Is Poverty Inherited or Imposed?

May 24, 2022

Is Poverty Inherited



Padmini Arhant

Is Poverty Inherited or Imposed?

There are different perceptions on poverty.

Poverty is often associated with social and economic background.

However, the question arise on generational poverty.

Why do some demography in society experience no social and economic progress over generations?

Who is to blame for the impoverishment of children dwelling in slums and shanty towns right beneath skyscrapers or high rise penthouse towers in metropolis of the world?

What causes many segments in society to remain poor, sick and hopeless in life?

Could this all be entirely the fault of individual, the family or the community they belong to leaving them in abject poverty with no changes in financial status?


Would it be fair to hold the political, economic and social systems responsible for endless misery among overwhelming population in the world?

What about the government and economic sector role or the lack thereof to alleviate poverty across the spectrum rather than selective population?

Should education, basic facilities like clean drinking water, food, electricity and health care centers be reaching the poorest of the poor in urban, rural and remote areas of the country worldwide?

Who should decide the fate of every citizen in a country that are generationally oppressed, persecuted and denied any rights over several decades?

Is the poor remaining poor and the middle class struggling to make ends meet regardless of two or three income providers in a family related to government failure on economic management like inflation, unemployment, food shortages, fuel pricesand gross negligence in addressing crises in country?

What about the notion – poverty and economic suffering are designed for exploitation of the economically disadvantaged to serve in the work force as employees, national army though increasingly utilized as political leaderships’ private army witnessed in foreign military interventions and above all meeting exclusive and fiduciary interests of those reining control from behind the scenes and upfront.

First and foremost, corruption and greed are the bedrock of evil in society and the world at large.

Systemic corruption in politics with pervasive impact on economy, communication media, education, social, religious and general society hinder growth and development across the regions of state and nation.

Lawlessness among those held above law in politics, economy, diverse media, social and religious domains shun transparency and accountability.

Wars with illegal invasion and occupation of sovereign nations directly related to inflicting poverty and social destruction leaving families with widows, orphaned children, permanently disabled father, brother or any earning members wounded and crippled for life in warfare. All of these situations lead to severe poverty and miserable economic conditions.

Last but not the least, selective powerful, influential and affluent members control over global affairs lacking in scrutiny and openness barring public access to information on policy, strategy and planning contribute to secrecy and hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy arising from the unlawful spying, snooping, 24/7 surveillance of private citizens life, space and privacy intrusion to name a few among many criminal indulgence, while collusion in secret locations restricting citizen press or public to participate in policy making on world issues and humanity at large is entitlement to them.

The worst is despite these members’ occupation of taxpayers expended accommodation which are typically the people’s house unlike the private citizen’s home fraudulently claimed as such, the public as taxpayers have to deal with the wrath of violence even leading to fatality when gunned down with 29 or more bullets exhausting the magazine on unarmed civilian in the alleged trespassing of the public funded national property i.e. government residence.

Accordingly, poverty is imposed and not always inherited over generations to maintain status quo.

Defeating corruption, abandoning discreet operations using taxpayers money and subjecting illegal activities and actions to the same rule of law is the initial step towards economic relief amongst population subjugated in extreme poverty.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Conmen Heralded Godmen

May 22, 2022

Conmen Heralded Godmen

Padmini Arhant

As though despots, dictatorial regimes and authoritarianism cloaked as democracy alongside overt oppressive systems in the world are not enough, the religion is concocted as a convenient resource for indoctrination.

The contemporary era premised on mind control for en masse subjugation is threatened by the concept of individual intellect. ingenuity and independent thought. Like everything else is patented, seemingly mind, knowledge and acumen are also claimed proprietary.

The controlling mindset while having no control over own will power on negativities such as to hurt, harm and scam others is typically a weak mind surrendered to overpowering dogma and conviction suppressing reasoning faculty and open mind to alternative perspectives.

Politics indulgence in everything from science to religion and ordinary daily life except for effective efficient governing alleviating electorate economic misery is the fact of life. In science, the politics involvement has always been deep more for the worst beginning with eugenics to the latest pandemic unleashed on humanity.

The lab engineered virus on political authority oversight from 2001 – 2016 – the SARS virus episodes in recent memory witnessed and experienced disastrous impact on human health, body and mind with the pandemic unrelenting rein on human life.

As for the religion – the politics behind religion is predominantly to polarize society creating vote banks during election. The religion is a pawn for nefarious strategy in politics. The separation of church and state is conveniently ignored and misused to derive maximum political mileage.

There is not an iota of religiousness or respect for religion in politics and especially among those running the gamut behind the scenes as the bully pulpit. In essence, the religions are overrun tires on the political vehicle to drive counterproductive agenda.

Even worse is the trending cult and occult custom.

What is the idea behind promoting cult and occult practices?

The unequivocal reason is public distraction from real issues.

The cult personalities are created oddly in politics, religion and least of all terror organizations. The al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden was made a household name by being CIA’s high value asset. So much so the al Qaida leader’s asset value was cashed in for re-election in 2012 with the assassination of the long deceased terror chief in the dramatic setting.

When political figures are propped up as messiah arousing mass hysteria, the deflated blimp floating high above crash landing is a revelation.

Similarly, the so-called religious Guru as Sadh Guru is a comical and tragic parody. Both emojis appropriately applying to the subject engaged in the act, the subject’s sponsors and the fanfare.

The gala events organized with staged choreographed questionnaire and debates among the sponsored participants is an extravagant showbiz not surprisingly including celebrity glitz to mislead captive audience and gullible mind.

As questioned above, the occultism is not just the means for deception, the tradition is the lifeline for the shadow power as secret society and incognito force wielding authority on the destiny of nearly 8 billion global population.

The occultism prevalence as secret society with bizarre rituals involving political and prominent members in general society as elite members of secret society assembly in the controversial Bohemian Grove in the present modern time is anything but normal.

Perhaps the occultism voluntary delving in paranormal activities surface on these occasions.

The cult and occultism both are premised on voodooism. In view of the contemporary vogue mocking schisms with little or no tolerance to difference of opinion or belief, the creation  of proxies, puppets and pawns in semblance with voodooism is the desperate course right now.

What is not achievable against the enemy in maligning and incrimination sought using proxies, puppets and pawns from own inventory to woefully gain sadist pleasure.  Notwithstanding the embarrassment resulting from the defeat in such futile endeavor known ahead as fait accompli.

The voodoo application in cult and occultism is nothing new. However, the current mania deploying proxy for propaganda and malice is ultimate kamikaze in the height of delusional expectation.

The lame scheme – When you can’t win against your arch rival and nemesis, you claim to be them basically stealing their words, thoughts and even mannerisms such as greetings and waving etc. In other words the entire profile. Never mind the colossal inability to deliver any positive actions considering paradoxical identity.

The global shadow power represented platforms boosting conmen as Godmen with massive publicity and embellished pseudo biography, the anxiety and anguish of those represented and catalysts is conspicuous leading to unveiling and unraveling of hidden facts.

The Indian cult figure – Sadh Guru aka Jaggi Vasudev is a mega addition to proxy representation detailed above.

The ivy league educational institution Harvard hosting cultism via invitation to the controversial and contentious Indian cult leader Sadh Guru confronted with human rights and serious environment violations is confirmation of the former parochial paradigm.

Not to mention Harvard and other ivy league schools exposure on endowments received from communist power in Beijing, China.

The recent apprehension of the Harvard professor Dr. Charles Lieber, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology on January 28, 2020 for direct ties with Beijing sharing intellectual property are some of the many shades of elite institutions’ large canvas portrayed as exceptionalism.

The so-called religious leader Sadh Guru continues to delude and misguide impressionable minds and those in awe with cult inculcation. The Isha foundation located in Coimbatore, the commercial center of Tamil Nadu, India is marred with formal complaints and grievances from children who were enrolled at the foundation run school.

The environment abuse related to Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha foundation situated on the elephant corridor causing distress and deaths among elephants restricted from using the only pathway to drink water or find food in the lush mountainous area is shrugged off by the founder Jaggi Vasudev as fabrication.

The Isha foundation and Jaggi Vasudev admittedly are dealing with public ire on several violations and litany of charges going back to Jaggi Vasudev’s early adult life until now.

Nonetheless, for someone who is a self-declared religious authority not without endorsements from certain domestic and international clique, the religion and critically God Shiva referred to as Adi Yogi commercialized by Isha foundation and traded for exclusive financial fortune is blasphemy.

The monetization of God and religion are condemnable and more so as a cult void of any personal consciousness to blatant transgressions.

Among several encroachments, the following three public statements from Jaggi Vasudev are brought to attention.

In the you tube video on the youth and truth (the absolute infringement here) – Jaggi Vasudev fires away in response to the environment breach question.

According to Jaggi Vasudev, there has been no unlawful construction or environment infraction whatsoever. Jaggi Vasudev maintained the local and state authorities have declined to issue no objection certificate, a mandatory state clearance requirement on all building structures, the ones encroaching on public land and forest pathways in particular to obtain the relevant authorities approval.

Jaggi Vasudev continues in that youth and truth event adding the construction was carried out without no objection certificate based on presumptuous self-determination of no violation.

Furthermore, Jaggi Vasudev cites the collector or IAS officer as the central government employee and several other authorities barring the above mentioned actual office bearer on building code and ordinance have found no evidence of any violation in construction of the Isha foundation.

As for the high ranking officials favorably cited by Jaggi Vasudev in the state and central authority cadre including the incumbent Indian Prime Minister – their acquiescence and obsequious bow to Jaggi Vasudev is visibly established fact. The visual image on social media and public domain exemplify the embarrassing close network to this effect.

Now interestingly, Jaggi Vasudev also throws in World Wildlife Fund having authenticated the construction of Isha Foundation clarifying no contravention in forest roadways for animal crossing and specifically the elephant corridor.

Jaggi Vasudev also challenged that upon fact presentation proving otherwise on the Isha Foundation claims made in this context, the ostentatious religious guide and preacher promised to leave India and never return to the land that is not only his birth place but also fertile ground for cult orientation.

The Sadh Guru’s sentiment expressed in the uber prominence amassed in the western hyped kabuki theater albeit for targeted motives. The west is the springboard for cult to flourish and pervade remain the convention. 

Here are the facts regarding credibility of World Wildlife Fund touted by Jaggi Vasudev as authenticator to Isha Foundation’s forest land abuse or the lack thereof.

Source – Public domain

World Wildlife Fund  – Profile

”Who runs the WWF?

Carter Roberts, the CEO, was paid $858,276 in 2019. The organization’s Form 990 lists at least nine employees making more than $300,000 and 240 others earning over $100,000.

What’s wrong with WWF?

WWF International, the world’s largest conservation group, has been accused ofselling its soulby forging alliances with powerful businesses which destroy nature and use the WWF brand togreenwashtheir operations. The allegations are made in an explosive book previously barred from Britain.Oct 4, 2014.”

What a surprise that the book is banned in Britain -where democracy is presided over by monarchy.

Jaggi Vasudev in the same youth and truth event makes another false claim that the Adi Yogi sculpture at Isha Foundation is the tallest depiction of God Shiva in the world reaching the London based Guinness World records as such.

FYI : The tallest real and actual monument of God Shiva is the one in the image below unlike the Adi Yogi bust bearing no resemblance to God Shiva in characteristics or main features of the deity. Instead the head sculpture as Adi Yogi is commonly perceived as the sculpted image of the Isha Foundation founder – Jaggi Vasudev installed in self-adulation.

Photo taken by me during my personal visit to Kathmandu, Nepal in 2019 on the way to Mt. Kailash (Mt.Everest).

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue (Nepali: कैलाशनाथ महादेव) is the tallest Shiva statue in the world. It is also the second tallest Hindu deity statue after Garuda Vishnu Kencana Statue in Bali, Indonesia. It is situated in Sanga, Kavrepalanchok District in Nepal, about 20 km from Kathmandu.

Last but not the least, Jaggi Vasudev defense of secret society – illuminati and dismissal of secret society role in global matter despite secret society annual meetings prohibiting public and citizen press at the meeting in secret locations with Presidential and Chancellor candidates seeking secret society approval is well documented until now. 

Hence, the legitimate question on the relation between the defender Jaggi Vasudev and the infamous secret society arise in the grand exposé of the globally flaunted so-called religious authority fallacy and fictitious persona.

When asked about the origin and reason behind secret society – Jaggi Vasudev promptly blamed Christianity and heretics involving persecution as the cause for secret society emergence. The Sadh Guru explanation is contradictory to heresy and secret society timeline.

According to historic date in public domain.

“When did the period of heresy persecution end?

Persecutory laws were nullified by different emperors (Galerius with the Edict of Serdica in 311) at different times, but Constantine and Licinius’ Edict of Milan (313) has traditionally marked the end of the persecution.

When did the Catholic Church stop burning heretics?

In England, the burning of heretics ended in 1612 with the death of Edward Wightman; the country’s last execution for heresy (by hanging) occurred in 1697.”

Source :“The history of the Illuminati dates back to the late 18th century, when the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Johann Adam Weishaupt in the Electorate of Bavaria.”

The widely known and currently operative secret society – the Bilderberg Group originating from Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands was founded on May 29th, 1954.

Jaggi Vasudev associating secret society birth with heresy that practically ended in the 17th century to secret society emergence a century later as Bavarian illuminati in the 18th century is a far fetched theory.

Likewise other versions such as the Bilderberg Secret Society from Netherlands convened in the 20th century – three centuries down the line since heresy laid to rest adequately summarize Jaggi Vasudev’s semi-baked knowledge on all affairs.

Suffice to say – Little knowledge is more dangerous than none at all.

Jaggi Vasudev referring to me as the nameless faceless woman questioning my integrity and identity amid unabashedly and spuriously sponsored as my alter ego in the self and collective deception is reminded of the pledge made at the youth and truth forum.

Jaggi Vasudev – Per your reference about me – the apparently nameless faceless woman having presented factual data counteracting your baseless arguments, mindless theories, flawed suppositions and toothless analogies demonstrably confirm falsehood and fraudulence normalized in the religious garb.

The charade celebrated as a proud culture adding insult to human intelligence is an indictment of society behind feeding frenzy.

In conclusion, unlike the supposedly nameless faceless woman euphemism for reference to me, the globally paraded Sadh Guru aka Jaggi Vasudev as the face of anything but trustworthy honoring own word at the youth and truth gathering to renounce status quo upon factual submission on allegations is now subject to epitomize the oath.

The status quo comprise – shutting down the blasphemous Isha foundation. Above all quit conning, scamming and scandalizing religion and imperatively shun exploiting the most revered God Shiva is the immediate karmic dharma expected from anyone feigning pious and propriety.

Additionally, as proposed by you to the female youth for daring to question you on the undeniable environment illegalities and poor ethical efficacy, your public apology for intentional deliberate misguidance aimed at personal enrichment in every aspect is the hour of need and honorable deed.

Needless to mention the cult and occultism having exhausted mind control means and methods besides parasitic norm via proxies and fakers are on the brink of imminent dissolution.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Identify the Real Enemy

May 17, 2022

Identify the Real Enemy 

Padmini Arhant

Who is the real enemy denying true liberty, freedom of expression, legitimate functional corrupt-free democracy with absolute transparency and accountability holding none above law especially the powerful, affluent and influential pulling strings from behind and upfront without exception?

All that one has to do in the contemporary era is to look around worldwide. The concept and functionality of democracy is subverted in different format with congruence in one and only one base i.e. dominance, control, supremacy and narcissism.

No nation in the world is democratic espousing values and principles applicable to all barring discrimination, alienation and disenfranchisement in some form or another.

The forces in control as Global Shadow power favor all of the following leading to the fact they are against republic governed democracy anywhere. Accordingly, they have in the past century and in the present time favor governments and regimes servile to their policy and agenda. Importantly, they choose to ignore and even dismiss paradoxical position for exclusive economic interests. Ukraine war fits the profile.

Who are all the governments and rulers they allow to remain in power?

The so-called democracy in disguise sworn allegiance to oligarchy, secret society and anti-sovereignty.

They continue to promote monarchy, kingdoms and fiefdoms despite anti-humanity legacy and abhorrent record in human rights and environment violations all to solely benefit them.

The Global Shadow power uninhibited in providing asylum and safe haven to dictatorial rulers either self-exiled or overthrown by people of the nation they belong to enabling them to return to the nation to oppress the population. There are several examples in this regard from world over. However, the one that could be easily related to is Iran.

Iran in the middle east is currently ruled by theocratic government. The theocratic governance came into existence from Iranian revolution overthrowing their earlier monarchy Shah Pahlavi who was known to the Iranian people then as the global shadow power’s puppet.

Prior to installation of monarchy in Iran, the first and last democratically elected government headed by the one and only ever former Prime Minister of Iran – Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh.

The democratic leadership in Iran was removed from power by western coup predominantly for nationalizing Iran’s oil reserves towards Iranian citizens economic growth and development.

The documented evidence reveal oil giants British Petroleum and Dutch Shell company from western Europe considered then Iran PM’s energy policy directly against their economic gains and the democratic government of Iran was toppled with PM Mossadegh unnatural demise leaving the people of Iran bereft of democracy until today.

Subsequent to overthrow of Iranian democratic government, the global shadow power placed the monarchy represented by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Soon after, Ruhollah Khomeini  as the former religious Supreme Leader exiled in Paris, France at that time returned to rally the Iranian revolution. Since then Iran is ruled by orthodox theocracy emphasizing religion oriented governance experienced as repressive governing by the freedom loving majority in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran’s political transformation from democracy to monarchy and theocracy, the latter two anti-democratic ruling were launched and facilitated by the global shadow power.

Likewise, throughout middle east the idea of democracy is forbidden with authoritarian regimes ruling the state as Kingdom and Feifdom viz  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Oman…to name a few in the region with all of whom the western ties are maintained exchanging economic, diplomatic and political relations considering the campaign donations and financing flowing from these sources during so-called western democratic elections.

Similar engagement in other parts of the world in Africa, Latin America, Asia and remote corners of the globe – the anti-citizens and anti-democratic leaderships granted the mantle of power ceding national resources and human capital as cheap labor force to the Global Shadow Power.

Recently, there has been no problem for the western power to subjugate Afghan population under Taliban rule. The treaty signed between Taliban and western powers viz. United States and NATO is proclaimed by Taliban as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan accord.

Taliban are self-certified Islamic fundamentalist presently in power in Afghanistan.

In the neighboring India, the unapologetic Hindu fundamentalist in the so-called world’s largest democracy is close western ally with no concern over crackdown on religious freedom, civil rights and freedom of press questioning political authority on any issue.

The discussion beginning with flagrant economic failures to soaring unemployment resulting in educated and skilled youth suicide and critically national security crises with China’s occupation of the Himalayan region and incursion in north eastern states of the country are persona non grata (unwelcome).

Interestingly, the Hindu fundamentalist stalwarts in central and state government in India influence judiciary in semblance with western pattern such as in the United States.

For instance an Islamic female student’s choice to wear burqa in adherence to her family conservative values is chased, harassed and ridiculed on main street by Hindu fundamentalist mob in world view.

The petition in the fundamentalist ruled Karnataka state high court on the open intimidation is struck down with the ruling that traditional attire and old age customs are to be abandoned adopting contemporary lifestyle when attending public educational institution viz. college and higher school of studies in the state.

The irony is while the fundamentalist rulers in the state and national government void other religions’ practice as archaic and insist people of other faith to adapt to modern living, the same principle is woefully discarded by them.

In declining to abolish the admittedly more than 4000 -year-old highly discriminatory prejudiced caste system deceitfully citing Vedic scriptures as alibi for the centuries old crime against different communities in society abused as untouchables aka the so-called Dalits, backward castes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribe…and so on are upheld as Hindu zealots’ fundamental right fraudulently claiming cultural heritage.

Apparently, the Hindu fundamentalist see no parallel in their argument when comparing customary projections between religions albeit the origin of Hindu religion preceding Islam or other Abrahamic faiths besides various other religious spectrum in India.

The global shadow power bias on communism and socialism is another factor.

Up until now and more so at the moment the defiant communist power in Beijing, China enjoys most favored nation status in economic trade, permanent membership with veto power in the United Nations Security Council, enormous holdings on EU and United States treasury assets, overwhelming clout on international organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and the list is endless.

There is considerable hue and cry over other fringe communist nations sanctioned for decades like Cuba or socialist Venezuela quoting human rights situation though the same or worse conditions in Hong Kong, Tibet and mainland China are regarded inconvenient and overshadowed by western economic and financial dependency on China.

Notwithstanding Beijing’s stance against democratic Taiwan also ignored in the context.

In conclusion, the global shadow power preference to anti-democratic and anti-republic systems are clear ranging from monarchy, political dynasty to theocracy, religious fundamentalists from different faiths, radicals extending to terrorism, ruthless oppressors ruling different parts of the world over several decades in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia until now.

The primary goal and staunch conviction is to bereave ordinary citizens across the globe of active vibrant utilitarian democracy, individual rights, equal access to peace, progress and prosperity.

The antiquated colonial doctrine divide and rein control is retained until today sowing seeds of poison among humans to fight against each other. The smoke and mirror serves in the Global Shadow power to oppress and suppress life rejecting marching orders from them.

The Global Shadow power install, support and boost anti-republic governance i.e. against the citizens at large nationwide depriving ordinary folks from all walks of life, race, religion and background the life with dignity, freedom of choice and fair opportunity.

Above all, corruption plays a very important role in regime representation. The more corrupt the governance, the easier and overt assertion of authority from the Global Shadow power.

Identifying the real enemy controlling the destiny of billions of population through proxy and puppet regimes stated as governments is key to the present and future generation individual and collective emancipation.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Russia – Ending Ukraine Invasion

May 16, 2022

Russia – Ending Ukraine Invasion

Padmini Arhant

Reiterating earlier fact on the topic on this site prior to and at the onset of Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, there are no winners in war. The deaths and destruction inflicted on innocent victims in civilian casualties as well as the loss of lives among defense personnel are priceless for warring factions at any given time. Not to mention the economic costs of waging war with no end in sight except dealing with major setbacks in the prolonged battle.

Russia is at the crossroads to choose between ending the nearly three months old conflict and submit to peaceful resolutions with neighbor Ukraine or continue with endless violence through military aggression leading nowhere but exacerbate political, military and social turmoil within own country.

It is not surprising for leaderships at the helm to start the war at whomsoever ill-advise, misconception and miscalculation to invade a sovereign nation or occupy territory near and far. Additionally, the trend in this setting is accepting glory on the so-called victory although as explained above winning a war at the massive expense of lives is hardly a matter of pride and at the same time losing or defeat in a war is usually attributed to any other entity such as weak military operation, intelligence failure etc. The political leadership seldom accept responsibility for any unfavorable outcome. The litmus test often provide clarity on the political head of the state willingness or the lack thereof to assume accountability.

Nonetheless, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is now confronted with not only the unnecessary military intervention in Ukraine extended into ongoing drawn out military assault over sixty days, the Russian leadership is facing serious political challenge within besides rumors on personal health and well being…so on that are least helpful for a nation like Russia.

Notwithstanding the desperation among paid propagandists as their livelihood and disinformation recruits on you tube channel and television networks propagating Global Shadow government scripts misleading naive and gullible audience.

The Russian economy supported by energy supply to Europe and other parts of the world among other essentials like food viz. wheat exports offset western sanctions specifically aimed at fringe assets and sporadic offshore accounts of certain Russian oligarchs in the entire economic sanctions list.

The political stake involves speculations on the current leadership i.e. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s present situation in  office. The Russian citizens on their part would expect information access to Russian status quo. Amid these various developments, Russia’s military engagement in Ukraine burden Russia’s ability to sustain political stability. Whatever internal tensions and tribulations there might be in Kremlin, the Russian President Vladimir Putin upon still maintaining authority or any other successor executing immediate ceasefire bringing the war in Ukraine to permanent conclusion is the only prudent alternative and saving grace for Russia today.

The political power struggle among old guards and new aspirants in Kremlin could implode alongside Russian invasion in Ukraine experiencing significant blows in the battle ground.

Claiming victory in invasion of foreign land is a tall order for invaders witnessed by the world time and time again in the previous and present century. Russian President Vladimir Putin recognition of ground reality in the military and political battle in Ukraine and Russia respectively is perhaps the last opportunity available. Accordingly, prioritizing the termination of military intrusion in Ukraine with focus on peaceful settlement would be the appropriate decision in all fronts considering the brewing political instability in Russia.

The war in Ukraine for Russia is a self-inflicted political chaos deserving far more attention than any ambitions on annexations of territories in eastern Ukraine and subjugation of Ukrainian sovereignty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin or the incumbent authority demonstrating courage and leadership with withdrawal of military forces and all activities on land, sea and air raids conducted since incursion in Ukraine is the only viable option to mitigate political turbulence and tremendous upheaval brought upon Russia.

Never too late to be wise and reverse course to prevent precipitous decline to the point of no return.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Acknowledgment of Source

May 14, 2022

Acknowledgment of Source

Padmini Arhant

In the information era, the internet is a data mine comprising good, bad alongside anything goes in any genre burdening the web surfer mind to exercise discernment and due diligence.

There is no doubt internet is a phenomenon for learning, exploring, experiencing and sharing knowledge within the confines of consumable facts and figures.

Social media viz. you tube and other platform with people from all walks of life and background contributing ideas, thoughts and skills to help others is an extraordinary aspect of human nature.

From basic to complex techniques and tricks exchanged to educate and assist anyone in need is a worthy cause. The culture promotes universal love and harmony deserving much appreciation. However, the accessibility need to reach the disadvantaged, disenfranchised and deprived population worldwide.

There are a vast majority in the world lacking primary education let alone introduction to technology. The tech giants with net worth in trillion and multi- billion dollars could easily afford assistance in eliminating illiteracy in many developing nations and lead in delivering technology to urban, rural and remote areas of the world.

The considerable progress in education and technology orientation thus far is concentrated in locations and territories that are economically ahead of other regions in the world. The  areas across the globe trailing behind the urban metropolis in education and simple to advanced technology would greatly benefit from free learning and technology improving their living standard.

Now in terms of internet source – there are many engaged in different types of service that varies between free and monetizing for livelihood, supplement income and even hall of fame. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not happen at anyone’s  expense.

Again the variation in this context is from altruism to narcissism. The latter is a major concern as that triggers tendency for exploitation.

Generally, good sense of ethics and rationale among human beings would naturally guide them to practice honesty and integrity. These individuals would attribute credit to sources upon materials and products or service availed from anywhere.

Then unfortunately, there are those members who unabashedly use other’s content, intellectual property, lifestyle, mannerisms and even identity for personal interests and exclusive benefits.

The trend is known as plagiarism, copyright infringement and identity theft whenever there is willful violation with the intended purpose behind such act being personal benefits through misrepresentation.

The tragedy is, the behavior more common among certain members declaring themselves highly educated, powerful and professionals in their own rights. The enthusiasm and overzealous cover up of these conspicuous flaws expose them at a greater level known or unbeknown to them. Such trait pose a major credibility factor for them.

There are several examples of such conduct in the sprawling expansive cyberspace and physical world.

The case in point as proof in this respect is the topic 108 Number significance – published on on June 11th, 2019.

The Meaning Behind 108 in the Universe, the Divine, the Body, the Tradition and the Practice


Subsequently some self-proclaimed theorists and researchers have attempted to explain this concept just merely changing the title as 108 – The Secret of life and The Secret of 108 etc. in the video format or vlog published on May 2nd, 2020 – nearly a year later.

The content from the original publication in 2019 in this topic absorbed and reproduced later by someone else without any mention or reference to the original source raise legitimate question on the extent of copyright breach. 

Similarly, tips on healthy living from specific you tube channel narrative on lifestyle captured in unlawful unauthorized surveillance and presented as own substance for profit and popularity is yet another intellectual property transgression.

Such violations are the norm in the exploitative means  to beguile trusting eyes and minds unapologetically claiming proprietorship.

The demeanor misleading audience could only last for limited time and sooner than later the toupee flying off unveiling reality leaves the subject the laughing matter.

Acknowledgment of the source duly ascribing credit where credit is due as basic courtesy and importantly mindful of legal implications on any monetary and personal enhancement from such infraction aptly define human character.

Failing that, karma inevitably catch up with flagrant conduct and contravention.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Democracy and Secrecy

May 9, 2022

Democracy and Secrecy

Padmini Arhant

The existential and long term threat to democracy is lack of transparency in political systems and governance. The coverups managed in the so-called classified information is the secret capsule that no government prepared to declassify anytime.

Secrecy in governance is deadlier than any deadly pathogen to silence majority and minority in society.

The secret society founded and represented in western Europe with European royalty among other members in politics, tech oligarchs such as tech giant co-founder Microsoft, Google current CEO and others from the economic sector marking their attendance in secret meetings prevalent until now is an overt assault on democracy.

The secret society colluding in secret locations barring public and citizens’ represented investigative press hold discussion on global affairs denying general public access to any information.

The controversial secret society secretive aspect condemned calling for the ban on the activity controlling public policy is not tolerated in the past or present.

The United States former President John F. Kennedy referred to the organization and the idea of secrecy in a democracy repugnant. The public statement from the U.S. President cost his life as an example for any opposition to anti-democratic norm.

The event is a mere tip of the iceberg with the overflow since then flooded into dark, devious and destructive course in modern time.

The western Europe founded and hosted secret society is a paradox to much touted western values in the world rallied to adapt western democracy.

The role of monarchy and royalty in western democracy presiding over public matter as the head of the commonwealth and influencing governmental actions more than a ceremonial figure subjugate democracy. The secret society approval or otherwise of Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates during or prior to the election is no longer a hidden secret. The ritual came to light inadvertently during the United States Presidential election in 2008. The process is a routine in Britain to seek royal consent.

The heads of the government servile to secret society agenda proven to exclusively benefit them at the expense of the rest of the world are recruited to represent them in systems disguised as democracy. Those who fail to toe the line are promptly eliminated from power.

The presence of secret society and similar undemocratic functionaries wielding power delegitimize republic status. Notwithstanding the promotion of despotism and dictatorial regimes under the guise of democracy installed in power to serve kleptocracy.

The contemporary trend in the world’s largest to ancient and modern democracy alike have little or no tolerance to democratic principles and values. The constitutional rights such as freedom of expression and religious freedom…among plethora of human civil liberties and individual prerogatives are systematically violated.

The censorship and cancel culture are in vogue in the so-called democracy.

Anyone daring status quo in the democratic society are persecuted with imprisonment, character defamation and anonymity. The government in a democracy evades accountability on explosive corruption scandals, dismal performance, economic chaos and overall dysfunctional record.

Accordingly, the following questions arise to clarify on secrecy in a democracy.

What is the need for secret society cloaked in secrecy to engage in policy and decision making on global matter?

The monarchy and royalty in western Europe having abolished kingdoms and fiefdoms in western colonized parts of the world maintaining hegemony in democratic setting is the biggest irony and pose a credibility factor for democracy in Europe.

What is the role of monarchy in a democracy?

What is the reason behind holding republic hostage to hegemonic goals and systemic abuse of power?

The above enunciated status is proudly declared a democracy despite mirroring authoritarian oligarchy system with political impunity on corruption and crimes against the nation, citizens and humanity at large.

Nothing to be concerned about when there is nothing to hide.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Soul Searching and Healthy Living

May 8, 2022

Soul Searching


Healthy Living

Padmini Arhant

There is no effort required in Soul searching. Soul is inner light placed within to dispel darkness in mind and purify thoughts generating good emotions for positive, productive and peaceful existence. 

The healthy habits confined to physical body alone are not enough to healthy living. The cleansing of primordial mind and heart is quintessential to sustain healthy survival. The mind cluttered with negativities, malice and harmful notions remain ever disturbed and in eternal turmoil. The heart lacking in genuine empathy, kindness, gratitude, love and sincerity is a train wreck regardless of health protocol concentrated on body mass index (BMI), slim and trim statistics or six pack regimen appropriately. Similarly behavior reflecting character devoid of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness besides evading responsibility for actions or inactions in life are equally important and represent integral part of soul searching. 

The compulsive disorders like persistent malignant conduct, malevolence, narcissism, hypocrisy, vendetta, envy, jealousy, misogyny, hatred, prejudice, hubris, lies, deception, deceit, duplicity, abuse, exploitation, violation of rights, life, space, home, privacy via spying, eavesdropping, unlawful surveillance, snooping and propaganda. Not withstanding gender distortion and profile appropriation. The worst amongst all theft of all kinds including ideas, lifestyle and identity  and myriad carcinogenic characteristics consume most energy leaving behind a void internally with no prospects for constructive pragmatic evolution. 

The denial and dismissal of Soul unheeding inner conscience, the primary witness to all actions, thoughts and feelings set the motion in self-destruction.

Accordingly, beginning with the soul guided mind directing the heart and delivered in deeds would naturally radiate healthy status without having to strive hard for superficial appearance.

Pure mind and heart functions in harmony with inner conscience and clarion call from the Soul within. The care and attention to physical body while neglecting or rejecting contamination of mind and heart corroding with impurities is window dressing a damaged show room. 

Soul is the bearer of sins in living and upon ultimate journey from the world with the physical body discarded on earth. Hence the relevance to mind, body and spirit encapsulate the definition of soul searching.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

United States – The Proof Is In The Pudding

May 6, 2022

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Padmini Arhant

Fox News Network and counterpart Sky news Australia engaged as front line news media criticizing the incumbent administration in the White House. The endless mockery, memes, trolls and variety of cynicism is on constant display. However, the mainstream media FOX NEWS in the United States and Sky news Australia down under somehow experiencing selective memory, the common syndrome in politics.

The following post published on this site on March 19, 2021.

Fox News Selective Amnesia

Padmini Arhant

How long is Fox News going to exhibit selective amnesia?

Fox News – the front liner in subverting Presidential election 2020 to favor Beijing controlled White House is now calling out the beneficiary communist regime?

What is the agenda behind this unscrupulous strategy?

Fox News media owner – the Murdoch heirs invested millions of dollars in Beijing run 2020 Presidential campaign. 

All of a sudden pretending to be on the other side of the fence having installed Beijing in power.

How long is Fox News planning to mislead and misrepresent self-position?

When in reality, Fox News and counterparts are directly responsible in bringing down United States of America and everything it is pledged to protect freedom, democracy, constitution and sovereignty.

Fox News needs to stop bogus display and cease insulting audience intelligence. That would apply upon anyone still watching the deceptive news network pull the wool over their eyes.

Some things are designed to degenerate and be destructive. The network in this respect is leading the media legion.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


Fox News network leading the media conglomerate in the 2020 United States Presidential Election by calling the State of Arizona in the democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s favor way earlier handed down the Presidential race to Biden-Harris administration.

In September 2020, the Fox News contributor – the former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich was censored for the guest’s reference to George Soros.  The video below confirms the action.


Fox News network at least acknowledge the irony in the image under.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Green Grass and Fungus

May 5, 2022

Green Grass



Padmini Arhant

The luscious green meadows and pastures gracing the valleys with bridal water falls flowing from the rocky mountain top gently bowing to the bright sun and the blue sky above unmistakably a real feast to the eyes for a nature admirer.

The green pasture being one of the fundamental survival source for life thrives in seasonal rainfall. The worms, insects, bees, birds and cattle existence is directly dependent on the fertile grassland with plants, trees and shrubs providing animal kingdom sustenance. The ultimate benefit derived by human kind from the animal and plant species in the agriculture land is invaluable.

The green rice paddy fields, wheat crops, maize and corn before harvest serenading agricultural landscape is nature’s gift to life.

These attributes of nature as life support in the eco system are critical in green environment.

The green ferns, hedges, flora, fauna and foliage in the garden is quite inviting attracting instant attention.

The green grass as cool and soft carpet on the ground is a pleasant aesthetic in natural creation.

The breathtaking savannah with the rolling green hills and cascade falls from the cliff smothered in oceanside cool breeze spreading fragrance of jasmine and gardenia is nature’s picturesque bouquet to the beholder.

Fungus on its part classified as parasitic filamentous organism meaning the organism that feeds on other organic matter qualifying the parasitic nature.

The filamentous in the absence of chlorophyll – the ingredient enabling plants in food preparation aided by sunlight called photosynthesis along with adding green effect to plants extended to life as a major health and food benefit is key element in green plants and vegetation.

Contrarily, the chlorophyl devoid filamentous fungi include molds, rusts, mildews, yeasts, stinkhorns and other mushrooms again varying between wild mushroom that are fairly toxic as well as life threatening and edible variety.

Fungal infections are infectious upon contact with the source and agents carrying the toxin. The fungal ailments are well known in health science and they are addressed appropriately based on the type, symptoms and disease.

The mold and mildew fungi found on wet surfaces and stagnant areas indoor and outdoor are also a common problem.

Clearly the green grass nurture earth with nutrients and nourishment contributing to inhabitants’ healthy living and prosperity.

The green moss in the plains and trees in the forests and orchards maintain positive characteristics of energizing life with necessary resources such as oxygen and food supply to all living beings alike.

Fungi with the exception of some edible mushrooms, the organism feeding on other organic matter as a parasite with significant harmful effects in varying degrees endanger life and surroundings.

The fungus dependency on other organism i.e. parasitic culture leads to depletion of natural ecological reserves. Additionally, the fungi toxicity resulting in fatality identified in certain fungi groups known to be poisonous. The health and economic liability from destruction of crops, livestock, food contamination, disease to animals and humans is endless and catastrophic.

Above all, fungus being humongous parasite is paradox to green grass. The former mostly claiming lives unlike the latter vastly beneficial to life and instrumental in biodiversity of the planet.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Cloud Nine

May 3, 2022

Cloud Nine

Padmini Arhant

The cloud watchers focused on the cloud in the sky remained fixated with the cloud. Their observation evolved into absorption of the cloud details such as shape, size, appearance, movement etc. In the course of their exhaustive cloud gazing with eyes set on the cloud and nothing else, many tripped with some experiencing fatal outcome having not paid attention to anything ahead, behind or around them.

The mishaps and irreversible misery were inevitable considering the cloud watchers obsession not to miss any particulars on the cloud presence in the sky. More joined the cloud watchers and participated in sharing own interpretation and perception of the cloud though not necessarily in correlation with reality.

The cloud went about nature designed patterns such as the cloud prominence in the sky prior to precipitation into rain and permeate in clear blue sky with bright sun shine. The dynamic rainbow from the cloud decorating the sky highlighting the cloud functions is yet another dimension in nature’s wonder.

What more?

On earth – Cloud computing is an innovative drive revolutionizing modern technology in the information age guided by nature.

Amid cloud natural orientation, the cloud watchers obsession with the cloud transform into desperate fixation completely neglecting priorities in own life.

What next?

The intense cloud watching predictably results in them getting washed away in entirety from heavy thunder storm, hail and lightening.

There goes their life not lived for any useful purpose except wasted in floating on Cloud nine over obsession, fixation leading to self-elimination.

Similar to evaporation of ocean producing condensation of clouds returned to the ocean in rainfall,

What goes around eventually comes around.

Do no harm when no desire to do any good is the essence of nature.

Life is a gift and a blessing. Best not squandered in self-destructive cause and malevolence.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

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