Happy Mother’s Day!

By Padmini Arhant

An opportunity to display gratitude to a mother for her various contributions beginning with the gift of life, endless love, family values and always being there to provide necessary support.

Although, it may not apply to all, a mother’s arduous and joyous experience in giving birth to life in itself deserves respect and appreciation.

A mother nurtures life from conception to adulthood teaching valuable lessons to her offspring.

Mother’s natural instinct to protect her child from harm is seen commonly in life species.

For some, the special relationship may not be shared with a biological parent.

Wherever there is genuine affection, care and companionship, that situation assumes motherhood, fatherhood or both.

Children benefit enormously by growing up in a loving and caring environment. It’s pervasive and has positive effects in life.

Society is represented by citizens and the individual productivity or the lack thereof often reflects the personal satisfaction in life.

Productivity not in monetary terms but the selfless service for greater good is the real achievement that guarantees inner peace and happiness.

A mother plays an important role in early childhood and cultivating those aspirations through simple actions enrich the human character.

It’s similar to sowing the seeds and nurturing all the way for full bloom with widespread fragrance.

On mother’s day, it would be symbolic to honor ‘Mother Earth/Nature,’ for the life sustenance elements and the incredible beauty that brings pleasure to the beholder.

Emulating Mother Nature’s abundant attributes could lead to ‘Nirvana,’ the enlightened soul attaining the universal knowledge.

Mother or Father’s day is everyday for they strive hard to be the family caregivers.

The caregivers are truly acknowledged when the beneficiaries return obligations by attending to the parents or the surrogates’ needs during any crisis particularly in the old age.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant