Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

January 17, 2022

Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

Padmini Arhant

WHO – World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. The international health body is yet to contain the global pandemic COVID19 extended into COVID22 with no short supply of inter-continental variants and mutants wreaking havoc in human lives thus far.

Meanwhile, profiteers raking fortune from the mandated vaccine and pandemic treatments are laughing all the way to UBS, Switzerland and tax havens in exotic shores feigning unfamiliarity with the idea of contentment. They are breathlessly making a killing from the bio-engineered virus caused breathlessness consuming lives and debilitating healthy lifestyle of mankind.

WEC – World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland unabashedly announced Great Reset absent relevant details to configure global financial system.

The WEC cardinal rule is aimed at the ordinary average citizens in the world  i.e. 99% will own nothing in financial assets is the public statement from the WEC founder Professor Klaus Schwab at the forum in 2019 and 2020. 

The 99% rights such as individual liberty, economic opportunity and financial security are effectively null and void.

Juxtaposed the 1% possession and entitlement to global resources and natural endowments to prolong for eternity.

WEC’s Great reset was not possible without global economic shut down.

The WHO mismanaged COVID19 evolving into global pandemic conveniently necessitated world wide economic freeze linked to pandemic lockdown and the rest fell in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

UBS – Though publicly stated as not an acronym, the UBS is world renowned swish Swiss bank attracting legal and overwhelmingly illegal money from all corners of the world. The capital flight into the Swiss economy from diverse channels and entities as well as individuals unable to bury the illicit wealth in their domain park the funds at UBS and alike.

The trend depleting national treasury around the world in tax evasions and various unscrupulous nefarious transactions reach the high security nuclear stealth vaults at UBS and similar safe havens world over.

The pervasive corruption culture predominantly behind global poverty, hunger and disease in the otherwise plentiful planet earth thrives in the creation and mobilization of assets largely from developing nations into the developed world.

As a result, the super wealthy status is a matter of  transforming the regions with rich economic resources and human capital freely accessible for exploitation and excoriation. The tradition continued over centuries now exponentially capitalized by 1% representing the exclusive club in the world. 

The super rich competition is maintained within the trillionaire and billionaire circle with the rest of the population categorically informed about owning nothing in their name except debts and taxes remaining the irrevocable obligations in life for the 99% in the world.

Switzerland, the european nation and European Union (EU) member proudly declared neutral state in warfare has also retained neutrality in fomenting and fostering corruption.

The Swiss financial system is the trend setter in this regard with majority world population deprived of basic to fair share of economic means in the unaccountable transfer of wealth by the rich, famous and powerful from different nations in the world.

The commonality in WHO, WEC and UBS  is besides Switzerland in geographic location, the three powerful organizations and institution representing health, economy and finance respectively – the lifeline and oxygen of human survival are instrumental in exacerbating human suffering with unmitigated crises experienced in the pandemic, economic and financial meltdowns adversely affecting human natural immunity compromised with unnatural events.

The fundamental change in these organizations renouncing corruption and restoring ethical functioning with transparency and accountability is the only way forward for global progress and prosperity.

The WHO assuming autonomy independent of any foreign governments’ influence and incentives is the preliminary step towards earning credibility as the world health body.

The WEC relinquishing control over nearly eight billion population destiny to benefit selective few amongst selves is the precursor for sustainable global economic growth and development.

The 1% economic status is directly tied to 99% stable and affordable living. 

Last but not the least, the UBS and other havens  rejecting unlawful illegitimate funds around the globe and myriad sources ranging in backgrounds not barring corruption, criminality, extortion, trafficking and smuggling etc. would exemplify Switzerland and European commitment in combating systemic corruption, the foremost element denying human population existence with basic needs and healthy social economic environment.

The individuals and companies from developing nations exposed in massive corruption scandals as well as implicated in bankrupting public savings in financial institutions are currently guaranteed safe passage to and refuge in Europe with impunity.

The European Union action in collective responsibility to curb corruption enacting extradition treaty with nations across the globe would detoxify the toxic activity crippling lives all around.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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