Nobel Peace Prize Impact 

January 30, 2019

Nobel Peace Prize Impact 

Padmini Arhant

How a mistaken peace prize was misused to commit horrific crimes against humanity?

The 44th President of the United States President Barack Obama tenure was rife with terrorism, deaths, catastrophe and devastation breaking the record of his predecessor ex-President George W.Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who together championed the illegal invasion and occupation of foreign lands using 9/11 initiating the ill-fated Project for New American Century (PNAC).

The successor Barack Obama escalated violence and bloodshed multifold in the militarization of Africa, destabilization of Middle East and Latin America as justification of the Nobel Peace Prize. He was coronated the drone King not without reason for his predator drones chasing and killing children, women and men in humble dwellings of Afghanistan and many developing nations in Africa and Latin America. Not to mention economic sanctions against nations regarded adversary to hegemonic interests in the Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The Office of Presidency and similar post like Prime Ministership is often taken for granted by occupants in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20500 and other capitals around the world pledged allegiance to deep state global agenda. The fact that electorate, the ordinary citizens mandate is abused against them is a tragedy in politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


The following segment is from the international press release.

Nobel Secretary: Awarding Obama the Peace Prize Was a Mistake

A press release at the time announced that Obama had earned the award based on “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” though he had only been in the White House mere weeks when he was nominated. The committee awarded the prize to Obama based entirely on his media popularity, not based on anything he actually did.

Lundestad, aside from admitting that the stunt had proven a failure, revealed the reason behind it wasn’t exactly in keeping with the credibility of the panel or the award, once a symbol of excellence.

The former secretary told the Associated Press that “the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr. Obama.”

Understanding nearly a decade later that strengthening an American president wasn’t exactly in the committee’s job description, Lundestad voiced some regret.

“No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama,” Lundestad writes in his memoir.

“Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,” he adds. “In that sense, the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for.”

Obama expanded and continued war and tensions across the globe

While it’s good to hear Lundestad admit the Obama Peace Prize was a mistake, it isn’t simply because the committee wasn’t able to strengthen his presidency that made it so.

The real reason is that they awarded a prize for peace to a man who had no diplomatic achievements, would allow terrorism to flourish throughout the Middle East, and who would become the longest wartime president in history, expanding war into several countries like Libya and Syria.

The committee at the time wrote, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

That ‘better future’ didn’t quite pan out. A report in November of 2015 indicated that terrorism-related deaths had more than quadrupled since Obama took office, actually peaking in 2014.

America, Rolling Stone reported, had been at war under Obama “longer than under George W. Bush — or any other U.S. president, for that matter,” and that over 2,500 Americans had died in Afghanistan and Iraq by May of 2016.

Peace wasn’t exactly Obama’s strength.

The failed former president is no longer pictured in the section titled “Featured laureates” on the Nobel website, reserved for such individuals as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa.


International Affairs

July 12, 2018

International Affairs

Padmini Arhant

The current administration under President Donald J Trump policies and strategies are the highlights in this discussion.

Snapshot of core issues are as follows.

United States Migrants Children Plight – Delays and debacles in reuniting children with migrant parents subsequent to inhumane and unethical separation is a tragedy.

Furthermore, the migrants detained prior to verification and confirmation of background – criminal profile in particular is a major setback for democracy not to mention human rights violation apparently relevant to United States with respect to other countries track record cited in imposing economic sanctions. One has to be the example in anything expected from others and more so in important issue like family matter with children born in the United States sharing the constitutional rights as any other citizen in the country.

North Korea – Following the gala summit in Singapore on June 12 between the leaderships
in the United States and North Korea, the former imposing sanctions against DPRK for another year rather than lifting them to build trust- quintessential in any agreement creates credibility problem while accusing DPRK of not submitting to US and allies demands explains US foreign policy vulnerability subject to vested interests over trustworthiness in honoring mutual commitment.

North Korea is a serious player along with neighbor and family South Korea to forge peace and security in Korean Peninsula. However, United States expectations from DPRK for unilateral denuclearization in
the face of prominent nuclear powers viz. Russia and United States declining such necessity on them i.e. global nuclear disarmament given the stockpiles and legacy concerning them is an irony. United States moving forward in improving relations with DPRK would demonstrate US independence from fringe elements influence hindering success in Korean Peace Treaty. Peace requires solidarity and reliability from all sides without subjugation of any one party involved in the agreement. There is potential for permanent resolution upon United States willingness and courage to engage amicably that would guarantee stability and economic prospects for all.

NATO Summit – President Donald Trump stance in urging NATO allies to contribute to self-defense is valid and reasonable. When small developing nations in other parts of the world are providing for their security by any means, the industrialized European NATO partners modifying priorities is long overdue.
United States tax dollars expended in safeguarding foreign nations borders essentially addressing their security concerns meanwhile neglecting US taxpayers requirements is unsustainable. Since the
introduction of euro valued at present US $1.17 arguably proved expensive for US taxpayers in maintaining  NATO predominantly serving hegemonic goals like in Afghanistan and earlier in Iraq and Libya and using Turkey against Syria had nothing to do with NATO allies security. Instead the operation were aimed at gaining economic interests and strategic dominance in the respective regions.

Similarly, further back NATO decimation and Balkanization of Yugoslavia had grave consequences with massive casualties and political upheavals paving way for extended intervention in the Balkan states that were all paid for by United States in blood and treasure. European NATO coalition formalizing economic ties with Russia on gas pipeline suggesting the deal favorable and affordable to them viz. Germany, Belgium and others might be acceptable on financial feasibility compared to importing same energy product from United States or elsewhere based on Europe’s proximity to Russia besides the price factor.

European NATO allies dependence on United States for security at US taxpayers expense and economic benefits in utilizing Russian energy exemplify them taking advantage of the best of both worlds. Nonetheless, the situation merits proportionate defense spending easing the burden on United States taxpayers footing the bill thus far for the reverse would not be entertained let alone bearing the extraordinary financial responsibility. Hence, United States is justified in seeking NATO countries to allocate appropriately towards own defense.

Haiti – The Caribbean nation in the Western Hemisphere going through political unrest is the result of US foreign policy and previous administrations direct involvement in destabilizing the democratically elected governments in that country. The topic was discussed on this site extensively during the turmoil when Haitians sought the return of the first democratically elected President Jean- Bertrand Aristide.

The people choice leader and former President Jean- Bertrand Aristide was deposed by earlier US administration under ex- President George W.Bush and before that the state was forced into extreme economic struggles through US economic policy and political establishment key members such as the Clintons interference depriving the population normal existence. Haiti also had to deal with natural disasters of epic proportion in the past years exacerbating survival.

Thailand– Cheers and Kudos! To Thai Soccer Team – The Wild Boars having emerged from harrowing experience. The incredible efforts and successful rescue mission headed by Thai NAVY SEALS with international support saved lives enabling them to safely return home. I convey my best wishes to the young brave boys and their coach for speedy recovery.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter

World – Current Affairs

May 21, 2017


Duplicity feigning Authenticity

By Padmini Arhant

Could the media in the United States care to clarify on the present family in the White House?

Is President Donald J. Trump an orthodox Jew?

If the answer is no, then the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka could not be an orthodox Jew since she is referred to as Ivanka Trump.

On the contrary, any claim on Ivanka’s apostasy from whatever that was previously to the current one through alleged marriage with an orthodox Jew Jared Kushner could not be true either with the last name Kushner discarded by supposedly an orthodox traditional spouse.

What is true?

Ivanka’s marriage to orthodox Jew Jared Kushner then why not Ivanka Kushner rather than Ivanka Trump given the orthodox status?

Alternatively, there could be no connection between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and yet she is supposedly a mother of his three kids struggling the act between an orthodox Jew and an unorthodox identity.

In keeping up with prevalent practice to dissect personal profile of anyone regarded a public figure, the clarification is necessary to end misrepresentation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

There are many questions arise due to duplicity feigning authenticity and violations are the norm.


  1.  Could any system be truly democratic when candidates are pre-selected by a special council or for that matter chosen by Super Delegates like in the United States Democratic Party exerting superiority over electorate prior to national election?


  1. What about a democracy that bars women hopefuls while expecting women voters to cast votes and yet described as vibrant democracy?


  1. How is the election free and fair with detention of political opposition and absence of other parties from mainstream denied opportunity to participate in the process?


  1. Is it possible that CIA and NSA are so weak and vulnerable that their secret world is infiltrated by Wikileaks and one of their employees both of whom are apparently fugitives and named in the most wanted list?


  1. Similarly, were CIA and counterparts in deep slumber awakened by al-Qaeda on 9/11?


  1. Is terrorism today the premise for warfare likened to communism in the past prompting invasion of Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia while triggering near nuclear meltdown targeting Cuba?


  1. Did Karl Marx benefit from communism? Or Did communism promote feudalism?


  1. Is corporate socialism facilitating welfare system for politics considering economic sector and political establishment interdependency?


  1. Are the cash flow from campaign donors to political members and vice versa via kickbacks and backend deals deemed corruption?


  1. Should lawmakers as lawbreakers be allowed to legislate laws they do not respect and follow while enforcing them against rest of the society?


  1. What about those in the position of power and authority exercising the license to kill at will whether the victim is unarmed civilian in domestic or foreign land?


  1. Is freedom of press a privilege or priority in a democracy?


  1. Should media and news outlets be pugnacious to some and unctuous to other?


  1. What makes the report fair and balanced – facts or fabrication?


  1. Should television networks be concerned about rating or rationality?


  1. What is the difference between State broadcasting and corporate channels fielding for the State?


In International Developments:


  1. Can a state annex territory and occupy neighboring country in defiance of international law and maintain normal relations with rest of the world?


  1. Should a country as major economic power claiming territorial proprietary continue to threaten region simply because the sea shares the name of the country?


  1. Is it appropriate to undermine sovereignty of a nation with arbitrary air strikes against the defense force?


  1. Does it make the wrong right with weapons supply to nation identified as terror sponsor and aggressor?


  1. Should innocent people in poorer nations die for the sake of job creation and profitability in industrialized country?


  1. What leads to self-destruction?


Response – The enslavement to greed and hatred.


  1. What distinguishes political opportunism from human compassion?


Response – When the government exploits options to stay execution order for one citizen while colludes with then ruling power in declining a rape victim the right to survive and mandatorily transports the patient in critical condition out of country against medical advice resulting in patient’s mortality and political killing.  Further victimizing the citizen by rejecting  the victim and parent’s plea to disclose the victim’s actual name.


  1. What is worst – myopia or dystopia?


Response – The former transforms into latter.


  1. What is religion to politics?


Response – The pawn for political advantage.


Something to think about in the rapacious environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







Vishwa Kalyan Award 2016 – Humanitarian Award Recipients

August 25, 2016

Vishwa Kalyan Award – 2016

Hello Everyone!

I, Padmini Arhant, Author and Presenter, representative divine mission  present the names of Vishwa Kalyan award recipients in Humanitarian category.

The world where violence is the norm and regarded profitable at the expense of innocent lives escalating terror sponsoring and warfare leaving thousands dead and millions as refugees for vested interests, there are individuals not necessarily acclaimed in politics, entertainment or any other celebrity status yet deservingly admirable souls for having sacrificed their lives to alleviate oppressed victims plight and defend others life.

These citizens have not been concerned about race, religion, ethnicity or socio economic background considering the importance these classifications have in world society.  Instead they expressed their humanitarian thoughts and exemplified in action which is rare in the present time consumed with self-interest and popularity rating prompting any involvement in charitable or Samaritan deeds.

The adage young and foolish juxtaposed old and wise was proved to be nothing more than a perception with these great personalities demonstrating their sincere love for fellow citizens – the humanity at large.

These intelligent, caring and brave martyrs laid their lives to protect the targeted population from violence and terror.

I have the great pleasure in announcing their names and they are none other than – then 15 year old Aitzaz Hasan Bangash – the shia Muslim from Pakistan thwarted the terror attack against his fellow students in Hangu in the City of Peshawar, Pakistan.

The other recipient of Humanitarian award – Vishwa Kalyan Award goes to American Peace Activistthen 23 year old Rachel Corrie crushed to death by Israeli authority bulldozer when she tried to defend the Palestinian homes in Rafah, Palestine in 2003.

Aitzaz Hasan Bangash of Pakistan and Rachel Corrie of United States of America – are posthumous recipients of Vishwa Kalyan Award in Humanitarian category in 2016.

Congratulations! To all winners.

The official virtual award ceremony will be presented in due course.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








Vishwa Kalyan Award 2016 – Universal Benefit Award

August 23, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

In 2015, Vishwa Kalyan Award was introduced to recognize and honor the unsung heroes alongside members known to world community. However, the mission not necessarily adapted and pursued for desirable outcome.

Every year on August 26th the awardees are commemorated for exemplary service and sacrifice.

The award is to create awareness among world population to appreciate, safeguard and contribute to the welfare and survival of all species for planet sustenance.

I present the categories for the year 2016 Vishwa Kalyan Award with the hope to revive interest and action in promoting goals to benefit humanity and earth. 

The two categories in 2016 are – Environment and Humanitarian Cause.

Environment protection is made possible with not only reducing carbon emission but also enrichment of natural habitat through greenery and preservation of rain forests worldwide.

In the environment category – The winners are:


  1. Ethiopia – The East African nation in the Horn of Africa is leading power generator in the region via clean energy program.

Latin America:

  1. Peru – The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program (SOLAR POWER) expected to benefit more than 2 million people in Peru.
  1. Costa Rica – 100% Renewal Energy with departure from fossil fuel. The Central American country generated electricity entirely from renewal energy – the combination of hydroelectric and geothermal power permitting clean and affordable energy supply in 2015. The national commitment towards 100% carbon neutrality by 2021 sets important precedence for the rest of the world to follow suit.
  1. BrazilKayapo – Indigenous Tribe in Amazon protecting rainforests against miners, poachers, loggers and drillers in the region.     

     5.   Protecting endangered species – 

 A.  Irrawathi dolphins of Myanmar in Mekong river are critically endangered from fisheries and entrapment threatening the intelligent creature’s domain.

B. Save the Elephants – Elephants – the most fascinating and adorable member of animal kingdom is sadly now enlisted in endangered species.

C. Marine Mammals – The dismissal of global warming as a myth among skeptics slight polar bears plight in the arctic with melting glaciers posing challenge to marine mammals existence.

More on this topic to follow shortly.

The Humanitarian award recipients will be announced in due course.

Peace to all!

Thank You.

Padmini Arhant 

Independence Day Celebration

August 15, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Nations celebrating independence day – Singapore, Pakistan and India  reflecting on milestones reached since the respective nations declaration of independence from foreign rule.

The achievements or the lack thereof are best evaluated in society beginning at the bottom with the poorest of the poor, the lower income struggling to make ends meet and the categories above comprising the labor force in the economy. The business sector survival is directly linked with consumer base affecting the retail industry, the supply chain and ultimately the manufacturing source.

The affordability amongst the lower income group representing majority diminish due to lower wages, underemployment and unemployment amid soaring inflation. The middle class generally bear the burden of the economy in many aspects. They are not only dealing with price rise but also in compliance on various taxes unlike the wealthy opting tax evasion.

The competitive economic environment plateau wages boosting profitability for corporations not necessarily shared from the top all the way down widening gap between the rich and the poor with the middle class barely comfortable in the status quo.

In social equality – besides economic standards creating hierarchy, the diversity in society is not without barriers with gender bias, racial, religion and ethnic divide usually ignore the minority groups and inherent discriminatory practice continues in all respects in the modern age. Then there are the disenfranchised and others targeted for political mileage. In certain parts the population are deprived of basic needs and rights leading to communal isolation. These characteristics exemplify the extreme.

On security – terrorism and territorial disputes causing constant cross border tensions within boundary spreading across the region. The skirmishes become the reason to increase defense budget spending at the expense of other critical investments like health, education, housing and infrastructure stalling global economy.

Citizens safety in the country with crimes such as rape against women not even sparing female infants threatens free mobility for women in emergency and normal conditions in addition to inhibiting economic opportunity in tourism. The strange verdicts exonerating the offenders and faulting the victims in these incidents reverse the trend in national progress.

In other nations, innocent people are hostage to violence from explosions, drone attacks and hostile situations with little or no relief to residents facing persistent threats to their life on daily basis.

Active nuclear proliferation amongst key nuclear powers with nuclear testing on land and under water intensify nuclear upgrade facilitated in nuclear energy worsening global security.

On the environment front, any efforts to optimize clean energy production and use replacing fossil fuel especially coal and oil would reduce carbon emission with deforestation depleting rainforests and ozone. Nuclear power plants are vigorously run and operated in defiance to public legitimate concern in the wake of Fukushima disaster.

Regarding civil liberty – the controlled setting maintained via print, visual and audio media i.e. all possible mass communication to curb basic rights on expression considered anti-government and anti-establishment is a serious setback on democracy. The free speech subversion further confirms zero tolerance to alternative perspective.

Above all, the free nation would apply the law of the land across the spectrum holding none above the law unlike the prevalent system granting immunity to VVIP and VIP’s on crimes ranging from corruption scandals to misuse of power and celebrity status at various level.

The developments otherwise in the economic sense is a welcome change and striving for collective benefits would strengthen national goals.

Greetings to nations commemorating independence day!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


World Affairs: Hegemony Backed Regimes Fate

September 17, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

On public request – snapshot on hegemony backed regimes fate.

The question posed to me was to briefly state the outcome on hegemony created, supported and promoted regimes worldwide thus far.

Answer.  Unfortunately for the regimes and sponsors the marriage resulted in dissolution and regimes suffered imprisonment not barring fatal consequences upon public disillusionment.

Few examples clarify the fact.

IranKing Mohammad Reza Pahlavi deposed by Islamic Revolution in 1979.  A year later died in exile in Egypt in 1980. 

IraqEx- President Saddam Hussein.  Hegemony ally hanged in public view via world telecast.

LibyaColonel Muammar Gaddafi.  Assassinated in public.

EgyptFormer President Hosni Mubarak. Ousted by Egypt revolution currently evading legal repercussions with impending final judgment upon departure from earth.

Tunisia – Western and Saudi Arabia favored former head of the government Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali removed from power through popular uprising.

YemenFormer President Ali Abdhullah Saleh expelled by the people following four decades of oppression.

Africa – deserves exclusive mention considering high statistics across the continent. Accordingly scheduled for later discussion.

South East Asia:

IndonesiaEx-President Suharto dictatorial governance brought to an end with the Premier’s resignation. The government gained notoriety for corruption and iron fist rule.

PhilippinesFormer ruler Ferdinand Marcos forced to flee the nation with people revolt against corruption, collusion in foreign subjugation and rising poverty.

ThailandEx-Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva term (2008-2011) was rocked by violence, corruption and misuse of authority leading to government dismissal.

Pakistan General Zia Ul Haq executed western ally Former President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.  General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq experienced the same and was assassinated in 1988. 

Later, western approved former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007.

Western endorsed General Pervez Musharraf – the ex- President of Pakistan imposed emergency rule, imprisoned supreme court justices and declined election. 

The General resigned from office to avert impeachment proceedings and remained in exile in London.  General Musharraf retuned to Pakistan with the hope to seize power amid strong opposition and various charges on abuse of authority and complicity including investigations in ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

Latin America:

Panama United States intelligence agency CIA asset Panamanian General turned President Manuel Noriega was ousted by United States former President George H.W.Bush administration and sentenced to 25 years in the U.S. federal prison. The 77 year old former Panamanian leader recently returned home to face legal proceedings on money laundering and murder.

Chile – The military General turned head of the state Augusto Pinochet dictatorship and repressive rule remembered until now. 

The Chilean leader dodged extraditions to face trial on human rights violations with assistance from certain influential figures in western political sphere. 

However, the authoritarian leader having unleashed death on thousands of innocent citizens feared own death knowing well about his destination following final decree.

ArgentinaArmy commander and former President Jorge Rafael Videla known as dictator for running death squads died in prison.

Regardless of military, political, economic and social status – the violations, misuse of power, deception and defiance of humanitarian and natural law held accountable by karma – the inescapable destiny.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






Facts on New World Order – UNSC, EU And Euro Zone

July 22, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

New World Order is one world government subjugating nations to comply with UNSC veto and EU austerity.

UNSC with Veto Power is responsible for human suffering due to illegal sanctions and military interventions for economic and strategic gains worldwide.

The unlawful embargo and various constraints targeting non-western countries cripple economy with direct impact on population.

The agreements are rarely genuine with complicity to duplicity deceiving the world at large.

Since UNSC inception – the forces behind unipolar system comprising P5+1 and EU wield power despite dismal trajectory creating and exacerbating problems rather than resolving crisis.

The misuse of veto power in the exclusive club with members P5+1 holding them and allies above law is illegitimate and tradition unsustainable in the modern era against subordination and servility.

The so-called global powers P5+1 with imperial legacy and gross human rights violations extending into twenty first century preoccupied in territorial annexations and destabilization of nations perpetuating conflicts confirm habitual quest for dominance.

Accordingly veto power possessed UNSC dissolution is imminent for world peace and progress.

EU – the parallel government headquartered in Brussels, Belgium set up to promote New World Order protecting oligarchy, feudalism and militarism for implementation worldwide.

The strategy is evidently a failure with declining euro zone and deep economic recession within EU.

The aggressive measures against member states to submit and surrender assets in bailout deals stripping sovereignty of nations and submerging citizens in generational debt.

EU and euro zone are deceptive models to benefit the selective few at the expense of collective labor and taxations providing for the self-proclaimed privileged class parasitic existence.

The dysfunctional bodies viz. UNSC, EU, euro zone and think tanks behind egregious decisions endanger life and planet survival. Anything premised on falsehood and flawed policy cannot withstand the test of time and eventually collapse.

World deserves better opportunity to experience peace, stability and prosperity currently denied to struggling 99% by 1 % reigning control over the rest.

The destructive process conclusion expedited without exception for a positive development,

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










World Affairs – Glimpse of Developments during the week

July 17, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Iran Nuclear Deal – The significance would be realized upon intentions transforming into actions in lifting sanctions as that affects people of any nation more than their government.

The blockade hurt economy which again impact population  especially the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged in society.

The deliberate motive to stall economic progress of a nation through sanction is best abandoned not only on humanitarian basis but also from the economic standpoint considering adverse effects on global economy.

UNSC egregious decisions with misuse of veto power and sanctions on selective nations while the real offenders on nuclear proliferation such as P5+1 and allies maintaining status quo is a huge credibility problem confronting the world.

The dissolution of UNSC in possession of veto power could no longer be evaded or dismissed in the twenty first century with changing geopolitical and economic dynamics as well as social cultural environment.

Furthermore UNSC –  the unipolar exclusive club is responsible for human misery worldwide due to imperial aspirations authorizing military interventions and trade embargo on nations regarded P5+1 adversary and slight requirement to respect other nations sovereign rights in the world.

Any objection from UNSC P5+1 members to end hierarchy and accept all nations equal participation would clarify the purpose as polarization for unqualified dominance.

The nuclear pact with Iran would be meaningful upon P5+1 and allies including Israel’s disarmament setting precedence for a nuclear free world.

Meanwhile, the political exchanges on this issue projects a contrived performance to confuse world audience.

Greece – The ruling government capitulation to EU & EZ demand to receive bridge loan €7 billion to Greece banks and a subsequent €86 billion as third bailout to meet debt obligations to major creditors such as ECB and European Stability Mechanism ESM with Germany Bundestag proposals on setting up a trust comprising Greece public assets for privatization i.e. reserving Greece national and private properties as collateral is anything but remedy to Greece economic recovery.

The developments aim to protect predator practice reflective in Germany’s assertive goals and Brussels geopolitical strategy as confirmed by France Prime Minister Manuel Valls in response to opposition to GREXIT.

Any government or leadership myopic view on matter prolonging into major erroneous commitment is not fighting the battle and indeed surrendering weapons to those keen on further assault unlike the premier’s interpretation otherwise. 

On the contrary adopting pragmatic approach preventing the nation and people from endless debt cycle by returning to original currency bolstered with sound financial and economic reforms would be the saving grace. 

In the prevalent supremacy era with increasing ambitions to occupy nations under any pretext ranging from providing security, training foreign nations military and police force to installing Patriot Missile system like Germany did in Turkey in 2012 and the current rescue financial scheme for Greece evolving into seizure of sovereignty prompts citizens alert. 

The organizations and institutions betting on failed policy and flawed strategies to deliver anticipated outcome repeatedly deal with disappointment and calamity of greater magnitude.

The established pattern yet to be recognized counterproductive. 

EU and euro zone survival not possible in retaining Greece or other member states for vested interests with foundation premised on superficial settings contributing to collapse.

Greece and PIGS citizenry waking up to reality and assuming control of their life and livelihood through political and economic freedom not subjugation is the sensible alternative to the crisis.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







World Affairs – Rulers Choice of Peril Over Progress

July 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Yemen – The pounding of the North African nation Yemen killing scores of innocent lives by Saudi dynasty with supposedly democratic United States and allies direct assistance is the sign of unquenchable thirst for blood unrelenting to respect life and freedom.

Syria and Iraq – Unleashing terror through terrorists networks deployment again contributing to scores of deaths and destruction of nations continues unabated under false pretexts of combating terror alongside retaining terrorism strategy – arming and funding terror operation.

Libya – With no real intention to allow stability, the nation transformed into terror haven politically maneuvered to suppress popular uprising.

Egypt – The foreign dogma through military aid governs the nation and denies people voice.

Bahrain – United States latest agreement to provide ammunitions to the ruling regime for further deterrence on the natives demand for political freedom shines light on the sponsors’ flair for authoritarianism.

Palestine – United States marriage vows with Israel apparently pledged to prolong sickness rather than welcoming happiness confirmed in the usual veto on Palestinian complaint with UN Human Rights Organization in Geneva on July 3, 2015 vote regarding Israel’s incessant violation through occupation.

The new partner joining the trend with abstinence vote in this regard is Prime Minister Narinder Modi headed administration in New Delhi, India paving the way for polygamy in the marriage.

The Palestinian initiative to move the presumably world body, the UN against Israel’s violence in Gaza and throughout occupied territory for International Criminal Court (ICC) hearing was quelled with Ney vote and abstention by those claiming to be stewards of human rights and democracy.

Perhaps the decisions are aimed at self-protection on such record preventing precedence on the subject.

Iran – The oil rich Islamic State admittedly in possession of oil and natural gas lasting over hundred years conspicuously incognito authorities’ partner in the ecclesiastic representation.

Afghanistan – Hegemony terror export with ISIL relocation to the war torn nation is a convenient premise to justify permanent bases and drone attacks targeting children, women and youth in the country.

Russia – Declining proposal on UNSC exclusive club veto power unveil reality in the power struggle.

UNSC waging wars across the globe via economic sanctions and military interventions is the source of chaos and catastrophe.

Russia’s resistance to dissolution of veto power armed UNSC is the dominant powers reluctance to quit unipolar zone while objecting to genuine presence dedicated to global peace and security as unilateralism.

Ukraine – The imperial goals implemented with annexation and demarcation along with proxy governance perpetuate crisis benefitting none except satisfying destructive ego.

GreeceThe debt slavery imposed in full force subjugating the nation in the vengeful act to punish the republic for daring to exercise democratic right against detrimental austerity.

The latest development with EU leaderships’ wrath on Greece to buckle and accept draconian measures presumptuously perceived as settling scores is a failure guaranteed to severely impact the origin and catalysts engaged in unsustainable cataclysmic feudalism.

EU egregious policy has created unemployment at a staggering 25 million (official figure) although unofficial data is much higher with rising poverty and transmigration exacerbating economic status across Europe. 

Contemporary rulers and representatives choice of peril over progress is evident in the global events resulting in the conclusion of supremacy era defining the Dark Age.

The world would then heave a sigh of relief.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












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