Global Alert: Critical Communiqué Suspension

April 6, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

In addition to submissions on this website

Verbal Presentation and briefing i.e. Communiqué to press and listeners worldwide providing vital information, guidance and alerts on international events as well as future plans critical in historical moment currently suspended pending immediate action from those responsible for international conflicts and crises.


1. SYRIA – Ending proxy war through international terrorism in Syria with ceasefire accompanied by unconditional and comprehensive withdrawal of terror networks deployed in Sovereign state of Syria.

All sanctions against Syria and Iran to be lifted to save lives and enable normal existence.


A. Terminating Israeli aggression against Palestinians with release of all prisoners held under unlawful administrative detention.

B. Freezing settlement activities on occupied Palestinian land.

C. Voiding illegal Israeli blockade on Gaza.

D. Palestinian Statehood recognition by Non-Aligned Movement considering United Nations consistent failure demonstrated in the latest Arms Trade Treaty.

3. BAHRAIN: Al-Khalifa Kingdom to release all political detainees and acknowledge citizens demand to political system.

4. SAUDI ARABIA – Saudi dynasty to free Senior Muslim Cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and release all political dissidents with preparation for twenty first century republic state transcending feudalist monarchy.

5. QATAR – Similar actions required with invalidation of present head of state Emir al-Thani given direct involvement in Syrian genocide.

6.JORDAN – To follow suit with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia rather than stalling political reform with four Prime Ministers in four months.


A. Renounce cross border terrorism into Syria. Withdrawal of foreign forces from Turkey occupied under false pretext of Patriot Missile Deployment.

B. Trial of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for Syrian massacre.

8. UAE, KUWAIT, OMAN and Feudal States – Transformation to republic status.

UNITED STATES: Closure of Guantanamo Bay and secret prison cells around the world with release of all detainees in the United States and abroad.



1. EGYPT – Conforming to people request on political, economic and social agenda without procrastination and use of force against population.

2. YEMEN– Terminating U.S. drone strikes in the nation. To make necessary arrangements honoring republic will in all matter.

3. TUNISIA – Adherence to recommendations for Egypt and Yemen.

4. LIBYA – Rejection of western controlled governance primarily set up to access Libyan resources turning the state into terror headquarter. A detailed proposal on political, economic and security issues will be provided for citizens to claim power.


5. MALI – Ceasefire and French, Britain plus other western forces instantaneous withdrawal.


6. CONGO – Democratic Republic of Congo – Cease UN troops deployment and foreign intervention.

7. CAR – Central African Republic – Adopting solutions to political crisis that will be published in due course.


8.SOMALIA – End U.S. drone strikes fomenting terror in the country. Remedy to the problems will be presented shortly.



A. Defusing crisis with conciliatory responses from sanctions removal to sovereignty recognition including United States forces withdrawal from the region.

B. North Korea to allow South Korean workers in the Kaesong industrial park exemplifying DPRK leadership consideration for Korean families livelihood. The gesture key for reunification.

2.AFGHANISTAN – United States troop withdrawal including ISAF with no further extension as stated earlier.

Renouncing drone strikes and night raids terrorizing innocent civilians in various parts of Afghanistan.

Election held with genuine political parties unlike western nominees or selection of Taliban militancy to govern the nation.


A.Cessation to United States drone strikes and foreign instigation behind secessionist movement in Baluchistan and Sindh province.

B.Pakistan authority in cooperation with military and intelligence to contain violence against Shia, general public and cross border incidents with India and Afghanistan.

C.Release of Pakistan civilians abducted by intelligence agencies held in undisclosed indefinite detention.

D. Crackdown on terror networks through clean up operations including anti-corruption strategy within political, judiciary, intelligence and military establishment economic sector and mainstream society.

E. Pakistan also to engage in funds retrieval held in overseas bank accounts that belongs to the people.


A. Anti-corruption bill – Jan Lokpal legislation in compliance with comprehensive submission during anti-graft rally in 2011 is mandatory to alleviate vast majority suffering due to chronic corruption across political, military, judiciary, economic and social system.

B. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Income Tax Divisions under independent purview i.e. delineation from Central Government authority is instrumental in preventing abuse of power against corruption investigation.

C. Transparency and Accountability: Political establishment, economic sector and civil society members maintaining accounts in tax havens viz. Swiss Banks, Singapore and other offshore locations for tax evasion to be held accountable with funds recovery to national treasury.

D.The universal treatment i.e. CASTE and CREED NO BAR in this regard is a fundamental step in the introduction of checks and balances to the opaque system.

E.Demilitarization of Kashmir, Manipur and North Eastern states heeding to victims plight with independent inquiry on brutality experienced from troop deployment.

F. Committee findings revealing harsh conduct or torture to authorize monetary compensation or jobs to surviving victims and dependents in the event of fatality.

G. Political overhauling reflecting ordinary citizens representation with a departure from power and affluence as entitlement to upper echelons in society.

5.SRI LANKA– Recognition of Political directives soon to follow on Tamils Identity.

6.NEPAL – Political and Economic changes declining neighboring China’s intrusion with Maoists infiltration.

7.CHINA– Releasing political prisoners and reforms addressing civil rights including self-determination.

A. TIBET– Independence restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity not autonomy under China’s rule.

B. TAIWAN – China’s acceptance and recognition of Taiwan sovereign status.

C,.Peaceful resolutions recommended on territorial disputes between China and Asian neighbors.

8.INDONESIA – To relinquish territorial annexations of Papua New Guinea.

Effective political and economic measures essential in eliminating disenfranchisement of any demography.

9. MALAYSIA – Expulsion of United States and Saudi orchestrated terrorist networks.

A. Free and fair elections with reputable independent international monitoring committee.

B. Political amendments reflecting socio-economic equality and anti-discriminatory laws are necessary to protect ethnic minority and marginalized demography prior to forthcoming election.

10. SiNGAPORE – Political reform towards real and meaningful democracy moving away from parochial structure to broader consensus on national issues with civil rights and social equality.

11. PHILIPPINES – United States base evacuation. Addressing corruption, poverty and fair political representation of minority ethnic groups and Muslim community.

12. JAPAN – United States exit from mainland and islands pertinent for regional peace.

A. Japanese leaderships contribution to peaceful settlement on Korean Peninsula is paramount for Japan and Asia Pacific stability.

B. Fukushima Nuclear power plant disaster aftermath impose full public disclosure on inherent risks in restarting nuclear energy reactors. Japanese authority sincerity on proven and potential impact from nuclear accidents crucial to citizens safety.

13. VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, LOAS AND THAILAND – To observe Asian nations guidelines.


A. Transfer of power from military junta to citizens rule.

B. Both ruling and opposition to curb western and foreign backing corrupting religion and social fabric of otherwise peaceful society.

C. Rohingya Muslims and all other ethnic segments to be granted full citizens rights and accepted among mainstream inhabitants barring prejudice.

Rest of the domains – Americas, Europe, Latin America and Pacific Island Nations will be discussed at the earliest possible highlighting relevant priorities for all of them.

Upon meeting these initial requirements, the communication process will resume based on developments.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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