Human Suffering Discrimination.

March 4, 2022

Human Suffering Discrimination

Padmini Arhant

There are variety in discriminations as the world gets bogged down in narratives than truth and factual information. 

The media rancor and opinionated slurs dominant in air waves and all or any available communication outlets continue with no moment of pause. 

The denial in tragedies resulting in deaths and destruction of innocent lives however being discriminated is the worst and ugliest form. 

The people who died and still dying from the global pandemic is irrefutable and incontrovertible. Similarly the victims of unnecessary warfare in Ukraine costing the lives of Ukrainians and Russians are equally regrettable. 

The global pandemic triggered from lab manufactured deadly pathogen consuming and crippling lives in millions is as reprehensible as the ongoing war against the people of Ukraine brought upon from the days of western insurrection in Kiev Maidan Square in 2014.

Those inflicting deaths and devastation via the global pandemic or bombing and shelling cities forcing evacuation of population from their homeland cannot justify their actions one way or another. 

Human pain and suffering evaluated on geographical lines and partisan politics protecting and shielding those responsible for colossal health and economic disaster via the pandemic while blowing the whistle on warfare reveals true colors of prejudice. 

The power, authority, wealth and influential status at the helm misused and abused delivering humanitarian misery, health, economic and political crises whether in biowarfare such as the pandemic or the military invasion and occupation in Ukraine are unacceptable and condemnable. 

The call for accountability on the global pandemic with grueling ramifications worldwide is persona non grata (unwelcome) for those expressing selective empathy on the events of their choice.

Such discrimination in these developments is beneath human value and disposition raising moral ground  disingenuous in nature. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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