India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

September 18, 2020

India – China Standoff Resolution in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant 

The contentious border issue along Line of Actual control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh with China in the past six months since April this year post corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic originating from Wuhan, China prolonged following several round of talks at the high level military command and political discourse i.e. the defense ministry, external affairs ministry and National Security advisers on both sides yielding no relief on the eye to eye confrontation in the Himalayan range.

The news reports on deteriorating situation between the armed forces deployed in thousands on both sides with loss of precious lives suffered in the defense force on either sides and the latest firing bringing the battle on the edge has not deterred Chinese leadership Xijinping and officials behind the counterproductive military operation.

The ongoing military clashes in the most treacherous and inhospitable terrains exacerbating conditions in winter currently experienced in freezing temperature in the higher altitude 18,000 feet above sea level subject armed forces to natural hostility that cannot be underestimated in any account. 

China’s unreasonable quest for territorial annexations in Ladakh and the region slighting own defense forces casualties in May – June 2020 and inevitable deaths mainly possible due to unfavorable environment in the Himalayas with oxygen depletion and harsh weather is a compelling factor to end standoff effective immediately. The important decision is critical to protect armed forces on both sides from preventable demise in large numbers notwithstanding the effects on artillery and ammunition in the frigid setting.

As such Chinese authority in Beijing owe humanity apology, reparation and recovery costs for unleashing bio-engineered deadly infectious corona virus leaving the global population to deal with deaths and immeasurable health a well as economic misery in the absence of instant salvation. Chinese Communist regime biowarfare through COVID19 against entire world aimed at substantial health and economic losses beyond control is not something to be excused as inadvertent mistake especially with revelations on deliberate and pre-meditated bioweapon viz. corona virus attack launched on global population for economic interests and Superpower status.

Amid global pandemic from China, Beijing’s military aggression and border transgressions in India’s eastern Ladakh and North Eastern territories with ambitious skirmishes in South China sea and Taiwan straits are one too many military interventions designed without care and calculations on imminent setback for aggressor i.e. Beijing involved in the military intrusion with neighbors near and far.

The political talks and dialogue held up until now between India and China including five point agreement to de-escalate tension is yet to be translated in adherence. China mobilizing troops and armament in eastern Ladakh having occupied the Indian side forcing India’s counter measure and response allude provocation. The authorities in Beijing misguiding PLA on the grounds is directly contradictory to any agreement reached in political engagement. Beijing’s repeat default in this regard essentially confirm China’s trust deficit. 

China’s expansionism sprawling across South and South East Asia while heavily invested in the economies in the region is defiance of wisdom and pragmatism. Besides, China poised as supplier of key technology components and pharmaceutical ingredients would have serious repercussions in the multidimensional position with military warfare in the Himalayas wiping the prospects and potential to restore China’s ailing economy and vast domestic problems threatening Chinese leadership Xijinping’s term in office and political career. 

China is confronted with enormous economic, political and environment challenges that deserve priority over military encounter with India or anyone for that matter in South China sea and elsewhere. China’s leadership exercising restraint and authorizing PLA withdrawal from the contentious terrains without procrastinations would demonstrate Beijing’s commitment to peace and tranquility in utter respect for China’s defense forces lives and civilians in the vulnerable war zone. 

Any leadership betting defense personnel lives for political and personal goals misrepresent the nation, the people as well as the military they are pledged to honor and safeguard lives averting violence and bloodshed, the inevitable outcome in any military conflict.

China’s leadership CCP General Secretary and the Central Military Commission Chairman Xijinping along with officials in political and military authority in Beijing and Western Theater Command terminating standoff with Indian armed forces in Ladakh and north eastern territories is paramount for China’s effort to rebuild adversely damaged reputation, image and trust in the aftermath of COVID 19 having toll on global health and economy. 

The positive action could in return benefit China in becoming a reliable partner in trade relations and establishing permanent peace and security in South, South East Asian regions and worldwide.

The nuclear nations – India-China peaceful resolution on the standoff abandoning military solution is the absolute clarion call to save lives on both sides and preclude the otherwise unmitigated disaster.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






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