Global Event – International Peace Conference on World Without Hegemony

May 30, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

There are recommendations for International Peace Conference titled Geneva 2 to discuss Syrian conflict in June.

The initiative is to resolve the nearly three years old western illegal invasion of a sovereign nation that has resulted in more than 80,000 deaths and several million refugees in homeland and across the border.

Meanwhile, EU as major contributor to violence in Syria has lifted arms embargo not that western ammunitions were not flowing into the war torn state before through their gulf allies Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and UAE to slaughter civilians in thousands alongside United States authorized Israeli airstrikes and Britain as well as France dispatched WMD against innocent children, women and men in that country.

Ironically, western sponsors and their terrorists in Syria being solely responsible for genocide from the beginning of turmoil in March 2011 are dictating terms and conditions to Syrian people and popular government in Damascus on type of political governance they prefer in the aftermath of ongoing decimation of Syria.

Otherwise, the perpetrators of worst crimes against humanity are preparing to plunge region and world into further chaos and catastrophe.

Western powers are unable to conceal their ulterior motives to continue destruction of nations as they did with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Syria in the past and present decade.

The hegemony demonstrating that members propagating wars are not only AWOL but also Vietnam war personnel having participated in twentieth century brutal warfare now too eager to repeat offense this time against Syrian people.

U.S. Senator John McCain – the enthusiastic war advocate visiting Syria without observing foreign official protocol to assure abductors and cannibals on the ground that the Senator’s unsuccessful Presidential bid in 2008 committing United States to relentless warfare for one hundred or more years is being implemented in bipartisanship with supposedly democrat administration.

The republican Presidential candidate John McCain in 2008 was mocked for the statement by the democrat Presidential opponent Barack Obama who has become the chief proponent of militarism making the predecessor and relatives former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney amateurs in the wild adventures of war games experimented with terrorists in proxy wars and drone operations across the globe.

United States led NATO operations are responsible for the status quo consuming millions of lives and billions robbed of their destiny with death sentence imposed on them either by economic sanctions or military intervention.

Furthermore, United States, European Union and western nations complicity to Israeli atrocities against Palestinians is conspicuous in non-approval of Palestinian state.

The inaction and non-cooperation especially by United States and western neighbor Canada exacerbates Palestinian plight with Israel more emboldened in flagrant violation of airspace in Lebanon, airstrikes in Syria and practically harming anyone anywhere around the world.

Israeli blockade against Gaza from 2007 until now with implications on poisonous gas being supplied to hospitals resulting in cardiac arrest of four patients in Gaza and drinking water contamination by Israeli settlers in the occupied land slighted with western preoccupation on annihilation of Syria.

Western intelligence agencies CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6 evolved into predators wreaking havoc on the planet.

Since inception they are behind coup d’état, massacres, assassination of world leaders for patriotism preserving national resources, destabilization of sovereign countries and prominently 9/11 attack on American soil at hegemony behest unleashing terror without exception.

In fact, CIA is al-Qaeda having created the organization in Afghanistan by hegemony leading member Zbigniew Brzezinski also foreign policy advisor to President Barack Obama defiantly terrorizing world by funding and arming al-Qaeda terrorists and affiliates al-Nusra and the likes earlier in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco and Mali.

Whereas FBI notably the domestic terror agency use intimidation, harassment and murder under the guise of investigation with cover ups as standard practice in the routine false flag operations nationwide.

Unfortunately, certain hegemony loyalists in United States Congress endorse FBI’s unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful tactics against American citizens.

In other humanitarian matter – President Barack Obama and Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder defend drone operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia including other parts of Africa, South America and Middle East despite United States academic institutions conducted independent study revealing massive civilian casualties from these killer drones and protests to stop drone attacks against U.S. and foreign nationals having become fair targets in the nonchalant exercise.

However in response to shutting down the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, President Barack Obama’s ambivalence bringing Congress into equation adds to evasion instead of long overdue clarification.

Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) camp is in Cuban Island and not United States territory. Hence Cuba holds sovereign right to close the controversial gulag that stigmatize human race in modern history.

Nonetheless the reason GITMO detainees are held indefinitely is to facilitate the fictitious war on terror that began in Afghanistan and prolonged after a decade with U.S and NATO recent declaration to set up permanent military bases beyond originally agreed withdrawal date in 2014 from that beleaguered nation ignoring Afghan dissent in this regard.

Moreover CIA operated GITMO releases prisoners on the condition that released detainees start al-Qaeda cells in the country of origin upon their return to enable U.S. attack like in Yemen and relevantly in Libya starting unrest that spread to Syria.

The reality is CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6 are the existential terror and cater terrorism for the military industrial complex.

Western main powers compete with one another to appease hegemony in perpetuating violence disregarding overwhelming public opposition to intrusion in foreign nation internal affairs let alone military intervention in Syria or anywhere.

United States, Britain, France and Germany… systemic abuse of power meddling in foreign nations for destructive purpose should not be tolerated to prevent cataclysmic events and actions self-detrimental to their nations and humanity at large.

The western leaderships have neglected the economy and myriad national issues demanding their attention and they have no intentions to solve any problems in their domain but seemingly can afford to waste respective taxpayer dollars to fund terrorism in Syria, Mali and world over.

Evidently the dismal performance in the domestic front does not even qualify them to lead their nations and they are in the forefront telling Syrian citizens to accept their choice aimed at civilization collapse in Syria and across the region.

In the international arena, the UN, UNSC, UNHCR, ICC, IMF, World Bank, EU, ECB, NATO, CFR and the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve…to name a few among many sources are hegemony tools contributing to tremendous human suffering with no end in sight on distortion, extortion and discrimination to benefit criminal syndicate at the global population expense.

Interestingly British foreign secretary William Hague recent remark on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that the President is not a legitimate leader to represent Syria is a reflection on Britain, western leaderships and their allies status given their allegiance to hegemony and the arms industry in particular confirming the fact in western democracy and subsidiaries elsewhere the vote is cast for the shadow power comprising imperialists and globalists espousing greed and violence to retain world dominance.

Contrary to the belief that European Royals are ceremonial heads is apparent in their involvement dictating foreign policy as members of Trilateral Commission other than behind the scenes control over national issues favoring them and their clan.

British monarchy dalliance with Middle East Sheikhdoms viz. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan…attributed to decadent rule in those nations with oppression and persecution of people not necessarily western powers concern.

Likewise in other parts of the world, constitutional monarchy and dynasty prevents governance from being truly democratic and representative of the people.

In the new millennium mankind having reached extraordinary milestones in many fields accepting Royalty as special members in society is subservience and signify regression.

Abolition of monarchy and nationalizing palaces as tourist attraction generating revenue for domestic investment with foreign aid to developing nations would be progressive considering exhibits and ornate objects in castles are from overseas illegally brought during colonization.

Notwithstanding castles were built with deprivation of global materials to 99% witnessed in the tradition prevalent until today.

Other aspect of hegemony is financial centers such as UBS, Credit Suisse Agency in Switzerland and replications in Singapore as well as many other locations in addition to island nations being the sought after destination for fraudulent transactions.

These tax havens promote money laundering, embezzlement, terrorism, narcotics trade and nefarious dealings posing impediments in economic development.

The facility affects countries where ruling class and upper echelons power quest combined with disproportionate wealth marginalize rest of the nation producing political, economic and social inequality.

Switzerland neutrality in warfare is compromised in foreign monetary deposits used by states for funneling funds and weapons to terrorists in Libya, Syria, Mali, Mexico and wherever feasible.

The world could no longer remain in sleep mode i.e. complacent to concentrated power violent strategy to deplete nations of their natural reserves and endowments.

Purging world from hegemony, the epicenter of organized crime fixated on wars and confrontations not excluding nuclear arsenal is primordial for global security leading to republic empowerment.

Republic governance simplified under constitutional based system barring undemocratic elements specifically feudalism with vassal states surrendering to shadow conglomerate would be a paradigm shift in political consciousness delivering life with dignity for all.

Global cognizance in recognition of common goals transcending selective and exclusive gains for collective prosperity is the way forward to universal independence, peace and progress.

International Peace Conference dedicated to protecting national sovereignty, individual freedom, self-determination rights and territorial integrity is absolute requirement to thwart hegemonic delusions endangering lives and habitat.

World summit on this premise would encompass Syrian crises saving valuable time, money and effort.

Wishing humanity unity, liberty and equanimity leaving behind none in achievements.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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