseam committing sacrilege and blasphemy against Lord Ram and the idea of religion.

BJP’s subversion of religion, God and godliness justifying violence, fundamentalism and denigration of Hindu Gods like Lord Hanuman, the incarnation of none other Almighty God Shiva mocked as servant of Lord Ram is discarded emphasizing historic achievement.

Furthermore, Lord Hanuman was not spared from the spell of casteism either. The deity was called Dalit noting the deity for not being in human form. Never mind ignorance discounting human ancestry (Monkey) in human evolution. In religion wise Lord Hanuman proselytized as Muslim during national election campaign in 2019 in Uttar Pradesh hosting the much touted Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya. 

The reference Sant (Sainthood) frivolously used to describe anyone whose profile and legacy is paradoxical to idealism and the concept of spiritualism. 

The contradictory ascriptions merit detailed analyses for appropriate perspective on religion, sainthood and anachronism. 

The topic will resume shortly to discuss religion, the convenient pawn to evade accountability on all matter in contemporary politics. The topic will also touch base on political opposition surrender due to excess baggage associated with corruption and criminality leading to democracy demise. 

Please refer to the sequel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




தஞ்சை பெருவுடையார் (பெரிய கோவில்) குடமுழுக்கு திருவிழா

January 30, 2020

தஞ்சை பெருவுடையார் (பெரிய கோவில்) குடமுழுக்கு திருவிழா

பத்மினி அர்ஹந்த்

Thanjavur Peruvudaiyar Kovil

தஞ்சாவூர் பெருவுடையார்




Thanjavur Peruvudaiyar SivaLingam

தஞ்சாவூர் பெருவுடையார்




தமிழகத்திற்கு என் அன்பார்ந்த வணக்கம்!

தமிழ் மாமன்னன் ராஜ ராஜ சோழன் முன்னோர்கள் ஆரம்பித்த தேவாலயம் தமிழ் கடவுள் ஆதி இறைவன் சிவபெருமான் கோவிலை செழிப்பம் நிறைந்த தஞ்சையில் பெருவுடையார்(பெரிய கோவிலென்று) அழைக்கப்படும் சிவன் கோவிலைமுடித்து வைத்த அந்த தமிழ் பேரரசன் ராஜ ராஜ சோழன்ஆட்சியின் வல்லவரான காவேரி ஆற்றின் கரை 11ஆம் சித்தர் கருவூரார் வகுத்த திருமுறைகள் நெறி குடமுழுக்கு சடங்குகள் தமிழ் வழிபாடுகள் படி இந்த பிப்ரவரி ஐந்தாம் தேதி நடை பெறவிருக்க குடமுழுக்கு விழாதமிழ் மொழியிலேயே அதாவது தமிழ் மொழியில் மட்டுமே சிறப்பாக செய்து அந்த பிரபலமான புண்ணிய தெய்வ ஸ்தலத்தை வணங்கும்படி பெருமை மற்றும் தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன்.

இதுதான் ஆதி தேவன் சிவனின் விருப்பமாகும்.

மற்றபடி ஆகமம் தான் பெரிய கோவிலில் நிலைக்க வேண்டுமென்று ஊடகம் நடத்தும் சர்ச்சைகளில் விவாதிக்கும் சந்ததிகள் முன் வைக்கும் கருத்து – சமஸ்க்ரிதத்திலிருக்கும் சக்தி தமிழ் மந்திரத்திலில்லை என்று அடித்து கூறுகிறார்கள். அவர்களின் அறியாமைக்கு பதில் இந்த தமிழ் ஓம் என்ற பிரணவ மந்திரம் அதன் அமைப்பு மற்றும் உச்சாரம் மனிதனின் மூளை உறுப்பகள் ஒவ்வொரு உறுப்பின் செயல்களை கூர்மையாக தெளிவு படுத்துகிறது.

Courtesy – Instagram

இது ஒன்று மட்டுமே போதும் தமிழர்களின் அறிவு ஆற்றல் திறன் ஆகியவைகளுக்கு ஆதாரம். மேற்கொண்டு இதற்கும் மேல் அதிரவைக்கும் தமிழ் அறிவையும் திறமையையும் காவேரி ஆற்றின் கரை 11ஆம் சித்தர் கருவூரார் போன்ற மகா வல்லவர்கள் சாதித்திருக்கிறார்கள். 1010 வருட காலத்தின் பின்பும் கம்பீரமாக நிற்கும் பெரிய கோவில் ஒரு உதாரணம்.

ஆகையால் தமிழையோ அல்லது தமிழின் அருமையையோ நிராகரிப்பது மனித குலத்த்தின் மிகப் பெரிய அவதூராகும். இதன் விளைவு பெரிய கோவில் சம்பவங்கள் அதோடு நிகழ் காலம் நிகழ்ச்சி பொருளாதார அவஸ்தைகளில் காணலாம்.

வாழ்க தமிழ்! வளர்க தமிழ் அறம் கலாச்சாரம் பண்பாடு!

ஓம் நமச்சிவாய ஓம்!

தென்னாட்டுடைய சிவனே போற்றி போற்றி! எந்நாட்டவர்க்கும் இறைவா போற்றி போற்றி!





பத்மினி அர்ஹந்த்