Happy Thanksgiving!

By Padmini Arhant

A special day to thank the people for their love, compassion and actions that positively impact the recipient’s life. In this respect, the nation is thankful to the brave men and women in harm’s way for their sacrifices in many different ways, most importantly their precious life. Within the community, there are many benevolent individuals dedicating their time and resources for others’ welfare. They deserve acknowledgment by the members. Then the family unit, where the relationship is strengthened with genuine care, affection and understanding for each other unconditionally recognized in a subtle or profound manner.

Nationally, the members in the House and the Senate ought to be congratulated and thanked for their hard work and perseverance in passing the preliminary health care legislation.

Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to serve the people at home and across the globe through the innovative technology made possible by the genius minds and entrepreneurship in the contemporary world.

I’m thankful to all the visitors to this site for their support and encouraging remarks that help me strive hard to enhance my contribution at various levels. While compliments are incentives to exceed the expectations, constructive criticisms on the other hand are a reminder for self- evaluation besides representing the checks and balances.

Finally, the tradition nurtures the charitable act of giving and sharing with the less fortunate on this American holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant