Global Alert: Ending Conflicts Critical to Resume Communiqué

April 14, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The news corps and others requests to resume verbal communication and briefing on various events as well as developments are much appreciated.

Maintaining contact with global society is critical creating awareness on relevant issues and providing necessary guidance, solutions favoring life and planet protection.

The humanitarian mission predominant goal is establishment of peace, liberty and justice especially in the contemporary dangerous times marred with violence and negativities due to self-centeredness eclipsing common good otherwise narcissism suppressing altruism amongst those in position of power and affluence.

Western viz. hegemony policies evidently is responsible for the status quo.

The misplaced priority in terms of warfare not barring nuclear threats pursued with passion exacerbates economic problems for the source and victim nations denying world population normal life i.e. dignified and peaceful co-existence.

Reiterating the clear position on communiqué revival – the compliances outlined earlier to various nations to address domestic and international challenges generated from misusing power to self and national detriment slighted taking key requirements for granted in the respective individual and collective responsibility.

In order to restore regular delivery on vital information and plans in the current and long run pertaining to humanity at large, the major crises are to be resolved immediately considering they are life and death matter.

1. Ending Syrian conflict unlike Washington preparation to prolong terrorism with $10m funding over and above previous financing directly to terrorist networks Al-Qaeda and alliance al-nusra perpetuating innocent bloodshed in the sovereign state.

2. Palestinian cause – release of dying detainee Samer Issawi and remaining hostages in Israeli captivity. Lifting all blockades against Gaza and West Bank, termination of settlement activities and moving forward for Palestinian statehood recognition.

3. Cease military intervention and shelling in West African nation Mali and other parts of Africa expediting humanitarian assistance to thousands of civilians in grave conditions from French and other western intrusion.

4. Korean Peninsula – Defusing situation with withdrawal of nuclear capable B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers plus F-22 fighter jets along side conclusion to occupation of Korean territory and regional presence.

5. Releasing all GITMO detainees allowing safe return to homeland.

6. Renounce drone strikes and operations in the United States and foreign domain.

7. Relinquish interference through violence instigation in Iraq and Libya converted into terror havens for illegal invasions within and outside Middle East.

8. Similar course of action for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9. Evacuation of military base in South American nation Colombia and other parts of Latin America.

10. Last but not the least – World summit on nuclear and WMD disarmament with mandatory participation for nuclear and non-nuclear states to begin denuclearization process without exception.

Upon compliance of these measures, the communiqué representing cosmic interaction paramount in the historical moment considering the fragile and volatile environment endangering planet would restart facilitating the arrival of pre-ordained new era.

The evolution from present Kaliyug i.e. Dark age into Satyug– the golden age epitomizing positive trend and attributes with pervasive progress and prosperity is necessary for life sustenance.

Most importantly, procrastination and deliberate disruption to cosmic determined universe functions with planet earth being integral component best abandoned to avoid inconceivable and irreversible outcome.

The viable option is humility and acknowledgement of pragmatic course in respect for life only possible with peace and non-violence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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