Session – Latest Developments And India’s so-called Democracy

April 29, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

You are welcome to the session on Latest Developments with subsequent discussion on the so-called democracy in India.

The session will begin in approximately 30 mins to your local time.

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Padmini Arhant



Briefing – Global Action Against Status Quo

February 18, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

The briefing on Global Action Against Status Quo is scheduled in approximately 30 mins to your local time.

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Padmini Arhant


Global Event – International Peace Conference on World Without Hegemony

May 30, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

There are recommendations for International Peace Conference titled Geneva 2 to discuss Syrian conflict in June.

The initiative is to resolve the nearly three years old western illegal invasion of a sovereign nation that has resulted in more than 80,000 deaths and several million refugees in homeland and across the border.

Meanwhile, EU as major contributor to violence in Syria has lifted arms embargo not that western ammunitions were not flowing into the war torn state before through their gulf allies Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and UAE to slaughter civilians in thousands alongside United States authorized Israeli airstrikes and Britain as well as France dispatched WMD against innocent children, women and men in that country.

Ironically, western sponsors and their terrorists in Syria being solely responsible for genocide from the beginning of turmoil in March 2011 are dictating terms and conditions to Syrian people and popular government in Damascus on type of political governance they prefer in the aftermath of ongoing decimation of Syria.

Otherwise, the perpetrators of worst crimes against humanity are preparing to plunge region and world into further chaos and catastrophe.

Western powers are unable to conceal their ulterior motives to continue destruction of nations as they did with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Syria in the past and present decade.

The hegemony demonstrating that members propagating wars are not only AWOL but also Vietnam war personnel having participated in twentieth century brutal warfare now too eager to repeat offense this time against Syrian people.

U.S. Senator John McCain – the enthusiastic war advocate visiting Syria without observing foreign official protocol to assure abductors and cannibals on the ground that the Senator’s unsuccessful Presidential bid in 2008 committing United States to relentless warfare for one hundred or more years is being implemented in bipartisanship with supposedly democrat administration.

The republican Presidential candidate John McCain in 2008 was mocked for the statement by the democrat Presidential opponent Barack Obama who has become the chief proponent of militarism making the predecessor and relatives former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney amateurs in the wild adventures of war games experimented with terrorists in proxy wars and drone operations across the globe.

United States led NATO operations are responsible for the status quo consuming millions of lives and billions robbed of their destiny with death sentence imposed on them either by economic sanctions or military intervention.

Furthermore, United States, European Union and western nations complicity to Israeli atrocities against Palestinians is conspicuous in non-approval of Palestinian state.

The inaction and non-cooperation especially by United States and western neighbor Canada exacerbates Palestinian plight with Israel more emboldened in flagrant violation of airspace in Lebanon, airstrikes in Syria and practically harming anyone anywhere around the world.

Israeli blockade against Gaza from 2007 until now with implications on poisonous gas being supplied to hospitals resulting in cardiac arrest of four patients in Gaza and drinking water contamination by Israeli settlers in the occupied land slighted with western preoccupation on annihilation of Syria.

Western intelligence agencies CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6 evolved into predators wreaking havoc on the planet.

Since inception they are behind coup d’état, massacres, assassination of world leaders for patriotism preserving national resources, destabilization of sovereign countries and prominently 9/11 attack on American soil at hegemony behest unleashing terror without exception.

In fact, CIA is al-Qaeda having created the organization in Afghanistan by hegemony leading member Zbigniew Brzezinski also foreign policy advisor to President Barack Obama defiantly terrorizing world by funding and arming al-Qaeda terrorists and affiliates al-Nusra and the likes earlier in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco and Mali.

Whereas FBI notably the domestic terror agency use intimidation, harassment and murder under the guise of investigation with cover ups as standard practice in the routine false flag operations nationwide.

Unfortunately, certain hegemony loyalists in United States Congress endorse FBI’s unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful tactics against American citizens.

In other humanitarian matter – President Barack Obama and Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder defend drone operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia including other parts of Africa, South America and Middle East despite United States academic institutions conducted independent study revealing massive civilian casualties from these killer drones and protests to stop drone attacks against U.S. and foreign nationals having become fair targets in the nonchalant exercise.

However in response to shutting down the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, President Barack Obama’s ambivalence bringing Congress into equation adds to evasion instead of long overdue clarification.

Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) camp is in Cuban Island and not United States territory. Hence Cuba holds sovereign right to close the controversial gulag that stigmatize human race in modern history.

Nonetheless the reason GITMO detainees are held indefinitely is to facilitate the fictitious war on terror that began in Afghanistan and prolonged after a decade with U.S and NATO recent declaration to set up permanent military bases beyond originally agreed withdrawal date in 2014 from that beleaguered nation ignoring Afghan dissent in this regard.

Moreover CIA operated GITMO releases prisoners on the condition that released detainees start al-Qaeda cells in the country of origin upon their return to enable U.S. attack like in Yemen and relevantly in Libya starting unrest that spread to Syria.

The reality is CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6 are the existential terror and cater terrorism for the military industrial complex.

Western main powers compete with one another to appease hegemony in perpetuating violence disregarding overwhelming public opposition to intrusion in foreign nation internal affairs let alone military intervention in Syria or anywhere.

United States, Britain, France and Germany… systemic abuse of power meddling in foreign nations for destructive purpose should not be tolerated to prevent cataclysmic events and actions self-detrimental to their nations and humanity at large.

The western leaderships have neglected the economy and myriad national issues demanding their attention and they have no intentions to solve any problems in their domain but seemingly can afford to waste respective taxpayer dollars to fund terrorism in Syria, Mali and world over.

Evidently the dismal performance in the domestic front does not even qualify them to lead their nations and they are in the forefront telling Syrian citizens to accept their choice aimed at civilization collapse in Syria and across the region.

In the international arena, the UN, UNSC, UNHCR, ICC, IMF, World Bank, EU, ECB, NATO, CFR and the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve…to name a few among many sources are hegemony tools contributing to tremendous human suffering with no end in sight on distortion, extortion and discrimination to benefit criminal syndicate at the global population expense.

Interestingly British foreign secretary William Hague recent remark on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that the President is not a legitimate leader to represent Syria is a reflection on Britain, western leaderships and their allies status given their allegiance to hegemony and the arms industry in particular confirming the fact in western democracy and subsidiaries elsewhere the vote is cast for the shadow power comprising imperialists and globalists espousing greed and violence to retain world dominance.

Contrary to the belief that European Royals are ceremonial heads is apparent in their involvement dictating foreign policy as members of Trilateral Commission other than behind the scenes control over national issues favoring them and their clan.

British monarchy dalliance with Middle East Sheikhdoms viz. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan…attributed to decadent rule in those nations with oppression and persecution of people not necessarily western powers concern.

Likewise in other parts of the world, constitutional monarchy and dynasty prevents governance from being truly democratic and representative of the people.

In the new millennium mankind having reached extraordinary milestones in many fields accepting Royalty as special members in society is subservience and signify regression.

Abolition of monarchy and nationalizing palaces as tourist attraction generating revenue for domestic investment with foreign aid to developing nations would be progressive considering exhibits and ornate objects in castles are from overseas illegally brought during colonization.

Notwithstanding castles were built with deprivation of global materials to 99% witnessed in the tradition prevalent until today.

Other aspect of hegemony is financial centers such as UBS, Credit Suisse Agency in Switzerland and replications in Singapore as well as many other locations in addition to island nations being the sought after destination for fraudulent transactions.

These tax havens promote money laundering, embezzlement, terrorism, narcotics trade and nefarious dealings posing impediments in economic development.

The facility affects countries where ruling class and upper echelons power quest combined with disproportionate wealth marginalize rest of the nation producing political, economic and social inequality.

Switzerland neutrality in warfare is compromised in foreign monetary deposits used by states for funneling funds and weapons to terrorists in Libya, Syria, Mali, Mexico and wherever feasible.

The world could no longer remain in sleep mode i.e. complacent to concentrated power violent strategy to deplete nations of their natural reserves and endowments.

Purging world from hegemony, the epicenter of organized crime fixated on wars and confrontations not excluding nuclear arsenal is primordial for global security leading to republic empowerment.

Republic governance simplified under constitutional based system barring undemocratic elements specifically feudalism with vassal states surrendering to shadow conglomerate would be a paradigm shift in political consciousness delivering life with dignity for all.

Global cognizance in recognition of common goals transcending selective and exclusive gains for collective prosperity is the way forward to universal independence, peace and progress.

International Peace Conference dedicated to protecting national sovereignty, individual freedom, self-determination rights and territorial integrity is absolute requirement to thwart hegemonic delusions endangering lives and habitat.

World summit on this premise would encompass Syrian crises saving valuable time, money and effort.

Wishing humanity unity, liberty and equanimity leaving behind none in achievements.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Global Alert: Ending Conflicts Critical to Resume Communiqué

April 14, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The news corps and others requests to resume verbal communication and briefing on various events as well as developments are much appreciated.

Maintaining contact with global society is critical creating awareness on relevant issues and providing necessary guidance, solutions favoring life and planet protection.

The humanitarian mission predominant goal is establishment of peace, liberty and justice especially in the contemporary dangerous times marred with violence and negativities due to self-centeredness eclipsing common good otherwise narcissism suppressing altruism amongst those in position of power and affluence.

Western viz. hegemony policies evidently is responsible for the status quo.

The misplaced priority in terms of warfare not barring nuclear threats pursued with passion exacerbates economic problems for the source and victim nations denying world population normal life i.e. dignified and peaceful co-existence.

Reiterating the clear position on communiqué revival – the compliances outlined earlier to various nations to address domestic and international challenges generated from misusing power to self and national detriment slighted taking key requirements for granted in the respective individual and collective responsibility.

In order to restore regular delivery on vital information and plans in the current and long run pertaining to humanity at large, the major crises are to be resolved immediately considering they are life and death matter.

1. Ending Syrian conflict unlike Washington preparation to prolong terrorism with $10m funding over and above previous financing directly to terrorist networks Al-Qaeda and alliance al-nusra perpetuating innocent bloodshed in the sovereign state.

2. Palestinian cause – release of dying detainee Samer Issawi and remaining hostages in Israeli captivity. Lifting all blockades against Gaza and West Bank, termination of settlement activities and moving forward for Palestinian statehood recognition.

3. Cease military intervention and shelling in West African nation Mali and other parts of Africa expediting humanitarian assistance to thousands of civilians in grave conditions from French and other western intrusion.

4. Korean Peninsula – Defusing situation with withdrawal of nuclear capable B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers plus F-22 fighter jets along side conclusion to occupation of Korean territory and regional presence.

5. Releasing all GITMO detainees allowing safe return to homeland.

6. Renounce drone strikes and operations in the United States and foreign domain.

7. Relinquish interference through violence instigation in Iraq and Libya converted into terror havens for illegal invasions within and outside Middle East.

8. Similar course of action for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9. Evacuation of military base in South American nation Colombia and other parts of Latin America.

10. Last but not the least – World summit on nuclear and WMD disarmament with mandatory participation for nuclear and non-nuclear states to begin denuclearization process without exception.

Upon compliance of these measures, the communiqué representing cosmic interaction paramount in the historical moment considering the fragile and volatile environment endangering planet would restart facilitating the arrival of pre-ordained new era.

The evolution from present Kaliyug i.e. Dark age into Satyug– the golden age epitomizing positive trend and attributes with pervasive progress and prosperity is necessary for life sustenance.

Most importantly, procrastination and deliberate disruption to cosmic determined universe functions with planet earth being integral component best abandoned to avoid inconceivable and irreversible outcome.

The viable option is humility and acknowledgement of pragmatic course in respect for life only possible with peace and non-violence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Global Alert: Critical Communiqué Suspension

April 6, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

In addition to submissions on this website

Verbal Presentation and briefing i.e. Communiqué to press and listeners worldwide providing vital information, guidance and alerts on international events as well as future plans critical in historical moment currently suspended pending immediate action from those responsible for international conflicts and crises.


1. SYRIA – Ending proxy war through international terrorism in Syria with ceasefire accompanied by unconditional and comprehensive withdrawal of terror networks deployed in Sovereign state of Syria.

All sanctions against Syria and Iran to be lifted to save lives and enable normal existence.


A. Terminating Israeli aggression against Palestinians with release of all prisoners held under unlawful administrative detention.

B. Freezing settlement activities on occupied Palestinian land.

C. Voiding illegal Israeli blockade on Gaza.

D. Palestinian Statehood recognition by Non-Aligned Movement considering United Nations consistent failure demonstrated in the latest Arms Trade Treaty.

3. BAHRAIN: Al-Khalifa Kingdom to release all political detainees and acknowledge citizens demand to political system.

4. SAUDI ARABIA – Saudi dynasty to free Senior Muslim Cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and release all political dissidents with preparation for twenty first century republic state transcending feudalist monarchy.

5. QATAR – Similar actions required with invalidation of present head of state Emir al-Thani given direct involvement in Syrian genocide.

6.JORDAN – To follow suit with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia rather than stalling political reform with four Prime Ministers in four months.


A. Renounce cross border terrorism into Syria. Withdrawal of foreign forces from Turkey occupied under false pretext of Patriot Missile Deployment.

B. Trial of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for Syrian massacre.

8. UAE, KUWAIT, OMAN and Feudal States – Transformation to republic status.

UNITED STATES: Closure of Guantanamo Bay and secret prison cells around the world with release of all detainees in the United States and abroad.



1. EGYPT – Conforming to people request on political, economic and social agenda without procrastination and use of force against population.

2. YEMEN– Terminating U.S. drone strikes in the nation. To make necessary arrangements honoring republic will in all matter.

3. TUNISIA – Adherence to recommendations for Egypt and Yemen.

4. LIBYA – Rejection of western controlled governance primarily set up to access Libyan resources turning the state into terror headquarter. A detailed proposal on political, economic and security issues will be provided for citizens to claim power.


5. MALI – Ceasefire and French, Britain plus other western forces instantaneous withdrawal.


6. CONGO – Democratic Republic of Congo – Cease UN troops deployment and foreign intervention.

7. CAR – Central African Republic – Adopting solutions to political crisis that will be published in due course.


8.SOMALIA – End U.S. drone strikes fomenting terror in the country. Remedy to the problems will be presented shortly.



A. Defusing crisis with conciliatory responses from sanctions removal to sovereignty recognition including United States forces withdrawal from the region.

B. North Korea to allow South Korean workers in the Kaesong industrial park exemplifying DPRK leadership consideration for Korean families livelihood. The gesture key for reunification.

2.AFGHANISTAN – United States troop withdrawal including ISAF with no further extension as stated earlier.

Renouncing drone strikes and night raids terrorizing innocent civilians in various parts of Afghanistan.

Election held with genuine political parties unlike western nominees or selection of Taliban militancy to govern the nation.


A.Cessation to United States drone strikes and foreign instigation behind secessionist movement in Baluchistan and Sindh province.

B.Pakistan authority in cooperation with military and intelligence to contain violence against Shia, general public and cross border incidents with India and Afghanistan.

C.Release of Pakistan civilians abducted by intelligence agencies held in undisclosed indefinite detention.

D. Crackdown on terror networks through clean up operations including anti-corruption strategy within political, judiciary, intelligence and military establishment economic sector and mainstream society.

E. Pakistan also to engage in funds retrieval held in overseas bank accounts that belongs to the people.


A. Anti-corruption bill – Jan Lokpal legislation in compliance with comprehensive submission during anti-graft rally in 2011 is mandatory to alleviate vast majority suffering due to chronic corruption across political, military, judiciary, economic and social system.

B. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Income Tax Divisions under independent purview i.e. delineation from Central Government authority is instrumental in preventing abuse of power against corruption investigation.

C. Transparency and Accountability: Political establishment, economic sector and civil society members maintaining accounts in tax havens viz. Swiss Banks, Singapore and other offshore locations for tax evasion to be held accountable with funds recovery to national treasury.

D.The universal treatment i.e. CASTE and CREED NO BAR in this regard is a fundamental step in the introduction of checks and balances to the opaque system.

E.Demilitarization of Kashmir, Manipur and North Eastern states heeding to victims plight with independent inquiry on brutality experienced from troop deployment.

F. Committee findings revealing harsh conduct or torture to authorize monetary compensation or jobs to surviving victims and dependents in the event of fatality.

G. Political overhauling reflecting ordinary citizens representation with a departure from power and affluence as entitlement to upper echelons in society.

5.SRI LANKA– Recognition of Political directives soon to follow on Tamils Identity.

6.NEPAL – Political and Economic changes declining neighboring China’s intrusion with Maoists infiltration.

7.CHINA– Releasing political prisoners and reforms addressing civil rights including self-determination.

A. TIBET– Independence restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity not autonomy under China’s rule.

B. TAIWAN – China’s acceptance and recognition of Taiwan sovereign status.

C,.Peaceful resolutions recommended on territorial disputes between China and Asian neighbors.

8.INDONESIA – To relinquish territorial annexations of Papua New Guinea.

Effective political and economic measures essential in eliminating disenfranchisement of any demography.

9. MALAYSIA – Expulsion of United States and Saudi orchestrated terrorist networks.

A. Free and fair elections with reputable independent international monitoring committee.

B. Political amendments reflecting socio-economic equality and anti-discriminatory laws are necessary to protect ethnic minority and marginalized demography prior to forthcoming election.

10. SiNGAPORE – Political reform towards real and meaningful democracy moving away from parochial structure to broader consensus on national issues with civil rights and social equality.

11. PHILIPPINES – United States base evacuation. Addressing corruption, poverty and fair political representation of minority ethnic groups and Muslim community.

12. JAPAN – United States exit from mainland and islands pertinent for regional peace.

A. Japanese leaderships contribution to peaceful settlement on Korean Peninsula is paramount for Japan and Asia Pacific stability.

B. Fukushima Nuclear power plant disaster aftermath impose full public disclosure on inherent risks in restarting nuclear energy reactors. Japanese authority sincerity on proven and potential impact from nuclear accidents crucial to citizens safety.

13. VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, LOAS AND THAILAND – To observe Asian nations guidelines.


A. Transfer of power from military junta to citizens rule.

B. Both ruling and opposition to curb western and foreign backing corrupting religion and social fabric of otherwise peaceful society.

C. Rohingya Muslims and all other ethnic segments to be granted full citizens rights and accepted among mainstream inhabitants barring prejudice.

Rest of the domains – Americas, Europe, Latin America and Pacific Island Nations will be discussed at the earliest possible highlighting relevant priorities for all of them.

Upon meeting these initial requirements, the communication process will resume based on developments.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Global Challenge – State Sponsored Terrorism

March 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The greatest challenge facing humanity today is economic and military warfare waged for subjugation leading to global dominance.

National sovereignty undermined through military aggression and economic pressure with severe austerity imposed upon nations submerged in debt created by institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve and Central Banks in Europe and around the world is a major threat to global society.

Wall Street investment bankers and equity management firms like Goldman Sachs hedge fund debacle drowned Greek, Spanish… economy with former having made a fortune while the latter battling for survival under tough economic penalty.

It is clear that concentrated wealth acquired deceitfully wielding power over global population directly responsible for the status quo.

The empire with selective members upon meeting the criteria i.e. characteristics paradoxical to anything good has been successful in causing impoverishment and misery.

Espousing values deviating in human ethos indiscriminately inflict atrocity judging from trajectory – the ruthless strategy is empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest.

Up until now the tentacles spread across the globe under economic policy – globalization with political motto – One World government setting the stage for New World Order.

Having founded organizations like United Nations particularly the United Nation Security Council barring contemporary geopolitical and economic regional representation is the tool to authorize embargo – the overt exertion of authority against targets of economic and strategic interest.

New World Order as suggestive in the name exercising hegemony seeks complete surrender of national resources and most importantly individual liberty.

Civil rights eroded under national security pretext with constant surveillance over citizens including racial profiling have become the norm in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Evidently blatant efforts to deny Internet – the viable medium for public awareness and global alert regarding incendiary assault on freedom by political leaders and federal agency directed to intervene in the first amendment bill of rights cannot be ignored.

The White House signatory to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) along with EU counterpart is apparently set for yet another potent sabotage on mainstream communication.

Reportedly March 8, 2012 – FBI deadline for Internet shut down with Trojan viral bomb potentially malfunctioning computer is the latest cyber scourge to quell dissent against authoritarianism.

Citizens deserve appropriate clarifications from the government behind the looming unconstitutional censorship on freedom of speech.

Occupy movement across the globe in solidarity observing peaceful and non-violent means could efface shadow organization infringement on human existence.

The carefully planned and organized terror attack with federal complicity facilitated Patriot Act granting government and agencies unlimited power in human rights violation prohibiting 9/11 related serious investigations in the land of justice.

Despite compelling evidences comprising eyewitness accounts, expert analysis on controlled demolition contributing to twin towers and world trade center building # 7 collapse,

Not to mention the profiteers from the horrific crime and tragedy caught with foot in their mouth in the monumental insurance fraud and,

Several real perpetrators capitalizing on the opportunity to invade sovereign nations leaving thousands of service men and women killed, millions of lives lost, countless rendered homeless, destitute and refugees in their country – are ironically upheld in high esteem with impunity against prosecution.

The glaring indifferences raise questions in rational minds,

What is the purpose of legal system in the so-called democracy?

Why is the nation that galvanized to bomb Afghanistan based on propaganda chooses to remain silent upon revelations on September 11 attacks and events subsequent to state colluded biggest terror act in mankind history?

When law and justice claws outstretch to track down offenders in civil society and unabashedly pronounce guilty verdicts mounting up to capital punishment,

Why are the political establishment and privileged class exempt from similar scrutiny and never brought to justice for corruption, treason, mass murder and horrendous crimes committed in electorates name?

Besides not being held accountable for smearing national image and jeopardizing integrity of the country they are elected to serve in a democratic society.

Evil emboldened and thrives when goodness is dormant or complacent in the face of death and destruction.

Modern society conundrum is the lawmakers being the lawbreakers with license to subvert facts, intimidate witnesses not excluding mysterious disappearances and control investigative wings to personal advantage.

The practice extended into judicial branch noticeably executing judiciary power on expendable members,

Political helm as mastermind and windfall monetary gains actual beneficiaries on corruptions or racketeering yielding phenomenal profits stashed away in Swiss bank accounts and tax havens at national and international detriments are neither subjected to thorough unadulterated judicial inquiry nor subpoenaed to testify in public domain enabling presumptuous invincibility by default.

Furthermore conventional media and press corps owned by corporations and private entities in cohort with politics endanger democratic principles redefining freedom of press duly subservient to political machinery compromising journalistic standards to the lowest ebb.

The unflinching loyalty to political hierarchy by specific media and print press is abhorrent.

Notwithstanding peripheral affiliates relentless slander and character defamation against those standing up to power proves the coalescence favoring unscrupulousness and impropriety.

As a result conscientious members in civil society and independent investigative journalists admirably rise to the occasion risking life and reputation for national and humanitarian cause infusing rationality as well as objectivity in the otherwise propaganda ravaged discourse promoting narcissistic goals.

Again these diligent crusaders are not spared from political witch-hunt or feudalists and their support base indignation.

United States having been betrayed numerous times is at the crossroads to restore fundamental democratic axioms cognizance of republic governance made possible by severing ties with misleading forces exploiting American benevolence for ideology driven supremacy doomed to fail in the overzealous mission.

The U.S. military command  – Army, Marine, Air Force and National Coast Guards allegiance is pledged to the Star Spangled banner and the nation it represents not the insidious repetitive reconnaissance premised on grandeur seizure of global power.

Brief description of existential menace – All Seeing Eye emblematic of sea pirates notably pioneered the art of piracy with secrecy being the core element contradictory to unprecedented invasion of others privacy is entrenched in divide and conquer philosophy, fear mongering apart from eugenics and apartheid maintained to advance depopulation.

Arguably the network has no religion and is neither an atheist nor agnostic.

However worships GOD – in the denomination of Gold, Oil and Destructive Weapons viz. lethal stocks (Drugs, Arms and Ammunition even nuclear arsenal material such as enriched uranium, Chemical weapons for biowarfare) pursued with overwhelming greed and violence.

The desperation to expedite pre-meditated global conquest is unfolding in synchrony.

European economies are currently succumbing to stringent cuts viz. Greece, Spain…from unreasonable conditionality in ECB, IMF and EU aka Troika loans paving way for economic colonization.

Middle East – U.S. led NATO preparedness and eagerness to strike Syria early March in addition to using none other than another Islamic nation – Turkey troops deployment is consistent with polarization technique applied in usurping power against nations perceived weak and vulnerable.

The nexus organization heralded tearing the Berlin Wall in Germany, bringing down iron curtain in the former Soviet Union only to substitute with tyranny and state sponsored terrorism unveiled on September 11, 2001 and thereafter.

Global revolution is the effective remedy to reclaim sovereignty by rejecting privately owned central banks predominantly financing two-dimensional warfare in the economic and military front crippling societies for ultimate enforcement of NEW WORLD ORDER.

The immediate priority for citizens is to curb any attempts to disrupt or terminate Internet access.

Non-compliance of undemocratic laws designed to exacerbate human suffering.

It could be exemplified in taxpayers refusing to pay taxes spent on warfare,

Misplaced generosity – U.K. foreign aid to growing economy like India demonstrating condescension than compassion,

Worldwide protest against Swiss Banks and tax shelters is imperative.

The discreet holdings not only bankrupt developing and developed economies but also legitimize illicit financial transactions fostering corruption culture.

Likewise demanding black money recovery hoarded in Swiss banks and tax havens regardless of political, economic and social stature would assist in economic development.

Independent inquiry of public officials and leaderships implicated on corruption scandals, vote rigging, and legislation involving bribery, obstruction of justice and above all abuse of power during term in office would confirm functional democracy.

Calling for public trial on 9/11 terrorism and illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya would categorically reaffirm the democratic stance  –

None are above the law.

Dismantling World Bank, IMF, UNSC used to justify prejudicial economic sanctions and military intervention against selective nations.

Invalidate Federal Reserve to reinstate republic control of money supply in every part of the world.

International Criminal Court of Justice in Hague re-structured to eliminate bias for indictments against war crimes,

Corporate activities harming life and environment,

Social injustices of all kind – ranging from gender inequality, sexual orientation and human trafficking to misuse of religion and neglect of indigenous population.

Vatican City – Christianity’s prosperous religious center assets distribution would substantially improve lives and adequately address poverty, hunger and disease in many regions.

Even perhaps rescue European economies from dire consequences conforming to Lord Jesus Christ teachings on the healing power of kindness through charity.

Wealth and knowledge proliferate upon sharing amongst the deprived and disenfranchised in the society.

Finally, regulations to safeguard global financial security and environment quintessentially alleviate prevalent adversity.

Please remember people possess power to bring about the change benefitting all reversing the trend in isolation, exclusiveness and superiority.

Transparency in political and economic decision-making process is paramount for nation building.

Citizens around the world are requested to come together in laying the foundation for a new beginning with universal peace and freedom.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

World Overview – Global Revolution

November 5, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Across the globe from Tahrir, Pearl to Times Square – the resonating message from the citizens is freedom.

Freedom from political oppression, economic depression, environmental degradation and social injustice ending the era of dominance for sovereignty with new age republic rule is the popular demand.

Politics, economics and judiciary control citizens’ destiny.

The political systems are set up to serve self and special interests than national service.

Campaign promises remain rhetoric for election and re-election purpose.

However, campaign financiers agenda supersedes citizens’ requirements such as jobs, health care, education, housing, and clean environment.

Political leaderships elected to address public needs use mandate to deprive human rights, equal opportunity and social justice.

At the national level, governance is weakened by political partisanship and corruption at the center stage trickling down to the bottom.

While defense expenditure in multidimensional warfare including widespread air base and army cantonments is the major debt contributor for global economy,

Not to mention the human and environment toll from perennial violence.

People concerns are slighted with inaction or exacerbated through extreme austerity directed at survival programs like social security, Medicare, Medicaid and women’s health, educational funding…in the attempt to deficit reduction.

There is an urgent need for global consensus on arms embargo and nuclear disarmament accelerating the bilateral agreements to universal treaty.

Middle East uprising is prolonged at enormous stake on human lives predominantly due to industrialized and developing nations defense industry i.e. the military industrial complex weapons supply to the oppressed nations fomenting regional volatility.

Palestinian statehood with full UN membership rejected by Israel and the United States with a veto threat at UNSC criticizing the move as unilateralism especially after U.S. enthusiastic vote on Israeli statehood establishment at the United Nations in 1947.

Palestinian land West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem is besieged with U.S. authorized Israeli troops at the controversial check posts and other parts of the meager area.

Similar strategy in Africa trigger ravaging civil wars denying peace for profitability aimed at disrupting normal existence with children recruited to fight in the combat zone.

Latin America is also mired with violence facilitated by guns sales and ammunitions influx from the United States given the proximity as witnessed in Mexico drug war having stalled the economy and enforced survival in fear.

AsiaKorean PeninsulaThe peace accord between North and South Korea including the call for unified Korea is discarded with provocative drills on the Yellow Sea to continue arms deal with U.S. partner South Korea.

Meanwhile economic sanctions against North Korea – the global powers’ standard policy against nations in the enemy category isolate the globalists for aggravated assault on the population enduring persecution within and outside the country.

ChinaArms exchange for oil with Sudan and rest of Africa led to ongoing genocide eliminating the possibility for peace.

Indian Sub ContinentIndia under foreign power maintain overwhelming troops deployment in Jammu and Kashmir Valley not excluding North eastern India ignoring public request to enable peace without military presence.

Indian government cooperation with Sri Lankan regime headed by President and Military commander Mahinda Rajapaksha in the execution of men, women and children representing Indian origin Tamils transformed the marginalized territory into killing fields reminiscent to ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within India, rallies against black money and corruption curtailed with violent crackdown resulting in the death of a peaceful participant Rajbala and several injured in the absence of any investigation quest from media or judiciary.

Indian authority excess force was also demonstrated in leaders arrests to suspend peaceful assembly.

PakistanThe global powers designated terror haven is the focal point to stir tensions in the sub-continent between nuclear neighbors generating constant need to replenish stockpiles from United States, China, Russia, France and Great Britain – the competitive arms suppliers to the beleaguered states.

Additionally Pakistan embroiled in terrorism on home soil is confronted with constant drone attacks from the supposed ally United States in the so-called war on terror.

Simultaneously key officials from Pakistan military and intelligence agency ISI on MIC (military industrial complex) payroll engage in derailing political stability and peace in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Once again necessitating arms race not only among three nations but also spreading into Central Asia with Afghanistan as the strategic location in the brewing pre-emptive war against Iran possibly with dangerous nuclear retaliation.

Notwithstanding the convenience to monitor the cold war nemesis Russia from Afghanistan.

New millennium warfare is diversified viz. conventional war with troops on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northwestern Pakistan sprawling into Central Asia.

Robot war in the unmanned drone attacks on Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

In other fronts, currency war against China, drug war across the border with Mexico spilling over to surrounding nations is preventable at the source upon mutual recognition to implement appropriate measures on both sides.

By and large, the powerful and developing nations’ defense industry global installations have depleted resources, burdened economies with debts and wiped out generations creating a vacuum in the society for senior citizens, baby boomers and youngest members bereft of providers during the vulnerable phase in life.

Civil society movement all over Please protest against war and ask for troop withdrawal from every frontier ending illegal occupation and invasion of foreign land.

Independence for Palestine, Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Burma, North Korea…to name a few among several nations.

Emancipation also required elsewhere to establish republic governed democracy.

Globalists strategyPuppet leaderships appointment through self-intrusion or indirect backing along with chosen local media as eager appeasers to sabotage peace and economic growth sustainability world over.

Mayhem is regarded lucrative for promoting prolific arms trade with wars premised on only available option to resolve manufactured crises – economic recovery in particular.

Alarmingly the war legacy in the present is intertwined with nuclear arsenal.

Aggression and assertive overtures for complete access to global resources at life detriment is the norm irrespective of policy failure.

Economics Corporations financing election campaign is impediment for people voices in the legislative process.

Public financing with election expenses cap restricting personal attacks and focus on policies related to national and international issues would be a refreshing change conforming to civilized society.

Corporate media and air power at the political establishment disposal is abused for false propaganda and truth subversion undermining democracy.

Special interests drafted legislation swiftly passed compared with bills concerning average citizens in dire state delineating corporation influence over politics.

Close ties between corporations and politics for exclusive favors is the bedrock of corruption leading to constitution violation and national subjugation.

Corporations confined to jobs oriented economic growth rather than nation governance would yield anticipated output in economy and political functionality.

There are at least 802 lobbyists from powerful industries to negotiate with 436 House members and 100 Senators in the U.S. Congress drowning citizens cry in the current corporations run political environment.

Taxpayers funded government subsidies and bailouts in billions of dollars to energy and finance sector respectively is invested in lobbying directing legislation to suit industry agenda i.e. banks deregulation and environmental damage from drilling, mining and nuclear sites.

Similarly the desperately required revenues through tax reform closing tax evasion loopholes to recover national income stashed away in tax havens by wealthy corporations and individuals successfully thwarted with money power otherwise bribery.

Occupy Wall Street and alike across United States and the rest of the world need to restore power to the people beginning with political leaderships removal either through recall or upon term completion in the election to convey a strong message to the infiltrating elements.

Corporations owned media in cohort with politics is an imminent threat to democracy.

Media reform and public boycott of networks indulging in state broadcast adaptation could deter bias and myth propagation to exemplify consumer power and viewer discernment.

Judiciary: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branch comprise the governing body in active democracy.

Judiciary framework encompasses constitutional law and civil rights preserving democratic values with checks and balances on entities both elected as well as non-elected officials in matter related to state governance and national interest.

Corporations and political powers ability to sway decisions in high profile legal quagmire debilitates democracy affecting judiciary credibility,

Besides diminishing constitutional power of the Supreme Court – the bastion for common man and nation at large to obtain justice.

Department of Justice and Investigation bureau under executive branch or incumbent administration increasingly misused in –

Obstruction of justice, intimidation, selective investigation and prosecution of whistle-blowers.

Department of Justice and Investigation Bureau would be legitimate and productive independent of the executive or administrative branch terminating political authority’s deflection following exposure.

Presidential power exercised in extrajudicial executions.

Continuation of rendition, indefinite detention of suspects without due process,

Habeas corpus denial,

In the Indian sub-continent those held in police and intelligence custody are subjected to ‘encounter’ parallel treatment to torture, electric shock…and variable techniques routinely carried out on prisoners throughout the world.

Concurrently impunity granted to political class and privileged members in the society on crimes against humanity and national wealth embezzlement.

The irony being those accountable for treason and equivalent compromising national image authorize illegal wiretapping, 24/7 surveillance distorting information to distract public from political reality – unscrupulous practices under the guise of democracy.

Police rough handling with firearms to disperse Occupy Wall Street inspired peaceful demonstrations in different parts of United States is disturbing and deeply regrettable.

Social Injustice: Poor and powerless often bear the brunt of discriminatory system with several thousands serving time for the non-verifiable crimes.

On the contrary, chief protagonists and beneficiaries in national scams are free utilizing political clout and economic power in defying judicial probe and accountability to taxpayers in the country.

Public awareness accompanied with national and global revolution to reinstate republic rule with democratic principles happening now through Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, anti-corruption rally gaining momentum would expedite mission accomplishment.

Solidarity, non-violence and peaceful movement without interruption to public or private operations are the key to success in realizing hope and changing status quo.

Food for thought people hold the power as audience, consumers, taxpayers and most importantly electorate in any society.

People power united could roll boulder downhill clearing the roadblocks to humanitarian peace, progress and prosperity.

Good Luck and Best Wishes! To civil society en masse for a glorious victory in republic rule revival.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















January 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Race is a contentious matter. Hence thoughts are presented in this blog – an innovative medium to express views and comments.

Cyberspace is a platform where the voiceless can have a voice or be heard through someone on their behalf on any issue.

It is not necessary to go through the Red Tape or be newsworthy to be a news item in the prominent media and print press. There is no requirement to be part of any influential circle either.

An average citizen with internet access can state an opinion or recount an experience that is relevant to all or none. It has unequivocally revolutionized communication in the new millennium.

Mankind Giant Leap in this regard is poignant.

However, have we made progress in human relations?

Why is it difficult for the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom hierarchy to co-exist in harmony and accept one another as human beings first and then anything next?

We have been gifted with the discriminatory power. Unfortunately, it is being used effectively for negative purpose than otherwise.

It is believed that ‘God created all equal.’

Do we all think like the creator?

Perhaps then the status quo would be delightfully different.

Since evolution many battles and wars have been fought over land, wealth, resources…with the ulterior motive being Power and dominance of one segment over another.

The global dire situation is attributed to human quest for endless needs at other inhabitants’ peril. Human suffering along with several species extinction are caused by environment abuse largely recognized as greed.

Historically people in general are stigmatized and victimized by fellow human beings.

We are living in an imperfect world – Yet there is a desperate search for perfection among humans.

People come in all shapes and sizes notwithstanding variation in skin pigmentation – the acknowledgment on the unique genetic composition could promote higher tolerance.

Will this world be an exciting place as it is now in the absence of such diversity around us in all aspects?

It is evident in human history that a secular and diverse society achievements are substantial compared to a homogeneous society.

The collective talent available in the heterogeneous society is a formidable challenge for those against the concept.

There could be no better example than the United States having triumphed the trials and tribulations of homogeneous vs. heterogeneous society.

This great nation’s phenomenal success in every field is the result of the cosmopolitan intellectual and varied skills maintained since origin.

It is a country that set precedence in modern times for other nations to embrace multiculturalism and secularism as milestones for humanitarian progress.

Then why is race a sensitive topic to discuss?

Can discriminatory practice towards human beings be ever eliminated in any society?

If that happens, it will be Utopia. Why seek heaven or paradise?

Nonetheless there is hope considering that goodness still exists in the paradoxical universe.

The racial and cultural diversity is complex for it presents prospects and problems in every domain.

The world will be peaceful and prosperous if people could receive one another as the member of the human race.

Importantly rather than detecting flaws in others it would be wise to acknowledge one’s own shortcomings that every individual possess at some level regardless of identity.

Introspection is self-cleansing and a natural process to develop empathy.

Should the entire race and culture be held responsible and vilified for an individual or a group of individuals’ action or behavior?

Regrettably, human tendency to analyze others based on predisposed views and speculations is not uncommon creating obstacles in relationships.

Then what about nobility demonstrated by human beings of a particular sect that is targeted for any wrong doing?

Should society ignore the positive contributions of these individuals even if they are presumed a minority?

There is no particular race or culture that is spared about anything in the contemporary society.

We can overcome prejudice only if human beings can alienate themselves from the qualities and characteristics that allow conflict over compassion, caring and consideration for others.

It is up to mankind to practice goodness for pervasive happiness.

There could be no better legacy than virtuous deeds that would benefit all.

The truth is – despite tremendous accomplishments in science and technology,

Mortality is certain and no one is assured eternal life on earth.

The other reality being when we all bleed; the color of the blood is the same no matter who we are!

These facts prove the theory that ‘all are created equal.’

Thank you.


Subliminal Attacks – A new wave Politics

March 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

I would like to thank the visitors to the website in the United States, India and around the world.

Your love and support makes the effort worthwhile.

As stated in the profile, the website objective is to promote peace, progress and prosperity for all with a major focus on protecting the environment, the only ideal habitat for living species in the universe, thus far.

It is depicted in the logo – Save the Planet,and Peace on Earth.

That being the goal, I express my gratitude and deep appreciation to the readers of my articles for taking the time to read and reflect on the topic.

In coherence with the paradoxical universe,

Success is greeted with genuine affection and enthusiasm for its representation – obviously from the supporters.

Likewise, it’s also subject to hostility, propaganda and rejection – by the opposition.

The purpose of the material on the website is to engage the like and the unlike minds in a serious thinking process beyond surface review in order to understand the self-created complexity largely responsible for the global status quo.

Criticisms are directed in many different ways. Constructive criticisms enhance quality.

Targeted criticisms often subvert facts with fiction and personal convictions.

Earlier on the element of truth was explained in a manner to allow rational thinking to prevail over confusion and distortion.

When viewed with an open mind, the articles on the website have invariably defended the weak, the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the victims of mass deception –

Dissenting authoritarianism against innocent population.

In many featured visual content, the protesters represented by the unarmed civilians and the monks were waving a white flag and a peace sign during their peaceful demonstrations for freedom and justice only to be mercilessly hurt and killed in response.

The individualism – “Me, Myself and I” restraints outreach to the less fortunate.

Saving humanity from a myriad of defiant forces is a horrendous task especially when the violators are powerful and immunized against reconciliation for common good.

Synopsis of requests made thus far:

Campaign Finance Reform – Public funded elections poignantly after the Supreme Court decision in Corporations’ favor.

Preserving American jobs by resurrecting the manufacturing sector and small businesses.

Universal Health Care for all – Single Payer System.

Tough Financial Reform – to protect average citizens from predatory and fraudulent practices, providing a safety net for the domestic economy and the global financial market.

Strong Environment Policies – fossil fuel and nuclear energy abandonment.

Public Education – Free higher education for students from average income families.

Economic and Social Justice – Gay rights and legalization of the undocumented workers in the country. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Reviving the middle class in the society.

Nuclear Weapons – eliminating hierarchy prevalent under the pretext of the responsible factor and truthful disclosure on complete nuclear disarmament worldwide.

War and Military Base – Troop withdrawal, the prolonged military operations termination and defense budget divestment in the domestic economy including economic and social development in the war zones.

Being a reliable peace partner in international conflicts particularly Israel and Palestine,

Freedom for Tibet, Burma, North Korea, and Iran and curtail military coups like in Honduras, Haiti, vulnerable nations in Africa and Latin America on the United States watch.

Closure of Guantanamo bay and relinquish torture of terror suspects that’s in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Investigation of illegal invasion of Iraq war and judicial trial against the torture memo author Professor Yoo and others to prevent history repeating itself in the future.

Finally, the ordinary and the extraordinary have to leave this planet sometime in their lifetime in accordance with natural process.

Hence peace and empathy would make the world a better place for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Heal the world with free medicine

December 5, 2008

There are people around the world who face extreme adversity and oppression.

They think only of survival. These people have almost nothing to live for, and yet they live. Their will is their strongest asset.

Their goal is simply to live. One wonders why they have such simple or straightforward goals.

Maybe it is because they cannot dream of anything more.

Despite crippling disease, widespread poverty, and lawlessness, they push themselves to exist.

Some of the privileged people in the world care to help them, but most would simply turn a blind eye.

My goal is to help those people; the ones whom the world castes away like decomposed food.

My ultimate goal is to build a large chain of free hospitals around the world, so that those who are always on the short end of the stick can still get treatment for some of the chronic diseases.

I am quite aware that this chain of hospital will be a heavy financial burden in itself, but the needs of the many should come before the needs of the one.

When I was young, I thought everyone in the world was the same.

I believed that we all had a place we could call home, a mother and a father, a good education.

I thought every child had a warm bed to sleep in and could wake up to a bright new day.

I thought the worst ailment you could possibly endure was a cold, and one sip of Tylenol would make it all better.

Sadly, I now know the world is a much darker place.

There are areas of the world where a ‘doctor’ is a mythical being said to descend upon mortals with a healing light.

These areas are some of the most impoverished places on Earth; places where a young girl must work twenty hours a day to bring her family one loaf of bread;

Where a boy must wake up early every morning to make sure his sister is still there.

In a place like this, the streets speak volumes about the dire situation of its inhabitants.

Here, people with Polio feel like an outcast, afraid to make contact with anyone else.

Having just one free hospital in a place like this would drastically alter the conditions of the area, and the social behavior.

Obviously, I cannot run this hospital alone. I will need an armada of people whose selflessness transcends their narcissism.

Their work will be mostly volunteered; this is why they need to understand my cause, so that they know what they are investing their time in.

The hospitals will be built all around the world, offering any kind of treatment needed.

Any person will be able to walk in and get treated, free of charge.

I can only hope the world is as willing to help itself as I am.

Thank you.

Kanish Arhant-Sudhir

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