COVID19 – The Massive Cover Up

March 30, 2022

COVID19 – The Massive Cover Up

Padmini Arhant

COVID 19 origin as a result of the controversial game of function research pioneered and funded by prominent institutes and members in the United States and Europe is an established fact. The experiment carried out in Wuhan lab, Hubei Province, China with western funding is irrefutable data.

The pandemic triggered vaccine saga has its own share of serious ethical and scientific protocol violations that has caused thousands of deaths and significant percentage of population subject to unnecessary health conditions and hazards without any care or concern for human life and health.

One would think the investigation on credible and genuine reports from former employees as whistleblowers and health professionals petition on public health safety would receive attention from federal authorities like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) for objective and preventative care – the fundamental principle expected in any field.

The health crisis such as the global pandemic in particular having consumed millions of lives worldwide and continue to persist in the form of variants and sub-variants in the fourth year since its emergence in 2019 would be assumed to embed the above mentioned criteria. 

Why is the power and the so-called powerful are not afraid of any wrongdoing and malfeasance abusing their position of authority in harming innocent lives i.e. in health care?

At the same time,

Why are the same forces as the head of the government organizations, scientific institutes, regulatory body in domestic and international health organizations lack courage and integrity to face factual information and truth upon presented to them in black and white? 

The answer is in the question. These individuals and organizations are comfortable in their comfort zones with those behind them protecting them on crimes against humanity. 

They have communication, politics, economy, science and much more under their control while them having no control over their compulsive destructive behavior and policy with little or no respect for life other than own exemplifying blatant narcissism. 

Reiterating the reality, the abusers are internally corrosive and inherently sadistic with no purpose in life except remaining the source and catalyst for own and others’ misery. The indiscriminate depopulation agenda and profiteering at all costs is the priority. 

The human character or the lack thereof in this regard is due to desensitization to pain and suffering willfully inflicted on trusting ordinary citizens existence at their mercy. 

Is there any hope of end to this malpractice, misrepresentation and deception gambling public health and human lives for fortune?

Only, when citizens insist on transparency and accountability on all matter related to human health, safety and security issues holding those responsible  without exception, there would be a light at the end of the darkest tunnel. 

Until then, truth and truth sayers will continue to be shunned, vilified and even eliminated from the path of peril. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Pfizer Documents



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