Heal the world with free medicine

December 5, 2008

There are people around the world who face extreme adversity and oppression.

They think only of survival. These people have almost nothing to live for, and yet they live. Their will is their strongest asset.

Their goal is simply to live. One wonders why they have such simple or straightforward goals.

Maybe it is because they cannot dream of anything more.

Despite crippling disease, widespread poverty, and lawlessness, they push themselves to exist.

Some of the privileged people in the world care to help them, but most would simply turn a blind eye.

My goal is to help those people; the ones whom the world castes away like decomposed food.

My ultimate goal is to build a large chain of free hospitals around the world, so that those who are always on the short end of the stick can still get treatment for some of the chronic diseases.

I am quite aware that this chain of hospital will be a heavy financial burden in itself, but the needs of the many should come before the needs of the one.

When I was young, I thought everyone in the world was the same.

I believed that we all had a place we could call home, a mother and a father, a good education.

I thought every child had a warm bed to sleep in and could wake up to a bright new day.

I thought the worst ailment you could possibly endure was a cold, and one sip of Tylenol would make it all better.

Sadly, I now know the world is a much darker place.

There are areas of the world where a ‘doctor’ is a mythical being said to descend upon mortals with a healing light.

These areas are some of the most impoverished places on Earth; places where a young girl must work twenty hours a day to bring her family one loaf of bread;

Where a boy must wake up early every morning to make sure his sister is still there.

In a place like this, the streets speak volumes about the dire situation of its inhabitants.

Here, people with Polio feel like an outcast, afraid to make contact with anyone else.

Having just one free hospital in a place like this would drastically alter the conditions of the area, and the social behavior.

Obviously, I cannot run this hospital alone. I will need an armada of people whose selflessness transcends their narcissism.

Their work will be mostly volunteered; this is why they need to understand my cause, so that they know what they are investing their time in.

The hospitals will be built all around the world, offering any kind of treatment needed.

Any person will be able to walk in and get treated, free of charge.

I can only hope the world is as willing to help itself as I am.

Thank you.

Kanish Arhant-Sudhir


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