World Express Concern Over Philanthropy Gone Astray

February 15, 2021

World Express Concern Over Philanthropy

Gone Astray

Padmini Arhant

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and spouse Melinda Gates prominence not for the right rather wrong reasons deserve valid explanations from the subjects considering their overarching indulgence potentially endangering human survival. The corona virus COVID19 pandemic involving GATES foundation contribution to a tune of over $200 million to Wuhan lab, China for bizarre experiment on genetically engineered virus impact on human population is a world wide known fact. The information published in public domain long before the deadly virus outbreak in October 2019 in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China, disclosed in December 2019 by the communist authorities in Beijing. 

Bill Gates floated the news on inevitable global pandemic back in 2015 in public forum. This was confirmed during Bill Gates interview with MSNBC recently on January 28th, 2021.

Was there an epiphany or the billionaire’s privy to secret society agenda?

Post COVID19,

Bill Gates Warns The “Next Pandemic” Is Coming After Covid-19.

What exactly is the globalists game plan against humanity?

Bill Gates fascination towards genetically modified organisms (GMO) apparently not mere individual interest. The multi-billionaire ambition to change the world and human population genome as well as lifestyle beckon global attention and scrutiny.

Should billionaires become the principal force to determine eight billion inhabitants’ existence on the planet?

These developments and deeply disturbing engagements such as direct modification of food beginning at seed germination and livestock hormone injection arguably affecting global citizens health and life span.

Is this a synopsis of globalists depopulation and deprogramming plan?

The global citizenry challenged with such risks seek response from the GATES foundation and TECH behemoths extending their role beyond the parameters of advanced technology and economic monopoly. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Public concern on Bill Gates and GATES Foundation Investments  – Thank you.

Mark Moss – Bill Gates Secretly Buying Farmland – The Real Reason 

India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

September 18, 2020

India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant 

The contentious border issue along Line of Actual control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh with China in the past six months since April this year post corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic originating from Wuhan, China prolonged following several round of talks at the high level military command and political discourse i.e. the defense ministry, external affairs ministry and National Security advisers on both sides yielding no relief on the eye to eye confrontation in the Himalayan range.

The news reports on deteriorating situation between the armed forces deployed in thousands on both sides with loss of precious lives suffered in the defense force on either sides and the latest firing bringing the battle on the edge has not deterred Chinese leadership Xijinping and officials behind the counterproductive military operation.

The ongoing military clashes in the most treacherous and inhospitable terrains exacerbating conditions in winter currently experienced in freezing temperature in the higher altitude 18,000 feet above sea level subject armed forces to natural hostility that cannot be underestimated in any account. 

China’s unreasonable quest for territorial annexations in Ladakh and the region slighting own defense forces casualties in May – June 2020 and inevitable deaths mainly possible due to unfavorable environment in the Himalayas with oxygen depletion and harsh weather is a compelling factor to end standoff effective immediately. The important decision is critical to protect armed forces on both sides from preventable demise in large numbers notwithstanding the effects on artillery and ammunition in the frigid setting.

As such Chinese authority in Beijing owe humanity apology, reparation and recovery costs for unleashing bio-engineered deadly infectious corona virus leaving the global population to deal with deaths and immeasurable health a well as economic misery in the absence of instant salvation. Chinese Communist regime biowarfare through COVID19 against entire world aimed at substantial health and economic losses beyond control is not something to be excused as inadvertent mistake especially with revelations on deliberate and pre-meditated bioweapon viz. corona virus attack launched on global population for economic interests and Superpower status.

Amid global pandemic from China, Beijing’s military aggression and border transgressions in India’s eastern Ladakh and North Eastern territories with ambitious skirmishes in South China sea and Taiwan straits are one too many military interventions designed without care and calculations on imminent setback for aggressor i.e. Beijing involved in the military intrusion with neighbors near and far.

The political talks and dialogue held up until now between India and China including five point agreement to de-escalate tension is yet to be translated in adherence. China mobilizing troops and armament in eastern Ladakh having occupied the Indian side forcing India’s counter measure and response allude provocation. The authorities in Beijing misguiding PLA on the grounds is directly contradictory to any agreement reached in political engagement. Beijing’s repeat default in this regard essentially confirm China’s trust deficit. 

China’s expansionism sprawling across South and South East Asia while heavily invested in the economies in the region is defiance of wisdom and pragmatism. Besides, China poised as supplier of key technology components and pharmaceutical ingredients would have serious repercussions in the multidimensional position with military warfare in the Himalayas wiping the prospects and potential to restore China’s ailing economy and vast domestic problems threatening Chinese leadership Xijinping’s term in office and political career. 

China is confronted with enormous economic, political and environment challenges that deserve priority over military encounter with India or anyone for that matter in South China sea and elsewhere. China’s leadership exercising restraint and authorizing PLA withdrawal from the contentious terrains without procrastinations would demonstrate Beijing’s commitment to peace and tranquility in utter respect for China’s defense forces lives and civilians in the vulnerable war zone. 

Any leadership betting defense personnel lives for political and personal goals misrepresent the nation, the people as well as the military they are pledged to honor and safeguard lives averting violence and bloodshed, the inevitable outcome in any military conflict.

China’s leadership CCP General Secretary and the Central Military Commission Chairman Xijinping along with officials in political and military authority in Beijing and Western Theater Command terminating standoff with Indian armed forces in Ladakh and north eastern territories is paramount for China’s effort to rebuild adversely damaged reputation, image and trust in the aftermath of COVID 19 having toll on global health and economy. 

The positive action could in return benefit China in becoming a reliable partner in trade relations and establishing permanent peace and security in South, South East Asian regions and worldwide.

The nuclear nations – India-China peaceful resolution on the standoff abandoning military solution is the absolute clarion call to save lives on both sides and preclude the otherwise unmitigated disaster.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Global sanctions against Wuhan lab and Scientists

September 16, 2020

Global sanctions against Wuhan lab and Scientists

Padmini Arhant

In light of revelations confirming COVID19 origin and design i.e. the corona virus bio-engineered in Wuhan lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China wreaking havoc in terms of health catastrophe and economic collapse worldwide, the following action is necessary to deter ongoing and other non-transparent scientific experiments denying international access. Such activities could no longer continue threatening humanity survival and well being.

Furthermore, credible information regarding similar engagement involving Wuhan lab scientists conducting biological experiments using deadly pathogens exceeding Bio Security Level (BSL) thresholds i.e. BSL 3 and BSL 4 being the optimum on thousands of Pakistan population including herdsmen and livestock in Pakistan soil again maintaining opaqueness declining international privy to major collaboration between China and Pakistan military is extremely concerning and deserve universal attention.

Chinese authorities funded and directed biological experiments on corona virus carried out on Pakistani citizens perhaps without any of them knowing anything about the experiment and importantly the purpose behind such secretive discreet scientific endeavor oddly with Pakistani military rather than Pakistan’s scientific or academic community raise legitimate questions on the nature of such biological undertaking.

The seriousness of China’s current biological development in Pakistan lies in the manner the experiments are done with lack of transparency in semblance to corona virus study in Wuhan lab leading to COVID19 outbreak posing challenge in finding cure or prevention to the biggest malady experienced by humanity in modern era.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s persistent grave economic situation exacerbated by COVID19 has enabled China’s influence and dominance over Pakistan. The China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan’s Gwadar sea port under China’s financing and control has further indebted Pakistan in the contentious Belt Road initiative ( BRI) yielding exclusive strategic benefit and economic gains to China while leaving Pakistani ordinary citizens in generational poverty, economic misery and indebtedness to China. 

China’s bio research on corona virus and other pathogens in Pakistan arousing suspicions on possible biological weaponization is valid especially amid exact event in the form of COVID 19 imposed on humanity world over with indefinite paralysis of economy and normal life. 

Chinese authority together with Pakistani military bear responsibility to disclose details on their cooperation withholding no critical aspect of the biological experiments and data primarily to Pakistan citizens and the rest of the world. The world cannot afford or tolerate anymore violation of trust endangering lives, livelihoods in the present or future.

The honest and complete disclosure on China’s scientific ambitions regardless of whether it is related to COVID19 vaccine or any other medical quest is paramount to protect life and mitigate potential disaster.  

Failure to report and share information on ongoing biological trials subjecting humans i.e. Pakistani population and cattle ignoring repercussions could trigger worst problems prolonging health and economic crises hardly contained since COVID19 onset and widespread impact. 

Accordingly, non-compliance from China and Pakistan military keeping the world in the dark would mean global sanctions against Wuhan lab, scientists, officials in communist regime and counterpart in Pakistan military for rejecting humanity health safety and global security.

Chinese authorities behind the controversial biological venture for whatever goals along with Pakistani military abandoning secrecy and adopting transparency is a moral and ethical obligation to own citizens and humanity at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




Corona Virus (COVID19) – Manufactured in Wuhan Lab, China

September 13, 2020

Corona Virus (COVID19) – Manufactured in Wuhan Lab, China

Padmini Arhant

The article on the controversial and contentious issue – Corona Virus (COVID19) manufactured in lab setting was elaborated with detailed explanations on such conviction on May 12, 2020 in the link below under the title –

Corona Virus -EuroChinaUS (ECU) Deadly Experiment

The confirmation to this effect was partially acknowledged with reference to China’s virologist Dr. Shi Zengli’s advanced warning on the potential major pandemic explosion worldwide and Dr. Shi Zengli’s subsequent disappearance qualifying evasion on the subject matter was clear.

Furthermore, China’s authority together with those involved in the corona virus experiment over a period of time viz. Dr. Shi Zengli and others declining to comment or clarify on the outbreak upon being approached by leading Science journal Nature following the pandemic stated in article on June 5th, 2020 – the title  –

“The biggest mystery: What it will take to trace the corona virus source?” 

Now the latest report corroborating the fact COVID19 was indeed manufactured unlike the position maintained thus far comes to light.


Chinese Virologist Says She Has Scientific Proof That COVID-19 Was Made In A Chinese Govt Lab At Wuhan

In a video interview, a Chinese virologist has claimed that she possesses scientific proof that the COVID-19 virus originated in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan, China.

The scientist Dr Li-Meng Yan was working at the Hong Kong School of Public Health when she allegedly came across the proof of coronavirus being lab-made.

These sequences on highly infectious deadly corona virus consuming lives till date and having paralyzed global economy along with lives and livelihoods, the earlier article published on on May 30th, 2020 under the heading – “China and World Health Organization” –

The lack of transparency at the corona virus onset until today is the persistent problem in dealing with Beijing and WHO, the two parties having not exercised discretion and denied international access for independent inquiry and investigation continues to remain the credibility factor.

Nonetheless, the COVID19 source emerging from Wuhan lab, China is incontrovertible as the world continues to battle the biggest health catastrophe without any regret or remorse from those responsible for the global pandemic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Personal Health Update

July 28, 2020

Personal Health Update

Padmini Arhant

COVID-19 Test Result – California, USA 

Dear PadminiArhant,                                                                                  

The result of your 7/24/2020 COVID-19 test was negative. You do not currently have COVID-19 infection. Please continue to wear a mask when you leave your house, practice social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.

This letter may be presented to your employer if needed.

Thank you for choosing Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.


NB. The above test is the very first one on voluntary basis. It does not involve any previous positive test leading to hospitalization, medical treatment for any COVID 19 symptoms and  subsequent discharge for that matter.

Padmini Arhant 


Global Pandemic and China

June 12, 2020

Global Pandemic and China

Padmini Arhant

The corona virus SARS-CoV2 transformed into global pandemic continues to consume lives affecting millions worldwide with a catastrophic impact on every domestic economy producing aggregate effects on the global economy. The pandemic caused health disaster and economic collapse is immeasurable.

The corona virus(COVID-19) genome SARS-CoV2 identified as such by China and scientific community gaining rapid human to human transmissibility that was initially denied by Chinese authorities in Beijing and endorsed by World Health Organization at the outbreak onset is on the record. Furthermore, the travel ban that was critical to prevent the spread of the virus was also rejected in the earlier days by Beijing and WHO stating the virus posed no threat to humans and the world need not be alarmed in that respect. Again these are public statements from Beijing and WHO even after the virus explosion in Italy, Iran and South East Asia.

Although Beijing dispute the origin of the virus, the infection starting in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China and the Wuhan Institute of Virology located mere 300 feet from the wet market are factual data. The latest confirmation on SARS-COV2 virus genetic alteration research showing characteristics in correlation with the virus adaptability in humans affected in the current pandemic doesn’t appear to be a coincidence. No matter how these findings and new revelations are circumvented, at the end of the day the virus origin and source emerging from Wuhan, China is incontrovertible.

China’s virologist Shi Zengli referred to as the bat woman apparently for her prolonged study of corona virus in bats having become unavailable soon after the viral eruption now suddenly appearing following scientific determination on possible viral leak from Wuhan lab to defend indefensible position on all issues in Wuhan Institute of Virology and handling of the cataclysmic event quoting politicization of science perhaps at Beijing’s behest is a weak argument. The authorities in Beijing having ignored the lapses in the P4 lab and Wuhan Institute of Virology settings brought to attention by United States embassy in Beijing in January 2018 with little or no precautionary measures including secrecy on experiments in Wuhan lab directly concerning humanity cannot be slighted as sheer politics especially when the world is experiencing insurmountable health and economic crises due to the pandemic.

In fact, the authorities in Beijing had politicized the corona virus right from early detection in Wuhan until today letting that evolve into a pandemic crossing international borders and territories rather than allowing science, medicine and public health experts to address the problem there and then when it actually occurred in Wuhan, China.

Furthermore, Beijing’s aggressive tactics forcing medical professionals and scientists including virologists in Wuhan Institute of Virology to abscond from the scene while silencing whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang to death bare evidence to Beijing’s hard line policy toward own population in Wuhan and rest of China.

Notwithstanding Chinese Communist party leadership politicizing SARS-COV2 known as COVID19 from the get go until now barring access to international experts in the assessment of virus origin and source.

There is no doubt that collaborators on experiments conducted in Wuhan lab facilitated and funded by those in Europe, United States and other western nations with fair knowledge about China’s political system granting carte blanche authority to China’s leadership without proper oversight in place on the operation, methods and various undertakings in Wuhan Institute of Virology share responsibility for resting decisions exclusively to China.

In general, science explorations into future assuming to protect humanity from potential health and survival hazards such as pandemics, the involvement without any preparedness for untowardness jeopardize humanity endangering lives and livelihoods prevalently encountered in the corona virus mass infection. Regardless, science bear serious responsibility and propriety to avert consequences snowballing beyond control like the present pandemic.

Beijing turning the tide against global citizenry, the corona virus victims either succumbed to the deadly virus or fighting the pandemic in the health and economic front exacerbate situation. Instead, Beijing extending full cooperation for an independent investigation and inquiry into SARS-COV2 i.e. COVID 19 cause and catalysts without political meddling from anywhere would substantiate any claims one way or another besides setting precedence to prevent pandemics in the future.

The corona virus detected and treated in Wuhan, China as far back as October 2019. However, Wuhan epidemic brought to world notice only in late January 2020 with lockdowns imposed in late March this year.

Political angle to the pandemic is the health calamity downing healthy economy coinciding with United States Presidential election year in 2020 when Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has long been engaged in corona virus experiments since 2009.

On the global response to pandemic – the lockdowns in the absence of any prevention or cure to the highly infectious corona virus reportedly effective per public health officials and governments though not without economic costs and in many parts of the world drastically affecting the poor, fragile and the most vulnerable in health and economic terms largely attributed to financial constraints, insufficient resources considering demand surge in medical supplies and little or no economic relief from governments in certain economies leaving population to deal with hunger and lack of facilities amid extensive shelter-in-place order.

The migrant workers in different countries share a common problem and that was being stranded in locations without ways to support them and their families especially with the layoffs and no income forcing them to return home. In India for example, the migrant workers lost their lives in preventable causes of death and many from starvation, heat exhaustion and accidents in the course of long journey by foot back home covering as far as 1,500 km or more. These tragedies were avoidable had the migrant workers been able to leave earlier by available means of transport prior to lockdown with the central government giving adequate time rather than spur of the moment decision confining them to congested settings defeating the purpose of social distancing and close contact.

The extended lockdowns would be feasible had the governments made provisions to supply food and essential services including financial assistance to cover the entire period with factories and regular working conditions shut down in the wake of the pandemic. The easing of lockdowns based on local authorities reports on pandemic effects in their areas and accordingly setting guidelines for gradual reopening would be the initial steps towards economic revival. Any drastic measures always leads to undesirable outcome. Citizens on their part maintaining self-discipline in personal hygiene stated earlier like washing hands and feet, sanitizing commonly used surfaces, allowing 6 feet distance avoiding  personal contact when outside, monitoring personal health to remain healthy and active are all necessary to combat virus and keep illnesses at bay.

Now on China’s policy in mainland, Xin Jiang province, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, India, South China Sea and other territories facing the Communist Party’s authoritarianism is a matter of grave concern. China’s rise to economic power status is a consolidation of local population hard work, global consumers contribution and western powers overarching privileges granted to Communist Party in Beijing contradictory to western stance on communism and socialism imposing sanctions against other nations lasting over decades typically enriched China’s politburo members and multinational companies representing the top 1% in global society.  

Hong Kong – Beijing agreed to Hong Kong’s autonomy under one country two systems recognizing the island as an independent territory with own legislative assembly, rule of law, judiciary, trade and economic relations with the rest of the world including China on autonomous basis until now. China’s broken promise in the introduction of national security law defining pro-democracy movement as extremism and going further in labeling any future attempts on democratic rights as terrorism and sedition is clear human rights violation for a nation presiding over the same issues from other parts of the world as a permanent member of United Nations Security Council with veto power. China’s  contradiction in this respect is a serious flaw beckoning Beijing authorities unconditional acknowledgment of Hong Kong’s autonomy. China honoring the residents democratic rights is the path to peaceful resolution on Hong Kong independence.

Similarly in mainland and Xin Jiang province, China – Beijing’s crackdown on non-violent political dissidents in mainland and Uighur Muslims plight in the supposedly autonomous Xin Jiang province has attracted international condemnation with situations only deteriorating as time goes by with no hope for freedom of speech. In Uighur Muslims’ case, the internment camps enduring torture and all sorts of abuse denying foreign press any access to view their conditions in isolation tarnish China’s image. The fundamental changes beginning with individual rights, political freedom, freedom of press and other basic human rights in every aspect are imperative for real progress in China.

Taiwan – Beijing asserting rights over sovereign Taiwan as China’s territory falls under the same category as territorial annexation by force. Taiwan is an independent nation with democratically elected leadership, President Tsai Ing-Wen having been re-elected to second term in office. Taiwan’s status as a free democratic state is a long standing position that cannot be subverted under threat or political intrusion.

Tibet – the Buddhist nation though regarded an autonomous region under China, the reality is otherwise. Tibet was once an independent nation that was aggressively invaded and taken over by neighboring China. Tibet has an elected government in exile formally referred to as Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) headed by President Lobsang Sangay, the lawful democratic governing body to govern Tibet. Beijing’s claim on Tibet is inexplicable. Tibet independence from China is quintessential for the latter’s interpretation of autonomy with sovereign statehood. Tibet was a free country. Ever since occupation in 1959, the Tibetan population are subject to enormous suffering with culture and civilization completely wiped out under China. Time for Tibet liberation from People Liberation Army (PLA) and Beijing’s control in China ending the decades old sovereign subjugation.

Nepal – the proud Himalayan nation at the foothills of the highest peak Mt.Everest, the heavenly abode of God Shiva with Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha is unfortunately landlocked between  China and India. Nepal is compelled to contend with wanton skirmishes and territorial seizures considering authoritarian leaderships in both China and India sharing common aspirations especially towards neighbors regarded weak and vulnerable. Nonetheless, Nepal possess abilities to deal with challenges in the shadow of holy heritage, the majestic Himalayan premise.

India –  China having previously annexed approximately 38,000 Aksai Chin in Ladakh and reportedly entered the region across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) recently surrounding India in all directions from west in Ladakh,  north and northeast viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam and,

In south, reports confirm China having seized the island strip in Indian territory off Maldives in Indian Ocean pouring millions of pounds sand in preparation for submarine base are significant encroachment and invasion of foreign land, in this instance India. China and India have been drawn into warfare earlier in 1962, 1967…and were at the brink of escalation in Doklam border standoff near Bhutan in 2017. These incursions and invasions characterize China’s hegemony against Nuclear India and other neighbors in the region. In other security issues related to India, China’s empathy to Pakistan based terror networks extended when China was the only country among the 15-member UNSC to have opposed the ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar despite the terror group’s terrorism against India.

China carried out these activities while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping on several occasions reminiscent of Gujarat days when the former Chief Minister entertained Chinese investments in Gujarat and all over India upon assuming office as Prime Minister. India’s trade deficit with China is $57.4 billion per public data given opaqueness on both sides of the government in revealing the latest figure. India’s earlier trade surplus $3.9 billion against Hong Kong reversed into $2.7 billion trade deficit in 2018 following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visits to India.

China has consistently been the beneficiary against India accessing Indian market in trade and economic deals. In return India received China’s military interventions via troops deployment covering all sides of the Indian territory. Additionally, China’s overt and covert operations in north eastern states luring Indian citizens to Beijing’s economic incentives laden with political agenda are some of many omissions on the Indian government oversight.

Chinese leaderships decision on immediate withdrawal of troops, artillery and military assets from the current positions within, near and around India is paramount and remains the determining factor for China’s recovery from internal economic turmoil, pandemic containment and political turbulence in Communist party politburo.

China has the opportunity to alleviate unnecessary tensions with India. The two nations as ancient civilizations has much to benefit from each other in mutual growth and development that inarguably requires trust and reliable partnership without any surprises such as the ongoing border intrusion and military posturing in the Himalayas and across Indian boundary in the region.

The elephant and dragon dance is possible upon the dragon, the mythical character in ancient legend renounce emitting fire endangering self and all around. On the contrary, the elephant existing since time immemorial worshipped in Hindu, Buddhist religion and offshoots proved priceless in living and beyond for many attributes is testimony to peaceful co-existence in the habitat.

South-China Sea – the increased clashes in international waters between China and ASEAN countries viz. Vietnam after the Vietnamese fishing boat drowning linked to China’s interception, Malaysia reportedly confronted by China near Malaysian oil rig facility, Philippines intimidated by China restricting local fishing and availing marine resources in archipelago. Japan has long standing territorial dispute with China over Senkaku Islands dispute, or Diaoyu Islands dispute respectively. Tiaoyutai Islands is contested between China and Taiwan.

Needless to say United States patrol in South China Sea unwelcome and perceived as interference by China in the overall international collision in Asian waters.

The nations worldwide burdened with pandemic originating in Wuhan, China enforcing economic shut down has inflicted phenomenal losses that are irreversible in terms of fatalities, a staggering 388,000 and still rising and 6.6 million affected right now from the deadly virus cannot be written off as benign incident. The pandemic generated humongous economic liabilities depriving billions from livelihoods and driving businesses into insolvency is historic and expected to prolong over a period of time until economic revival and sustainability.

The global citizens as prime consumers of Made in China goods and services are naturally frustrated and feel betrayed by Beijing and World Health Organization’s joint lapses and malfeasance in withholding facts and numbers on the virus victims at the start of the pandemic.

Beijing might succeed in winning favors from certain governments, organizations, multinational companies and those willing to appease China’s Leaderships at any level.

The average citizens as retail buyers buying goods manufactured in China instrumental in China’s economic empowerment hold the key to Beijing’s present and future.

Hence, China’s political, economic, strategic, military and social transformation conforming to individual freedom, free speech, free press, civil rights, democratic system, open free society within China towards own people and Hong Kong citizens aspiring democratic values with self-governance, independent Taiwan, Xin Jiang province, Tibet and all others enunciated above in South and South East Asia, South Pacific and the rest of the world are no longer a choice but an obligation to rebuild China and the global economy.

China’s seismic shift in political and strategic evolution accepting democracy, respecting human rights, neighbors sovereignty, territorial integrity and above all transparency and trustworthiness in all dealings is the only way forward to earn global citizens confidence and approval.

China’s economic prosperity ascribed to free market enterprise in the global economy venturing into mainland invigorated meteoric rise. The political and strategic reforms in China’s system is long overdue for positive exchange in relations severely compromised in Beijing’s rattled response to COVID19 and economic ramifications.

Beijing’s reconciliation and rapprochement with India and neighbors in South China Sea would renew ties boosting economic progress amongst all.

China’s engagement with United States and western powers is a complex relationship. China positioned as a major creditor financing and servicing western economies. The trade war with United States alongside China as the manufacturing hub for United States mega corporations is an inter-dependent economic chain link with lingering mistrust and mendacious malfeasance overwhelming at certain times like currency manipulation to gain export advantage and leverage foreign currency reserves and at present the corona virus corroded the benefit of doubt against China.

United States recent steps against China are motivated by the latter’s inconsistency in meeting expectations with inherent deficiencies in mutual cooperation and understanding on many issues from economic strengths to intellectual property rights that are contentious requiring considerable revisions and renewed measures for a fresh dependable transparent trade alliance.

In conclusion, China’s awakening to twenty first century reality represented by generation within the country, Xin Jiang Province, neighboring Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan for independence leading to a democratic society with freedom, political rights, individual liberty to elect government through ballots not bullets, honoring the will and wishes of nations seeking respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, abandoning hostility for harmony with all nations in the region and world wide is the only way forward to establish meaningful and universally acceptable transition that guarantees trust, peace and fulfillment on obligations and commitments.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





















Corona Virus – SARS-COV2 Origin and Cause

May 25, 2020

Corona Virus – SARS-COV2 Origin and Cause

Padmini Arhant

The origin of corona virus may have been a cell culture experiment gone wrong say Australian Scientist – Sky News Australia. Please see video at the bottom. Thank you.

Numerous articles citing this possibility presented on the topic on this site and sub-domain per links below;

Corona Virus -EuroChinaUS (ECU)Deadly Experiment in

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

Accountability and Conspiracy Theory

Corona Virus – WHO Mismanagement

Corona Virus – Profits and Motives

Corona Virus – Politics and Pandemic Management

World Health Organization Failure and Director General Resignation

Crazy Murder Inc.

Source – Sky News Australia. Thank you.

The origin of corona virus may have been a cell culture experiment gone wrong

Special Report: Evidence builds corona virus came from a Chinese lab

Let the independent inquiry and Apolitical investigation begin on this critical issue to prevent further loss of lives at present and similar or worse pandemics in the future. The government and world authorities are obligatory to humanity to get to the bottom on the controversial yet important finding allowing the benefit of doubt to other possibility i.e. Wuhan lab virus culture behind SARS-CoV2 current pandemic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

April 30, 2020

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

Padmini Arhant

Western Defense and Offense. Means and Strategy. 

Strategy – When new weapons are manufactured – the hardware potency is tested in Central Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Means – Conventional warfare deploying boots on the ground, terror sponsorship recruiting terror outfits by arming, funding and training terror factions not barring cannibalism witnessed in 2011, 2012 against Syrian civilians spreading across the country and neighborhood. Dropping cluster bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…earlier deadly chemical Agent Orange Napalm – used in flamethrowers in Vietnam war burning down forests and bushes, nuclear laden missile strikes, air raid in Libya in 2011 imposing No Fly Zone through UNSC denying the nation under attack any defense mechanism are mere examples among scores of violent engagement in these parts of the world.

The drone attacks became the sport targeting vulnerable population in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Central, East, West and North Africa as well as Central and South America intensified in the second decade of the twenty first century i.e. in 2007 onwards and more so in 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014…etc.

Similarly, Western Nuclear arsenal enhancements via nuclear subterranean testing conducted by France from 1966 – 1996 about 193 nuclear tests carried out in paradise islands – the Polynesian stretch in the Pacific Ocean inarguably attracted local outcry demanding the western power to cease dangerous nuclear activity in their waters affecting lives and livelihoods all around.

Importantly, the draconian economic sanctions invariably enforced on non-western nations only thus far claimed millions of lives world wide forcing millions into starvation, malnutrition and diverse preventable disease in the victim nations with no respite despite the cataclysmic impact on children, women, youth and elderly population in these nations world over. 

Chronology of Events (2000 – 2020) –Pre-meditated and calibrated terror attack on September 11, 2001 ignoring adequate warnings from concerned intelligence agencies outside United States set the stage for military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq  in 2001 and 2003 lasting nearly two decades that alone consumed thousands of lives leaving millions refugees in their homeland.

The trend continued in the so-called Arab Spring in 2010 that catapulted new wave of terrorism sponsoring terror networks to circumvent congressional authorization which in return meant public approval on traditional military interference in foreign land that was not easily forthcoming given the disastrous episodes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This period again resulted in destruction of several thousands of lives in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and other states in the region. The casualties from these western and middle eastern coalition erupted in multitudes leaving many survivors especially children destitute and women preyed for sexual assaults and assorted abuse in the war zone by terror groups and participants in the name of war on terror. 

Not to mention the unwarranted bifurcation of African nation Sudan into South Sudan in 2011 causing political instability and chaos along with population exodus fleeing their territories from violence. Likewise the UNSC mandated French military operation in Western African state Mali in 2012 created deaths and demolition of lives and habitat.

In 2020 – Two decades later – the massive loss of human lives currently at 233,411 deaths and staggering 3.3 million affected with the deadly virus occurs in the form of global pandemic without the use of military and nuclear arsenal.

The compelling argument in the present global health disaster is tracking the origin and sources behind the mammoth health and economic crises confronting the ordinary citizens and privileged worldwide.

The latest report on corona virus in understanding the severity of the pathogen emanates from the controversial Gain of Function research involving animal passage reportedly tried by Scientist Ron Fouchier from Erasmus University in Holland a decade ago in the wake of bird flu that was limited to only infection upon handling the bird at that time.

The finding seemingly aroused the curious scientific mind to further explore on the virus potential in transforming into a pandemic prompting virus manufacturing in the lab setting. The scientific lobby reportedly succeeded in introducing PREDICT program in 2009 with $200 million investment from international funding in United States and Europe facilitating dangerous Gain of Function experiment defying risks and consequences regardless of frequent accidents in the science labs on small pox, anthrax, avian flu experiment in the United States and other labs in the world producing harmful effects including deaths is noteworthy.

The report suggesting the Wuhan lab in China funded through PREDICT program were aware of the lapses in the lab performing highly infectious virus experiments is a serious  negligence in the absence of immediate precautionary measures that appear to have contributed to the unprecedented global pandemic. 

Science by nature experimenting and exploring future in medicine, space inhabitation and more for various reasons bear responsibility to weigh the pros and cons of daring undertakings without any preparedness for unexpected twists and turns is an extravagant adventure at the expense of the rest of the world caught unbeknown in the present experience.

The earlier attempt to clone live mammal viz. the sheep Dolly in Scotland, U.K. using nuclear transfer with an unfertilized egg cell contracted life span of the clones attributed to progressive illnesses from such fallacious aspirations.

The human power is limited to saving lives from diseases and health woes acquired or inherited in one’s lifetime at the most leading to defer and not deter loss of life. The acceleration to go beyond the confines of nature evident in cloning and now in virus manufacturing with or without enhanced engineering to test virus virulence in humans is an overarching endeavor proved deadly and devastating for humanity.

Needless to say, human intelligence protecting life and in the other extreme endangering lives with mass fatalities is an established pattern since human evolution.

As for creating life, the task is an extraordinary empowerment and accordingly best left to Supernatural force and phenomenon behind natural creation and the Universe comprising inconceivable configurations. 

Science effectiveness would be appropriate in dealing with myriad contemporary challenges facing mankind in health, economic and social behavior rather than subjecting entire human population and other species to catastrophic accounts in the prevalent corona virus pandemic.

The health calamity obviously arising from collaborative mismanagement in the scientific environment and erroneous political decisions together exacerbate humanity plight. 

Frankenstein approach without careful thoughts, diligence and deliberation on audacious virus experiments conclusively deliver undesirable outcome. 

The scientific community, the so-called philanthropic investors and political powers in favor of contentious Gain of Function experiment with animal passage inevitably affecting humans need to come forward and accept accountability for the ravaging COVID 19 consuming lives and drowning businesses in the global economic shut down.  The situation surrounded by uncertainty and ambivalence in predicting the virus containment and elimination is the convincing delivery from the $200 million PREDICT venture. 

Finally, transparency is key and integral structure of ethics without exceptions ranging from Science, economy to politics and everything related to human survival and earth sustenance. In flouting transparency, the tremendous loss is never recovered from any superficial gains now and ever.

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 







Corona Virus and Pandemic Management Video Update

April 14, 2020

Corona Virus and Pandemic Management Video Update

Padmini Arhant



I begin with my thoughts and prayers for victims and health care team worldwide in prevailing over the worst health care and economic crises.

The world battling corona virus have reportedly lost 114,367 lives and 1,857,354 affected with   1,263,405 in mild condition and 50,847 patients in serious or critical condition. The positive trend in this pandemic is 428,735 (79%) stated as recovered from this virus at present. The downside is the gradual increase in death toll at 21% remains alarming.

Most nations remaining in lock down since mid to late March up until now observing public health guidelines on social distancing and limiting social contacts given the rapid transmission through these means have definitely proved effective. However, many in different locations in many parts of the world fail to adhere the important guidance despite citations and fines for ignoring the rule which is deeply regrettable. These individuals need to understand the consequences of their casual behavior and disobedience having ripple effects on those vulnerable to this virus such as elderly and citizens with underlying health conditions exposed to such silent carriers in return slipping into serious or critical category. Not to mention the burden on front line health care workers risking their lives as well as their families expected to treat corona virus patients without personal protective equipment considering the shortage on these items and medical supplies exacerbating care and containment at this critical juncture.

Accordingly, it is imperative for all citizens to respect lockdown and follow the instructions preventing further spread of this virus and new cases from emerging in their local territory and other parts of the globe. The nations experiencing the worst impact of the contagion virus arguably dealing with tremendous situation due to lack of preparedness and overall worldwide neglect to allocate adequate funding and reserves towards health care in their national budget.

The countries that are least affected from this deadly virus are fortunate considering many are barely in a position to mitigate the pandemic with scarce supplies and fewer resources at their disposal to assist a large population. However, the biggest challenge for them is the economic toll on vast majority struggling to make ends meet and many below poverty line dyeing from hunger and starvation is the reality. The economic relief to these large number of people is paramount in addition to reviving small businesses, retailers, restaurants and chain of commercial services crucial to any economy enduring losses from the current economic freeze. Above all feeding the hungry while in lock down and after until economic revival cannot be slighted by any government, civil society and non-governmental organizations in the excruciating economic times facing the world.

In terms of combating the virus – Scientific and medical community involved in research for cure and prevention are racing with time to contain the epidemic and their efforts are truly appreciated. In the meantime, the medical team laying their lives to save lives and in the course losing own lives in the battle are preventable. The safe medical gear and supplies to health care workers are compulsory to protect them from adverse vector factor. The community transmission is either not recognized or denied in some parts of the world despite huge population due to bare minimal testing that in itself is a fire starter not knowing the actual trigger point within creating massive contagion effect. The authorities ignoring repercussions from fewer testing are indeed placing domestic and international community at risk that could linger beyond the 12 – 18 months timeframe posing enormous exposure upon travel resumption.

Bearing this aftermath in mind, travel conditions should include corona virus clearance from recognized local legal medical centers in a similar manner meeting the requirement on communicable diseases prior to issuing boarding pass in order to prohibit traveler transmission proved fundamental reason behind the global pandemic.

As for reopening the economy – hospitals, emergency rescue operations fire fighters and utility services has been in operation being essential for routine functions and other economic sectors getting back to work would depend on virus elimination and county reports on the pandemic confirming public health safety prior to allowing shops and restaurants to return to any service maintaining strict code on crowd and close interaction.

The effective measure to control virus is for citizens from all walks of life to adopt self-discipline on quarantine, avoiding social proximity and physical contacts, hygiene by thoroughly washing hands with soap and clean water, wearing face masks to prevent aerosol infection are regular recommendations to be observed in overcoming the present health disaster. Furthermore, citizens concentrating on personal health boosting immunity through appropriate natural diet and lifestyle would contribute to built-in resistance to corona virus and any other potential health hazards in daily life. The emotional and psychological needs are equally at stake for some unable to cope with the unprecedented health crisis which would require different kinds of family and external support.

Any options to ease lock down is tied to pandemic decline averting new cases and fatalities with the focus on recovery escalating among the infected data. The other suggestion is to publish data on recovery process i.e. patients initially affected with corona virus regardless of testing with mild symptoms could share treatment and means towards recovery to help others affected by the pandemic. Those classified symptomatic, Asymptomatic and presymptomatic electing self-confinement for minimum 2-3 weeks extending longer upon persisting mild symptoms would de-escalate the pandemic.

In conclusion, governments outreach to the disadvantaged in society is a key responsibility together with public cooperation in following the rules and ordinance related to the pandemic would deliver the desirable outcome.

My prayers and best wishes to all those experiencing health and economic woes from the pandemic testing human ability and determination in dealing with unusual circumstances consuming lives and having brought livelihoods to a temporary halt.

Let us all work together and consolidate resources, time and energy in assisting victims and others tirelessly engaged in saving lives and offering economic aid to weaker sections in society.

We shall and will triumph over the worst health catastrophe and economic downturn.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Corona Virus – Politics and Pandemic Management

April 7, 2020

Corona Virus – Politics and Pandemic Management

Padmini Arhant

There will be a visual presentation on this topic covering all aspects of the critical matter.

Please refer to video clip titled Corona Virus and Pandemic Management Video format. 

Meanwhile, the pandemonium on hydroxychloroquine as incontrovertible life saving drug in the absence of reliable scientific data providing evidence on the drug as the potent antidote to treat massive victims of the pandemic caused by SARS CoV2 corona virus barring potential diverse side effects is haste making waste.

There is no doubt that governments role is important in the pandemic management. At the same time, governments and any industry becoming the substitute for scientific and medical experts specializing in infectious disease control such as epidemiologist, virologists, microbiologists and public health authorities in the relevant field…witnessed at present unnecessarily exacerbates the raging contagion virus impact.

No lives could be gambled with on hypothesis and speculations generating confusion for political and commercial interests.

The world is confronted with an unprecedented global health crisis in addition to the biggest economic challenge legitimately being the immediate concern and anxiety for billions around the world. In the current situation, political leaderships and government rational approach and discernment would alleviate tension to the otherwise pandemic explosion. 

More on this issue and subject related to the pandemic will be presented in the visual format.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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