New Year 2022 Message

January 28, 2022

New Year 2022 Message

Padmini Arhant

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Global Pandemic, Global Power and Proxies violations of Life, Individual Rights, Space and Privacy

Happy New Year to individuals who respect others rights, life, space and privacy.

I share my sincere thoughts, concerns and facts originating from my very own organic and not artificial intelligence as propagated by those evidently epitomize artificial or no intelligence considering their public and private life as impostors paradoxically claiming to be my alter ego. Needless to say there is a serious intelligence deficit disorder amongst them, the self-certified intelligence patent owners despite conflicting positions. With misogyny and condescendence as their signature traits, they continue to lose face in the relentless self-defacing act.

The New Year 2022 has set in with unresolved crises and unmitigated problems carried over from the last two years – 2020 and 2021. 

The pandemic continues to remain the major issue predominantly due to lack of transparency, inconsistency in guidelines and protocol, intolerance to facts and truth among several factors contributing to persistent health disaster in the twenty first century.  While the hope is to surmount and succeed in the life and death battle with expectations to restore and return to normal life, the factual information censorship and objective science displaced with profit strategy continues unabated with no limit or end in sight. 

Science is held hostage in the ongoing dilemma with public denied options to exercise individual discretion on personal health and well being. 

The pandemic cause beginning with controversial and contentious gain of function research funded and developed in a location viz. Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, barely accessible to international or any independent investigation to reach the bottom of the covered up health debacle in human history. 

The powerful members abusing their influence and political clout behind the entire tragic tumultuous health and economic catastrophe remain seated at the helm doing more harm inflicting pain and preventable deaths world over.

There is more to discuss and deliberate in the fourth year 2022 considering the virus SARS COV2 was earlier detected and known to have affected citizens in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China as far back in September 2019. Yet the matter was not regarded urgent and officially disclosed only in January 2020. 

Again the procrastination on serious health issue was not without withholding vital details such as travel, transmissibility and testing results to international community. 

The deliberate mishandling right from the virus onset in 2019 and thereafter demonstrated little or no value for human life. Notwithstanding science exploited in the political and economic gains facilitating the epidemic evolve into a global pandemic.  

Let us not forget the SARS COV2 – WHO as international health body in Geneva, Switzerland i.e. Europe and United States as well as western counterparts public health authorities have categorically maintained the SARS corona virus genetic strain linked to bats, the mammal in existence on earth verifiably over 50 million years ago.

“The public data on bats fossil finding – Bats pop up in the fossil record around 50 million years ago during a time known as the Eocene. Paleontologists have recovered remains ranging from teeth and bits of jaw to stunning full skeletons in places as far-flung as Wyoming, Paris, Australia and India’s Vastan Mine. Apr 21, 2020.”

The bats having been around over 50 million years or more, the human contact and exposure to the mammal has been since human creation and evolution as well. If not earlier in timeline, human encounter and familiarity with the mammal account for adequate period exceeding thousands of years enabling human immunity development to the species’ pathogenicity.

The ominous distinction in COVID-19 is the virulence and transmissibility of the pathogen being abnormal with deviation from earlier epidemics like SARS and MERS epidemic in 2002-2003 and 2012-2013 respectively, both identified as corona virus family due to acute respiratory syndromes and were limited to few geographic locations in South East Asia and the Middle East. Likewise, the ebola virus in 2014 though not related to corona virus emerged in the particular zone in Africa restricting the virus from spreading across the continent. All three viruses in the twenty first century i.e. after the year 2000 were contained at the regional or specific domains without conflating into a global pandemic and economic crises like the 2019 SARS COV2 extended into fourth year 2022 keeping into account its detection in 2019.

Since the topic is centralized on personal rights, I want to elaborate on the global power direct infringement on individual health, lifestyle and basic survival.

The human biometrics along with complete and comprehensive personal details on life, health and habits as consumer, worker and taxpayers are stored in the global power run governments’ system worldwide.

The human population are no longer treated and respected as living breathing free souls on earth. Instead, the selective few as the most powerful entity running the gamut spare no opportunity to censor, cancel and criminalize anyone challenging status quo.

The global power colluding in secret locations as the SECRET SOCIETY barring the real press, citizens’ media and public attendance from obtaining information on the meeting discussion is the cardinal rule. The flip side is their encroachment on others’ life, health and lifestyle choices continue as their prerogative.

Human health is now a matter of profit and loss in monetary terms with science experimented to fit the mindset of those with agenda like depopulation and cavalier approach in testing human immunity to bio-engineered pathogens of their choice. The reason those engaged in violation of natural science are intact in their powerful positions irrespective of deaths and devastations inflicted by them from unconscionable indulgence is because of the majority human population silence letting the authoritative minority run a muck on the basis of disproportionate power, wealth and influence.

The current situation of the selective few dominance directly controlling nearly 8 billion population lives is subjugation turning earth into a prison planet.

The governments regardless of political systems are committed to oligarchy and globalists policy ranging from economy, politics to social engineering and religion.

The ordinary citizens  role anywhere are merely limited to being voters, workers in the work force and taxpayers in the economy. The average citizens political  rights, economic and social status are usual  casualties in any major reforms in finance, health, education and economy.

The super-wealthy owning governments and nations by default possess unbridled power abused to the core with no checks and balances to rein the undemocratic uncivilized principles and policies implemented to retain status quo.

The health disaster experienced by humanity due to intentional sabotage of global economy on one side and mega profiteering unleashing lab manufactured virus on the other side with none held accountable for heinous crimes against mankind is the contemporary reality.

The richest in the world betting on life endangering contentious gain of function research in science and as though that is not enough, venturing into agriculture industry and meddling in food production spiking crops with genetic modification and hormone interjection in live stocks in return directly affecting human lives are the norm. The irony is these individuals as influential elites are sought by governments for expert advise and consultations ignoring catastrophic results in their home soil leaving farmers in deep distress and even suicidal with dual complicity against ordinary lives world over.

Upon careful thought process based on individual and collective life experience as well as observations on deteriorating standards, it is crystal clear that anti-humanity forces agenda anchored on all for me or selective us and none for you or the rest of you successfully executed with trillionaires in the dark and multi-billionaires and global corporations run governments functioning as fiduciary in proxy is hardly a coincidence.

To make matters worse, the superpower glamor in global regions are yet another aspiration in the geopolitical and economic dynamics.

This topic merit exclusive focus and will be presented accordingly in the suitable time.

On the final note regarding the pandemic – There is lot to be answered and addressed by those in positions of authority as public health official Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH institutes, the academia Professor Ralph Steven Baric from Chapel Hill,  University of North Carolina, in the United States, World Health Organization in Europe and last but not the least the Wuhan Virology Institute and the government and leadership Premier Xi Jinping in Beijing, China.

The pandemic victims and families deserve to be heard for the irreversible losses and agonizing health economic tragedies prolonged as unfortunate collateral damages in the misguided science adventure. Above all, the independent global investigation on the origin and lapses contributing to unresolved health calamity is critical to spare humanity from future science trials and tribulations.

Your attention and interest is appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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